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Red Wing Irish Setter 83605 Reviewed Review Facts

The Red Wing company has a great series of work boots under their wing. They are famous for their superior craftsmanship that incorporates durability and comfort in their line of work boots. Red Wing has been manufacturing Irish Setter boots since the 1950s, and they have continuously enhanced their range by introducing cutting-edge innovation features in their development.  Their only desire was to make boots that were comfortable to wear, long lasting and durable. Whether you like hiking or hunting, or you need a durable and safe pair of boots for work, Irish setter has styles to match any of your needs. Red Wing has been one of the most trusted brands for work boots for generations, and the Irish Setter Work Boot that we are presenting has a lot of the qualities required in today’s work boots.

The Irish Setter 83605 is a particular style designed to provide ample cushioning for walking and standing on concrete, tile, rocky surfaces, and uneven terrain which would be ideal for a contractor or warehouse worker.  Also, the stylish appeal of these boots helps when choosing attire for the office or important meetings. The most important element is that they have been given electrical hazard designation (EH) which means they've been checked by the American Society of Testing and Materials against electrocution. Reviewed as one of the top work boots on the market the Irish Setter 83605 is an excellent entry to the Irish Setter series known for its quality, reliability and premium performance.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Extremely comfortable

Surprisingly lightweight

Great durability

Good arch support

Excellent traction



Run small

Waterproofing fails

Poor choice of colors

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  • Having bad plantar fasciitis in one of my feet, it’s hard standing all day but having a good shoe is important. These shoes are amazing, I added some pro inserts and they were super comfortable. Very true to size.
  • I will definitely be buying another pair. These shoes are very comfortable and durable.
  • I wear these boots for work, and I am a woman. Working on concrete all day, these are my favorite. These are the only boots that provide me the comfort I love, especially after all my foot surgeries.
  • My husband was very pleased with these, he likes these over other brands of boots. He’s been wearing these boots pretty much every day for casual days and work days.
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day, very durable leather. Great boots all around.
  • Great right out of the box, and fit true to size. I would highly recommend this shoe, great value.
  • Great boots, durable and comfy. Easy to clean and great color.
  • In 20 years, this has to be the best work shoe I’ve owned. I added some shoe wax to make sure they’re waterproof.
  • Strongly recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable boot. Fit true to size, had these for about 4 months and they still are amazing. I’d buy another.
  • I have two different size feet, but was able to add a gel insole and they were perfect, lots of comfort.
  • 12 hour shifts in these boots are a breeze, super spongy like comfort. I would highly recommend.
  • Super comfortable, I think these have to be the best boots I’ve owned.
  • My husband loves these boots, purchased these for him since he stands 10 hours a day. I hit a homerun with these boots.
  • If you stand on concrete or hard floors every day, these are the perfect boots for you. Looks great and feels extremely great.
  • Had to go a size down with these, and they fit just right. Very comfortable.
  • Love the leather, super soft, making break in time minimal to none. All I had to add was extra insoles, super lightweight and durable.
  • Great value boot, not steel-toed but very durable.
  • I purchased these for my husband, who had a hard time finding boots he could stand in for a long time. No need to break these boots in, they were ready right out of the box.
  • I highly recommend these boots. Standing on concrete for long periods of time a day, usually my feet are super fatigued. These boots with the some added insoles, were amazing.
  • Look and feel great, overall best money spent on a boot.
  • Shoe runs a little big for some.
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Many manufacturers are designing their own rubbers to ensure that the outsoles deliver enhanced performance at the work site. It's the extra durable Goodyear welt construction rubber sole and comfort considerations that set these Irish Setter Work Boots apart. The outsole has been tested to perform on heat surfaces. It is heat-resistant to melting at a minimum of 475 Fahrenheit. This allows for anybody to work in just about any amount of heat they need to. Irish Setter 83605 is intended to protect your feet in the electrical hazard. The thick outsole grips well, even when working on uneven or rocky surfaces.


The thick, high-traction design couples up with a cushioned footbed and EVA midsole to buffer your feet from harsh work surfaces like cement, tile, or uneven surfaces. The EVA midsole provides superior cushioned support. The middle of the boots near the toe joints is flexible and allows for natural movement and pronation. Great for the contractor, cement or factory worker, this work boot reduces stress on your knees and legs during a long day’s work.


Covered with beautifully crafted, USA full-grain waterproof leather Irish Setter 83605 makes for a desirable work boot that you can depend on. The traditional lace-up system with durable antique brass eyelets allows for self-adjusting to your own need. It features a triple-stitched detailing on truly-tough leather uppers that provide enhanced durability and looks great. Designed with a soft toe, padded collar, and rear pull loop to make it easier to take them on and off, Irish Setter 83605 offers excellent support and protection whether you are hiking on rough trails or walking on concrete for long hours.


Construction is essential as it directly affects the comfort and weight of the boot. The Goodyear welt construction is regarded as one of the best work boots. With this type of footwear, you are guaranteed extreme durability, plus it can be easily repaired. The Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work Boots uses full grain red russet leather uppers for a comfortable fit and added flexibility. The triple stitched mock toe provides the boots with durability.

A soft footbed with optimal padding and arch support is essential in a work boot, and Irish Setter 83605 enables wearers to replace the polyurethane insole with a customized orthotic if they need to. It helps take the pressure off your feet and allows you to walk with a good posture, in turn aiding your knees. One of its best elements is its exceptional heat resistance. It has an ASTM rated electrical hazard protection that offers guaranteed safety in environments where these types of hazards are prevalent. For a more aggressive grip, a rubber extra thick wedge sole is added. These are lace-up boots with durable metal eyelets and easy-on pull tag.


These work boots require very minimal break-in time and are comfortable right out of the box. After wearing them for a day, the leather softens up nicely. The extra thick rubber outer together with the EVA midsole and the removable footbed provide adequate protection for long-wearing comfort. The padded collar and tongue provide cushioning around the ankle and prevents rubbing. Standing or walking on concrete throughout the day can cause significant damage to your feet, legs, and joints.

If your job requires walking on concrete for at least two hours per day, you should wear boots made especially for that purpose. You can buy and wear any boots made for hard surfaces, but concrete is harder than almost anything, and Irish Setter 83605 provides excellent support and protection for all-day comfort during harsh working conditions. Featuring a comfortable footbed with optimal padding and arch support these boots take the weight off your feet while improving posture and supporting your knees.


Your feet are critical in keeping your knees in good shape, which is why wearing the correct footwear is vital. Wearing the wrong boot for your foot type can result in your foot rolling too much inward or outward. This causes your knees to do the same. Irish setter 83605 features a protective sole and heel construction that fit snugly, anchoring the back of the foot in place. Red Wing has exceeded in creating boots that meet all safety standards to keep you protected from as many work hazards as possible. The shank in the boots helps to provide extra stability, as does a more flat work shoe without much of a raised heel.

If your domain of work is in an industrial environment, you will need high EH-rated boots that can handle a very high amount of electricity without causing damage. Irish setter 83605 comes with high-quality EH sole to reduce the electrical hazards when the outsole touches electrical surface. EH stands for the Electrical Hazard sole which meets ASTM Standard for protection from electrical current.


Irish Setter 83605 are work-based boots designed for mostly flat surfaces, but they should grip well on an incline too. The rubber EVA traction treads are great to the following: oil/gas, chemicals, abrasions, slipping, and heat. It provides an aggressive grip, and it is ideal for shock absorbency. These boots are lightweight and comfortable, especially for jobs that need much stability, sure-footed traction, and require fast movement.


One of your biggest considerations when choosing the right boots is matching your work environment to them. If you are constantly exposed to extreme working conditions that require safety, flexibility, and adaptability, Irish Setter 83605 is a good buy. They are a soft toe work boot, but they do meet Electrical Hazard safety standards, which means they are safe to wear in working conditions where the possibility of electrical shock exists. These particular work boots have several uses whether it be in the office or factory but, they are not made to handle compression or impact like traditional steel toe work boots.

They are constructed to provide that needed comfort to someone who is on their feet for long periods.


Since many boots describe themselves to be sturdy, make sure you do enough research for evidence to back up their claims. Irish setter 83605 are well-constructed work boots with durable leather and mock toe with triple stitching that enables long-lasting boot. The Goodyear welt construction means that they can be resoleable and adds to the durability of the boot while the extra thick outer wedge sole gives evident traction. Irish Setter 83605 are water resistant, but they are not suitable for complete submersion. Nor is the boot heavily insulated, and so if you want to use it in deep snow, it should be used with extra rubber overboots. Some users recommend applying a water-resistant application before wearing them in harsh weather conditions. Extreme users report more than one year of adequate wear and many users wear their boots for a decade or more.


Unlike some working boots, The Irish Setter 83605 is not heavy and clunky. With 16 oz per boot or 450 gr, they are surprisingly light and favorable among other top brands work boots with the same design. Despite having a thick wedge rubber sole, users have noted they are very light and can perform tasks with ease.


The 6'' 83605 boot by Irish Setter has a classic design made of modern materials to keep your feet comfortable during a long working day. The removable PU footbed adds to the additional comfort keeping your feet well ventilated and dry. Pair them with wool hiking socks on a cold winter day, and your feet will stay toasty warm. These boots along with work boot socks will keep your feet dry and pain-free all day. The non-woven nylon vamp lining provides filtration and good air ventilation, so the foot breathes well.


Irish Setter 83605 is a work boot that doesn’t look like a remedy for a medical condition even though it helps with a backache and may improve posture. It is a handsome shoe with a classic look. As a result of the tough leather that’s made only with America-raised seer-hides, the boot has a very stylish look, and it is cemented with Goodyear welt construction. Topped off with Irish Setter’s iconic triple stitching and moccasin-style toe design, this boot features modern innovations in a signature Irish Setter style.

It is available only in its trademark brown leather with white rubber soles, but this style is the most popular in the entire Irish Setter Men’s line. It’s advertised as a men’s boot, but many users are women working in construction, on dirty or greasy workspaces, and where hot or cold temperatures are an issue. Whether you are wearing Irish Setter 83605 for work or a night out in the town, rest assured this stylish and versatile boot will match almost anything in your wardrobe.


Keep sole flexibility in mind when choosing the right work boot. Flexibility and comfort are vital for those who want to achieve their top performance whether your job is in construction, in an office or on the tracks. The 6” inch lace-up Irish Setter 83605 doesn’t take a long time to break in the leather. Reviewers have reported that the boots are great for flat-footed individuals and due to their flexibility and support it makes foot and knee pain disappear. The middle of the boots near the toe joints is flexible and allows for natural movement and pronation. They are good for hiking, working and standing for long hours on slippery and rough terrain under any weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Goodyear welt construction

  • Full-grain waterproof leather

  • Removable polyurethane footbed

  • High heat-resistant outsole

  • Electrical hazard safe
  • Bottom Line

    With a classic boot design, made with handcrafted Trout Brook leather, the 83605 Irish Setter Work Boot is a go-to shoe for almost anything. The Goodyear welt construction provides dependable and durable comfort. They also feature an electrical hazard protective heel and sole construction that lessens hazards when in contact with electrically energized parts providing another source of protection. This Irish Setter Men's 83605 Work Boot is designed to be worn at work, whether it's roofing, tiling, paving or construction or any job in extreme heat due to the highly heat-resistant outsole that can withstand up to 475 degree F to keep you safe.

    The leather is incredibly durable and part of what makes red wing boots Irish setters. The Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work Boots are highly recommended for their outstanding performance, quality, durability, comfort, and flexibility. If you think these are the boots for you, do not hesitate. You will love them and will not want to take them off.