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Nike LunarGlide 9 Review Facts

The problem of overpronation can be quite stressful, especially when looking for a good running shoe that will accommodate this particular issue. Thankfully, Nike is on top of its game with the newest member of the LunarGlide family, the LunarGlide 9.

The 9th edition features a Lunarlon foam midsole with laser-cut slits to enhance the cushioning and responsiveness of the shoe. It also has Nike’s Dynamic Support system that stretches from the heel to the midfoot portion of the shoe, providing maximum support to the arch of the foot, thus minimizing injuries that can come with overpronation. The outsole features 5 pods with laser-cut grooves for excellent grip and traction and the upper is made out of a new mesh type that is super breathable and soft as well as flexible.

The new LunarGlide 9 comes in 10 color schemes, all from the base color family, and has a sleek, minimalistic design, which makes this shoe perfect for runners and casual wearers alike.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Corrects overpronation
  • Very comfortable
  • Super breathable and sturdy upper
  • Highly responsive
  • Offers extra ankle support
  • Stylish redesign
  • Affordable
  • Long distance friendly
  • Narrow toe box
  • Outsole picks up debris
  • Foam sole prone to wearing out
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  • If you need a good marathon shoe, this is the shoe you need. Delivers a ton of comfort, and holds up.
  • Love it’s slim profile, great for walking. Distributes weight perfectly.
  • My absolute favorite things about this shoe, is the stability this shoe provides and it’s cushiony aspects.
  • I was able to enjoy these shoes straight out of the box, really comfortable on my flat feet. Very lightweight and wide enough for my feet.
  • These are my go to workout shoe, and my commute in the city shoe. Very comfortable and beautiful.
  • These are my family’s go to shoe, my son loves these. Very comfortable.
  • This purchase was a great choice. Great walking comfort and keeps my feet super cool, which is perfect for my daily walks.
  • Very supportive, feels like the shoe is hugging my feet. I love the new improvement with this model, it gives more toe room. I would highly recommend this shoe.
  • Toe box is super comfortable and well rounded, not to tight. Lightweight shoe, with a ton of cushion. Perfect fit.
  • I would highly recommend this shoe, great shoe for feet like mine with over-pronation. Fits great, and has great support.
  • Great shoe for those who work on their feet all day. They help keep your feet aligned properly and deliver a ton of comfort.
  • I’m happy I purchased these, I did buy a half size bigger to make sure my feet were comfortable.
  • Very light weight, great for runners like myself with slight over-pronation. Love these shoes.
  • I love the way these shoes look, perfect for walking. Very lightweight and comfortable
  • My daughter loves these, great choice for a person with pronation problems.
  • Great athletic shoe for teens, super stylish and comfortable.
  • Great shoe for short runs, gym or around the town.
  • I have owned several of these shoes, it’s definitely a great price. Great shoe for over-pronators.
  • hese are better than the previous model, I wear these for work and get a ton of compliments.
  • Great shoe for stability and comfort, which I need from a shoe. Shoe fits as expected, as well.
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    The new Nike LunarGlide 9’s outsole is made entirely out of an extremely lightweight foam material with 5 pods, 4 in the forefoot portion of the shoe and 1 in the heel portion. These pods contain laser-cut slits in the form of concentric circles which provide excellent flexibility and traction. The foam outsole equips the wearer with ample cushioning and flexibility while at the same time providing excellent traction and responsiveness thanks to the laser-cut pods.

    It also decreases the risk of injuries since it is a great shock absorber. One downside that some customers noted was that debris collected in the laser-cut slits, which caused them some discomfort while running.


    Nike made use of the same Lunarlon foam that was used for the LunarGlide 8. This soft Lunarlon foam is set in Phylon, which is another type of foam but firmer. They work together to provide great cushioning and support for the runner.

    The midsole also features the same laser-cut slits like its predecessor, the LunarGlide 8 but they stretch from the heel almost all the way to the forefoot in the LunarGlide 9, which adds to the plush but responsive feeling that runners are satisfied with. The Lunarlon foam, besides being very comfortable and flexible, also detracts from the overall weight of the shoe greatly, making them excellent for longer runs too, since they will not weigh down the runner.

    The LunarGlide 9 was specifically designed with overpronators in mind which is why Nike used their Dynamic Support in the midfoot portion of the shoe to enhance the stability of the feet. To help with the impact of landing, Nike added a Crash Pad to the heel portion of the shoe to help further stabilize it and absorb energy that the runner needs to propel themselves forward.


    One area where the LunarGlide 9 strayed from the previous model is the upper. Namely, the upper of the LunarGlide 9 features a new style of mesh - the Jacquard- which feels like a knitted material that is both very comfortable and breathable.

    Another change can be found in the tongue of the LunarGlide 9, which is now incorporated into the upper, rather than being separate, like in the previous model. Additional cushioning has been added to the tongue and collar to enhance comfort and provide extra stability for the ankles and top areas of the feet.

    In the 9th edition of the LunarGlide series, thicker Flywire cables are used which are hidden between the outer mesh layer and inner-sleeve that is added to prevent pressure on the feet from the cables and provide extra comfort. The thicker Flywire cables also ensure that they will not rip easily. These cables connect to the lacing system and can be easily adjusted to the level of snugness each wearer needs and coupled with the very breathable and flexible upper, help the shoe mold to the shape of the feet and provide a natural running experience.

    In contrast to the LunarGlide 8, the 9th edition has a simple looking plastic heel patch for extra support and a reflective strip in the middle which comes in handy for those night runners.


    The new LunarGlide 9 is a great stability running shoe that weighs only 9.9 ounces, making them super lightweight for a running shoe of this caliber. This is especially important for runners who run marathons and longer distances, since the shoes don’t weigh them down and cause their feet to get tired easily.


    The new Jacquard- mesh upper is extremely breathable and will keep the feet dry throughout use. The wearer will also be very satisfied with the level of comfort and flexibility the new LunarGlide 9 provides. This shoe is suitable for colder weather as well, which many customers were pleased with.


    The new LunarGlide 9 was designed specifically for those who have trouble with overpronation and special attention has been paid to the level of comfort and support this pair of running shoes delivers.

    The midsole which is made out of Nike’s Lunarlon foam provides excellent cushioning while being extremely responsive at the same time with its laser-cut slits. These slits compress during the impact of landing and release on take off, giving the wearer a bouncy effect, making each step easy and effortless, like running on clouds. Additional comfort is provided by the removable insole made of blown foam Nike included in the LunarGlide 9.

    The outsole is also made out of foam with 5 pods which also feature the laser-cut grooves that contribute to the level of comfort in these shoes as well as give superb traction to the user.
    The upper of the new LunarGlide 9 is very comfortable as well. Made out of a Jacquard - mesh material, not only does this shoe provide great breathability but this type of soft mesh material is extremely comfortable to wear. Not to mention that the collar and tongue come with extra padding for added comfort and support. Combined with the Flywire cables, the LunarGlide 9 molds to the shape of your feet, giving a very natural feel.


    Nike is renowned for producing very beautiful shoes and the LunarGlide 9 is no exception to that. It has a low-cut, minimalistic yet stylish design thanks to the new Jacquard-mesh which looks like a single-knit mesh material. Further adding to the minimalistic aesthetic are the Flywire cables which are hidden between the mesh upper and the inner sleeve, making for a very sleek running shoe.

    The LunarGlide 9 comes in around 10 different color schemes which are all on the base color spectrum, putting this shoe on the simple side of footwear. However, customers were very pleased with the new, minimal running shoes look the LunarGlide 9 sports and found it a very easy pair of shoes to just throw on with anything.


    Concerning durability, the new LunarGlide 9 certainly delivers. The new Jacquard-mesh upper is a soft, lightweight material that is highly durable. Coupled with the new thicker Flywire cables which are less prone to ripping, this shoe conforms to the shape of the wearer’s feet effortlessly.
    The Lunarlon foam midsole provides excellent cushioning while the laser-cut slits give great responsiveness to the wearer. Many customers reported that the LunarGlide 9 retained almost the same level of cushioning and support of the first run even after 300 miles in them.
    One downside some customers noticed was the durability of the outsole, which wore away too quickly for some.


    The new LunarGlide 9 is an excellent running shoe designed for running on roads and tracks. The Lunarlon foam midsole provides excellent cushioning and support while the foam outsole gives great traction and grip thanks to the laser-cut pods located in the heel and forefoot portions of the shoe. The upper’s reinforced collar and tongue add additional cushioning and support to the top area of the feet, minimizing the risk of injury. However, the LunarGlide 9 isn’t the best choice for trail running or harsher climates, so that’s something to keep in mind while considering getting a pair of these.


    The new LunarGlide 9 is a very comfortable and supportive running shoe that enjoys constant praising. The majority of customers were very satisfied with the Lunarlon foam midsole, especially with the laser-cut slits in it, which according to them, provided excellent responsiveness and support. However, some customers disagree on this matter, saying that the padded foam minimizes the level of responsiveness of the LunarGlide 9.


    Overpronators will appreciate the Lunarlon foam that Nike implemented into the midsole of the new LunarGlide 9. Not only does it offer incredible comfort and cushioning but thanks to Nike’s Dynamic Support system that stretches from the heel to the midfoot region, it will keep the feet supported throughout use.


    Since the new LunarGlide 9 was designed for smoother surfaces, it’s best to keep to roads and pavements or tracks, since the sole unit is made out of foam. Trail running is not advised in this shoe, however, some users were able to take them on lighter trails without much difficulty.


    For a stability running shoe that has been designed specifically for overpronators, the price tag on this shoe remained affordable. There are not a lot of quality running shoes out there that come at such an inexpensive price as the new LunarGlide 9 without compromising on some aspects such as comfort, breathability, flexibility, etc. However, in the new LunarGlide 9 you will find everything you need from a running shoe and at a reasonable price.


    The outsole of the new LunarGlide 9 is made out of foam with 5 pods in it, one in the heel and 4 in the forefoot portion of the shoe. These pods contain laser-cut grooves which help maximize the traction this shoe has. They also provide excellent flexibility and grip on the road which many runners were satisfied with.


    Everything in the LunarGlide 9 contributes to the overall flexibility of the shoe. From the soft, Jacquard-mesh upper that molds to the feet thanks to the Flywire cables and enables for a natural movement, to the sole unit made out of foam with special pods that feature laser-cut grooves for maximum grip and traction while providing excellent flexibility. The only area that lacks a little flexibility is the midsole, since it has to provide support to the midfoot area to help combat overpronation. Overall, runners with and without overpronation were satisfied with the level of flexibility the LunarGlide 9 provided them with.


    If the LunarGlide 9 would have to be described in one word, it would be stability. Designed with overpronators in mind, the LunarGlide 9 has a complex midsole, consisting out of a stiff foam wedge in the midfoot area from Nike’s Dynamic Support system and a Lunarlon foam on the lateral side to ensure maximum stability for the user. Overpronators and regular pronators alike enjoyed running in the new LunarGlide 9.


    The new LunarGlide 9 has the standard 10 mm drop, which most running shoes have. Many runners actually prefer the 10 mm drop to a zero or minimalist one, so Nike stuck to the safe side with their drop on the new LunarGlide 9 which kept their customers satisfied.

    Key Features

  • Lunarlon foam with Nike’s Dynamic Support system for maximized support

  • Foam outsole with laser-cut pods for excellent grip and traction

  • Laser-cut slits on the midsole for added responsiveness

  • Thicker Flywire cables for added durability

  • Soft and breathable upper from Jacquard-mesh
  • Bottom Line

    This addition to the LunarGlide series offers more stability and support than ever before. The new LunarGlide 9 targeted a specific audience with this model, overpronators who need the extra support. That is why the midsole contains Nike’s Dynamic Support system, a stiff wedge made out of foam that stretches from the heel to the midfoot area. They also included a Lunarlon foam on the lateral side of the midsole for additional support.

    The outsole is also made out of foam with pods in the heel and forefoot portions of the shoe which feature laser-cut grooves that help boost up the grip and traction this shoe has to offer. The midsole and outsole combined make for a great cushioning experience which runners appreciate, especially those who run long distances. The only downside is that debris and small pebbles can get trapped in the laser-cut grooves, causing some discomfort.

    The upper is made out of a Jacquard-mesh, a soft and extremely breathable mesh material that lets the feet breathe and keeps them dry throughout use. The collar and tongue also feature extra padding for a more cushioned and stable ride. Thicker Flywire cables are now hidden between the upper and the inner sleeve, which helps with irritation.

    All in all, this is an excellent stability running shoe, whether you overpronate or don’t. The new LunarGlide 9 has it all, breathability, flexibility, comfort, cushioning, stability and traction, and all for the fraction of the price of some other stability running shoes on the market. As long as you keep to standard running surfaces such as roads or tracks, this shoe will serve you well and long.