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The Sperry Top Sider shoe (the first of its kind!) was founded over eight decades ago after Paul Sperry, its founder, had a near-death experience on a boat. Fast forward to the twenty-first century and Sperry boat shoes are the most fashionable, preppy and sea-worthy way to protect your feet!

The Sperry Syren Gulf is the perfect addition to any person’s shoe collection, with their unique style and unbelievable comfort making them a staple piece during those cold, wet months. Let’s not forget the fact that they are also durable and come in so many classic styles, you’ll want to take these boots with you wherever you go. Forget your old, dirty, wet weather boots and replace them with a pair of these closed toe beauties, that will be your definite go-to once the rain starts to fall!

These boots are a perfect balance between comfort, with their lightly padded footbed, and style, with numerous colors on offer and lace-up closure, meaning a protective classic boot has never been more practical and affordable. Let’s not forget the rubber outsole and rubber and textile upper to ensure dry feet all the way from your ankle to your little toe. These boots will be your staple winter piece before you know it!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Classic boot style

Lightly padded footbed

Rubber outsole

Secure fit

Lace-up closure

Warm, cushioned lining

Versatile style


Larger sizing


If there’s one thing you look for in a fall boot, it’s the comfort. You don’t know whether you could be wearing it for a short trip to the store, or a full day out in all kinds of weather – and this boot has you covered. Between the lightly padded footbed and lace-up design, it sets up your day to be comfortable and enjoyable one. The boot folds around your foot and, with minimal break-in required, so the wearer can go about their day in full confidence that they will still be as snug and comfy eating their breakfast as they will eat their dessert at the very end of the day. Very few shoes can give you that sort of assurance!

The added component of the rubber outsole also gives you the extra level of comfort knowing that your feet will stay dry, in all kinds of weather - rain, hail or shine. This, combined with the warmth offered throughout the entire boot, means that your feet will feel so cushioned, warm and dry that you will wish you had an entire outfit made out of the same structure as these boots that’s how comfortable they are.


Given that the Sperry Syren Gulf are, by definition, a cold, wet weather boot, then stability will obviously be something you are going to consider when buying a pair. Icy roads, snowy paths, rain-soaked porches and slippery driveways are all perilous situations when the temperature starts to drop, and this boot can help you out across the board. The rubber outsole allows for great grip when strolling down snowy streets, or when really doing just about anything, and the lightly padded footbed ensures that you aren’t going to be slipping and sliding around the shoe all day.

Your feet will feel secure both inside the boot and also whilst walking, which is a big plus when it comes to considering what your new pair of wet weather boots are going to look like this year. They also look really on-trend, which is hard to come by with a lot of boots which offer this much stability. It also means that you can rest assured that they won’t be unfashionable by the end of winter – they will stay stylish and stable throughout all the winter months. If that isn’t a bonus, I don’t know what is!


What can I say – these boots are breathable but warm. Like cozy, curled up under a blanket next to the fire, warm. Your foot will be so warm and toasty you won’t want to take them off when you get home, which is exactly what you want in a winter shoe. Another big positive to these great winter boots.

Now, with warmth can come the dreaded sweaty feet, but these boots manage to sidestep that problem with ease. Between the impeccable construction (lightly padded footbed anyone?), medium width fit and lace-up design, your foot is still allowed to breathe and keep dry whilst remaining toasty warm – a big plus when you’re wearing the same pair of boots all day, in all sorts of weather conditions. No more sweaty socks and slippery soles whilst walking – these boots offer fresh breathability, all the while ensuring your feet remain warm and comfortable in the wet and cold temperatures


When it comes to this boot, protection is something that Sperry really had in the design foreground when creating it. And, with eighty years of perfecting it, you know the protection level is going to be at an all-time high. With the outsole made of rubber, your feet will be shielded from any nasty terrain or weather that can occur during the winter months and you won’t be slipping up on wet paths or slippery surfaces. Some people do consider that this protection comes at a cost, and that the boots can be bulky in statue, but you can walk with your head held high, knowing these boots were made for situations just like these.

With the upper being made of both rubber and textile, your feet will be comfortable yet protected, ensuring that no harm will come your way once these shoes are on your feet. This, combined with a lightly padded footbed and stylish design, means there is very little that these shoes can’t handle and places you in a confident position to take on anything the weather throws your way.


The rubber outsole of this boot offers incredible traction, ensuring that you won’t sliding off down the path anytime soon. And given its sole use is in colder, wet weather, traction is such an important component to a winter shoe and a big plus to this Sperry option. Add to this the fact that the lightly padded footbed absorbs all the sweat your feet may produce, the traction grip offered by this boot is unparalleled.

Now, you would think that the amount of traction grip this shoe offers means the rubber outsole is chunky and overbearing, but it isn’t. It is just the right amount of presence on the shoe and keeps the delicate balance between practicality and style effortlessly. It will likely become a firm, quick staple in your winter wardrobe and will stay that way for a long time to come. You can look fashionable and still have shoes with great traction, meaning you won’t be falling over anytime soon – seems like a winning combination to me!


Considering its use as a cold, wet weather response shoe, you’d think the construction of this boot would be a little chunky and clunky, to ensure maximum comfort and durability for the everchanging weather and terrain. But it really isn’t, and it is one of the most surprising components about this boot. The Sperry Syren Gulf just look right and are constructed right too, which is a formidable combination. The materials are durable, from the textile and rubber upper to the rubber outsole, all the while looking fashionable and stylish and keeping you warm and dry.
The shoe is a medium width fit, allowing for circulation around the foot, and also ensuring that your feet aren’t squeezed too tightly in an uncomfortable fit. Nothing worse than sweaty, cramping feet whilst walking in the wet and cold – it’s not a combination anyone wants to endure. It also comes in various colors, all with lace-up detail, meaning your spoilt for choice as to which ones you are going to take hone. Or maybe you could take more than one pair home? They are constructed so well and look so good, there’s definitely justification for it.


The rubber outsole of this boot has a lot (and I mean a lot) of great purposes. Firstly, it ensures that you are protected and sheltered from almost any surface, which is a big plus when it comes to cold and wet weather terrain. Next, the rubber allows for a waterproof outsole, which is a big necessity when it’s snowing, raining, hailing or just plain dewy – all weather scenarios that happen during the colder, wetter months. Despite initial thoughts, the rubber is also incredibly stylish whilst being practical, which is difficult to come by in a lot of cold, wet weather boots, but can appear a little bulky at times. Finally, the rubber is sleek and streamline yet bountiful, ensuring the durability of the boot is just another positive attribute to ensure a well-rounded boot.
You will be able to walk in a majority of terrains and weather without a second thought, knowing the rubber outsole has got you covered. Support, waterproof, durability…. The list goes on. And let’s not forget the longevity and endurance that a rubber outsole offers – just another reason why these boots are up there as the best on the market for cold, wet weather boots. Sperry really have outdone themselves!


The upper of a shoe is one of the most obvious part of a shoe, and these boots aren’t any different. With their stylish form and textile and rubber upper, the Sperry Syren Gulf will make sure your boots don’t just fade into the crowd. The lace-up structure gives this boot the flexibility to fit any type of foot sand ensures that practicality and durability do not have to overtake fashion – they can definitely coincide in perfect harmony in one wonderful boot.

The classic boot style allows for maximum comfort and support for any ankles that may grace it and ensures that stability of the lower leg remains paramount. Everyone knows that winter can equal come pretty treacherous conditions, and these boots will help you manoeuver any cold, wet weather that comes your way. In saying this however, they are not however completely waterproof as some models have textile, suede or leather uppers, so keep this in mind when it's really wet. These boots really are your best cold, wet weather friend though, and everyone should have at least one pair in their closet – maybe more!

Bottom Line

Given its classic boot style and waterproof capabilities, this boot is with every penny plus more. It is fashionable and adaptable, allowing it to be an all-round shoe come the winter chills. It keeps your foot warm and dry and allows you to go about your day in comfort and style, without having to worry about your shoes not doing their job.

The waterproof rubber outsole ensures traction during those slippery cold months, all whilst keep your feet dry and toasty warm. The lace-up style of boot keeps your foot in a safe, secure position and ensures that you’re not slipping and sliding around when you need to keep your feet. No one has time to be falling over when they have places to be!

If you are after something that is absolutely worth your money and has all the tips and tricks needed in a cold weather boot, then the Sperry Syren Gulf are the shoes you have been looking for. They are a worthwhile investment and will keep you satisfied for many winters to come. And given the style is over eighty years old, they must be doing something very right – no need to be afraid that winter is coming in these boots!