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For warm spring days and summer vacations, lightweight sneakers are a perfect choice. They offer coverage to the entire foot and also have a reliable outsole, providing more protection than sandals. However, their material and breathability ensure that your feet stay well-ventilated. The ROXY Bayshore is a perfect example of all these features. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of its characteristics in more detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Color/pattern options
  • Slip-on
  • Memory foam insole
  • Minimalist and stylish
  • Durable canvas uppers
  • Size runs short
  • Thin outsole


Color is a great, low-effort and low-cost way to switch up your style. Several different colors are offered, including but not limited to olive, beige, and red. There are also patterned options such as camouflage and stripes. The solid-color options are quite versatile and can be paired with outfits both patterned and plain. However, we recommend you pair the patterned ones with plain outfits. They are more eye-catching, and wearing them with equally eye-catching clothing might come off as tacky and overwhelming to the onlooker.

Ease of Use

Don’t let the laces fool you. Thanks to its low profile and scrunch-back design, the sneaker is actually slip-on. In fact, some claim they can even be put on with one hand. The convenience is ideal for busy mornings when you’ve got too much stuff to carry and too little time to get yourself out the door. With that said, the laces do come into some use besides adding to style. They can be used to adjust the tightness of the shoe after they’re slipped on, though keep in mind that they are shorter than typical laces.


Later on, in our ‘Size’ section, we discuss the sizing accuracy of this model. First, we’d like to bring up the fact that they are low-profile. This means the collar is low on the ankle. The benefit is that the ankles feel more agile and that more airflow is allowed into the shoe, increasing its breathability. The downside is that typical ankle socks will show more when wearing these sneakers than with others. To avoid the awkward look, you’ll have to wear special low-profile socks that you might not own, or that might slip off the ankle easily and bunch up mid-foot. Keep in mind this potential inconvenience when considering this pair.


Memory foam is used in the insoles to cushion your every step. The cool thing about this type of material is that it molds itself to the contours of your foot while walking on it, so the shape of the footbed is literally customized to suit you. Unlike other similar materials like cork, however, it returns to its original shape once you slip them off. This cushioning provides all-day walking comfort, though keep in mind that if you’re not used to it, it might feel like the insole gets too squished down and like there isn’t enough support.


The lining is made of fabric. Since this part of the footwear is what comes in contact with your entire foot, the smoothness and suppleness of fabric is an advantage. In fact, you won’t even have to wear socks with them, which is ideal for lazy days, beach days, and hot summer days. The lining is also breathable and prevents the accumulation of sweat and odor. So, step light and stay fresh!


This model relies on textiles. The uppers are made of durable canvas, and the lining is made of fabric. Unlike most chunky modern sneakers, they don’t use any leather, which allows them to stay lightweight while also reducing their price (since textiles are much less costly than leather). The uppers are stretchy, so if you order a pair that’s just a bit too snug, have confidence that they’ll break in in a matter of days. On top of that, this pair is vegan-friendly.


The sneaker’s main downfall lies in this criteria. This model runs half a size short, so if you order according to your usual shoe size, they would end up too snug on the toes. However, lots of customers say that ordering half a size up gave them the perfect size. A select few say that a full size’s increase is optimal. Make sure order a larger size as well to prevent squished toes, friction, and potential blisters.


Though minimalist, this pair is undeniably stylish. It has a classy sneaker silhouette that makes it fashionable for streetwear. You’ll notice that the outsole is thinner than that of most sneakers nowadays, what with the “chunky sole” trend that’s been surfacing. The result is a lighter look suitable for spring and summer. The solid-colored upper has subtle stitching accents and is refreshing in its simplicity. As well, some reviewers say it makes the feet look smaller, which is always flattering for women.


A zig-zag tread is featured on the outsole. This prevents slipping on smooth floors and, by consequences, ensures better stability. If you’re often walking around indoors, it increases your safety. The outsole itself is pretty thin and flexible, so the movements of your feet when walking are unrestricted. The downside is that, when walking on uneven terrain, you might feel rocks and pebbles underfoot.


The simplicity of its design allows it to be pretty versatile. Its classy sneaker silhouette provides timeless style, and there are many neutral solid-color options that can be worn with pretty much anything in laid-back occasions. You can pair it with jeans, shorts, skirts, and even dresses. In terms of practicality, its lightweight and thin material make it unprotective against cold weather, so stick to wearing them during spring, summer, and maybe early autumn. During this time, however, you can wear them for the beach, for shopping, and for pretty much any other occasion.

Bottom Line

These sneakers are great in the fact that they are flexible, breathable, and convenient. They are also timelessly stylish thanks to their simple, refreshing design, which allows them to be paired with everything from skirts to joggers to jeans. Their downside is that, because their outsole is flexible, it is also fairly thin and may not offer much protection against uneven terrain. They also run short in size, but you can order half a size larger than usual to compensate for it. Overall, we think they’d be the perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe!