Adidas Yeezy Powerphase

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Adidas Yeezy Powerphase Review Facts

A highly sought after brand collaboration between Adidas and Kayne West, Yeezys are well known for flying off the shelves and quickly selling out online. The Adidas Yeezy Powerphase ‘Calabasas’ is the latest offering from this ever popular partnership. The original off white Adidas colorway was released in limited quantities via Kayne West’s online store in March 2017 and sold out within a matter of minutes. The Yeezy Powerphase was then re-released in June 2017, online and via select Adidas retailers. Following on from the huge success of the original, a monochromatic grey colorway was released in December 2017, whilst an all-black colorway is due in January 2018. The Powerphase, in true Yeezy style, carries a simple, minimalistic design, capable of being dressed up or down.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Most affordable of the Yeezy collection to date
  • Minimalistic, simple style, characteristic of the Yeezy brand
  • Soft, comfortable feel, thanks to the luxurious, buttery leather used in the upper of the shoe
  • Choice of two simple colour designs at present, soon to be three
  • Much desired, premium product
  • Trendy, retro design
  • Expected high resale value
  • Fit is true to size
  • The thin, buttery leather upper may not be as durable as desired
  • Limited edition, so can be hard to get hold of
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  • These shoes certainly turn heads and I really like the look and the shape. I question their quality. Although the leather is soft I am concerned with possible creasing.
  • The Yeezys prove that Adidas is a leader in fashion. These, however, take them to new heights in fashion. Go great with casual wear. It's a pleasure to add these to my collection.
  • These mold to my feet and they are very comfortable. The Eva foam makes up for not having the Boost technology. They do run narrow so go a size up.
  • The material makes these stand out over Reeboks. The soft leather is luxurious compared to other shoes.
  • Don't let the affordable price fool you, these are just as good as the other Yeezys. The soft leather uppers and soles feel amazing. These will fit right in with most wardrobes.
  • These shoes honestly didn't impress me at first. Thought the hype was just around Kanye as opposed the shoes. I was pleasantly surprised that this is a quality product. The fit is true to size and they are comfortable. Now I recommend them.
  • These shoes are too soft and the leather too nice for this to be used for sports. The cushion is comfortable and the soles sturdy but best used as casual wear.
  • The soles are perfect and the uppers are made of buttery leather. Very stylish and for Yeezys affordable. We can use more color options.
  • These Yeezys can go with any outfit and they are comfortable. They are more affordable and what everyone is looking for.
  • The leather on these shoes is authentic. That speaks to the quality. The price is also great for such quality and they are very comfortable.
  • My girlfriend and I don't agree about this shoe. I don't like anything that Kayne puts out. My girlfriend thinks he is a god and is in love with these trainers. So I'm happy when she is happy.
  • These shoes can be worn with almost anything. The quality is great and the leather is amazing. The fit is a little snug but no need to adjust your normal size.
  • I knew that these Yeezys were special as soon as I felt the leather. This is a premium and stylish trainer.
  • What's not to like? The shoe is super soft, comfortable and supportive.
  • I would definitely buy these again. The size is perfect and the sneaker is comfortable.
  • Around the toes is a little tight but overall I love this shoe. I think these will fit better and worn more often than other shoes in his collection.
  • These shoes are super comfortable after I purchased a half size bigger.
  • Like many others have said these run small so go up in size. The leather might be too soft because you can see the indication of toes but a shoe foam will remedy that.
  • Very nice shoe and the leather is of good quality.
  • Several buyers stated that they expected a better quality
  • Comments stated the quality was sub-par for the price.
  • Some wearers complained about the sizing not true to size and having to go much larger.
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The Yeezy Powerphase has a high abrasion rubber outsole, which provides durability. The shoe also boasts a monochromatic design, so that the sole is the same colour as the upper. This adds to the sought after minimalistic concept of this Yeezy.


The Yeezy Powerphase features a die-cut EVA midsole. EVA is the most popular choice of material for modern trainer midsoles. The midsole of a shoe provides both cushioning from uneven surfaces and stability through the shoe. EVA is lightweight, soft, flexible and easily formed, properties which are all important for a midsole material. The comfort of the midsole is also increased via the presence of a slight arch support.


The Yeezy Powerphase consists of a soft, thin, buttery leather upper, which is uncommon in a lot of modern shoes of this style. They tend to be manufactured using stiffer, less flexible materials. The use of this soft leather ensures that the wearer has a comfortable experience. This upper material also adds flexibility to the shoe, which can bend and contort with minimal creasing to the leather.


The premium leather material used to construct the upper of the Yeezy Powerphase, ensures that they shoe is not only comfortable but also very lightweight. This is important in a shoe designed for everyday wear. The EVA midsole also helps to keep the weight of the shoe to a minimum, whilst still maintaining comfort and stability.


The Yeezy Powerphase has perforations in the leather upper both on the toebox and the side panels. These help to increase airflow through the shoe and therefore to promote breathability. Additionally, the collar lining of the shoe is manufactured using a white mesh fabric, which helps to further enhance breathability at the back of the shoe. These features help to ensure that even with heavy use, the feet should remain refreshed and blister-free.


The comfortable experience of wearing the Yeezy Powerphase, can be mostly contributed to the premium quality soft leather used for the upper of the shoe. The shoe also has a soft foam insert, ensuring that the shoes remain comfortable even with heavy use. This means that the shoe can be used for everyday wear, without worrying about jeopardising the users comfort.


The Yeezy Powerphase is a low-top tennis sneaker, based on the original Adidas Workout II design, released in 1986. The retro design, along with sleek, monochromatic colourways make it a well sought after shoe. It is currently available in a choice of two colours, an off-white and a grey, soon to be joined by a third all-black colourway early this year. As the design is monochromatic, the colourway is consistent through the upper of the shoe to the sole, including the inner lining and laces. The green Adidas branding and red logo are joined by a gold ‘Calabasas’ branding, featured on the side of the shoe.

The style of the shoe remains very versatile, so that it may be teamed with most choices of outfit and worn either dressed up or down for any occasion. The associations with Kayne West are likely to split opinions on this shoe, some will simply fall in love with it, others will avoid it. There is no doubt that whatever your view, these Yeezys are on trend, and highly desirable. The resale values of the original Yeezys is described as $1000+, the 2nd release also kept a high value at around $200-300. These numbers alone show that the shoe is desirable, and no matter what your opinion on Kayne, this partnership with Adidas is absolutely beneficial to both.


Given that Adidas Yeezy is such a popular and much loved brand, you would expect such a premium product to be built to last. The Yeezy Powerphase does not disappoint on this front, it is designed to be an everyday wear shoe and is built to withstand such heavy use. In particular, the outsole of the shoe is built to last, manufactured using a sturdy rubber material. One area where the durability of the shoe may present an issue is in the buttery, leather upper. This material has been used to optimize comfort and the luxury feel of the shoe, however it could be prone to damage and make it hard to effectively maintain the shoe’s upper. To caveat this, there have been the occasional reports of the buttery leather losing some of its leverage and ankle support, however these are few and far between.


Casual low-top sneakers, such as the Yeezy Powerphase, are designed primarily with style in mind however it is also important that the feet and user remain protected throughout their wear. The protective properties of this shoe include the use of EVA as the midsole material. EVA is a very elastic material, allowing the midsole to be flexible and lightweight, while providing much needed cushioning underfoot. EVA is also a very good absorber of shocks and impacts upon the heel striking the ground.


The Adidas Yeezy Powerphase, in contrast to its predecessors, the Yeezy Boost range, has not been designed to be a highly responsive trainer. It is one of the first shoes in the Yeezy range not to incorporate the Adidas boost technology. This is an innovative cushioning structure, which claims to deliver a high energy return. The responsiveness is less important in a shoe of this style, so by ditching the Boost technology, Adidas have managed to keep the pricing more accessible and to maintain the image.


As well as style and protection, a supportive feel to a shoe is essential in order to increase its appeal. Shoes that do not provide enough support can lead to mild discomfort and pain or even contribute to the development of chronic foot problems. The Yeezy Powerphase does offer a supportive fit, thanks to a couple of its features. The cushioned padding of the midsole helps to ensure that the wearers foot remains supported in a comfortable position throughout the day. Furthermore, the presence of a slight arch support within the shoe helps to prevent any soft tissue compression. Given that the arch of the foot bears the brunt of the pressure exerted with every step that we take, this is an important area to offer support to.


It is difficult to review this type of shoe for its terrain capabilities. The Yeezy Powerphase is definitely a lifestyle shoe and not a performing terrain shoe. It does everything that you would expect a general wear trainer to do, it is comfortable and can handle your day to day, around the town usage. This shoe would not be suitable for use on any off-road terrains and would also not be recommended for use during running or any other sports, as these activities require shoes that are more specialised.


Trainers carrying the Yeezy brand are very popular and highly sought after, often seen donning the feet of celebrities. This is one of the reasons that the collection has always sported a premium price tag. Additionally, the limited availability and popularity can often make the shoes difficult to source. The good news is that the Powerphase is definitely the most affordable member of the Yeezy collection, priced at just $120. The original release of the shoe was sold online exclusively; these later releases are available in many town trainer stores. You will more than likely still have to queue up to get them on the launch days, but stock is reported as being available.


Given that the Yeezy Powerphase is designed to be more of a fashion trainer than a sports shoe, traction is not a top priority. However, good traction is important in a trainer that will be worn frequently due to the varying conditions it may be worn in. The high abrasion rubber sole of the shoe, provides excellent grip on a wide range of dry surfaces. This grip keeps the foot stable and secure which helps to prevent slips or falls. In wet weather conditions, the grip of the shoe may not always be up to all surface conditions. The shoe structure is based on that of a tennis shoe, and the grip levels are not always ideal in wet weather.


Given that the natural motion of the foot when moving forwards is a roll from the heel to the toe, it is vital that a shoe boasts a level of flexibility that allows this movement to take place naturally. Flexibility is not one of the main stand out points of the Yeezy Powerphase, more so it is a welcome benefit of the buttery, leather upper. The soft upper is able to maintain its structure and strength, whilst allowing the shoe to naturally move and contort with the movement of the foot. Additionally, the use of EVA contributes to the flexibility through the midsole of the shoe.


The stability of the Yeezy Powerphase is adequate for standard day to day use, however it would not be suitable for any more specialised uses, for example, running. The arch support, which contours to the shape of the foot, helps to create a feeling of rigidity for the user and helps to prevent unnecessary strain on the muscles and bones of the feet. The cushioned collar at the ankle also helps to stabilize the ankle and protect it from injuries.


Given that the Yeezy Powerphase is not designed for running, the heel to toe drop is not as relevant as for some other shoes. With this in mind, it proves difficult to find any suitable information regarding this. Reports from some users, however, suggest that there is no noticeable drop from the heel to the toe.

Key Features

• Soft, buttery leather upper
• EVA midsole
• Gold ‘Calabasas’ branding
• Retro 1980’s design
• Off white, grey and black colour choices
• Perforated three stripes
• High abrasion rubber sole
• Affordable price

Bottom Line

The Adidas Yeezy Powerphase is a shoe which will divide opinion, if you are looking for the ultimate style shoe and want to be seen wearing them, or if you are a collector, then these will no doubt be of great interest to you. There is no doubting this is a quality shoe, but it is not a shoe with any other purpose than to look good in. If that is what you are after, then you will be delighted with the Adidas Yeezy Powerphase. They will no doubt be a wise investment for your finances as, if looked after, they may well increase in value. If you love the look, love Kayne and love the style then grab them whilst they’re hot.