Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4

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Editor’s Conclusion
Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 Review Facts

Nike owes its popularity to its revolutionary sneaker designs that stand out from the rest in the business. Not only are their sneakers high quality but they are very sleek as well, making their shoes very versatile. The Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 is one such model. It features a two-toned midsole made of gray Zoom cushioning and a white Cushlon material for additional cushioning effect and a responsive running experience.

The addition of the waffle-tread rubber outsole provides the wearer with high durability and excellent traction for those everyday runs. The Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 sports a very breathable upper that allows for proper ventilation while incorporating the Flywire cables from its Dynamic Fit System to ensure proper stability of the feet during use.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sturdy yet light on the feet
  • Great for long-distance running
  • Comfortable for longer wear
  • Breathable upper
  • Excellent colorways
  • High levels of stability
  • New cushion midsole
  • Great value for the price
  • Narrow arch
  • Prone to wear and tear
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  • My favorite shoe ever, super lightweight and feels great on my wide flat feet.
  • Perfect right out of the box, no need to break in.
  • Fits like a glove, very comfortable. Very pleased.
  • Usually Nikes run narrow for me, but these fit great. Very comfortable, not too tight, perfect fit.
  • These shoes are very comfortable, I enjoy the cushion support on my runs.
  • I ran my first 5k, when I put these on for the first time. Zero discomfort during and after my run, great shoe. Very affordable.
  • Great grip on shoe, priced affordable. Great lightweight shoe.
  • Great shoe, not to flashy just the right amount of color pop. They fit true to size!
  • Purchased these because of the price, budget friendly and great shoe for an enthusiastic runner.
  • Great shoe for people like myself with wide feet and I have a sensitive bunion. They give my flat feet support and provide enough space and softness so my feet don’t hurt.
  • My husband loves these shoes, they do not disappoint. Very comfortable and a great supportive shoe for working out.
  • This shoe was a nice surprise, very comfortable and the fix it excellent.
  • Reasonable priced shoe, they fit perfect and true to size.
  • Second pair that I own, the mesh design keeps your feet nice and cool.
  • My son loves these shoes, he thinks they’re pretty cool and very comfortable.
  • Great stylish shoe, very lightweight and breathable.
  • My father in law loves this light weight shoe!
  • Great shoe, snug fit but they are not uncomfortable!
  • I have been a fan of all the Nike Winflo’s, the 4s really brought it all right back. Phenomenal look and super great price.
  • Fits true to size, very comfortable and lightweight. The material is super breathable. I would recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a good walking or running shoe.
  • Some customers said shoe ran a little narrow.
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When it comes to the outsole, the Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 paid special attention to traction. Not only is the rubber material used to make the outsole extremely durable but it also features a one of a kind Waffle design that provides superb traction for the wearer. This especially comes in handy if the wearer intends to use this running shoe on road running as well as trail running. Because of its extreme grip and traction, they are suitable for cross training and track running as well. They also feature a dimpled Air Zoom unit placed under the heel.


Another prominent innovation can be found in the midsole of the Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4. The midsole incorporates Nike’s Air Zoom, a lightweight foam material, providing high level cushioning without the extra weight. Thanks to this, the Air Zoom Winflo 4 is great at absorbing shock from running while also preventing injuries from happening to the runner. A Cushioning Crash Rail has also been added to the midsole which further helps absorb shock from heel to toe, making for a smooth ride. A slight curve has also been added to the heel region to accommodate the runners who heelstrike by minimizing the impact of the run on the ankles and knees and preventing injuries.


The Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 features a lightweight upper made from a super breathable material that provides the feet with proper ventilation to minimize sweating. The upper has a sort of knitted look to it with its “pores” that go all the way from the forefoot region to the heels ensuring breathability throughout the whole shoe. The Air Zoom Winflo 4 also incorporated Nike’s very famous Flywire cables into the lacing of the shoe. What this does is further enhance the stability of the feet and provide a snugger fit for the wearer, promoting the natural movement of the feet. Many runners were satisfied with the performance of these running shoes, especially during long distance runs since they felt the shoes provided proper ventilation while also being very comfortable, especially with the additional cushioning of the tongue and collar on the shoes.


The Air Zoom Winflo 4 is still on the lighter side of the spectrum with its 9 ounces. The shoe’s light weight can be attributed to the midsole of this shoe, which is made of a combination of Nike’s Air Zoom foam and Cushlon material. Topped with the super breathable, light Flyknit material, this shoe doesn’t weigh down the feet and provides a very comfortable ride according to customers.


Breathability is very important when it comes to running shoes, since they are made to be used during exercise when the body sweats. The Air Zoom Winflo 4 has a “mesh” look to it thanks to the Flyknit material used in the upper. This technology helps the air circulate inside the shoe, minimizing sweating and keeping the feet dry. The super breathable Flyknit material is also interwoven with Flywires to help keep the feet secure and snug during use. Customers were very pleased with the upper, especially those who struggle with perspiration.


Comfortable running shoes that don’t cause blisters are essential to any runner. The Winflo 4 combines comfort with functionality seamlessly. The Air Zoom midsole foam provides great comfort while at the same time keeps the feet secure. Extra cushioning has also been added to the collar and tongue of the shoe, as well as the heel portion to enhance the comfort level and eliminate the risk of blisters forming from repeated use. The addition of the mesh-like upper lets the air circulate throughout the shoe letting the feet breathe and keep them dry for added comfort. The Flywire cables help the wearer achieve the level of snugness he or she wants, making these shoes mold to the wearer’s feet and move naturally.


Nike is thought of as having some of the best looking shoes on the market. They hold the standard for comfort and longevity while maintaining a cool and stylish look, making for multi-purpose footwear one can make use of outside the gym as well. The Winflo 4 comes in a variety of colors, from dark to bright, base colors to fun color schemes and is fully customizable for an additional fee. The Flywire cables implemented in the upper also double as an aesthetically pleasing touch to the design of the shoe, while also being a fundamental part of the shoe’s functionality.


The Air Zoom Winflo 4 is regarded as a very reliable running shoe by the majority of purchasers. The outer is made of durable rubber with a waffle-tread pattern that provides excellent traction and grip on most terrain types and is suitable for longer runs. Combined with the light-weight Air Zoom foam midsole and breathable Flyknit upper with Flywire cables, this shoe molds to the shape of any individual’s feet, making it a dream to run in. The vast majority of runners applauds the shoe as being one of the most comfortable and durable one on the market, however, some customers remarked that the sole of the Winflo 4 wore out prematurally.


The Winflo 4 has introduced several features to maximize the protection offered by the shoe. The Air Zoom - Cushlon foam midsole is not only light on the feet, enabling maximum freedom of movement but absorbs most of the impact of the run, relieving the ankles and knees of the stress caused by running and other exercise related movement. Extra padding has been added to the tongue and collar of the shoe, as well as the heel to ensure maximum comfort and support during use and prevent blisters at the same time. The Flywire cables keep the feet secure and in place for the duration of use.


The Air Zoom Winflo 4 has been designed to give the wearer a responsive running experience. The waffle-like pattern on the outsole helps the shoe grip to the terrain and enable the wearer to move freely and effortlessly in them. The light Air Zoom midsole contributes greatly to the responsiveness of the shoe and runners have remarked that they felt very confident running in them. The added cushioning in the heel portion of the shoe absorbs most of the impact of the movement, so the wearer can enjoy an injury-free, tireless ride.


Support is of the utmost importance when talking about running shoes since the wearer will expose him/herself to great impact and stress during active wear. Not to worry though because the Winflo 4 made sure that the wearer is supported and protected when wearing the shoes. The Flywire cables implemented in the lacing system of the upper help keep the feet snug and secure by allowing the shoe to mold to the wearer’s feet. Furthermore, the Crash Rail cushioning helps absorb the impact of the run, reducing the risk of injuries and providing a great running experience.


The Winflo 4 was designed to be used for short and mid-distance races, hence the very lightweight and breathable upper that allows the runner light and springy movements. However, because of the extra cushioning added to the design of the shoe it is suitable for longer distances as well and customers were also pleased with the performance of the shoe on kept trails, since the waffle-tread pattern of the outsole provides great traction and grip.


Prices for the Winflo 4 will vary from place to place but they are generally on the affordable side. Nike delivered on the quality with the Air Zoom midsole design and Flywire cables that the shoe features for the fraction of the price. They are still not the most affordable shoes on the market but customers were pleased with the quality they received for the price they paid.


One of the things customers were very pleased with was the amount of traction this shoe provided during running. This is thanks to the waffle-tread design of the outsole which grabs onto the ground, making them very stable even on trails. Customers reported that their feet didn’t slip during runs and that they felt confident running in them.


The Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 offers great flexibility while providing excellent cushioning and stability at the same time. Thanks to the breathable upper with Flywire cables and lightweight sole, this shoe molds to the wearer’s foot shape like a sock, mimicking the natural movement of the feet.


The Air Zoom Winflo 4 is categorized as a neutral running shoe which means that, while it does provide quite a bit of stability and support, especially in the added cushioning of the heel portion of the shoe, it isn’t recommended for runners with specific needs when it comes to running shoes.


The heel to toe drop on this shoe is 10 mm. This is due to the extra cushioning found throughout the shoe. Runners who like stability and comfort will appreciate the drop the Winflo 4 provides. However, if you are someone who likes a more minimalist drop in your running shoes, this might not be the one for you.

Key Features

  • Nike Air Zoom foam midsole combined with Crash Rail for absorbing shock

  • Flywire cables from the Dynamic Fit Technology series

  • Super breathable Flyknit upper

  • Waffle-tread pattern on the outsole

  • 10 mm heel to toe drop

  • Bottom Line

    To sum up, the Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 is an excellent lightweight running shoe, designed for shorter runs but also performs well in longer distances thanks to the extra cushioning implemented in the shoe, especially in the heel portion. The upper has a mesh-like look to it with the Flyknit material that lets the feet breathe. Thanks to the Flywire cables in the lacing system, this shoe molds to the individual wearer’s feet and allows for a natural movement. Nike’s Air Zoom midsole provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption and at the same time doesn’t weigh down the wearer. The waffle-tread pattern on the outsole of the Winflo 4 creates superb traction and grip on most terrains which the customers appreciated. The price of this shoe also appealed to many, considering the durability and stability it provides, as well as the design and style of the shoe in contrast to some other, more expensive running shoes. However, some customers complained that the shoe was too narrow, so sizing up might be a good idea.