Deuter Trans Alpine 30 Review

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Don't you just love a backpack that you can use for practically any activity? Well. the Deuter Trans Alpine 30 is just that kind of bag! It's the perfect all-around versatile design that will help you to reach new heights thanks to its superior features that bring a modernized twist to an already classic line of athletic packs. If you're all about compartments then this is certainly a great choice to consider. It offers multiple exterior pockets and a ton of interior ones that each have an organizational function. This is a long lasting pack that was built for life in the rugged outdoors but it delivers a streamlined silhouette for nearly weightless wear.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Airstripes System
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Multiple Storage Pockets
  • Safety Light Loop
  • Hydration Pack Sleeve
  • Zippers Stick

Airstripes System

Deuter’s innovative Airstripes system helps to take this backpack to new levels of enjoyment! It consists of two contoured, air-channeled foam profiles that are topped with an airy mesh lining. They work by reducing the surface area of the pack that connects with your body. The results are a snug fit that’s ultra cooling so you won’t end up overheating while you’re out and about. Having less contact with the material means that you won’t get as sweaty because there is more air circulating around your body. This helps to keep the load closer to your body which means that you’ll have better balance while you travel.

Stability is a must when you’re engaged in outdoor activities because poor balance could put you at risk of being injured. When you wear a pack while you’re hiking, cycling, or backpacking the load is likely to shift with your movements which makes it hard to keep your balance and the last thing you want to do is slip or fall!


Most packs are made with an unstable structure because they don’t really have any kind of frame to hold it in place. That’s not a problem with the Deuter Trans Alpine 30 because this one was designed with steel frame construction that makes it very stable. The frame is nice and flat so it doesn’t make it stick out at all which is perfect for keeping you streamlined.

The frame gives you the kind of build you want from a pack because it makes it so that the bag won’t collapse in on itself. As you probably already know, backpacks tend to sink in when there are hollow spots without any contents, but this one retains its shape no matter how much, or lack thereof, belongings you have inside.


Don’t you just hate when a pack doesn’t have enough compartments to keep your belongings organized?! Well, no matter what sort of items you plan on carrying the Deuter Trans Alpine 30 has enough pockets to keep everything in its place. Multiple pockets on the outside make for a great space to store items you like to keep handy like water bottles, snacks, sunglasses, and more. There are two side compartments and one in the middle that gives you all around access to anything that you might immediately need.

On top of the exterior storage, there’s a pocket specifically made to store your valuables and even an additional stretch compartment on the inside for added organization. The valuables pocket is such a nice feature because it can be worrisome traveling with your wallet, credit cards, and other personal effects in your backpack. These items are small and can easily be lost which would be a real pain. The internal stretch compartment is a great place to store extra clothing or even your sweaty articles when your ride is over.

Don’t think that Deuter forgot about your smartphones though! Yes, there’s a special pocket for your phone too!

Separate Bottom

While we're on the topic of compartments lets talk about the bottom compartment with a separator for complete isolation. This is a neat little feature that this one offers; that makes for a great place to store your gear, whether clean or dirty and lets you better distribute your load. This is a good place to store valuables too because it’s more of a concealed kind of compartment. The nice thing about this aspect is that it lets you place some added weight in the bottom area which will keep the bag from raising up when you lean forward.


Safety should always be your first priority and in order to stay safe, you need to be visible to passerbys at all times, even in low lighting. Drivers and other hikers or cyclists might have trouble spotting you at night which is why safety lights are a must if you’re going to be on the move after dark. This pack comes fully prepared to keep you out of harm's way thanks to its built-in safety light loop.

The safety light loop lets you attach a variety of lights to the outside of your pack for increased visibility. You’re also able to attach flashlights that have cords so you can light your own way better at night if you need to.


Keeping well hydrated while you’re out and about is super important which is why having a pack that is compatible with hydration reservoirs is a great thing. This option was made to hold the Streamer 2.01 and Streamer 3.01 which are compatible with most of Deuter’s packs like the Race X 12.

Hydration packs work by holding a bladder inside that can be used for drinking while you’re on the go. They’re very convenient because you can literally drink without having to stop even while you’re cycling or hiking on rough terrain. The tube will usually have a magnetic bite valve so you can easily control the flow and won’t have to worry about any dripping or leaking.

Load Adjustment

Having your load centered in your pack will help to promote better balance and stability but it can be tough to properly position your things. This bag makes it easy to achieve because it has a built-in load adjustment strap that allows for better placement. If your belongings are poorly positioned it can seem like your bag is heavier and the side to side motion when you move can throw you off balance and even make you fall. This feature is an important aspect and it really shows that Deuter used some forethought while designing this option.


Your comfort was at the forefront when Deuter designed the Trans Alpine 30! It offers three fabric zones that provide the most enjoyable ride possible. Complete with a softer material on the shoulder straps and airy back padding, you'll never feel uncomfortable while you're wearing this one. The hip area has a smooth fabric that prevents overheating and feels great compared to the heavier materials often used.

Hip Wings

The hip wings can be a big aspect because the wrong design can make your pack quite uncomfortable. This bag comes with mesh hip wings that help to keep you cool and comfortable because they allow for increased airflow. If the wings are made from a heavy material it will smother your hip area and make you sweat excessively because of the trapped body heat. Another handy aspect with these wings is that they have small zippered pockets that are perfect for storing items like your keys or credit cards.


There really aren’t too many complaints when it comes to this pack. In fact, most wearers gave it a five-star review, but one issue that was a bit of a problem to some was the fact that the zippers are a bit difficult to open. Some people found that they got stuck often, catching on the material around the track. This seems to be particularly true of the lower compartment which had the most complaints.

Bottom Line

Overall this a great pack for anyone who needs versatility from their bag. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or cycling this is a solid option that will make storing your stuff a breeze. It offers a ton of compartments that are designed to serve specific purposes. I love the fact that there’s a separate pocket for your cell phone and even a zippered valuables compartment that keeps your things totally safe. The steel frame makes for a stable build so the pack doesn’t collapse in on itself if you’re carrying a lighter load.

One of the coolest features about the Deuter Trans Alpine 30 is its separate bottom that can be used to store all sorts of things completely away from the rest of your stuff! Its built-in safety light loop keeps you protected while you’re out at night because you’re able to hang a reflector or even a flasher so that drivers are able to see you better.

If you’re big on keeping hydrated then you’ll love the fact that this one is compatible with the Streamer 2.01 and Streamer 3.01 water reservoirs. This means that you’ll be able to drink without even having to stop which is especially handy for hikers and cyclists.

Deuter was founded at the turn of the century, by Hans Deuter in Augsburg-Oberhausen. This company has built itself around a core set of value that they still follow to this day. One of its values is keeping outdoor sports at heart by designing products that are guaranteed to perform. With a personal goal of protecting the environment and helping to preserve nature, their products are made more eco-friendly than most which are just another reason they’re worth buying.