New Balance 574v2 Review

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If you love those retro-looking sneakers then the 574v2 by New Balance is just the one for you! It's far out and funky style draws on two of New Balance's most iconic designs for a flawless finish. Whether you're walking, jogging, or killing it on the court, these kicks have everything you need and more. They're made to last long thanks to a durable rubber sole and bouncy EVA midsole cushioning that won't flatten out too quickly. This is a great choice for both casual and athletic occasions that will have you looking your best all day long.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Retro-Style
  • Rubber Sole
  • EVA Midsole
  • Tons Of Colorways
  • Lace-Up
  • Higher Priced
  • Narrow Toe


This cool and casual sneaker offers a low top structure and lace-up design for the ultimate in wearability. Its too-cool vibe is ideal for practically any occasion and will have you looking as good as you feel no matter what sort of adventure lies ahead. Whether you're headed for an afternoon on the court or a stroll through the downtown with your friends this is the ideal choice of shoe to keep you looking fresh and feeling your best. It's made with a comforting EVA midsole and supportive heel that prevents injuries and foot pain for an all-around healthy environment for your feet.


This sneaker comes complete with ENCAP midsole technology. This innovative design feature offers better support and long-lasting durability thanks to its unique use of EVA foam for superior cushioning. EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) is a man-made foam resin material that provides resilient cushioning in a lightweight package. It's bouncy underfoot feel is perfect for giving you the kind of responsive ride that's ideal for athletic activities and lets you feel more connected with the ground beneath you while protecting your foot in a layer of cushioned comfort. EVA retains its supple padded form well and won't flatten out with minimal wear like other foam materials commonly do. This means that your midsole will last as long as the rest of the shoe so you'll have to replace them less frequently than you would if the midsole was made from another type of foam. This will save you money in the long run and keep you walking more comfortably even after hours of wear. Properly protecting and cushioning the underside of the foot is a must if you're going to be participating in any athletic activities or just for walking for long periods of time. The underside of the foot is a very delicate area that's susceptible to all sorts of aches, pains, and injuries especially if your shoes don't properly cushion and protect that area.


This sneaker is a retro-inspired pair that offers a fashionable look to match its smooth ride. Originally created in 1988 by combining two separate New Balance designs (known as the original mash-up), this sneaker offers something that others just can't seem to. Its cool looking silhouette is instantly recognizable and is ever present among footwear's finest. Whether you're headed out for a casual cruise or engaging in all your favorite athletic activities this option will have you looking your best and is always a trendy choice of footwear.


The 574 sneaker comes complete with a soft core of EVA cushioning in the midsole and offers a resilient polyurethane rim for greater support and longer-lasting wear. This unique ENCAP midsole technology extends through the heel of the shoe to provide better support and maximum longevity. The tough polyurethane rim cups the heel and cradles every contour for a more stabilized ride that helps to prevent injury to that delicate area of the foot. This is a unique feature and innovative technology that you’ll only find with New Balance footwear. It really helps to lessen the instance of foot pain and heel injuries for a more enjoyable ride and better athletic performance.


This pair of sneakers was made with a breathable and lightweight textile upper unit. The fabric allows for better airflow inside the shoe and won't smother your skin which helps to prevent excess sweating. When our feet sweat the moisture makes the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria and can quickly turn your sneakers into a smelly pair. Once your shoe starts to stink it can be nearly impossible to get the odors out which is why it's important to control moisture before bacteria are allowed to multiply. Airflow is essential in regulating the temperature and controlling the environment inside of your shoes which is why the material the upper unit is made from is so important. If it's to smothering or thick and won't allow air to pass through, your feet are gonna end up feeling uncomfortable, sticky, and sweaty in no time at all.


No matter what the structure of your foot is like this shoe will fit comfortably and feel great. It comes in both full and half sizes which makes it easier to find the perfect ones for you and is ideal if you have wider feet because you won’t have as much trouble finding ones that fit beautifully. Most shoes are only available in full sizes which seems a bit redundant considering a large majority of the population actually wears a half-size shoe. If you’ve found that you've had trouble finding the perfect sizing in the past then this is a great choice to consider because it's flexible and easy wearing and comes in a ton of different options so there's surely something that will feel perfect on your feet.


A great feature with this pair is its rubber sole that offers an athletic-inspired tread pattern. The trade is important for providing better grip and traction no matter what kind of surface you’re maneuvering on and is the aspect that will prevent any accidental slips or falls. Rubber is one of the best materials because it's slip resistant, water resistant, and long-lasting so the sole of the shoe won't wear out faster than the rest of it. Have you ever had a pair of sneakers and noticed that the first part to wear out is the bottom while the rest of the shoe still has lots of life left in it? That's because it was probably made with a sole material other than rubber which wore out way too quickly. You probably felt bad having to throw the shoes out because the upper was still in great condition and there was tons of life still left in it, am I right? Well with this shoe you won’t have to worry about that because it's rubber bottom will last just as long as the rest of it which will help to save you money in the long run and keep you wearing your favorite pair for longer.


The 574 comes in a plethora of cool and funky colorways. This makes it an effortless choice that you can match with practically any type of clothing and still look incredible. While most sneakers only come in a few traditional colors this one is available in all sorts of pastel hues and unique shades which really helps to bring it to life. No one likes to wear a shoe in a color that is ‘just okay’ because it was all that was available, instead we like to wear something that speaks to our personal sense of style. With this option, you're able to do that because it's available in over 10 colors that are all unique and look amazing with all sorts of clothing and accessories. If you're planning on athletic activities that might be played on a muddy field you may consider opting for one of the darker hues because the light ones show dirt very easily and can be quite tricky to clean. But if you’re just out cruising in style then go ahead and opt for the lighter pastel shades so you can look and feel crisp and clean all throughout the day.


While the 574 isn't overly pricey, it still isn't one of those affordable ones you can't believe retail for that little. If you are shopping on a budget you might have second thoughts once you see this one's price tag. But, stop to consider the value and overall style it offers before making your decision. This shoe was designed to be longer-lasting thanks to its rubber sole and EVA midsole cushioning that won't flatten out before the rest of the shoe is worn out too. This will help to save you money in the long run even though they’re a little more costly upfront because you won't have to replace them as frequently as you would with a pair that's made from lesser quality materials. When it comes to the price you really do have to consider the overall design and whether or not it's going to be more economical in the long run. Still, some wearers might find that this one is a little too pricey, especially considering its modest style so that’s something to take into consideration before making your final decision.


Despite being available in both full and half sizes, this one can be a problem with its narrow toe. Some wearers found that the forefoot was quite tight and actually had to order a half size up from what they normally wear in order to make up for the slender front. You could always try to stretch out the shoes a bit if you're finding that they're too narrow. There are a few things that you could try that just might help them fit a little better which I've highlighted below.
  • First off you could try to stretch them out with a store bought fabric stretcher. They sell them fairly cheap and they actually work quite well.

  • If you prefer to try something else then you can hit them with a hair dryer while you're wearing them. Just leave the heat on them for one or two minutes. Then walk around wearing them for a minute this might help to stretch the fabric out just enough but shouldn't distort the way that they look.

Bottom Line

Overall the 574 is a good choice of sneaker for both casual and athletic occasions. Its cool retro style takes the best aspects of two New Balance designs and combines them for a flawless finish. An EVA midsole is comforting and long-lasting so you won't have to worry about your shoes feeling flat after just a little bit of wear. The cushioned heel helps to prevent injuries and keeps you walking comfortably for hours on end, while the breathable upper prevent excessive sweating and keeps odors to a minimum. These shoes fit fairly well and most people find them very comfortable to wear though some wearers have an issue with the slightly narrow toe which you can work around by trying one of the tips mentioned above. A rubber sole is ideal for preventing accidental slips or falls no matter what the weather outside might be like. This pair’s a little on the pricey side but it’s certainly a worthwhile investment especially since it comes in such a plethora of attractive colorways.