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Ladies need a certain style of pack that contours to the curvature of our physique and fits better than those unisex options that are made more for a man's body. The Gregory Maya 22 is just that pack! It offers a women-specific BioSync shoulder harness that provides a quick and secure fit. Its body-hugging hip belt is more flexible than most so it will conform to the shape of a woman better than those options that are geared towards our male counterparts.

If you live for outdoor athletics then this option is exactly what you're looking for and it will help to meet all of your hydration needs. It has a dedicated hydration pocket with a SpeedClip hydration hanger for effortless hanging. Hydration is a big part of staying healthy while you exercise and is often overlooked because it can be a pain constantly reaching for your water bottle, but this pack will solve all of your woes! All around this is a solid choice that will keep ladies of all shapes and sizes as happy as can be.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sunglasses Quickstow System
  • Specifically Design For Women
  • Accessory Pocket
  • Hydration Hanger
  • BioSync Suspension
  • Small Capacity
  • Limited Colorways


What woman doesn’t love bringing along her favorite pair of shades?! Sunglasses are a great way to accessorize plus they help to protect your eyes from the suns’ harmful UVA and UVB rays. But, what about those times when you hit a shady patch and want to take them off for a while? Finding the right place to keep your shades can be next to impossible! They’re always getting scratched or bent which is why the Gregory Maya 22 is such a great pack to wear while you’re out and about. It was designed with a handy sunglasses quick stow system that lets you store your shades with ease.

This shoulder harness was made to provide a secure, scratch-free place to hang your shades when they’re not in use. And, let me tell you, it works wonders for keeping your sunglasses in pristine shape no matter how often you put them to use.

Accessory Pocket

It’s a well-known fact that us ladies carry all kinds of items that men just don’t have to worry about. Whether it’s make-up, hair accessories, feminine products, or even a tasty low-cal snack bar (or two) women love a bag that offers enough storage. The Gregory Maya 22 has a soft touch accessory pocket that’s perfect for helping to keep your belongings nice and organized and is a great place to store your valuables, keys, and cell phone.

This compartment lets you quickly access your things while you’re on the move so you won’t have to stop and riffle through your pack looking for your phone every time it jingles. I mean, is there any girls out there who can’t relate to those moments where you’re in a panic rummaging through your purse thinking you’ve lost your phone but really, it’s just buried under all of your tons of other stuff.

Hydration Hanger

Keeping well hydrated while you’re on the move is a must if you want to look and feel your best. Dehydration can happen quickly and can make you feel fatigued and downright unwell which can ruin any outing in a hurry. This is why having a pack that’s compatible with a hydration reservoir is such a great feature. It makes it so that you won’t have to lug around bottled beverages which can get heavy and easily slip out of your hand while you’re hiking or cycling.

A hydration bladder stays inside your pack and connects to a tube that lets you drink from the mouthpiece without ever having to handle any bottles or containers. This is super handy and can save you all sorts of time that you would normally waste having to stop and sip from your standard hydration options.

One of the great features with this pack is its built-in speed clip hanger that lets you easily hang your reservoir. It’s compatible with Gregory’s 3D Hydro Reservoir and allows for speedy hanging so you can get on with your adventure.

BioSync Suspension

If you’re looking for a comfortable and flexible choice of pack then this is the best possible option for you. It features a BioSync dynamic suspension that has extra flexible tendons that actually stretch and move with your body. This makes for an incredible feeling that is both freeing and snug fitting at the same time. This is ideal for those high impact activities like hiking and cycling that require a tight fit with the freedom to move unrestricted.


This pack was specifically made to fit the shape of a woman’s body. It’s made with a body-hugging hip belt that’s more flexible than most and dual zipper pockets that make it feel even more form-fitting. A die-cut BioSync shoulder harness makes it ultra-flexible and it’s built-in sternum strap helps to keep the pack perfectly in place while you’re on the move.

Women have more curves than men do which is why we need a different shaped pack in order for it to feel comfortable. The Gregory Maya 22 is the ideal choice for ladies thanks to its women-specific structure that just feels right.


The Gregory Maya 22 has enough compartments to keep your things nice and organized. A top zippered pocket with soft lining material is ideal for storing all of your valuables, while its interior zip pocket provides a secure place to keep credit cards, cash, and more. The interior pocket also has a key clip so you’ll never have to hunt for your keys again because they’ll be right where you clipped them.

Dual side stretch pockets make it easy to see your things and make the perfect compartments for storing snacks and other things that you might want to quickly grab while you’re on the move. They’re made from mesh which is super easy to see through thanks to its open weave fabric that gives you a window to see inside.


This pack was made to offer the most comfort possible right down to the way its zippers were made. Each zipper has a comfort-molded pull tab and molded webbing keepers that help with strap management. These little details are what makes the Gregory Maya 22 a truly enjoyable pack to wear for almost any kind of outdoor activity.


Gregory Mountain Products calls Salt Lake City, Utah home. This is a brand that continually tries to produce quality packs which are both reliable and comforting to wear. One of the main aspects that Gregory Mountain Products focuses on is the way its packs fit and feel and they’re notorious for their customized chassis technologies. This results in the kind product that feels customized to suit your body type and really delivers nicely on their whole concept.

Gregory focuses on innovative technologies and hand-crafted prototypes that help to streamline their operations. The results are reliable and buzz-worthy designs time after time.


Unfortunately, some ladies find this pack to be a little on the small side and seek out a larger design instead. If you’re planning on a longer outing like day hiking or camping then this option might run a little small for your liking. While it’s perfect for those occasions where you won’t be needing a change of clothing or much else besides your valuables and a hydration reservoir, it’s not the greatest if you’re planning on packing all sorts of extra items.

For occasions that require extra belongings, you might consider the Deuter Race X or Salomon Trailblazer instead. These packs come with enough room to hold all of your things and more making them ideal for those longer occasions that require a change of clothing and other personal effects.


Another downside to this pack is despite its being made for women only, the colorways really don't exude a feminine vibe. There are three options available; Mercury Grey, Poppy red, and Meridian Teal. While the Meridian Teal isn't all that bad, the Mercury Grey just comes off as plain old grey that is almost reminiscent of a cement wall or paved roadway. The Meridian Teal is just okay but is certainly anything from exciting. It would have been nice to have seen some white, pink, and even yellow hues added to the Maya 22's overall design in more places than just the zipper detailing.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Gregory Maya 22 pack is a good choice for ladies who lead an active lifestyle. It offers a BioSync structure that hugs the contours of the body for a more feminine fit and lacks that ‘unisex’ feel that some packs ooze. Whether you plan on hiking, backpacking, or even cycling this pack will meet your needs while you’re on the move.

A built-in hydration sleeve makes it easy to stay well-hydrated while you exercise which is a key element in boosting your overall performance. Keeping organized won’t be an issue thanks to the many compartments this pack offers which include dual mesh side pockets and an interior zip-up compartment that’s perfect for storing your valuables.

All-in-all, this is a comfortable and well-rounded backpack that is light enough to wear for long periods of time without feeling fatigued. Gregory is a trusted brand in outdoor and athletic apparel so you can rest assured knowing that they produce quality products for a fairly affordable price.