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Michael Kors is an iconic American designer globally-renowned for his avant-garde fashion designs. Founded in 1981, in New York, today his company produces a range of products including luxury accessories, footwear, men’s and women’s chic clothing, jewelry, watches, eyewear, and fragrances.  As of 2018, Michael Kors has over 770 designer lifestyle stores across the world in more than 100 different countries.

In 2004, Michael Kors expanded his product line with must-have shoes. Part of the expansion was the Michael Kors Fulton Moc shoes. Since then this classic, contemporary flats became a favorite amongst teenage girls and working women. Designed for on-the-go girls everywhere this moccasin-inspired silhouette is a perfect chic choice for most warm-weather outfits. Not only does the stitched detailing and the metal hardware charm give a luxurious feel to the shoe but it also makes this sleek pair ideal for city walks, park strolls, work or church.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very comfortable footbed

Stylish and versatile design

Durable rubber sole

Rubber traction on outsole for a non-slip bottom

Great selection in colors and styles


The shoe runs one size smaller

Not long-lasting


One essential characteristic a flat shoe should have is an excellent outsole. It is the first thing that comes in contact with the ground, and since you may be walking, standing or driving in shoes for hours, you will require that necessary grip, due to a little thicker sole to provide shock absorption, good traction, and grip. These flats feature pieced rubber sole with grips that make them a great and stylish walking shoe. The heel height is only 1⁄4 inches which are perfect for all-day running around, while your feet are surrounded in comfort due to the flexible rubber lug sole.


The whole upper of the Michael Kors Fulton flat comes available in Saffiano leather or soft patent leather and logo fabric. This Italian made leather is a textured leather where the texture is made by machine. It has a cross-hatch style and diagonal pattern, and it is created from poly-urethane or faux with wax finish. It makes the shoe very soft and overall comfortable.

One downside to the soft leather is that the top layer scratches off very easily and it can be noticeable, but the Saffiano leather is known for its scratch-resistance and water-resistance properties. The vamp features the Michael Kors signature logo embellishment. Depending on the color, the metal hardware blends in with the leather, and because of the clean lines, you can wear Michael Kors Fulton flat shoes with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Toe Box

Michael Kors Fulton flat shoes feature a square moccasin-inspired low-cut toe design. Some customers have reported that the shoes are narrow in the toe area and they feel tight, but once the short break-in period is over, they will form to your feet. The pressure of the Michael Kors emblem on the toe can be a small issue too until they loosen a bit with wear. The low-cut toe is especially great for wearers with bunions. Due to the way they are cut at the toe area, these shoes do not rub against bunion knuckles, so you may want to look past the initial discomfort and look forward to the long-lasting comfort.


The entire upper is made of high-quality leather, and the stitching is exceptional. Compared to other designer shoes, the Michael Kors emblem on the toe is not over-sized, but very subtle and adds to a great look that will not disappoint. They do stretch out a bit since you are dealing with real leather, and many customers reported they run one size smaller but as we mentioned earlier, they stretch a lot after extended wear, so you may consider getting your actual size.

While Michael Kors Fulton make an ideal pair for warm weather, unfortunately, they are not designed to live through long and harsh winters. Overall, these flats are incredibly comfortable and form to your foot. You will love the sturdy, flexible and thick comfortable sole, as well as the great ballet and moc style. Michael Kors Fulton flat shoes are very comfortable, and unlike other flats, it doesn't feel like your feet are directly on the ground due to the extra cushioning.


When we talk about the support this shoe provides, there have been mixed reviews from customers. For a flat shoe, they are very comfortable with minimal arch support, but reports from nurse practitioners who are on their feet all day say they experienced no issues, regarding comfort. One thing is true, and that is if you need a break from wearing high-heels, and trying to transition to flat shoes due to neck and back issues, Michael Kors Fulton makes a great choice.

Not only they surround your feet with comfort, but they are also stylish and can match any warm-weather ensemble. When compared to other flat shoes by users, they are said to have more cushion on the bottom, provide more support and provide better flexibility. As a result of the grip on the rubber outsole, the wearer is protected from slipping around, which means the shoe is good in wet climates too.


Michael Kors Fulton flats are incredibly comfortable. Comfort is their best feature. There are no painful, bandage laced toes or heels for a break-in period. Once you try them one you will instantly fall in love with the comfort of the padded insole and even more so when you realize you can wear them without socks. The insole holds up well compared to other flat shoes.

The soft and classy leather of the upper and the inside wraps your feet in comfort and makes the shoes feel like slippers, but as we mentioned do not count on these being very supportive. They can become your everyday shoe easily, and you can walk worry-free in them without your feet hurting. The whole design is made to provide that feeling of comfort even after standing on cement floors for 8 hours. Michael Kors Fulton shoes are great for women with wide feet and have trouble to find cute shoes that fit correctly.

One thing to have in mind is that they stretch after extended wear, but they loosen up perfectly, considering you got your right foot size. Even after they loosen up, a sole insert is a great option to help them stay snug on your feet. However, with or without the insert they make for an incredibly comfortable shoe, and they style well with any outfit, whether at work or for after work parties.


These flat shoes may last you a long time depending on where and how you wear them. Despite the leather being water-resistant, they can’t take much water, so be careful if you decide to wear them on rainy days. Some users have reported that the patent leather trim on the top front of the shoe and all around the bottom may wear off after some time. While the leather is known to be durable, the padded insole may flatten out after extended wear, but some customers said that with a shoe line in them, they would feel like new.


Michael Kors Fulton flats are a cute pair of shoes and perfect for running errands and casual occasions. They can look great with leggings, jeans, and dresses. Even though they do run a little short, they stretch out after one-day wear. Not only are they versatile, but these ballet flats also look graceful on your foot no matter what you match them with. They are well cushioned, well made and the square moc-toe is a perfect touch to the design. Beside their rugged look, they still look elegant on the foot. It is one of the most popular flats for every day.

The vast selection in colors will make them look good with almost any outfit, from jeans to dress pants. Not only do they have such a pretty design, but they are also very comfortable and make an ideal choice to wear to church or work, take a stroll in the park or run the hectic city streets. All in all, Michael Kors Fulton flat shoes are a nice pair of flat shoes, chic enough for a more dressed up look but still cute with leggings.


The downside of this shoe is that they run a size smaller. However, according to some customers, they run true to size. Some have said that they purchased a size bigger, but because of the tendency of this shoe to stretch more than usual, you probably want to get your actual size. Even if it seems narrow from day one, you will have to go past that stage, wearing them with socks around the house so they can loosen up a bit. Once they stretch out, your feet will drown in comfort.


Not only do these flats feel comfortable, but they come in a broad spectrum of colors to make it easier for you when choosing the perfect attire to match. From Fulton Saffiano in black and red, Fulton leather luggage with gold buckle and black with black buckle, Fulton logo in brown and white, to Fulton leather contrast, Fulton metallic embossed leather or glitter chain mesh, you will have no problem incorporating these classic shoes on a daily basis, no matter the occasion.


Since leather breathes better than any synthetic material, Michael Kors Fulton flat shoes are great to wear without socks too. These leather shoes breathe by allowing moisture to pass through the leather cellular structure to the outside exposed surface where it can evaporate. The high-quality leather on the upper and the leather lining allows for moisture to move back and forth through the leather and this is what keeps it in good condition.

The breathable leather and padded lining are combined to make a flat shoe that can be worn with or without socks, maintaining the same high level of comfort and dryness for your feet. However, if your feet tend to sweat a lot, and you want to prevent sweat when you wear them without socks or hosiery, putting some inserts in your shoes, will make a big difference.


Being weighed down by your shoes is never a good experience. Moreover, heavy footwear won’t let you walk far and freely and may harm your posture and overall health. When in the search for new shoes, most people prefer to go for shoes that are light yet sturdy and comfortable. With a weight of only 7 ounces per shoe, Michael Kors Fulton flats classify as lightweight shoes which makes them a perfect choice for a long day at work, whether you are standing, walking or running from one place to another, or for a long day out and about.

Key Features

*Padded insole.
*Leather upper/leather or synthetic lining
*Durable and flexible rubber sole.
*Square closed-toe moccasin style
*Logo embellishment on vamp.
*Heel Height: 1⁄4 in
*Weight: 7 oz


Michael Kors Fulton is the perfect choice when you need a break from pumps but still want to stay on trend. They are cute, cushioned, comfortable and make a great match to almost any outfit in your wardrobe. They will loosen up and stretch, so make sure you stay in your size even if they feel snug initially. With these flexible, lightweight outsoles that grip like sneakers and the breathable leather, warmer days will be more fun and with less hassle.

The only substantial drawback for reviewers and buyers was that the shoe didn’t last them as long as they expected to, considering the price, as well as the size of the flat running one size smaller compared to other shoes. Scattered in a layer of high-quality leather helps for easy cleaning on the go, while the easy slip-on makes them convenient to wear whether working in your office or just being out and about. To sum up, Michael Kors Fulton is a very comfortable flat shoe with a great selection in colors and styles for those who want a variety and an effortlessly stylish look.