adidas 4DFWD

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Adidas 4DFWD are unbelievably high tec, their midsole is one of the first I have seen with that type of design and that propels you forward, enhancing your running experience.

But, the excelling technologies don't alter the fact that this shoe doesn't have a lot of protection or support.

Featuring Primeknit upper for breathability, FWD cell, and a lightweight sock-like feel, the 4DFWD are a great road running shoe choice.

They scream innovation and have one of the greatest midsoles you have encountered yet.

Editor's Pros & Cons


3D printed midsole

PrimeKnit uppers

Oxygen permeable optics

Bowtie-shaped FWD cells

Sock-like feel


Somewhat heavy

Very high price tag

Not as supportive as other running shoes

Little protection

Key Features


The Primeknit uppers, believe it or not, are an extremely durable material. Easy to put on, easy to maintain, and a strong material so you won't have to burden yourself with whether you're going to run these shoes down.

The outsole is made of sturdy rubber, a compound that is always going to provide you with longevity in your shoes.

They benefit from a cotton lace closure, one of the strongest materials for laces, so another great attribute to these shoes.


What a beauty of a shoe to look at. Innovative and unique, the Adidas 4DFWD excels itself in the looks department. This sock-like fit running shoe is designed to feel like you are wearing air, all while propelling you forward in your running game.

The 3D midsole is by far the most attractive part of this shoe. It is designed for moving you forward and the air that circulates through the cells will help you with your stride.

The PrimeKnit upper is a great breathable material that allows air circulation and it's nice and flexible, meaning your movements won't be restricted.

The heel has more fabric at the back meaning a lower arch for the ankle bone to rest in and a little more protection at the back, although there is very little protection with these shoes.

The sock-like feel is great for fluidity in movement, it helps reduce the weight and allows for a smoother ride and more carefree strides - definitely a benefit for road running when your feet tend to get heavy from the continuous impact of the pavement.

They are fashioned with the unmistakable 3 stripe Adidas logo and you have a choice of four colors, not huge but it's better than not having any other options.


These are great shoes and deserve recognition for their superb technologies but the price is a little on the steep side for me, given that they don't tick every box.

Their innovative midsole design really propels them into a higher class category but does that warrant the high price tag too, it's something you have to judge yourself.


I've already mentioned that these are primarily road running shoes; however, should you wish to test them on the track or for racing, I see no way that they would let you down.

They don't have the protection that you would need to hit the trail and the PrimeKnit upper is too light for giving support.

This shoe offers a glide feel experience, both smooth and light, perfect for an easy road run.

Comparison to Similar Runners

Brooks Ghost 14 - Offering high energizing cushioning and neutral support, the Brooks Ghost 14 is a great shoe for road running. It benefits from DNA LOFT technology for a responsive cushioned feel, flex grooves for better movement, and 3D fit print technology. It offers slightly more stability as the uppers appear thicker than the 4DFWD.

Asics Dynablast - A striking design with a responsive ride, they offer a great running experience. The Dynablast has the advantage of a laminate mid-foot cage, OrthoLite sockliner, and Flytefoam technology that acts like a trampoline to push you forward. This is not a running shoe for longer runs, it's an everyday low mileage shoe, so be aware of that.


The Adidas 4DFWD is a great running shoe. It's innovative and the midsole is spectacular - there's no arguing with that.

This Adidas shoe is going to enhance your speed and give you a great running experience. It ensures a freeing ride due to the snug fit allowing movement and air circulation to grace your feet.

I'm not entirely sold though. The lack of protection and support to the foot is less than I would prefer but again, if you like the minimalist feel, then that won't be an issue for you.

Due to their snug fit, it's advised that you purchase a size smaller than your regular to stop them from being too spacious.

If a shoe with a spectacular midsole is what you are looking for as well as a fashionable look, then this option could be a winner for you.