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Tommy Hilfiger has been around for over 33 years, so they have some serious experience when it comes to creating fashionable and timeless clothing, shoes and accessories. From watches to sandals to skinny jeans, Tommy knows the way to bring the best style out of everyone, and the Kitty Dress Sandal is no exception to this. This Tommy Hilfiger model is a versatile sandal that is complementary to most feet types and comes in a range of colors, meaning it can be the perfect choice for your summer shoe collection. If you are on the hunt for the perfect sandal for that special occasion but just don’t know where to look, your search just became a whole lot easier. The Kitty Dress Sandal is also super cute with some shorts or a skirt and summer tee when it starts to get into the warmer months!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Versatile style

Practical heel height

Various colorways

Adjustable strap


Run slightly smaller

Scuff easily


The comfort of sandals is a little bit of a sore spot for most brands. Sure the shoe looks good, but is it comfortable to wear? Could you wear it for hours on end and not get sore feet? The Kitty Dress footwear matches up pretty well in the comfort stakes, which is a little surprising. The shoe upper is faux leather and goes between your big toe and second toe, which amazingly does not cause rubbing or blisters.

The lightly padded footbed provides more comfort than you think, however some people have noted that this does not stop your foot from sliding forward whilst walking. This could potentially be avoided by tightening the adjustable buckle around the ankle, but make sure you don’t do it too tightly or this particular pair will become unbearable!

You can wear them for a lot of the day and it will remain almost as comfortable as when you first put it on, which is a pretty great feat considering most people's experiences with other sandals. The lack of sole support does not affect the comfortability of the shoe, nor does its on-trend construction. These are just comfortable and stylish sandals!


Summer footwear go in and out of style so quickly you feel like as soon as you have purchased a new pair, the trend has changed and you are on the lookout for a new shoe. Couple this with the fact that fashion changes so rapidly as well, you may as well just wear bare feet around town once it starts to get a little warmer.

With this cute but comfortable pair, however, the timeless style will mean you can wear them year to year and not worry about them falling out of fashion - between the classic colorways and ageless ankle buckle, you’ll always know these sandals will go with any outfit. The faux leather upper also adds another level of style to them, meaning they will be flexible in matching most outfit choices, and the placement between the toes is super cute and fashionable. With this in mind, it is definitely worth considering buying more than one pair for the price. They will be a purchase you won’t regret!


For people with broad-sized feet, these ones can be a little tricky to maneuver sometimes. Some styles can be highly uncomplimentary and uncomfortable, whilst others overcompensate and they are just too wide to be practical. The Kitty Dress Sandal, however, addresses these issues perfectly through its larger-style width and is totally complimentary for people who have wide or broad feet. But, if you have narrow feet don’t be put off - this sandal works perfectly for you too! The combination of flexible faux leather upper and adjustable buckle means your foot will look perfect in them too - they offer the best scenarios to all feet types!


Realistically, we can’t speak highly enough for the flexibility of the This Tommy model. Our lives these days are so full of ‘stuff’ that we barely have time to stop and breathe, let alone think about changing outfits or choosing shoes or carrying around extra bits and bobs. This is why the Kitty Dress Sandal is so damn handy. It is the perfect choice to transition from day to nightwear, and you don’t have to lift a finger. They look just as good with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as they do with a work skirt and blouse - something that is hard to come by in the ever-changing fashion industry. This also means that these sandals can be worn all through the warmer months - sure, they are not recommended as your first choice for a snow day come winter, but through Spring, Summer and Autumn they tick all the boxes when it comes to stylish yet practical dress wear or a casual outfit with a little bit of character. Versatile sandals are the best kind of sandals!

Shoe Uppers

The uppers of a sandal are crucial when it comes to the appeal of the shoe as a whole. What color are they, what material are they made of, are they a flexible fit, how do they wear long term? All these questions and many more are all valid when it comes to looking at a shoe upper and the Kitty Dress Sandal manages to positively answer most, if not all of them. Their shoe upper is made of 100% faux leather, which is flexible, supple and surprisingly durable, and is actually waterproof (considering the fact these sandals are open-toe this point seems kind of useless, but worth noting). Although the style of the shoe means the upper is in tight demand, it packs a punch with its cute colorways and timeless ankle buckle. Add in a little stitching here and there and you have footwear with a lot of character and some pretty amazing shoe uppers - not something you say about sandals every day .


The longevity and quality of some sandals can be really questionable, especially after you have worn them out and about a few times and they just don’t seem to be holding up as they should. Whether it be the materials have started to peel, the buckle has started to rust or the sandals just aren’t the same color they once were, it can be really hard to find that one pair that holds up. And in the case of the Kitty Dress model, it holds up alright, but it has its pitfalls. The shoe upper is made from 100% faux leather and is of good quality, making it a long-lasting and durable sandal. The footbed is well made and holds up under a lot of use, however its front is known to scuff quite easily, especially if the shoe has been consistently within a short amount of time, and can easily continue peeling from the scruff marks. This is not a great component of the shoe to many people.


The straps of a sandal can really make or break its appeal - if the straps are too chunky or in the wrong position that can be uncomplimentary to those who wear them, or if they are too skinny or there aren’t enough of them the wearer could end up falling out of the shoe or being unable to keep them on. The style of the Kitty Dress means it has an adjustable buckle strap that loops around the wearer’s ankle, offering a level of support to the foot. The buckle gives the model a dressier appeal, meaning they can be worn for work or play, therefore offering a level of versatility that is not offered by many casual sandals. The strap is also an appropriate length for most ankle types, meaning you shouldn’t have too much space around your ankle causing rubbing or blisters. All in all, the strap is what makes this summer wear so cute!

Heel Height

One of the big pluses for the Kitty Dress Sandal is the heel height - it is comfortable and stylish yet practical, offering the wearer a realistic wear option without having to compromise on style. What is found with higher heeled models is that they don’t offer a lot of arch support, which can cause your foot to become achy and feel like it’s had a hard day of work. Quite to the contrary, the Tommy Kitty Dress is suitable for wear almost all day, offering a 1¼” stacked block heel that effortlessly transitions from day to night. The little heel also gives you some more confidence and makes your legs look longer, which are both absolute positives for everyone!


The Kitty Dress shoe comes in quite a few colors, including brown, blue, red and gold, and the general consensus is that once you buy one pair, you’ll want all of them! The range of colors only adds to this footwear’ versatility, meaning you could wear them with so many different outfits all through summer. Whether it’s a shirt and shorts for your morning coffee run, a smart dress for a lunch meeting or some trousers and a blouse for a sneaky after work wine, the Kitty Dress summer footwear by Tommy Hilfiger in all its colorways is the perfect fit for every occasion. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… once you start buying them, you can’t stop! The only complaints about the colorways is that they need to bring out way more colors!


To put it bluntly - the Kitty Dress Sandal fits great. They offer a suitable fit for most foot types, especially those with broader feet, and have a lightly padded footbed which adds an additional component to the sandals comfort levels. With the shoe uppers being 100% faux leather, this offers a supple material to cup around the top of your foot, and the buckle around your ankle means you can adjust the shoe as you need. It has been suggested that these sandals run a little small, around ½ a size, so it may be worthwhile checking this out before purchasing to make sure you buy the correct size, especially if your feet are on the narrow side.

As already mentioned, some people have found that the lack of support results in your foot sliding forward in the shoe, even with non-slip insoles, which is especially a problem due to its open-toe nature. A possible solution to this is the tightening of the strap, however, if you do it up too tightly you will be doing more harm than good, so be careful!

Bottom Line

So, the Kitty Dress Sandal is pretty damn cool. Between their trendy colorways, their practical heel height and their faux leather uppers, they are a great addition to your shoe collection. They are also a timeless style, which means you can wear them time and time again and know they will still be in fashion… which is a big, big plus when it comes to affordable shoe choices. Now, these sandals do have their flaws, we are not going to lie. Between the easily-scuffed footbed and the fact they run a little small, some people are going to say they aren’t worth the money. They may even say the fact they are a wider-style sandal may be enough to put them off. But, realistically these sandals are definitely worth a place in your wardrobe. They offer versatility and fashion in an affordable sandal, which transitions from day to night without a thought, and that is worth a whole lot. So clean out that summer closet and make some room, because the Tommy Hilfiger Kitty Dress Sandal should definitely be your next summer shoe purchase.