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Thorogood American Heritage Reviewed Review Facts

There is no doubt Thorogood shoes, and work boots are one of the best since they have been on the market since 1892 and still in mass production today. Owned by Weinbrenner Shoe Company, their original idea was to create footwear for the working men and women, and they have successfully maintained their creation due to their hardworking, skilled employees and the usage of the best quality materials and latest innovations.  Based in the U.S.A., the company still manufactures most of the boots and shoes on the American soil. In 1942 the company started making military footwear that became popular among civilians too. Their range today includes Hiking Boots, Wellingtons, Postal Shoes, Uniform Boots, and Waterproof Boots.

Thorogood is no stranger to top quality work boots, but regarding style, the favorite boot among users is the Men’s American Heritage. With over 125 different styles their famous American Heritage wedge sole collection remains a classic hit. The first wedge sole and moccasin-style stitching was first introduced in 1964 and became the best-selling boot off all times and is still available in its original design today. Made from ultra-durable tobacco tanned leather or black walnut leather, these handcrafted heritage boots are perfect for working and standing on a concrete floor, wet and slippery surfaces or a night on the town.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Long lasting and durable

Provides comfort

Surprisingly lightweight

Excellent traction and grip

Great on wet and dry terrain


Not waterproof

No Safety Toe

May run a little narrow


What makes Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe stand out the most is the max wear wedge sole which is designed to work as the sole and the heel. The slip and oil resistant outsole of these boots is guaranteed never to slip away from the upper, and it is easily reparable. The max wear wedge slip and oil resistant outsole is a stable compound that not only ensures durability and longevity but provides stability and comfort for those days when you stand or walk on concrete for long hours. Undoubtedly, rest assured the American Heritage Moc Toe is going to last you a long time and your feet will enjoy in comfort all day long.


Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe accentuate beautiful, thick, heavy duty oil tanned leather that doesn’t need a long time to break in. From the very start, this leather gives the boot a very subtle look, and matched with the good fitting provides immediate comfort. They feature firm, reinforced toe to keep the moc-toe shape with defined edges and helps you not to lose that appearance over time, but remains subtle and soft on the side. On the 8” model, there are five metal eyelets followed by three-speed hooks and one more metal eyelet to help you get in around these boots easily.

The 6” includes three metal eyelets and three-speed hooks followed by one more metal eyelet at the top. The cushioned collar with pigskin and the leather tongue gusseted underneath the second eyelet give you immediate comfort when you slide in your foot. Many users like the pretty wide tongue because they can wrap their foot around it. Usually, the brand print is on the bottom, like in the 6” boot, but on the 8” boot the Thorogood brand is near the top of the boot.


Thorogood is well known for their superior quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. The use of the most reliable technologies makes their footwear not only comfortable but long lasting too. Regarded as one of the best boots in the shoe world, Thorogood American Heritage Toe Moc has grown to be one of the first choices of industrial workers, police officers, postal workers, manufacturing employees for both men and women. The benefit of Goodyear storm welt construction is that it helps water from coming in. They are not waterproof, but a little waterproofing wax or oil application helps in rainy days or walking in puddles.

The dual density shock-absorbing insole and the padded areas inside the boot give you immediate comfort. For those who want extra inserts or require special ones, the insole is easily removable and replaceable. Under the removable insole, the boot reveals Poron which is a very comfortable material on its own. Under the Poron, a fiberglass shank and a layer of cork are placed for extra comfort. The vamp lining is cotton to help your feet breathe well and stay dry on hot days. In conclusion, it seems reasonable to say this is a work boot that will outlast a worker's career.


Like any American made boots, American Heritage Moc Toe is no exception regarding superior comfort. From the moment your foot slides in the Moc Toe, you are surrounded by comfort due to the removable dual density shock-absorbing insole and the soft cotton vamp lining interior. There is a minimal shock due to the removable ultimate shock-absorbing insert, and on top of that, the boot features Poron 4000 comfort cushion so, after the break-in period, you can expect excellent comfort levels. One downside that users have noted is that they are not warm for cold, winter days, but on a hot day they are perfect. Regarding size, you may want to get half a size down if you want that perfect fit. Be careful when choosing size because you do want to wear your socks with these boots.


The American Heritage Moc Toe work boot 4200 and 6201 come available in three versions: soft, fiberglass and steel but they all give standard safety features that you would expect from an American made pair of boots. Considered a working boot, even the style without safety toe is sturdy for extra protection while on your job site. Constructed with electric shock-resisting soles and heels these boots will provide superior safety when your feet touch the ground.

A fiberglass shank is incorporated for excellent ankle support to keep you confident in your stride, and the wedge-style sole is oil and slip resistant, meaning you stay grounded on even the most slippery surfaces. The wedge sole is flat, but ironworkers need flat soles so you can pivot your foot without worrying about the heel catching causing them to trip while walking the steel. It's much easier to work on a ladder while wearing a flat sole. If you need comfortable and supportive boots that also protect while on-site, American Heritage Moc Toe is one of the best options.


With the right treatment, these boots will protect your feet and outlive your career since they are built to last. The full-grained oil-tanned leather uppers maintain excellent durability, and while being attached to the sole with good-year welt construction, it makes them one of the most sturdy and long lasting boots. This type of structure means each sole is stitched rather than glued to the upper which guarantees the sole will never rip away, even after years of wear. In the unlikely case this happens, repairs easily fix the problem. This boot is made with an abrasion, oil, and slip resistant outsole to ensure you have boots that will last. Bear in mind that these boots are designed initially as work boots which means they can survive all tough jobs, but they are not necessarily good for the snow or wet weather conditions.


The traction on the outsole is the most critical element in some working environments. Adequate traction is not only essential to keep you protected while on the go but getting those good grip boots will also provide enough support for challenging terrains you might encounter.
The magnitude of the resistance forces is influenced by the outsole material and outsole hardness of the shoes. With the non-marking slip, abrasion, and oil resistant wedge outsole, American Heritage Moc Toe makes an excellent choice for ironworkers, carpenters, plumbers, or just standing and walking on concrete the whole day.


Lined with a cotton drill vamp which provides air circulation in the boot, as well as temperature regulation, this pair of boots gives you decent breathable comfort for those long hours at work. American Heritage Moc Toe boots are strictly leather boots, so there is not much breathing going on. However, reviewers have noted that wearing them with sweat-kicking, wool socks may help keep your feet relatively dry.


The sole of the American Heritage Moc Toe boot is lightweight, but the upper is where most users feel the weight comes from. Users who work in construction have noted that they provide lightweight flexibility necessary for the job site due to the outsole and the lightweight composite shank built into the boot adds support and stability.

They weigh 3 ½ lbs per pair, which is still pretty lightweight, considering that they are work boots.


The flexible outsole of the American Heritage Moc Toe will move with a wearer's feet effortlessly whether at work or just walking or standing on concrete for long hours. The soft, relaxed fit of the upper aids in achieving a range of motion that adds to the overall flexibility granted to the wearer.


Moc Toe boots were initially designed for rough and tumble work, but today they have found their place everywhere, from nature to the local job site. This fashionable style stitching gives these boots a serious fashion look. The tobacco tanned leather adds to their extremely versatile look. Even though they are initially designed to be a work boot, they still go nicely with shorts, pants or jeans for an evening on the town or a casual stroll in the park. It is the perfect footwear for in office and a quick visit to the site.

This Moc Toe boot offers exceptional durability and comfort featuring protection characteristics and a stylish and professional appearance. American Heritage Moc Toe boots can be worn by both men and women, and they are available in tobacco and black walnut color. Whether you’re searching for a beautiful boot to add to your casual wardrobe or a field-tested performer, the Thorogood Moc Toe is unarguably a purchase you won’t regret.


When talking about work boots support is essential since the wearer will expose him/herself to high impact and stress during extended wear. The American Heritage Moc Toe ensures that the wearer is supported and protected when wearing these boots at their work site. The easy, self-adjustable lacing system of the upper helps keep the feet snug and secure by allowing the boot to mold to the wearer’s feet. Furthermore, the Poron 4000 cushion insole together with the shock-absorbing rubber midsole helps absorb the impact of the walk while reducing the risk of injuries.


The MaxWear durable slip and oil resistant rubber outsole handle very well on various terrains in various weather conditions. It is a highly durable rubber that provides the wearer with a right amount of grip on their job site. The primary terrains that the American Heritage Moc Toe boot can be worn are concrete floors, wet grass, mud or slick surfaces.

Key Features

  • Slip, Oil, and Abrasion resistant MaxWear wedge outsole

  • Goodyear storm welt construction

  • Durable oil-tanned leather

  • Cotton drill vamp lining

  • Removable dual density shock absorbing insert

  • Poron 4000 cushion insole

  • Fiberglass shank
  • Verdict

    Thorogood boots are famous for their excellent quality since they are all manufactured using only the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship. The American Heritage Moc Toe features Goodyear welt construction which makes them durable and with the dual density shock absorbing footbed with extra cushioned insole you can count on additional comfort.
    This boots also feature a rubber slip and oil resistant Max wear outsole and rubber midsole, to keep your feet safe on the ground, whether in wet or dry conditions.

    The American Heritage Moc Toe is generally durable and comfortable with its distinctive safety features suited for a specific environment or occupational hazards. Overall, Thorogood Men’s Heritage line has the style and durability. So if you think you need a pair of work boots that are just as stylish as they are protective, they make for an excellent purchase.