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Tretorn is a Swedish rubber company that started its success with manufacturing and selling hoses, tennis balls, bike pedals, and galoshes and later moved on to designing and producing sport and fashion apparel. Their innovative approach of using resources together with an already existing number one tennis shoe helped in the creation of that perfect sneaker for active feet and everyday use.

The canvas Tretorn Nylite, first launched in 1967 originally as a tennis sneaker, became a must-have for Hollywood stars and influential people like the Swedish tennis legend Bjorn Borg and Jacky O and was a go-to favorite by many a Wimbledon participant in the ‘70s. Today it is still just as popular and relevant a shoe among all generations in the sporting and fashion worlds.  Originally designed for the tennis courts over 50 years ago, the timeless Tretorn Nylite rapidly raced its way into the fashion world and became known as “the world’s first luxury shoe.”

The white canvas shoe was revamped in the ‘90s, and the leather version started its era. The new Nylite 2 Plus bears similarity to the ‘’Nylite Leather’’ not only in appearance but also in quality. By early 2016 Puma sold Tretorn to Authentic Brands Group (ABG) which immediately started working on updating the product lineup and improved the quality for a longer lasting sneaker. Today’s Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus is lightweight and incredibly comfortable and being a blend of retro elements coupled with a modern and sporty look will undoubtedly find its way into any ensemble. It is the perfect leather shoe for playing tennis, squash or racquetball or for your everyday casual stroll. Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus is available in a variety of colors including white, white/honey, white/gold, snow white/gold, black/black and black/white.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Well cushioned

Great fashion statement


Surprisingly light

Easy to clean leather


Longer than standard

Gold detail looks more silver


While canvas sneakers have the reputation of lacking support and comfort, the Tretorn Nylite 2 plus has proven this impression to be wrong. The classic court shoe offers plenty of both. You will find it is astonishingly lightweight in comparison to previous models since the new insole was introduced. These new EcoOrtholite insoles maintained the comfort level that we have come to expect from Tretorn. Due to the updated materials used this sneaker has become much lighter and one can say it feels like walking on clouds. Because of the right amount of cushioning, Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus can be easily worn for long hours without tiring your feet.

With or without socks, the comfort level remains the same. It’s simple, and breathable design dramatically reduces foot sweat to keep your feet dry and happy, while helping control odor at the same time. Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus comes with a full lace-up closure for adjustable comfort with good quality leather, so there is no rubbing which means no sore feet. Not only do they look great, but they're comfortable to wear sock-less because of the padded, spongy, and super comfortable insole. The low rise styling allows for more flexibility of the foot whether you are chasing balls around the courts or casually strolling through the parks on a Sunday afternoon.


Created for those who love playing tennis, Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus hasn’t really changed over time, and it didn’t need to—the formula is down pat. Any shoe that hasn't changed its design in over 50 years is doing something right, although the designers have made some versions with minor modifications. It still maintains its classic low rise styling and the iconic Tretorn gullwing stitched at the midfoot, but now its hippy retro look has been jazzed up with contemporary elements like the metallic logo. The insignia is a snazzy little piece of bling. The supple suede construction in some of the models elevates a stylish, vintage-inspired sneaker stamped with a bit of tasteful branding.

The classic Scandinavian sneaker attributes minimalist styling and a grippy outsole for a smooth look. A great touch to your outfits for all seasons, the classic Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus sneaker remains timeless and versatile.


When talking about stability Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus offers a flat, wide and grippy outsole which provides you with excellent stability and balance. Compared to other Nylite’s, the Nylite 2 Plus runs bigger than regular sizing, but once the right shoe length is chosen, it gives a perfect and snug fit that feels comfortable even for users with wide feet. The adjustable front lacing offers secure support, so the shoe perfectly braces your foot and stops it from rolling inward while running. Dressed in high-quality leather, Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus will keep from wearing out after extended use. Even though it is a lower rise sneaker, allowing for greater flexibility of the ankle, it maintains ample support around the entire foot. The arch support and thick sock liner make Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus ideal for walking, running, and playing sports.


Breathability is essential, especially for shoes. Those with athletic lifestyle will appreciate a breathable fabric, especially if their feet tend to sweat. Breathable shoes can help prevent Athlete's foot, the persistent fungus that thrives in warm and moist environments such as sweaty and non-breathable shoes as well as that unpleasant odor. In Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus the foot slides into an EcoOrtholite sock liner, made with natural materials that inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, providing superior airflow that keeps the feet dry and super cool. The breathable leather and padded lining are combined to make a sneaker that can be worn with or without socks, maintaining the same high level of comfort and dryness for your feet.
The simple eyelet design on the inside boosts ventilation and comfort whether you are actively engaged in a rousing game of tennis or casually walking around town.


It will not be a fun game if your feet are sliding around in your shoes. To stay in the game, you need a sturdy grip and a safely locked foot that would prevent you from any injuries. Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus is well cushioned and well made with the brand’s long-standing durable and non-marking outsole that has managed to produce a secure, stable and protective fit which is essential for squash or racketballs indoor courts. On the inside, the EcoOrtholite sock liner supplies shock absorbance, significantly reducing impact. The tight, adjustable lacing also helps lock the foot in securely and provides the stability you need while on the go. Designed for sports, especially tennis, wearing Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus you will experience no rubbing, blisters or sore feet after periods of extended use.


The grip has always been important to the design of this shoe and remains so to this day. The signature outsole pattern continues to deliver excellent traction and dependability that is suitable for a range of hard surfaces. For Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus you will not need any shoe grip enhancers since the flat non-marking rubber outsole is able to grip quite well. Most athletic shoes, including Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus are designed not to slip on the surfaces they are meant to be used on.


Depending on the specific production method used to make a given shoe, the shoe can consist of up to 30 parts. However, the number of components cannot be counted at first glance. When trying Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus for the first time, you can immediately notice that the foot rests upon a well-padded footbed which is made of EcoOrtholite supportive insoles. What is EcoOrtholite, you might ask. OrthoLite assists in improving comfort and performance of your footwear but shoe designers came up with this brilliant formula that is environment-friendly and bio-based making the EcoOrtholite a renewable resource which reduces the shoe’s carbon footprint. The midsole and the outsole are made of rubber but still maintain the flexibility of the shoe for more comfortable movement when playing a game on the courts or just walking about the town. The upper is covered in leather making it easier to clean than the canvas model. Provided you take care of the leather rest assured you could enjoy Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus for a long time. For those who have narrow feet be aware of the wide toe box. Reviewers have noted the size runs big so make sure you are getting the right size for you.


The outsole of a shoe is the part that comes in direct contact with the ground and depending on the use of the sneaker it is usually made with durable material that helps maintain friction with the ground. Tretorn's signature lightweight and high-quality rubber soles are non-marking rubber soles that are easy to walk in, and they won't make your hardwood floors look like a race track.
With thick, durable rubber soles and quality leather, your feet will thank you for the safety and traction that Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus provides all day long.


The upper of a shoe is composed of all parts that are above the sole. Tretorn’s Nylite 2 Plus breathable canvas model features an upper with welted seams and leather insignia at the sides. Its soft and clean canvas sports a sophisticated and retro tennis silhouette. The leather model is made with plush, high-quality leather that rests on a durable rubber outsole. It features an adjustable front lacing system that matches the rest of the outer section with metal eyelets that lock your feet in. Despite the simplicity of the upper having no fancy patterns, the timeless Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus makes a great fashion statement. The signature gullwing stamp is displayed on the side which adds to its simplistic fashion apparel.

Key features

* EcoOrtholite sock liner
* High level of comfort
* Boosted ventilation
* Lightweight model
* Non-marking rubber sole
* Midsole arch support

Bottom Line

There is nothing that you wouldn’t admire when you give the Nylite 2 Plus that first glance. Initially, it looks like that classic shoe that you can instantly think of matching with at least five outfits in your wardrobe to later discover this is the shoe you want to wear for your Sunday tennis games. It offers the comfort, stability, and style that you would respect in any shoe. That is exactly what Tretorn did when they decided to revamp the original look. Combining the retro-vintage face with chic metallic accent, Tretorn succeeded once again in creating ageless footwear. The only substantial drawback for reviewers and buyers was that the insignia looked more like a silver hue, rather than gold as stated, as well as the size of the shoe running bigger compared to other shoes.

Not only did Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus get a facelift it has also grown lighter due to the new insoles. Scattered in a layer of high-quality leather helps for easy cleaning on the go, while the adjustable lace-up closure keeps your feet locked in for great support whether playing sports or just being out and about. Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus finds its way in every outfit, so whether you decide to have a night on the town or win a match of tennis, your feet will beyond doubt love their new best friend.