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Puma is bringing the heat with these retro revival sneakers! If you're looking for the perfect celebration of past meets future in some old school meets new school kicks, look no further. The Puma RS-0 Sound sneakers are just what you're looking for. “RS” stands for ‘running system’, named after their iconic shoe model and cushioning system that has been evolving since its creation in 1987. “0” signifies for the reinvented version, and “Sound” specifies that the design for these shoes was inspired by music re-mix culture. And many sneakerheads really loved that reference, appreciating how Puma remixed these sneakers with features and colors that resemble the colors and buttons on a mixing board. By combining their style and design from the past Running System aesthetic, with the addition of new footwear technologies, Puma celebrated their classic sneaker by re-mixing them with modern updates and flair to make them more relevant within today’s current culture.

They work well as both running or walking shoe and also a casual lifestyle fashion sneaker. Customers are really digging the retro vibe as it is all the craze within the rise of the dad shoe trend. The stand out aesthetic is accomplished by the use of a wide array of high-quality materials, shapes, colors, and textures that are all carefully composed and well constructed to give them that vintage look but with modern durability. You can expect all-day comfort thanks to the reinvented Puma Running System cushioning, gel insole with extra heel support, and the soft neoprene liner. All in all, once you put these shoes on, you’re not going to want to wear anything else. Your feet are going to look and feel so fly thanks to these dope reinvented throwback sneakers!

Editor's Pros & Cons

High Quality Materials

Lightweight Construction

Lasting Comfort

Unique aesthetic

Versatile wearability


Don't Fit True To Size

Liner Discomfort



The Puma RS-0 Sound keeps your feet feeling cool and dry even on the hottest day. Customers appreciated how well these sneakers ventilated and kept moisture at bay. The mesh material on the toe box enhances the breathability by allowing air to keep circulating throughout the shoe with ease. The permeability of the neoprene sock lining material also helps by wicking away moisture to keep it moving out rather than staying locked in the shoe. Sweat gets absorbed and redirected out of the shoe's environment, preventing the accumulation of odor. And since smells and stagnant air won't get trapped inside, these are great to wear without socks. Your feet will always be fresh in the Puma Rs-0 Sound sneakers.


Buyers commended these kicks for having a high level of comfort, even when being on your feet all day. The Running System midsole technology includes a lightweight IMEVA layer that gives the shoe supportive and flexible cushioning for a feeling of lasting comfort without adding unnecessary weight. The gel insole adds to the effectiveness of the supple but protective cushioning with mild arch support. Another attribute that influences the popular comfort of these shoes is the mixture of high quality and soft materials giving them the cushy feel customers dig. From first glance, many reviewers expected these shoes to be heavy on the feet, but were pleased to find that they were actually very lightweight and easy on the feet to wear. From the supple leather, nylon liner, and mesh forefoot, these shoes give in well providing great flexibility allowing your feet to move without restriction keeping your stride feeling smooth all day long.


While most consumers reported them fitting well according to their normal show size, some people found that these sneakers were not true to size and had to return them for a size smaller or bigger. So these shoes have an inconsistent fit among buyers. Some customers also reported that if the shoe was slightly big for them, it caused awkward friction from the inside lining, sometimes contributing to rubbing on the toes or sides of the feet and caused a little discomfort. But overall the majority of wearers gave these praise for their snug footbeds and comfortable fit.


The gel insoles are spongy footbeds that provide superior cushioning and fit well to the soles of your feet. They are made out of odor wicking material that keeps your feet feeling fresh. The thicker level of gel in the back of the insole provides your heel with extra cushy protection with each step. No matter what surface you’re walking on, they are very responsive and will effectively absorb the impact. And because the insoles are removable, customers can wash them as needed to maintain a fresh inner shoe atmosphere or even replace them with their personal orthotic inserts for customizable wear to give your feet the support they need even in a sneaker.


One of the modern improvements to the RS shoe that enhance their performance is the inner bootie construction that acts as a uni-body for the entire shoe to improve comfortability and ease of wear. The tongue, ankle collar, and inner lining are all fabricated as just one seamless component that customers reported to be incredibly comfortable thanks to the way it gently hugs the feet. The inner bootie is crafted from one layer of soft neoprene that begins around the ankle collar, wraps around to form the entire tongue, and continues throughout the shoe. It is carefully sewn together with seams that are so smooth your feet won't even notice them. The liner delivers remarkable padding that gently molds to the foot, allowing wearers to enjoyed wearing these without socks. Because the liner has a gentle but effective grab on the entire foot, the laces don’t actually need to be laced up with every wear to maintain a secure fit. Just grab the loop on the heel, slip them on, and head out the door with ease.


The R-System outsole of this shoe provides excellent traction on any surface. Beginning on the front of the shoe as a toe bumper, flowing along the bottom, and then wrapping up the back to cap off the heel. This allows for added protection against obstacles and helps the shoe keep its shape and integrity with each full stride, especially when worn as running shoes. Buyers appreciated the thickness of the rubber, noting that it would last through long-term wear and tear. And not only is it made out of rubber material that is super grippy, but a few of the colorways also feature outsoles with bright colored rubber on the heel to compliment the shoe's design. So each time the foot lifts with each step, there is an unexpected pop of color that buyers really liked.


Top of the line materials are well constructed with innovative design and modern footwear technologies to create elevated quality in a casual lifestyle sneaker. The heel cup provides the shoe with a sturdy base. Each panel piece is durably stitched together, with double stitching on the toe guard and the heel cup to reinforce their overall resilience. While these are definitelyfashion lifestyle sneakers, they were designed to also hold up as a performance running shoe as well. And these shoes received high praise for their impressively well made and lightweight fabrication that contributes to their exceptional quality. Consumers applauded these shoes for all the details that increase their value and longevity.


By successfully fusing revolutionary design with their unique aesthetic of the original RS sneakers, these sporty casual sneakers stand out amongst the Puma collection. Although the shoe is mostly white, buyers appreciated how just the color details added just enough futuristic appeal without overdoing it. So while they can still be worn as a neutral sneaker, the pops of color give it a uniquely attractive character. Buyers also particularly liked the color shade choices on the high risk red and dazzling blue specific colorway. And the composition of the color components give the shoes bold yet balanced aesthetic, neither being too loud or too boring. Puma’s attention to detail with its creative use of color blocking gives the shoe a unique finish that attracts sneaker lovers everywhere.


Puma took the regular structure of the RS sneakers and upgraded everything about the shoe’s upper to enhance its credibility as a high performing sneaker in today's modern footwear world. From the Puma cat stamp on the shoe’s tongue, to the engraved text on the heel, and the embossed puma symbol on the side, the branding elements on this shoe are subtle yet dynamic. The back of the shoe features a molded foam counter, tpu ribbing, and reinforced heel box that hinders slipping. There’s also a pull on loop that coordinated with the color scheme to use for easy foot insertion.

The toe box has an effective mix of leather and mesh, while the sides feature smooth synthetic fabric, with leather again around the eyelets, all stitched together with quality precision. Customers particularly liked how the lace-up system and soft neoprene ankle tongue and ankle cushioning work together to keep the feet secure with adjustable comfort. Buyers claimed that this shoe fits like a sock, gently hugging the feet just right. And since the tongue is not a separate component, but rather part of the inner bootie, it won’t slide off to the side causing annoying discomfort unwanted bulk.


Many buyers appreciated the wearability of these shoes, commenting on how the neutral and low profile silhouette paired with the subtle pops of color make these shoes great to wear with just about anything. The colors can be played up or down depending on the outfit. Brighter matching colors make the colors stand out more giving them a more bold look. While pairing them with casual and neutral colors will mellow out keep the shoe's colors. And while they are designed as a running shoe, they are versatile enough to be the perfect everyday shoes. Wear them while exercising at the gym, cruising around town, out for a night on the streets with friends, or even for casual business meetings. The retro meets modern vibe is perfect for any casual lifestyle.

Bottom Line

Puma upgraded everything about their vintage Running System model in the new RS-0 Sound to deliver the high-end performance they are known for. By revisiting the past and rebooting the technologies of the old RS sneakers, they reinterpreted them to be a high contender in today's modern footwear world. And the finished product is a sneaker that is simultaneously futuristic and retro. Or as PUMA dubbed it, these kicks are FUTRO!

Puma emphasized the addition of innovation to their timeless tradition re-creating a trendy modern version of a classic with enhanced breathability, lightweight comfort, and trendy appeal. The gel insole, IMEVA midsole, and inner bootie construction work together to keep your foot feeling comfortable all day long. And with high-quality materials carefully stitched together and durable construction, these sneakers are built to last. Puma gave the RS a retro-future makeover with effective color blocking, attractive design elements, and a modern approach to branding, that are sure to keep head’s turning.

With several different colorways, these shoes will be a great addition to your footwear collection as an everyday casual lifestyle sneaker perfect for strutting the streets in style everywhere and anywhere you go.