Nike ACG Angel’s Rest Review

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Get ready for your next adventure with the new Nike ACG Angel’s Rest hiking sneaker. Equipped with Nike’s innovative technology, yet sporting that cool retro style, this high-cut sneaker will keep you feeling comfortable and supported, while looking stylish, be it hiking through woodland trails or going to the pub for some drinks.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durable construction
  • Suede and mesh high-cut upper
  • Supportive fit
  • Foam and rubber outsole for a comfortable ride
  • Waffle tread pattern for superb traction
  • 3D topographical map of the Angel’s Rest hiking trail
  • Military-inspired rope laces
  • Rugged retro style
  • Needs more ventilation


ACG or All Conditions Gear belongs to Nike and it is their line of athletic and sports-oriented gear for all weather conditions. Started back in 1989, it built quite a large fan base by combining the sneaker silhouette with a sturdy construction and durable materials, that can take on the wilderness without any issues. The modern iteration of Nike’s ACG line rocks the classic retro style, but with the addition of new technology and innovative features, that enhance the performance and durability of these shoes. The Nike ACG Angel’s Rest got its name from a hiking trail in Oregon, on Columbia River Gorge’s Western end. It shares lots of similarities with the Dog Mountain hiking sneaker, one of which is its outsole. Namely, the outsole of the Angel’s Rest hiking sneaker/boot is made of a foam and rubber combination with Waffle traction for a texturized and grippy outsole, that will stand the test of time. The outsole features a rugged-looking tread pattern with its spike and square-shaped lugs and is excellent for digging into the ground and delivering a firm footing to the wearer, whether they are casually strolling through the city or hiking through rocky and muddy trails in the woods.


While Nike did not specify what they used for their midsole, it is the same as the Dog Mountain hiking sneaker as well, and it is most likely EVA foam, as it has great shock absorption and firm but cushioning support. However, the most interesting feature on the Nike ACG Angel’s Rest is probably its midsole design. Besides the ACG logo, it comes with a 3D topographical map of the Angel’s Rest trail embedded on the side, giving this hiking sneaker a cool factor. Although it may not be the most flexible shoe, it delivers excellent cushioning and absorbs the shock of each footfall, protecting the feet from the stress of impact and relieving the knees and back, for a springy, yet supported ride. Thanks to its urban style, it can just as easily tackle trails in the woods, as it can a night out on the town with some friends.


The Nike ACG Angel’s Rest hiking sneaker sports a suede high-cut upper with mesh panels for added breathability and reflective perforations on the toe box, the midfoot and the heel area for nighttime safety. The suede, although not premium suede, is high-quality and very durable, making this sneaker perfect for hiking in all kinds of climate and terrain. That said, the upper is only water-resistant and not water-repellent, so it should be treated with water-repellents if you are planning on using them in the rain. The lower part of the tongue and the Nike swoosh logo are covered with a thicker mesh fabric, while the collar features a honeycomb mesh for added comfort and breathability. The Nike ACG Angel’s Rest has a traditional lace-up closure, with military-style rope laces to help the wearer get the perfect custom fit, and four rubber eyelets at the top to keep the laces in place. The tongue and collar are padded for a comfortable, yet secure fit around the ankles, that still allows for a wide range of motion, not restricting the wearer in any way. Nike also included a handy pull-tab on the heel, to make slipping into the sneakers easier, as they are a bit difficult to get on. Inside the shoe, Nike stuck to the soft and breathable mesh fabric, which covers the walls of the foot chamber, as well as the footbed, helping to create a healthy in-shoe environment and fight unpleasant odors.


While the Nike ACG Angel’s Rest does feature elements, that enhance its overall breathability, such as the mesh on the upper and the lining inside the shoe, some felt, that this hiking sneaker got hot quite fast and the mesh did not provide sufficient airflow after some time. Coupled with the fact, that the majority of the upper is made of suede and the high top sneaker rests quite high on the ankles, hugging them snugly, it is easy to see where the problem might arise. That said, reviewers did not mind this too much, stating, that it is expected of hiking sneakers not to be the most breathable shoes, as other features, like support and grip, are far more important, when it comes to hiking.


One area where the ACG Angel’s Rest definitely does not lack in is comfort. Namely, this sturdy high-cut hiking sneaker sports a chunky sole, that helps cushion each footfall, delivering a springy ride to the wearer. The ACG Angel’s Rest comes with plush padding in the tongue and collar, as well as inside the shoe, for a secure and comfortable foot lockdown. The foam footbed provides instant comfort and relieve, while the standard lacing system allows for a custom fit. Whether it is hiking through trails in the woods or going downtown with some friends, this sneaker will keep you feeling comfortable and secure in your every step. One reviewer in particular, who struggles with arthritis, praised the ACG Angel’s Rest as the most comfortable pair of shoes they have ever had. However, one reviewer did complain about the sneaker, saying, that the collar hurt his Achilles tendon after wearing it for several hours. That, however, can easily be fixed by adjusting the laces.


The Nike ACG Angel’s Rest is quite the durable pair of trail sneakers. Their chunky and incredibly grippy soles made of a combination of rubber and foam are highly abrasion resistant and will last a long time, even through extensive heavy-duty wear. The upper is also very durable, thanks to the suede material it is made of. Although not premium suede, the ACG Angel’s Rest is tear-resistant and will keep its structural integrity, whether you use it for outdoor sports or just as an everyday shoe. That said, the upper is not waterproof, so additional care is required, to make the shoes water- repellent.


According to reviews, the Nike ACG Angel’s Rest fits true to size. This hiking sneaker features a high collar and a suede upper with plush padding in the collar and inside the foot chamber. While on one hand, this padding delivers great comfort and support, on the other hand, it makes the sneaker fit quite snug, as some reviewers reported. This, however, did not prove to be much of an issue, as the laces help adjust the sneaker to fit the wearer’s feet and keep them comfortable during their hikes or everyday life.


ACG or All Conditions Gear is Nike’s line of heavy-duty sports gear, that they started back in 1989. Now, bringing back the retro vibes, Nike introduced their ACG Angel’s Rest trail sneaker/boot, inspired by a popular hiking trail in Oregon called Angel’s Rest, hence the name. The ACG Angel’s Rest comes with a suede high-cut upper and mesh collar for a structured, yet breathable fit, as well as multicolored military-inspired rope laces for that custom fit. The Angel’s Rest model is also equipped with a handy canvas pull-tab on the heel, as well as a canvas strip on the tongue, adding function and a touch of interest to the overall design. Nike also included their signature Swoosh logo on the side, and the ACG logo on the tongue, both of which feature embroidered trims, giving this sneaker an air of luxury. However, perhaps the most interesting detail on this sneaker is its midsole, which comes with a 3D topographical map of this popular hiking trail. The ACG Angel’s Rest hiking sneaker is available in two colorways: Parachute Beige and Thunder Grey, both of which are attractive neutral colors, that can easily blend in with any outfit. Thanks to its hybrid blend between a hiking boot and a sneaker, the ACG Angel’s Rest goes well with outdoor sports gear, as well as in urban settings paired with jeans and a shirt.


Intended for anything from everyday, casual wear to hiking on woodland trails in all sorts of climate, the ACG Angel’s Rest comes with a heap of built-in support. First off, the foam and rubber outsole provides soft and cushioned steps, while the rugged tread pattern has a firm grip on any terrain, wet or dry, keeping the wearer steady in their steps. Furthermore, the foam midsole has excellent shock absorption and cushions each footfall, delivering a springy and supported ride, while the foam footbed offers instant comfort and relieve. Sporting a high-cut collar and a suede upper, the ACG Angel’s Rest offers a structured and supported fit with military-style rope laces, that keep the feet locked in position and the ankles comfortably supported without restricting their movement. This allows the wearer a wide range of movement, while still protecting them from injuries, such as ankle sprains, which are one of the most frequent injuries for hikers. On top of that, one reviewer praised the ACG Angel’s Rest for accommodating their arthritis flare-ups, when most other shoes could not.


The ACG Angel’s Rest trail shoe’s outsole features one of the grippiest tread patterns out there. This intricate tread pattern consists of multiple spike and square-shaped lugs, that dig into the ground firmly and deliver a steady stride to the wearer, be it wandering in the wilderness or through the urban jungle of the city. Wet and muddy trails are not a threat either and the ACG Angel’s Rest will keep the wearer secure and protected throughout wear.

Bottom Line

Nike continuously expands its horizon with new and innovative footwear design, that does not include only sneakers, but practical outdoor sports gear as well. That said, it is not at all surprising why Nike is one of the top brands in the shoe industry. Their ACG line of outdoor sports gear was first introduced in 1989 and became an instant hit. Now, featuring the same retro design, that first appealed to so many Nike fans, but with their newest technology, the ACG Angel’s Rest is just what die-hard sneakerheads with a taste for adventure needed. Outfitted with a durable foam and rubber outsole with a rugged tread pattern and a supportive midsole featuring a 3D topographical map of the popular trail in Oregon, this high-cut suede hiking sneaker will keep you comfortable and secure through your every move. Perfect for a stroll through the city or a hiking trip in the mountains, the ACG Angel’s Rest will keep you looking rugged and stylish all the way. If there was any slightly negative remark about this shoe, it was concerning breathability. Due to its plush padding and snug fit with its high-cut collar, a handful of reviewers felt that the foot chamber got hot pretty quickly. That said, they did not find this too irritating, considering all the other great features of this shoe, including a more than appealing price tag.