Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 Reviewed for Performance

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Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 Reviewed for Performance Review Facts

Nike’s new LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 is a step forward from their previous LunarEpic Flyknit model. Unlike its predecessor, the new LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 incorporated the classic Nike running shoe style with its low ankle design. However, it kept the Lunarlon EVA midsole, Nike’s unique invention in the field of running shoes, which provides cloud-like cushioning and great shock absorption at the same time.

The upper incorporates the same Flyknit mesh design with Flywire cables with a few improvements this time. Namely, instead of it being separate, the LunarEpic Flyknit 2 combined the upper with the tongue of the shoe, giving it all a seamless sock-like finish.

This running shoe, besides providing a great running experience, also doesn’t lack in the style department. The new LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 comes in a wide assortment of colors and has a sleek look to it, which makes it an excellent everyday shoe as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ideal for long runs
  • Can be worn casually
  • Flyknit cables in lacing
  • Lunarlom midsole
  • Ortholite insert addition
  • Narrow sizing
  • Runs slightly small
  • Picks up pebbles/debris
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  • As a first time Nike buyer, I can hands down say this shoe beats any other brand I’ve tried.
  • I absolutely love running in these shoes, they’re great for my narrow and super high arched feet.
  • f you want a shoe that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything, these are it. So comfortable.
  • I love that these are all in one shoes, there is no “tongue” on this shoe. They’re easy to put on since I have trouble bending down and putting on my own shoe.
  • I use this as my gym shoe, great for running on the treadmill or using the elliptical. Perfect weight lifting shoe too.
  • They fit snug, but it was perfect for me. I don’t like my feet slipping. This shoe has the perfect ankle length as well, providing good support.
  • Super comfortable shoe, great for people like myself who have narrow feet.
  • Great shoe to absorb shock, super comfortable running and gym shoe. Highly recommend.
  • I love these shoes, they feel better than actually being barefoot. Plus side they look great too.
  • Very comfortable shoe for my feet, provides great support and helps alleviate pain my bad foot.
  • I needed a shoe for running long distances, and these were the best I’ve ever owned or tried out. Easy to put on.
  • I typically have foot pain when I for long walks, but not when I wear these. Glad I bought them!
  • I followed the recommendations on sizing up a half size, and I’m glad I did. They fit amazing, I would highly recommend to anyone.
  • Super lightweight and very supportive, plus side is these are an easy slip on shoe.
  • I used these for track season and now tennis. Easy to clean bottoms, love that these don’t have a tongue which usually irritates my foot.
  • Light, smooth fit shoe, that’s still supportive to run long distances in.
  • I don’t have any pains after working my 8 hour straight shifts with these on my feet. These shoes feel like clouds.
  • Love these, wonderful cushioned support and very lightweight feel. Perfect for feet with high arches.
  • Couldn’t be happier with my purchase, these look great and are stylish. They fit perfect, great foundation and support.
  • Love these shoes, super comfortable and very supportive especially during my long runs. I own two pairs already, wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.
  • Some said shoe runs narrow.
  • Some said needed to purchase a half size bigger.
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The outsole of Nike’s LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 is completely made out of their Lunarlon foam, a super lightweight, thick material that doesn’t weigh the feet down and provides excellent cushioning for those long runs or even everyday use. It also features five foam “islands” with laser-cut grooves in them which give the shoe great traction on most surfaces. However, debris tends to get stuck inside these grooves, which might get annoying to some wearers. Some customers reported that because of the foam soles, these shoes wore down too quickly.


The midsole is made out of a combination of Nike’s super lightweight Lunarlon foam and EVA to ensure a great deal of cushioning while still being a responsive shoe. The Lunarlon foam also serves as an excellent shock absorber lessening the risk of injuries during running. The new LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 also features laser-cut slits on the midsole for extra responsiveness. Customers were pleased with the addition of the Otholite insole, which provides even more cushioning, making these shoes very comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Both runners and everyday users were satisfied with the new LunarEpic 2 shoe since it doesn't weigh the feet down due to the super lightweight foam sole and is very comfortable to wear, almost like a sock.


Like many Nike running shoes, the LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 sports a breathable, lightweight upper made out of the signature Flyknit material. However, with the new LunarEpic 2, the whole upper is one cohesive unit, incorporating the tongue and heel of the shoe to form a sort of “bootie” look. Customers were especially pleased with this feature, since it felt like they were wearing socks instead of sneakers. The Flyknit material used in this shoe is thicker than some other models so it is suitable for different weather, while still being very breathable and light. Another feature incorporated into this shoe are the Flywire cables in the laces. Namely, the cables serve as the eyelets for the laces to go into. The Flywire cables ensure that the wearer gets a stable and snug ride throughout use, since the upper molds to the individual’s feet like a sock with this technology.


The new LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 is smack in the middle, not too heavy and not too light with its 8.8 ounces. It’s light enough on the feet to not weigh down the wearer but still provides adequate support. Many customers reported that running in these shoes felt incredibly light and they didn't get tired. Casual wearers also appreciated the shoes, especially people who have to be on their feet for 8+ hours.


The Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 is made out of a slightly thicker Flyknit material, as is the previous model, with larger pores in the forefoot portion fading into smaller ones along the sides of the shoes, making it easy for air to circulate throughout the shoe. This mesh-like material is known for its high breathability which is very important in a running shoe. Customers were pleased with the performance of this shoe regarding breathability since it left their feet dry even after extensive use.


Everything in the new LunarEpic 2 screams comfort. The design of the upper alone would be enough to satisfy most customers, with the bootie-like finish and Flywire cables that let the shoe mold to the wearer’s feet like a sock. The addition of the Lunarlon foam midsole and outsole combined with the Ortholite insole creates maximum cushioning, making this shoe one of the most comfortable on the market.


With the new LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2, Nike made sure there is something for everybody with its wide selection of colors from the base colors all the way to fun color schemes, making it suitable for everyday use as well, since it is easy to style. However, some customers found it hard to wear the shoes outside the gym because of its bootie-like design, so that’s something to have in mind while thinking of purchasing this shoe. Aside from that, many customers were pleased with the style of the new LunarEpic 2 and found it easy to incorporate into their wardrobe.


While the entirely foam-made sole of the LunarEpic 2 contributes greatly to the overall performance and cushioning of the shoe, some customers had an issue with the durability of the shoe, saying they wore out too quickly because of the foam sole. While the foam material might wear out quicker than, let’s say rubber, one has to have in mind that running shoes aren’t supposed to last a lifetime, especially if they are used often. Most customers reported reaching the 300+ milestone in them, which is approximately how long a running shoe is supposed to last without endangering the health of the wearer.

Another issue some purchasers had was with the Flywire cables ripping too soon. However, this problem is quickly fixed by Nike, provided you keep the warranty.


Since the sole of the LunarEpic 2 is made out of a foam material, it is advised to stay clear of rough terrains that could damage the shoe. However, this shoe is far from being fragile. The thicker Flyknit with the Flywire cables and sock-like upper construction ensures the feet and ankles are stable during use while the Lunarlon foam midsole and outsole provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption for an injury-free running experience.


When talking about responsiveness, the new LunarEpic 2 seems to have people divided into those who love the shoe and those who are not that satisfied with its performance in this category. While some customers are very pleased with the Lunarlon sole unit, especially with the addition of the laser-cut slits in the midsole as well as the outsole, which provide great responsiveness, others disagree. The main issue some customers had with this shoe was that it didn’t return the energy absorbed back to them, making it more difficult to plunge themselves forward.


The LunarEpic 2’s support lays in the construction of the upper. The sock-like Flyknit upper hugs the feet in all the right places and thanks to the Flywire cable technology implemented in the lacing system, one can adjust it to his/her feet to fit like a sock and stay that way all day, making sure the feet and ankles are supported properly during any activity.


Even though the LunarEpic 2 was designed to conquer most terrains with its durable materials, there is one thing to keep in mind if you’re planning to take this shoe out to a rough surface. Namely, the laser-cut slits which provide excellent responsiveness and traction can also cause quite a nuisance when pebbles and various debris get stuck in them. So, if you’re not the most patient when it comes to cleaning debris off of your shoe, this might not be the right choice for you. However, most customers didn’t find this too annoying, considering the quality the shoe provided them with.


Nike is an established brand name in the industry for quite some time now, so it is no wonder their shoes lean more towards the expensive side. Depending on whether you buy your shoes in an outlet store or online, the prices can vary between 160-140 dollars. This might seem like too much for some customers to pay for a running shoe, but one has to have in mind Nike’s innovative vision when creating their sneakers and the guaranteed quality of their products.


Traction is a key element to any running shoe, since they need to grab onto the surface and not slip. The new LunarEpic 2 implemented this in the form of slits on the outsole of the shoe. While many customers praise this design for its functionality, others find it a tad annoying when pebbles and debris get caught in the slits. However, with a little extra care, this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.


The LunarEpic 2 combines two very important features of running shoes: stability and flexibility. The Flyknit upper and Lunarlon foam soles provide the wearer with adequate support while molding to their feet much like a sock would, enabling the wearer with maximum flexibility and freedom of movement.


The new LunarEpic 2 really delivers on stability with its design. The Flyknit upper combined with the Flywire cables gives the wearer a snug fit while keeping the feet secure and stable throughout use. Doubled with the laser-cut grooves in the midsole as well as on the outsole, the LunarEpic 2 provides superb traction and stability on the road.


The drop on the LunarEpic 2 is 10 mm, which is a little more than your usual lightweight running shoe. However, most customers reported that this didn’t slow them down or affected their performance in the slightest, so don’t let this discourage you, they are still very good running shoes.

Key Features

  • Nike Lunarlon foam midsole combined with EVA for extra cushioning

  • Bootie-like design of the upper

  • Flywire cables implemented into the lacing system for a snug fit

  • Very breathable Flyknit upper

  • Laser-cut slits in the midsole and on the outsole for extra responsiveness and traction

  • 10 mm heel to toe drop

  • Bottom Line

    To conclude, the new LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 running shoe is an extremely breathable, lightweight shoe that provides a sock-like fit while keeping the feet secure and stable. The new sole design provides the wearer with extra cushioning and great responsiveness at the same time. While the slits on the outsole give great traction to the wearer, they also trap pebbles and debris which might not appeal to everybody. Some had concerns about the shoe’s 10 mm drop as well, however it doesn’t seem to affect the shoe’s performance at all. All in all, the new LunarEpic 2 is a great running shoe with excellent features and while it might be a little pricey, the quality more than makes up for it.