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Crocs Classic Clog Review Review Facts

Did you know that the original clog was made entirely of wood? The traditional clog was designed to keep the wearer’s feet protected on job sites like mines, factories or fields. Developed for the farmer and the working class people, today's clogs are taking on a different role and are considered by some as fashionable wear. Even though clogs are used worldwide, and their shape may vary by culture, within a culture the form kept its original state for centuries.

Crocs Clogs were initially developed as a boating shoe. They were intended for use on boats, when fishing, for hiking, and gardening. The very first design by Crocs was unveiled in 2002 and instantly sold out the 200 pairs produced at the time. Since the early 2000s, clogs have increased in popularity with both men and women, selling more than 300 million pairs in over 90 countries.

They are not the best looking shoes on the market. Actually, they are considered an ugly shoe, but the comfort attracted the attention of celebrities thereby making them fashionable. What makes Crocs Clogs so unique is the use of a type of foam resin, called Croslite. This material is actually an injection-molded EVA foam. According to some podiatrists, clogs offer purported medical benefits. Soon after their release, nurses, doctors, cooks, and others who stand on their feet all day had found them to be life-changing.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to clean and quick to dry

Very comfortable

Breathable upper

Great traction

Incredibly lightweight


Not a good looking design

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  • Easy to put on and take off, very functional and stylish.
  • I can wear these anywhere, they blend in with most outfits. Really wonderful shoes.
  • Very well packaged, I wore them with my prom dress. Super comfortable!
  • I was recommend this shoe from my siblings, because of my wide feet and my issues with finding comfortable shoes. I finally did buy them, and very thankful. Super comfortable.
  • Favorite shoe for sure, keeps my feet super cool and very comfortable.
  • My spouse and I are huge fans of crocs, been wearing them for a very long time!
  • I typically have terrible pain in my feet and crocs have helped tremendously.
  • Great pair of shoes for the summer time! Perfect to wear to the pool.
  • Great shoe for camping, easy to slide on and off for late night bathroom runs.
  • Great shoe, allows my feet to get air and provides plenty of room and support.
  • Great price, I own several pair of crocs in a variety of different styles and colors. They’re super comfortable.
  • Very lightweight and good stability. I love that they’re easy to clean as well.
  • Took a while to grow on my husband but he wears these pretty much every day.
  • It’s taken me a while to finally buy a pair, but I’m so glad I did. These have to be the most comfortable shoes I own.
  • I would definitely recommend and buy for my loved ones. Very comfortable I could wear these all day.
  • If you’re hesitant about buying crocs, I would highly recommend you go ahead and buy them. Very practical, comfortable, perfect to wear in place of casual tennis shoes.
  • Great beach or water shoe, super easy to clean and I could wear these every day.
  • These are my go to shoes, I was even able to run a 5k in a pair of crocs.
  • I always wear crocs, they’re durable and tough but also comfortable and I love that they’re water proof.
  • Love that these crocs are a super durable, but very comfortable shoe. The price you can’t beat either.
  • Customers disliked that these shoes weren’t stylish.
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Since the appearance of the first model in 2002, Clogs have improved in style. The chunky look is still there but didn’t seem to be a drawback for many. Clogs owe their popularity to the comfortable design and the quality material used to make them. The whole upper consists of premium synthetic material that is perforated, thus breathable. Many customers were pleased that this material is a proprietary non-plastic resin formula, and some has referred to it as “vegan.”

There is a removable back strap on some models that are available in 20 colors, and on others, the strap can be rotated forward and left on top of the front so the wearer can slide them on and off like flip-flops. Many young girls are trading their straps in order to get a different look. While Crocs Clogs may look absurd, they are known to be life-changing. The material is soft, bacteria-resistant and features the lightweight Iconic Crocs Comfort, making Crocs Clog one of the most comfortable models ever.


Crocs Classic Clogs feature a non-slip grip with textured trim and heel for stability and comfort. The sole is lightweight, yet thick enough to provide significant protection from sharp objects. It is also non-marking, so it is safe to walk on floors without leaving any scuff marks. The slip-resistant sole is an excellent feature since these clogs are mostly worn on wet terrain. Therefore, while walking or running, the risk of slipping is low. Finally, the Crocs Classic Clog is durable. Due to the Croslite material used, there have been hardly any complaints from customers about the sole coming off or the upper splitting as most synthetic fabrics often do.


“Original, comfortable and versatile.” This is what you see on almost all clog adverts. Anyone who tries Crocs Clogs for the first time will find that they are light and springy, and cushion the feet with what some wearers have called a “marshmallow fluffiness.” These shoes rely on a proprietary closed-cell resin material called Croslite to produce a lightweight, slip and odor-resistant and non-marking sole. This material is the reason behind the shoe’s softness, support, and durability. Its fully-molded design truly cradles the feet well. Crocs always had comfort and function in mind when creating these models. Where they lack in looks, they add up in comfort. This is not only a feature typical of the Clog style, but it is incorporated in all Crocs shoes, no matter the difference in styles, shapes, colors, and silhouettes.

The iconic Crocs Croslite foam offers all-day comfort and support. A number of customers were not shy to admit they don’t look cute, but what mattered the most was the comfort they provided. For those who experience pain in their feet and have problems with arches, wearing the Crocs Clog will be like walking on clouds. However, some buyers have reported that the strap may rub where it meets the shoe and you may hear a squeaking sound every now and then. However, regardless of the looks and the minor issues, customers swore they were the most comfortable shoe they have ever worn.


When it comes to shoes, people often mistake comfort for support. For people with certain problems, Crocs Classic Clog can be the right shoe, but in general, they are not good for the foot, as some podiatrists say. They offer moderate arch support, but that doesn’t stop people from buying them. These clogs have a material density that provides both excellent cushion and resilient support. As the material softens with body heat, the foam shapes itself to the feet providing a comfortable fit.

A number of customers with Achilles tendon reported that Crocs Clogs are the only shoes they can wear. Some said that their chronic shin splints disappeared after they began wearing the clogs, and others claimed they provide great arch support, keeping their plantar fasciitis away. Crocs Classic Clogs may not be the best-looking shoes ever, but when your feet are in pain, you just accept they are hideous and continue to walk on air.


These clogs have grown in popularity because of their comfortable design. But, when it comes to breathability, Crocs Classic Clog is the champion. The closed cell properties of the Croslite material resist odor, inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and are non-toxic. The ventilation ports on the whole upper add breathability and help shed water and debris. They never get smelly, and they have ample wiggle room, so you can wear socks and slide your feet in and out of them comfortably. Crocs Classic Clogs also dry well due to the Croslite materials incorporated into the whole design. The perforated toe box allows for a soothing breeze to cool the sweating foot. They do allow air to flow, but as some buyers have reported, their feet never got cold.


We have already established that Crocs Classic Clog is not a very stylish design, but its performance outdoors is superb. These shoes resist water well, and they have a non-irritating smooth inner surface. For stability, Crocs included a non-slip footbed. In addition to that, there is a convertible back strap and a platform that measures approximately 0.75 inches. The rotating heel straps provide the wearer with a more secure fit, while the platform together with the heel help stabilize the foot.


The Croslite technology uses 100% synthetic material, which is not only durable but it is highly flexible too. There have been hardly any negative complaints from buyers about Crocs Clogs leaving them with tired and sore feet after wear. What makes this model so flexible is its molded design that works well outdoors and its soft and bouncy midsole that allows for the clog to be worn for long hours. Crocs clog is flexible enough and features a low-profile design that improves stability to the wearer.


The comfortable design of the Crocs Classic Clog makes it perfect for everyday, all-day wear. In some shoes, the cushioned footbed flattens in time and needs to be replaced. This is not the case with these Crocs Clogs. They just might be the only footwear that does not require added insoles for cushion as time goes by. Thanks to the Croslite material, which is not plastic or rubber, this shoe not only gives optimal support and comfort but it is very durable too. This perforated clog is easy to wash, and there is a high-density Croslite outsole added for maximum durability. The one drawback reported by customers is that the Clog shrinks in sunlight. But, many customers that wore Crocs all day long were pleased to say that the springy material holds up like nothing else.


Even though people love to wear them as house slippers, Crocs Classic Clogs are also ideal for outdoor activities. Originally designed as a boat shoe, this clog is safe to be worn on the beach, at the pool, in the gym, when traveling or just walking. They are of a waterproof foam material, which makes them perfect for showering at a campground or canoeing. Crocs Clogs are great for gardening use too. They are comfortable and less slippery than the average shoes. However, if you have to walk on a smooth wet surface, extra caution is always advisable. To sum up, Crocs Classic Clogs have a sturdy outsole design that ensures the wearer protection from falling when the terrain is wet or slippery as well as protection from sharp objects.


Crocs Classic clog has a super ventilated upper and a non-marking, durable outsole that makes it an ideal shoe for wet or dry weather. The slip-resistant design on the outsole is textured and provides the wearer with a superior grip.


Crocs Classic Clogs are incredibly light and fun to wear. Due to the Croslite materials used, this shoe weighs only 6 ounces a pair, making them one of the lightest pair of shoes among all Crocs clogs.


These shoes quickly became adored by all. The design is suitable enough for boys, girls, men, women, and professionals. Customer’s reviews show that people find Crocs Classic Clogs to be perfect for any occasion. While they serve a great deal as house slippers, they also make a good pair to wear when sailing, flying, working out or gardening. They are known to benefit all wearers, and the low-maintenance design makes them even more loveable. The aerating holes and the featherweight design allow this shoe to be worn just about anywhere. Even though they look weird, they are fun to wear, and they go well with almost any casual attire. Crocs made clogs in many different styles so they can be worn in any season.


Crocs Clogs come available in an extensive array of colors, depending on the model. The Classic styles can be found in more than 20 colors, and most other designs are presented in a palette of four to six colors or two-color combinations.

Key Features

• Croslite construction
• Pivoting heel straps for a secure fit
• Iconic Crocs 360-degree Comfort
• Perforated toe box adds breathability and helps shed water and debris
• Water-friendly
• Synthetic sole
• Removable back strap for slip-on styling
• Textured trim and heel
• Unisex sizing


Back in the olden times, clogs were mainly used as protective footwear in agriculture, mines, and factories. In Holland, people have won clogs since the Medieval Era. These wooden shoes made walking in mud easier during that time. Most of today’s clogs are made of rubber, leather or synthetic materials and are worn all over the world. They find use in traditional dances, at work, on the beach, or any occasion since they are lightweight, comfortable, supportive and protective.

Crocs Classic Clogs are known to be favorite among young and adults alike. Adults like these clogs because of their comfort, support, and low-maintenance design. Kids and teenagers, on the other hand, love not only the comfort but also the fun design and color selection these clogs offer.

For those who love outdoor activities and want a comfortable and waterproof shoe, Crocs classic Clogs make an ideal choice. The Croslite material is durable, while the smooth Croslite cushioning covered with soft synthetic lining allows for an irritation-free skin. Crocs Classic clogs are certain to make you enjoy the comfort they provide at your job, mainly if your work involves standing for long hours. One of the best thing about these clogs is that you can just rinse them off and you are ready to go.