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It's tough to find a decent pair of shorts to wear while you run. They're either too short or too long and just don't offer the kind of airflow you need.  That's where the New Balance Impact Split steps up. It is an ideal choice for all sorts of athletic activities, especially running and offers a ton of incredible features. Made from breathable fabrics like polyester and mesh, this pair keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your exercise routine.

The New Balance Impact Split has a three-inch seam which makes it an ideal length for physical activity. Its split construction lets you stride to the fullest of your extent so you can run faster for longer. Moisture won't be an issue thanks to the built-in wicking technology that draws excess perspiration away from the skin.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • High-Performance
  • Mesh Panels
  • 3" Seam
  • Split Construction
  • Zippered Pocket
  • Material Rolls Up


The New Balance Impact Split is new and improved to offer a more modernized design. Its streamlined design and smooth detailing make this an ultra-fashionable choice. Whether you plan to wear them while you run, walk, or train this pair will keep you cool and comfortable. Innovative construction features let you max out your stride and power through even the toughest runs with ease.

The New Balance Impact Split is an ideal choice for athletic lifestyles. Designed for performance, this pair offers incredible features that will improve your entire experience while you exercise.


Running is an intensive sport that will inevitably make you sweat. The only way to prevent excessive sweating is by letting your skin breathe. Most shorts just don’t give you the kind of ventilation that you need to stay dry and comfortable, but the New Balance Impact Split isn’t like all the others. This pair offers strategic mesh pieces that allow for plenty of airflow around the skin.

Mesh is an incredibly breathable material that has an open-weave makeup. This is ideal for wearing while you run because it keeps you cooler and prevents sweating.


These shorts have split construction which makes them easier for running. Split construction helps you maximize your stride which means you will reach faster speeds and feel more comfortable while you run. The New Balance Impact Split has a three-inch seam which means you will be less on display while you wear them. The seam length determines how tightly the shorts will fit so a shorter seam will fit very close to the skin.

Some men feel too exposed when they wear shorts with a seam shorter than two to three inches which is why this is an ideal pair. It won’t sit too high up the leg and won’t be too tight to the skin so you can run with peace of mind knowing that your gear will protect you from any accidental flashes.

Design Features

Some shorts only offer a very basic design with no real features worth mentioning. That’s not the case with the New Balance Impact Split though! This pair includes reflective detailing that looks more stylish and also makes you more visible when visibility is poor. Safety is an important consideration when you purchase gear for running which is why these shorts are such a good pair to consider.

Another great aspect with the New Balance Impact Split is the zip-up pocket which gives you somewhere to store your valuables. It can be tough knowing where to put your things while you run which is why it’s so nice having that zip-up pocket. The zipper ensures that nothing will fall out while you’re on the move so you don’t have to think about losing your things.

If you still need more places to store your valuables you can always invest in a running armband. There are several options available including the Sprigs Armband, Nike Ventilated, and Gonex Armband. These give you a safe place to hide away any valuables like your keys, credit/debit card, cash, and mobile phone.


The New Balance Impact Split has a bonded hem that makes it more durable. A bonded hem consists of two pieces of material connected by adhering each side to an adhesive rather than sewing them. When properly done a bonded hem will last much longer than a stitched hem because it won’t be susceptible to ripping along the seam.

Your running shorts need to be strong and durable enough to withstand tough wear and tear without ripping. This is why so many athletes turn to the New Balance Impact Split! It’s well-made and lasts for a long time despite frequent use.

This innovative hem is a great design feature that sets these shorts a step above the rest. It’s so refreshing to find a pair that you can go hard while wearing without worrying about them tearing or coming apart at the seams.


The New Balance Impact Split offers an athletic fit that’s ideal for physical activity. It has a three-inch seam that sits at a good length on the thigh. Some shorts with a shorter seam feel a little too high up the leg and can leave you exposed while you run. The New Balance Impact Split is an incredibly breathable pair of shorts which makes them feel better when you wear them.

The split construction design makes this pair feel less constrictive. When you run you want to have the freedom to move however you want without your gear holding you back. Well, that’s exactly what the New Balance Impact Split offers; freedom to roam.


The New Balance Impact Split is 86% polyester and 14% Spandex. This combination of materials is excellent for both comfort and breathability. The Spandex ensures they won’t fall while you’re on the move because it acts like an elastic, keeping them tighter to your body.

The polyester is an incredibly easy material to care for and can be machine washed and dried on low or medium. It’s also very comforting to wear next to your skin because it allows for plenty of air circulation. The only way to prevent excessive sweat is to keep your body temperature down and these shorts are perfect for this. They are quite breathable and won’t smother your skin or cause you to overheat.


New Balance Athletics, Inc. is a multinational company that hails from Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in early 1906 under the name, “New Balance Arch Support Company,” this label has grown to become one of the most recognized brands in sportswear. New Balance is huge in the United States and the United Kingdom and are a tad more expensive than other leading competitors.

With the higher cost comes higher quality too. Their items are different from other designers because they offer incredible technical advantages and a slew of innovative features. With their gross sales at approximately $70 billion since the early ‘90s, New Balance is certainly a success.

Rolling Fabric

A downside to the New Balance Impact Split is a simple design flaw. While you run they tend to roll up near where they split. This ends up being an issue as some wearers feel that they look more like underwear than shorts. If you carry items in your pocket it will offset this issue and keep them from rolling any higher than the items themselves.

Another solution to this problem is to use a few pieces of tape. You can tape the material to your thigh and it won’t roll at all. The issue here is that tape won’t stick well to your skin when it sweats so it may end up being ineffective. While this isn’t a huge deal it might be an issue for some people and is worth considering before making your selection.


Some wearers experience chaffing while they run and the shorts you wear will have an impact on this. Unfortunately, the New Balance Impact Split doesn’t do much to alleviate this problem. In fact, it’s an issue that plenty of people encounter while wearing these. There are a couple of ways to eliminate this issue like using a powder on that area or an antiperspirant gel which will limit the sweating around the thigh.

Bottom Line

Overall, the New Balance Impact Split is an excellent pair of shorts to wear for running. They offer split construction that makes them more comfortable and lets you stride naturally without feeling restricted. The only issue is that they tend to roll near the split but there are ways to help lessens the chance of this.

Mesh panels make for more breathable wear and prevent sweat and overheating which is a must while you run. I love the reflective detailing that makes you more visible in limited visibility because it does away with the need for reflective armbands. The New Balance Impact Split has zippered pockets which are great for keeping your valuables safe while you train and make it easy to bring along your keys, cash, or credit cards.

These shorts are a comforting blend of 86% polyester and 14% Spandex which makes them more enjoyable to wear. Polyester is incredibly easy to care for and can be machine washed and even dried without shrinking. While the Spandex keeps them from sliding down by acting as an elastic.

New Balance is notorious for being a top brand in the sportswear community and with good reason! Since 1906, this label has delivered the highest quality designs that continue to push athletes to reach their goals and keep them feeling their best while they train.