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What’s the first thing that you’ll read when browsing the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneaker on the Puma original webpage?

Wearing the NRGY Neko Knit when running the streets means three things: Mega-Fit, Mega Comfort and Mega Energy Return. Yes, the Mega words come in triple the dose and for a good reason.

In this particular review, you’ll be introduced to the Puma’s pride and joy –the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneaker. It’s a carefully designed special gift to the female population of runners, and an item that Puma is very proud to present.

It’s more a run and train type of sneakers, which means that it works both indoors and outdoors, but the details for the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneaker can be found just below.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Mesh upper

Full rubber outsole

Nrgy technology used in the upper


Size runs larger

Limited color options


The beauty is in often in the eye of the beholder, but the whole and unmatched beauty of the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneaker is on full display. The entire structure of the sneaker radiates with elegance and simplicity, not just the clean and delicate outsole.
When you take a first look at the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit, you’ll instantly notice the gorgeous full-length rubber compound fused to protect the platform against the tearing.

Yes, part of it forms a very practical toe bumper at the front of the sneaker but it’s not just a stylish detail put for decorative reasons. There’s more than that In fact it’s put there to guard and protect the toe area and the front of the sneaker that often gets the most of the tearing and wearing. The rubber of the outsole is textured and highly durable, and it can provide a sticky grip on slippery surfaces without any problem. Oh, and we can’t forget the variety of lugs placed throughout the outsole for enhanced traction and overall longevity. The outsole of the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneaker features two sets of openings. One is triangular and can be found in the heel and there’s the second elongated one in the forefoot. Their different shape and positioning on the entire shoe ensure the platform is more flexible in the right areas. The heel in the back and the front toe areas of the feet.


The Nrgy part of the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneaker is there because of the NRGY cushioning inserted in the midsole. It’s one of Puma’s signature cushioning and it fits perfectly with the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneaker. Why? Because the entire cushion is made out of small TPU balls and the sockliner is made out of Softfoam. Yes, they’re fused together into a fantastic and very comfortable midsole, and the entire Nrgy cushioning is there to absorb the shock upon impact. The cushioning then transforms that shock into an explosive wave of energy, and your feet will be spoiled rotten. They’ll long for a sneaker that does that, and they’ll curse the shoes that don’t have that Nrgy cushioning


Fabric and textile can form a perfect match. And the phrase perfect match sums up the entire upper of the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers, but there’s so much more to be said about that gorgeous upper. It’s made from an almost seamless tightly woven synthetic fabric, that hugs the feet, and prevents any sense of discomfort during the long hours of wearing them. The PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneaker is designed as a slip-on trainer, so the pull tabs located at the heel and on the instep help the shoe to be put on and taken off much faster and easier. They make the job of wearing the sneakers much easier in every respect, and you’ll be able to feel that.

The PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers are designed with a stylish low-cut silhouette which allows a much freer ankle movement, and both the front and the back of the collar are extended to give a more tightly secured feel of the sneaker. But that’s not it. The lining of the upper is made with very soft and pleasant to the touch fabric, and you can basically wear the shoes without socks and you won’t get uncomfortable or itchy.

The added synthetic reinforcements on the sides and around the heel of the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers are put there for extra support and protection of the feet. And those fantastic synthetic reinforcements on the sides not only carry the logo of the company, but they also have holes especially designed for the shoelaces to come through. The shoelaces can be adjusted to the preference of the person wearing them, and they do secure the fit of the shoe in the midfoot. It’s worthy to mention that the shaft measures approximately low-top from arches and that shoelaces match the color of the upper. Yup, together they make one stylish sneaker made for stylish ladies. All you have to do is pick your color, and enjoy the little details that the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers have to offer.


Several details contribute to the overall comfort. The PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers are made with a lot of love, and part of that love translates to the comfort of the shoe. Because who needs style, when you can’t run properly in your running shoes. Sure, they’ll look great, but what’s the point if you don’t use them? But the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers can be used pretty much everywhere. The Puma Nrgy foam and the mesh fabric upper in the give out much of the comfort, but the tiny details in the sneakers do help a lot. The amazing and very durable overlays are there to give a helping hand, while the lacing is there to teach other shoes a lesion in comfort.


It may sound so simple, but the Rubbery outsole is the main culprit for the support of the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers. Who would have thought? Something so simple can be so supportive and especially in a shoe with double performance? The run and train sneaker like the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneaker provides support from the Nrgy foam in the midsole, but also from the lacing system that adds to the great fit and secure feel of the entire foot.


It all comes down to that rubber. The full-length rubber compound on the bottom of the outsole protects the outsole from all the running and wearing, thus making the shoes a lot more durable and a hell of a more practical. You get a double function style of sneaker for the price of one.


Hey, the real star is that gorgeous nearly seamless upper. Not only that it gives the sneakers their beautiful classic finish it also protects your feet from chafing. Because who wants that? No, the flexible upper is sleek and effortlessly chick, without compromising that fantastic flexibility that’s needed in a running and workout shoes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of flexibility while wearing the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers.


Almost every feature of the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers has some part that’s responsible for it. But the comfort and stability are team efforts and Puma wasn’t joking around with that when they designed the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers. The full-length rubber compound of the outsole is thick enough to give the feet balance and stability in every step, while the rubber is textured to provide a steady grip. But often comfort and stability are missing in a running type of a sneaker, and not that many companies can provide them. Puma isn’t one of them, and the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers pass with flying colors on both comfort and stability.


If you’re looking for a great running shoe what has both airflow and great comfort, than you is in luck. The upper is comprised of a tightly woven fabric, which promotes airflow to the entire foot. While wearing the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers, your feet will remain, aerated, dry and chafe-ree. Why risk developing blisters or sores to your feet when you can enjoy running in these sneakers without any care in the world?


Oh and that carefree lifestyle that comes with the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers also applies with the terrain on which you can wear them. It’s literally every type of terrain that you can wear them on. Rough or smooth terrain, it doesn’t really matter. It also doesn’t matter if you’re outdoors or indoors. The PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers will do wonders for your feet in every situation.


Yes, the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers got you covered in that respect. The rubber of the outsole is actually textured, and it gives a nice sticky grip on several types of surfaces. The treadmill at your local gym will feel less slippery, and so will the asphalt around your block. The PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers will make you feel more secure on any type of surface.


The company says that In the NRGY Neko Knit Sneaker from Puma, you’ll have the drive to go farther, longer. But why not have the drive and the style? It’s important too, and with the NRGY Neko, you’ll get the best of both worlds and then some. On the left, an elegant and stylish monochromatic sneaker that’s just so crisp and beautiful to look at. On the right, a comfortable sneaker that you’ll be wearing for a long time. Only the great pair of sneakers has it all, and NRGY Neko Knit Sneakers are one of those sneakers. The breathable mesh in the upper blends with the crisp white full-length compound of the rubber outsole. Together they make a beautiful and elegant running shoe that will quickly become you're got to shoe for just about any occasion. Not just for running.

Bottom line

The PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers are the whole package. They’re beautiful and brains composed in one practical, comfortable shoe that will quickly become your favorite shoe. It has the well regarded Nrgy foam in the midsole, and the relaxed nature of the breathable mesh fabric in the upper. Fused together they make a lightweight and structured shoe that’s supported by the white and very durable rubber outsole. You’ll be using the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers in our outdoor and indoor activities. For your morning jog in the park and for the grueling workouts at the gum. And ruining all of that your feet will be pain and blister free aerated and with lots of energy thanks to the Nrgy foam midsole.

Not that many sneakers are the whole package, but those who are, are well recognized for it. Just take a look at the customer review section of the sneaker’s Amazon page. Incredible 78% of the customers that bought the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers have left a 5-star review. Some of them went as far as to compare the shoes as pillowy clouds that you can walk on, but the PUMA Women's Nrgy Neko Knit Sneakers deserve just to be worn and celebrated by enjoying them. Everything else is a bonus.
But on the other hand, it would have been nice if the overlays were just a tad bigger and stronger. It would have provided a secure grip to the entire feet, and if the cushioning was removable. It’s nice to have a removable footbed as an option in every sneaker especially for the customers that need to have special orthopedic footbed especially made and later inserted in the shoe.