Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 Review

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Nike’s original Flyknit running shoe revolutionized the world of athletic footwear! Now, the Flyknit 2 has surfaced and proves that things just keep getting better. The Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 is a worthy follow-up to its ground-breaking predecessor and offers some distinctive technologies that far surpass the original. This model is the first pair with an Air Max sole that offers foam-free construction. This means a lighter, faster, and more responsive ride! The Flyknit 2 was designed with full-length air pockets that provide superior cushioning without the need for foam at all. As we know, air is pretty lightweight which means this shoe is as feather-like as can be.

A supportive Flyknit upper unit uses precise positioning so that there’s no unnecessary material used in its construction. The FlyWire system offers an excellent support system and when combined with Nike’s innovative rear overlays it makes for the most supportive ride yet. This is a great choice of running shoes for anyone who wants to increase their overall speed and performance. This option delivers a bulk-free build and a responsive ride that ensures none of your energy gets wasted when you stride.  

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Flyknit Upper
  • Foam-Free Midsole
  • Air Max Sole
  • Supportive Structure
  • Pricey
  • Narrow Fitting


The Flyknit 2 is even more advanced than the original Flyknit, especially when it comes to the midsole! This pair has the first ever Air Max sole unit that’s made without foam. This means a lighter and more responsive ride altogether. This midsole is based off individual air pods that run the length of the foot and eliminate the need for foam. This is a huge upgrade from the original and makes for a more flexible shoe.


Everyone knows how important it is to have a running shoe with good grip. Without it, you’ll end up slipping and sliding around until you eventually end up falling down and hurting yourself. But this pair offers the kind of solid traction needed in order to run the like wind and not have to worry about accidental tumbles. Heavy-duty rubber lugs along the entire length of the sole ensure superior traction on any terrain and help to make this an ideal choice for any weather conditions.


A woven Flyknit upper unit delivers a glove-like fit that wearers can’t get enough of! This pair was designed with synthetic overlays at the rear which allows for superior structural support. A rear pull-tab makes for effortless on-off wear and makes it all the easier to get ready and go. Nike’s innovative Flywire technology combines with the shoelaces and helps to make this ride feel like it was built just for you! Overall, wearers found that these shoes offer a locked down fit thanks to the unique upper unit and superior technologies that Nike is notorious for. Anyone who’s looking for a securely fitted shoe will enjoy wearing a pair of these! They offer significant improvements over the Original design and come complete with one of the most advanced upper units on any pair of running shoes.


This lightweight and bouncy pair is one responsive ride! It has no foam in the midsole which results in a better ground feel and less wasted energy. When a shoe has a lot of padding material bits of energy are wasted with every step. But with the Flyknit 2, there is none of the added bulk in the midsole which means you’ll lose less energy overall. When you waste resources it results in slower speeds and an overall worse performance which is the last thing an athlete wants to have happened!

Wearers report being pleasantly surprised by the spring behind every step while wearing a pair of these running shoes! Their happy with an increase in their overall performance and feel fewer aches and pains once their training is done for the day.


The VaporMax Flyknit 2 is even lighter than its predecessor! This innovative pair features the very first Air Max sole that has no foam in the midsole. This results in a more lightweight and responsive ride. You get increased ground feel and burn less energy with every step thanks to its bouncy vibe that carries you where you need to go.

The secret behind its foam-free design is in the full-length Nike Air Chamber system. This creative technology offers a cushioning that's likened to walking on clouds - it’s really that comfortable! Through the use of Nike’s VaporMax technologies (single air sacs throughout the length of the sole unit), there’s no need for the addition of foam in the midsole.


Nike’s Flyknit material is a unique technology that uses fabric and yarn only where it’s needed. This engineering makes for an ultra-lightweight shoe that fits the shape of the foot absolutely perfect! It also means seamless construction which takes away the chance of tearing along the seams. The Flyknit material offers additional support where it’s needed most and forms a solid structure without adding excess bulk. This makes for the ideal running shoe and promises to help improve overall performance and speed.


The Flyknit2 offers an incredibly supportive ride! It’s designed with special overlays at the rear which help to better support the heel area. The Flywire cables along the upper unit integrate with the lacing system to provide superior support along the entire foot for a locked-down feel that wearers can’t get enough of. Wearing a shoe with a solid support system is very important to help prevent injuries and undue strain on the feet and lower limbs. An improper structure can cause arch collapse and other painful affliction which can really hamper your ability to perform.


These hot looking runners come in a variety of bold colors that will leave you wanting more! Choose from vibrant options like white, yellow, green, black, and blue which means you can easily find a color to match with any outfit you choose. The great thing about this pair is its monochrome finish that makes every shade pop! These shoes are alive with vibrancy and offer something that's uniquely their own. No other running shoes on the market are quite as one-of-a-kind as these ones which is what makes them such a stylish choice of footwear.


Who doesn’t love a comfortable pair of shoes? Am I right?! Well, anyone searching for an enjoyable shoe to wear will love Flyknit 2. These running shoes offer the kind of lightweight and bouncy ride runners dream of and on top of that, they’re responsive enough to let you really connect with the ground beneath your feet.

Overall, these sneakers fit fairly comfortably, though some wearer’s find them a little narrow in the forefoot. They’re also notorious for the size running small and some people found that ordering a half-size up was needed in order for them to fit properly. Despite these issues, this pair measures in as a comforting choice for most.


Despite its array of performance-geared features, this shoe is still quite an expensive option! Normally we expect to pay a bit more for a higher quality pair of footwear so this might not come as much of a surprise. But, for shoppers on a budget, it could end up posing as a problem. Just keep in mind that you’re paying for the kind of benefits that the Flyknit 2 has to offer, which is a worthwhile investment for serious athletes. Though, if you’re simply shopping for a sport and stylish pair you might want to consider looking at options which are a little cheaper unless you don’t mind forking over a fair chunk of money!

Bottom Line

Overall, these running shoes are a great choice for runners and other athletes! They’re even stylish enough to wear just for casual occasions too thanks to their on-trend looks that make Nike such a well-known name in footwear. The Flyknit 2 is jam-packed with innovative technologies and far supersedes its predecessor. An advanced Air Max sole unit uses a full-length air pod system which eliminates the need for foam in the midsole. This results in an ultra-lightweight design that’s both flexible and supportive.

Some wearers find that these runners fit a little narrow in the toe and forefoot which means you may need to consider purchasing a half-size larger if you have wide feet. Another drawback to these otherwise impeccable shoes is that they’re fairly expensive. Though some people don’t mind paying more for a design this robust. If you’re in search of a running shoe that offers more than you’re average pair, the Flyknit 2 is a superior choice! These shoes deliver a responsive and breathable ride that allows for better ground feel and energy return with every step.