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Adidas Supernova Reviewed & Tested for Performance Review Facts

Adidas has decided to take a different route with the Adidas glide series and dropped the glide portion off the title with the recently released ninth edition. The dropping of the Glide from the title signifies a change; This is hinted at by the slightly better design and overall performance. As far as runners go, this one takes the cake with its newly-made improvements, such as the added boost and material redesign.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Added boost to the midsole
  • Higher heel-to-toe ratio
  • Improved comfort compared to previous models
  • Wider heel
  • Good quality material
  • Durable outsole
  • Noticeable weight when running
  • Comes with short laces
  • Doesn’t come in various widths
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  • This shoe has nice boost cushion, low arch, and a roomy toe box, Your foot is covered in these shoes. The downside is that they are a bit heavy. Nonetheless great for training and recovery. Great grip for wet surfaces and trails.
  • I change up my shoes at times looking for durability and a shoe that will accommodate a runner who underpronates. I find that I can bounce back and forth between Brooks and Asics. But Adidas is recommended for people with underpronation issues and the Supervnova got good reviews. So I gave them a try. Wow, these shoes are fantastic. Where have they been all my life?
  • Whether running or walking these shoes are fantastic. And they look good too.
  • These were a great choice after a little research. This shoe is amazing! It was like I barely felt the road under my feet when I was running. These run big for me and I should have gone down a half size but they are still comfortable.
  • Other than the tongue being a little sloppy these are a great shoe. Big toe box and the laces are a little challenging at first. Love the Boost foam.
  • The Adidas Supernova is the best shoe that I have run in, ever. I got injured when I tried another shoe. I will stay where I belong.
  • These do have a break-in curve to get around but once you do these shoes are great. Great cushion and roomy toe box.
  • These shoes have plenty of cushion and fit my feet to a T. These are great shoes to walk in and run but I don't run on the road. I got a second pair for the gym.
  • Glad I didn't give up on these shoes because at first, they didn't feel good. But after a few days, they felt great.
  • The Supernova provides excellent support and the fit is great. I really like them.
  • These shoes are heavier and wider than the 2016 version but still a solid running shoe. Very comfortable.
  • These shoes can take punishment, unlike some other shoes in my running past. Extremely comfortable and great fit.
  • I got these because I wanted to run in the best running shoes of 2018, based on many reviews. Unfortunately, these were too small to run in.
  • The Adidas Supernova is my go to for a running shoe. I have accomplished 6 marathons in these. Want to have at least three pairs when they come available.
  • These are my favorite sneaker, they're like walking on a cloud.
  • You have to buy these. The most comfortable sneakers I've bought.
  • This is a really nice shoe. And the boost technology, love it. Runs bigger than the Asics Nossa Tri.
  • These are the perfect shoe for my needs. Just got another pair, that makes three.
  • A little on the pricey side but the cushioning is really nice and these will be good for all distances.
  • This shoe has not failed me. It adjusts to my running styles, which can switch to a forefoot striker to a midfoot when I'm tired. Has the right amount of responsiveness. The cushioning is great too. Love this shoe.
  • Not the same as the previous version, my feet are sore.
  • A bit heavy and hot to run in.
  • The outer sole was completely worn on both shoes after only 200 miles.
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Adidas partnership with Continental Tires has resulted in the creation of an outsole with both improved durability and traction. The outsole is fitted with a stretch-web pattern that is made for running on various types of surfaces. The web-like design also prevents materials such as rocks from getting stuck in the sole, both improving the life of the footwear and of floors. Also, the natural curves of the outsole are designed to fit with the curve of the foot, preventing fatigue.


The most noticeable feature would have to be the improvements of the midsole over its predecessors. The midsole is equipped with more Boost material; Boost or Thermoplastic Polyurethane is designed to promote shock absorption. This enhances their ability to bounce back to its original shape after being worn for the extended periods that it’s designed for. The elasticity of the Boost material remains during varying temperatures; it continues to bounce back with vigor in cold temperatures as it would during warmer seasons, another plus.


Besides the added Boost, they have also gotten an upgrade in terms of the design of the upper. Where its predecessors had a blend of synthetic materials fitted in coordination with one another, this has gone down a different road; It is now made from a mesh-like material that allows for more breathability, obviously a plus for all runners alike. Where the previous makes were designed with outer guards covering the toe area, this has a plate inserted on the interior. The heel is covered by a transparent plastic plating that reveals the mesh material underneath. The one area that is lacking in would be in the reflective area, the previous Glides were fitted with reflective material on both the stripes and the lip covering the Achilles tendon; whereas the Supernova is only fitted with material covering the Adidas stripes.


The weight leaves something to be desired. Weighing in at 11.5 oz, the additional boost adds a little more than a little extra weight. This added weight doesn’t affect much of the runners ability stride-wise, but it doesn’t just go away after a few laps. This isn’t necessarily the best thing considered that running shoes are usually designed to be worn for extended periods of time. Again, this is subjective; to some the added weight may not matter, but remember that it’s there.


The boost running the length of the results of the footwear in a feel that is comparable to walking on air. This is due to the nature of the boost, which is to promote rebound and shock absorption. Meaning that the reverberations caused by constantly pounding a foot on a hard surface will be absorbed by the Boost; Not felt by the foot itself. Adding to the already long list of benefits that the boost gives is that it offers quality support, which aids in the cloud-like feel. Adidas has also added room in front of the toe box, allowing more room for movement and space for swelling of the foot while in use.


This remake of the Glide added a few improvements aesthetics-wise over it’s predecessor. As is the style nowadays the Supernova has gotten rid of the toe covering and has simplified its look quite a bit. These improvements came in the form of placing the covering underneath the toe box rather than over it. The move from blended synthetics over to mesh has also added a stylistic element to this running apparel getting rid of the plethora of color and settling down on a select few. The majority boost sole is a great improvement over the blending of boost and Eva that its predecessors were made with. Overall Adidas has greatly improved the design of this footwear aiding the wearer in their efforts of making a fashion statement while also completing their exercise routine.


In terms of durability Adidas continues to provide. Their partnership with Continental tires to provide the outsole has improved the life of that part greatly. Contrary to popular belief the mesh make of the upper has proved to be somewhat resilient. While it is a bit thinner, which helps with the ability to maintain a constant airflow, it doesn’t break down as easily as one would think that it would. The only thing that proves to be a bit frightening is the lack of toe guard holding the mesh in place. In general, the toe guard aids in both the stability of the shoe and of the fabric in that portion; There is a toe shield on the inside, which takes away from this purpose. Another plus on the side of Adidas craftsmanship is their thought to put protectors around the eyelets; three plastic coverings aid in the overall durability, preventing ripping on this part.


The new design sacrifices the other protective coverings for a chic look. The sole on is relatively thick compared to various other running footwear; this aids its ability to repel outside objects from damaging the wearer's feet. In addition to the thick sole, it is equipped with various plates to protect both the heel and toe area. The covering/ plate on the heel aids the wearer by both protecting and stabilizing that area; While the plate on the inside of the toe area forms a bit of foundation for the wearer as well.


The added boost increased the overall bounce but, added a bit of a lag. This was in part due to the Boosts plush qualities. The boost added to the soft feel of the new Adidas; Meaning that although the shoe felt air-like, the feel when running or sprinting is a bit hard to handle. Adidas replaced the firm, less attractive qualities of the previous Glides with smooth albeit a bit more malleable quality in the new design. The mesh material of the upper makes the sharp turns and fast paces a bit difficult due to softness.


The support shows a few improvements over previous models. The improvements support wise stem from a mixture of the eyelet design and the sole in it’s entirety. The mesh design would initially make the shoe putty-like resulting in more movement and discomfort while running; Adidas avoided this issue with the addition of the plastic coverings over both the eyelets and the heel. The coverings over the eyelets aid in the support category by tightening up that area of the footwear; This provides a firm feeling that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. The same can be said or the heel covering, it provides that firm feeling that is necessary for footwear of this class; it also provides something the form of arch support. The Boost addition also aids in preventing heel relief, due to its soft nature and rebounding capabilities; It maintains both it’s shape, preventing the wearers heel from feeling the effects of it’s use, and it surrounds the foot in a soft pillow-like structure, aiding the overall experience.


The Continental-rubber make of the heel improves the traction capabilities greatly; Granted, the Continental rubber isn’t a new addition, but it is a good thing to see that Adidas has decided to keep that part of the Glides design. The combination of both continental rubber and stretch web design covering the outsole allows the shoe to perform above par in a variety of conditions. The ability to perform in a plethora of weather conditions aided by the outsole's durability makes this an above par runner for use on either the road or in a less-developed area.


The price is relatively low, to say the least. Compared to other models of its class and brand, the Supernova provides value-wise. Specific components, such as the make of the outsole and the quality of the midsole, will provide the wearer with use that goes well beyond similar items in its price range. This coupled with the stylish aspects give this shoe tremendous value.


When it comes to traction, the Supernova doesn’t disappoint. The Continental rubber of the outsole coupled with the stretch web pattern aids the wearer in their efforts of finding a grip on a variety of surfaces; Another key feature of a running foot apparel, it must be able to provide the wearer with use in a variety of conditions.


Adidas also hasn’t disappointed in terms of the feel while running. The Widened toe box and heel of the shoe give the wearer more surface to land on while not subtracting from the aesthetics. This accompanied by the effects of the added boost give the wearer both added balance and security while running, resulting in a more neutral feel.


This Supernova is nothing if not flexible. The mesh exterior of the shoe allows it to conform to the shape of the user’s foot, allowing it to move with the curve of the foot while in use; a necessary quality of such running apparel. Also, the Boost materials responsive nature allows it to also bend to the will of the ground and the users foot; all while maintaining its original shape and form.


The drop is also relatively high compared to others of its class. This can be directly attributed to the added Boost and wider heel in this version. The high heel-toe ratio aids in the neutrality of the overall shoe and the feel of the ride; Making sure that the heel is the first thing that touches the ground while in use also gives it a more natural feel while in a use.

Key features

• Added boost in the heel
• Bigger toe box
• Breathable mesh fabric composition
• Protective covering over the heel
• Continental rubber sole fitted with a Stretch web design
• High heel to toe ratio

Bottom Line

The Supernova is versatile in its uses, from being used on a treadmill or on the road. It does have a few parts that are subject to the owner’s opinion such as the roomier toe box, which was designed to accommodate swelling of the foot. The overall durability is amazing, provided the mesh design, which on most footwear just really doesn’t hold up with everyday use. The added boost has really improved the comfortability and the ride in general making this a decent addition to any athletes running shoe collection.