New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe Review

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The New Balance Men's MW877 Walking shoes are an exceptionally comfortable pair of sneakers. If you are looking for comfort, then you don't have to look any further. Whether you are doing a lot of walking or you spend the day on your feet for work, these shoes can offer you the comfort you need.

Customers love the reasonable price tag and decent lifespan of the New Balance Men's MW877 walking shoes. Of course, there are more durable sneakers out there, but these ones don't suffer from premature wear and tear and can take a decent amount of abuse before they need replacing.

Some consumers have problems with the inconsistent sizing of the sneakers, but if you are paying attention to the size chart, there shouldn't be too many problems. Something that customers love, however, is the range of sizes available. In both men's and women's sizes, the New Balance Men's MW877 sneakers are available in narrow through extra-wide widths so they can accommodate as many consumers as possible.

Yes, there are a handful of things that certain people didn't like about this product, but that doesn't stop them from loving them nonetheless. Overall, customers love these walking shoes, and they come highly recommended.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Provides all-day comfort

Great width options

Deep toe box

Fantastic support

Reasonable price tag


Not lightweight

Short tongue

Inconsistent sizing


The New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoes have an outsole that is made of rubber. Rubber is a common material used in the outsole of sneakers like these. It ensures that the sole stays durable and flexible, no matter what you are doing.

One problem that consumers had with the sole, however, is that the rubber seems to wear down quicker than they would have liked. This isn't a problem that everyone experiences, but it is worth noting.

One thing that the rubber outsole does well in the New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoes is giving them fantastic traction. The sticky rubber combined with the excellent tread pattern makes sure you can stay upright, no matter what surfaces you are walking on. When you are out and about you, want to make sure that you are able to keep on your feet. Customers have stated that the traction on these sneakers is decent. You won't have to worry about falling if you encounter a small puddle or a slick spot on the floor.

Additionally, the New Balance Men's MW877 sneakers feature Walking Strike Path technology to help give you a smoother transition between steps. There is a small band made out of rubber that runs along the length of the outsole. The band helps guide your foot between the heel to toe transition, promoting a more natural gait.


The midsole of the New Balance Men's MW877 walking shoes utilizes ABZORB cushioning. This foam is known for being exceptionally durable and study units used by this company. The foam provides stellar shock absorption to help protect your joints and lower extremities. You won't have to worry about the impact of your steps, jarring your knees and ankles, causing pain and discomfort. It has an interesting design. The foam will absorb the impact of your steps while still remaining on the firm side. This helps give you the protection that you need while still providing you with a steady base for your feet.

In addition to the comfortable midsole, the New Balance Men's MW877 sneakers feature a removable insert to provide you with just a little bit extra. This removable insole helps give you some additional cushioning underfoot that most customers can appreciate. If you find that it just isn't enough for you or you have different needs, you can simply take it out and replace it. Some customers prefer using their own insoles so they can have a more personalized experience in their shoes.


The New Balance Men's MW877 Walking shoes have an upper that consists of a blend of suede and mesh. The majority of the upper utilizes the mesh materials to ensure you are getting adequate airflow throughout the foot chamber.

The suede can be found in the overlays to help give you a little extra support as well as a more aesthetically pleasing look. Additionally, you will find this material in the back of the shoes. The suede is what is used to make the heel counter, giving you a little extra stability in the sneaker. It will help keep your heel locked into place, so you don't have to worry about your foot slipping out of the shoe when you are taking a step.

The New Balance Men's MW877sneakers feature a traditional lacing system. This helps keep your feet in place, safely and securely. The shoelaces are round (although you can always change them if you want). You will run the laces through the traditional eyelets, but also the tongue of the sneakers. This will help make sure everything is staying in place and not sliding around.

Both the tongue and the collar of the New Balance Men's MW877 walking shoes are padded to provide you with extra cushioning and comfort throughout the day. Sometimes your sneakers might cause discomfort in the instep and ankles, but you won't have to worry about that with these ones thanks to the extra padding.

Overall, consumers appreciate the design and comfort of the uppers in the New Balance Men's MW877 walking shoes.


When it comes to your walking shoes, you want to try to find something that is as light as possible. Most consumers prefer the lightest sneakers possible, so they don't feel like they're walking around with extra weights attached to their ankles.

Unfortunately, the New Balance Men's MW877 walking shoes are a bit on the heavy side. There aren't a lot of customers complaints about how heavy they are, but it is something that is worth noting. They weigh in, on average, at about one pound. Keep in mind that this measurement is for a single shoe, size 12 extra wide. The actual weight will vary depending on the size you order.

If you want something that is a little lighter, then there are some better options out there. However, if you don't mind a little extra weight, then these might be a good option for you.


When it comes to your footwear, you want to make sure that you are finding something that is as comfortable as possible. If you are spending your day on your feet or walking long distances, your comfort is essential. Thankfully, most customers can agree that the New Balance Men's MW877 Walking shoes provide you with exceptional comfort. Being on your feet for prolonged periods of time won't be so bad when you are wearing these sneakers.

The ABZROB foam that makes up the midsole ensures that you are getting a decent amount of underfoot cushioning. Additionally, the insole provides you with some extra cushioning. If you find that you need a little more that these sneakers can't offer you, then you can always get a new insole to replace it. This will allow you to get a more personalized comfort experience with the walking shoes. Most consumers don't like having to spend the extra money to buy something extra, but sometimes it becomes necessary.

In addition to the underfoot comfort, the uppers help provide you with a decent amount as well. The padded collar and tongue give your instep and ankles some relief while you're out and about. Also, the uppers hug your feet in a way that prevents discomfort and strain on the muscles in your foot.

Overall, customers have great things to say about the comfort of the New Balance Men's MW877 sneakers. If you are looking for comfort, then you have come to the right place.


The drop of your shoe (also known as heel-to-toe drop) is the incline of your shoes. It's how high off the ground your heel is compared to your toes. The drop in your sneakers is mostly a personal preference. Some people prefer a zero drop or a more minimalistic sneakers and others prefer higher inclines.

The New Balance Men's MW877 Walking shoes have a drop of 11mm which is a bit on the high end. The average sneaker, that isn't a minimalist shoe, is about 10mm.


When you are spending the day with your feet in a pair of sneakers, you want to make sure that they are able to get a decent amount of airflow. Breathability is an integral part of any pair of shoes. If they aren't breathable, then you run the risk of having damp and hot feet throughout the day, which can cause discomfort. Thankfully, that isn't something that you will have to deal with when it comes to the New Balance Men's MW877 walking shoes.

The majority of the uppers consist of mesh materials which can allow air to flow through freely. Since the air is able to get into your foot chamber, then it can help keep you feeling cool and fresh. Not only with the air cool your feet down, but it will also allow the moisture from your feet to escape the foot chamber. You don't want to be stuck running around all day in your own sweat and thanks to the breathability of these sneakers you won't have to. The sweat will be able to evaporate quickly and escape your sneakers, keeping your socks dry and cozy.

Even though the vast majority of consumers have stated that the New Balance Men's MW877 walking shoes offer a decent amount of breathability, you will still find some naysayers. There are a handful of consumers who felt that they didn't provide the ventilation they were hoping for with these sneakers. Again, this is not the opinion of the majority, but it is something worth noting.


One of the biggest problems that consumers have with the New Balance Men's MW877 walking shoes comes from the sizing. The sizing of these sneakers does not follow New Balance's traditional sizing scheme. Make sure you that you are checking out the size chart for these sneakers to help make sure you are getting the correct size the first time you order.

One thing that customers absolutely love about the New Balance Men's MW877 walking shoes; however, is the wide variety of widths they can choose from when ordering. These sneakers are available in narrow, standard, wide, and extra-wide.


When you are spending money on a product, you want to try to make sure you are getting something that is going to last. It's frustrating when you spend your money on something only to find out that it needs replacing shortly after purchasing.

For the most part, the New Balance Men's MW877 Walking shoes have a decent lifespan. They aren't the most durable sneakers on the market, but they aren't bad at all.

There are some reviewers who mentioned that the rubber outsole wore out much quicker than anticipated. This isn't a common problem among these walking shoes, but it has been known to happen.

All and all, customers are happy with the lifespan of the New Balance Men's MW877 Walking shoes, and most have no complaints.


The New Balance Men's MW877 Walking shoes have a simple design that most consumers can appreciate. They are only available in one color, but that is just fine with most people. You can purchase these sneakers in grey with lighter grey accents. Of course, you will find the New Balance "N" on the sides of the sneakers. This is something that you will find on all of their products so it should be expected.

The low top walking shoes feature a padded tongue and collar for extra comfort. Some customers, have stated that they felt the tongue of these shoes was a bit on the small side and could cause some annoyance. The laces do thread through the tongue so there shouldn't be too many problems with it while you're out and about.

Speaking of laces, there are a handful of reviewers who mentioned the laces were a bit too long for their liking. Of course, you can always swap them out for something that works better for your needs.

Overall, customers like the look and style of the New Balance Men's MW877 Walking shoes.

Bottom Line

The New Balance Men's MW877 Walking shoes offer you an exceptionally comfortable ride. If you are spending a lot of time on your feet, whether walking or standing in place for work, these sneakers are the perfect choice for you. The midsole offers fantastic cushioning but if you find you need a little more you can swap out the included insole for one of your own. However, most consumers are content with the shoes right out of the box.

When you are placing your order for the New Balance Men's MW877 sneakers, be careful. The sizing of the shoes is a bit off. Make sure you are paying attention to the sizing chart so you can be sure to get the correct size the first time you order. One thing, however, that customer LOVE about these sneakers is the range of widths available. You can get the sneakers in narrow through extra-wide, so there is sure to be something that will fit everyone.

There are some things about these sneakers that customers don't love, but all and all they come highly recommended.