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Nike endorses the idea that anyone who can move needs the perfect gear to do so. Recognizing the world has athletes of all shapes and sizes is the easy part, crafting shoes that they will love isn’t as simple. Luckily, they seem to always make a slam dunk with their slick court-approved apparel. These Nike Blazer Mids are styled after their classic basketball shoe. With support that feels made for you and a look that is versatile, these could be the next favorite of a whole range of customers. Great traction finishes these off to create an awesome athletic shoe that is just as awesome for casual wear.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Low-To-Ground Feel

Padded Collar


Durable Construction

Vulcanized Rubber Outsole


Minimal Arch Support

Not Very Breathable


What many don’t know is that the Nike Blazer was actually named after Portland’s basketball team back in the 1970s. It is safe to say these shot to success as one of Nike’s first wildly successful basketball shoes due to the comfort. A heel cup is placed in this shoe which has wonderful benefits for your joints and overall posture.

Heel cups help align the foot to be exactly where it needs to be for your ankles, hips, and knees. The all-over padding inside the shoe and the soft materials used on the upper come together for a fully immersive experience when you try the Nike Blazer Mid. Ankle support is a huge bonus to any shoe that promises to deliver those feel-good vibes. Breathable and soft material surrounds the foot as it’s being held exactly where it needs to be.


Sneakers, of course, should be pretty durable. As a sneaker wearer, a new pair of kicks will quickly become part of my heavy rotation for the season. For this reason, it needs to be stressed that a practical pair should last. These Blazer Mids have a herringbone bottom which creates a lot of grips, and the numerous ridges are more durable than just a couple large imprints for traction.

The completely leather upper on these with suede accents lends itself to making this a truly durable choice for hanging out at the basketball court or hanging out with your closest friends. For anyone who likes to be active and still keep it cool, the Nike Blazer Mid is the kind of closet staple that goes with every aesthetic as well as every activity.


Nike on a whole generally runs small, which isn’t so problematic because you can account for this and adjust your purchase size accordingly. Unfortunately for these Blazer Mids, the sizing seems to be slightly inconsistent, or at best unique. Some reviewers claimed they're sized down and these ran a little wide, while others felt they were narrow.

Due to their heel cup, proper fit definitely is a factor in overall comfort. Though they are considered true to size in some ratings, this isn’t enough to make an informed decision. If you have narrow or wide feet, you might want to be wary before ordering and make sure they fit well before wearing them outside the house.


Vulcanized in an autoclave chamber, foxing is used to combine the sole with the upper and give a strong, long-lasting fit. This also makes the outsole able to be quite light, creating more flexibility and that ground-hugging feel on this sneaker. Vulcanized rubber is a great material for an outsole, as it is long lasting, pliable, and prevents splitting in the way it is constructed.

Low-to-ground construction on the Blazer Mid will improve your game by giving your footwork a whole lot of ease. Any athlete would love these carefree and attractive basketball kicks. Keeping more structured shoes such as these flexible is something often lost on mid-rise options. It is always nice to see a Nike elevate the expectations and deliver something that breaks the mold.


It is first worth mentioning, these Nikes do have two ventilation holes on the bottom of the shoe, midfoot. This is important to give a little bit more airflow for the wearer. However, the overall breathability does suffer due to this being higher rise and leather. While it's for certain that leather is great for a lot of things, it is not always ideal for breathability. This Nike Blazer Mid does have leather construction that breaks in and feels supple but they still needed a way to add in material or feature to let out unwanted heat.

Their textile lining works decently to wick away moisture, though there isn’t really any guarantee these will be great for people with temperature regulating problems. If you struggle with most shoes getting too hot, you probably would do better with a slightly lighter mesh or textile option. These are a bit heavier than that kind of shoe and you won’t exactly feel the breeze with these high-tops on. There definitely could have been more added ventilation in these.


As mentioned in a few of our sections, this shoe really shines in terms of stability. The Nike Blazer Mid will remind you about the wonders of a stable and supportive shoe every time you wear it. Ankle support keeps your joints stable, while the heel cup helps to do the same. The higher rise on this Nike sits comfortably on the calf/ankle to where it doesn’t restrict motion but still gives a solid base for you to feel fully protected. That will help prevent you from rolling your ankle or even feeling knee discomfort after a long session in the Nike Blazer Mid. If you play basketball with your friends after work, or just have an active social life where you like to keep it casual but fashionable, these will work perfectly for both occasions!


The heel cup on the Nike Blazer Mid may have already been mentioned, but that isn’t the only thing by way of support that is worth noting. Already set to help align your joints and encourage great form, the Blazer Mid goes a step further with several other features. A higher-rise ankle on these kicks make them great for ankle support, so coupled with their already perfectly situated heel, you get an overall amazing feel.

Their tongue is also well padded top complete the truly reinforced support. Great spring back comes from their rubber soles as well, putting quite the skip in their wearer’s step. One downside here is that they do not have much arch support, so you may need to get a specific insert if you do plan on using these as an everyday shoe and struggle with your arch.


Rubber is pretty phenomenal for traction because of the way it holds onto basically every surface, even without any texture cut or molded into it. The bottom of these Nike Blazer Mids is perfect for the court due to their herringbone traction. The pattern goes in multiple directions in a pattern providing ultimate traction and security when running around. Even if you aren’t especially active, these just have a secure ground feel that is noticeable when wearing them. Any shoe that keeps the foot low to the ground with traction keeping you close to the surface you’re standing on will be a sure hit for people on the go.


For this Nike, the upper really outdoes itself in style. The perfect mix of athletic and vintage, these are a style choice just as much as they are a practicality choice. Their appeal comes from the high-top silhouette that is still genuinely slim and close to the body. Many Nike high-tops are bulkier, more reminiscent of shoes from the 80s and 90s. These are inspired by killer 70s style and have an all-leather upper that still gives you that cool slim profile and genuinely sleek look. The contrasting Swooshes on either side of the Blazer Mid are large and really stand out without being gaudy or too much. This upper is a true throwback and will be absolutely adored upon even your first wear!


Due to these having vulcanized rubber soles, they are a bit heavier. While other athletic shoes are generally an EVA type of midsole and outsole, basketball shoes are historically made with rubber bottoms, for durability and ideal court traction. Though these aren’t necessarily a performance pick for professionals, they still have the meat and potatoes of what that shoe style entails. The addition of the leather upper only adds to their overall weight. The Nike Blazer Mid is still a fantastic shoe, but the expectation shouldn’t be you’re getting a super lightweight high-top, because if so you will be disappointed.

Bottom Line

It is hard to not immediately gush over the way these Nike Blazer Mids look, and luckily their quality doesn’t disappoint upon closer inspection. Though some may struggle with the fit of the overall shoe, looking past those features will deliver you a gorgeous 70s inspired sneaker that most fans will absolutely adore. For Nike devotees or anyone that loves a solid mid-rise kick, these are a popular and stylish option that has been gaining traction since its initial release almost 50 years ago. A rich history entails that these will more than likely remain a favorite for years to come.