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Teva is a Hebrew word and it means nature. And the name fits perfectly since it was given to shoes that are used mostly for hiking, fishing and plenty of outdoor adventures.

The Teva Hurricane Drift shoe is probably the only shoe in history that was invented by a geophysicist. That’s right. Back in 1982, Mark Thatcher working as a rafting guide when he noticed the lack of proper shoes for river activities. The shoes that he was wearing at the time became very heavy when submerged in water, dried very slowly afterward, and the only available shoes at the time for water activities (flip-flops) slid off the feet very easily.

So, something had to be done. After many trials and errors, the first 200 pairs were sold in the first year of existence of the Teva Company, but the complaints about blistering and foot pain were too hard to ignore. So, after working on some improvements, the Teva shoes were officially redesigned and thus the Hurricane model was born. The Hurricane model has become the basis for all upcoming models, but for now, let’s focus on the Teva Hurricane Drift model.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Cushioned heel tab

EVA foam footbed

Rubber outsole




Only 6 color varieties


The rubber used in the making of the outsole is highly durable, sturdy and can withstand great impact on hard surfaces, traction on slippery and rough terrain, and works wonders when in contact with water. That was one of the issues Mark Thatcher wanted to address when creating the shoes. His main complaint prior to designing the Teva Hurricane shoes was the fact that they became very heavy after they were submerged in war, but they were causing severe injuries as well.

When the outsole is not strong and sturdy enough, problems occur but then it’s made out of high-grade rubber, when there’s ridging on the bottom and when it’s thick like here in the Teva Hurricane Drift sandal, you just know that the performances will more than satisfactory. Oh, and the outsole is reinforced with a cushioned heel tab, for increased comfort and so there’s’ a better grip for the sandal on the surface in question.


There’s a familiar friend in the midsole, and it’s the good old EVA footbed that works wonders for the arch support. This is a Full injection-molded EVA sandal, which means that the padding in injected in the footbed and it’s located all over the surface of the footbed. Yes, most of the footbeds are padded generally in the arch and toe areas, but this is different. Because the Hurricane drift sandal by Teva is designed for extensive outdoor activities, support is needed in every inch of the midsole, not just certain parts of it.


Medium thin synthetic straps make the upper of the Hurricane Drift sandal. There’s a strap on the toe area, and one intricate strap at the ankle area. Both of them are connected in a long vertical strap, and all of them are secured with Hook-and-loop closures. They’re adjustable to the foot’s anatomy, size and to the general preferences of the person that’s wearing them, and every single one of those hooks and loops offers a great deal of secure fit.


Having the sturdy rubber outsole and synthetic straps in the upper really increase the comfort in these sandals. Why? Think about it. If there isn’t a solid foundation to lean on (such as thick rubbery outsole) these shoes will become a total waste of money. The comfort comes from within, but the outside of the shoe shouldn’t be underestimated. The outsole is the first to receive the impact of the terrain, and it the outsole isn’t comfortable, what’s left for the rest of the shoe?


The support of the Hurricane drift sandal is a joint effort, and it really comes from several places within the shoe. Plenty of the customers that left customer reviews on the Teva’s official website, mentioned that the support is thanks to the EVA injected footbed, and to the Hook-and-loop closures on the straps. The EVA footbed is part of the entire midsole and thus provides the much-needed support to the entire length of the foot, not just to some very small parts of it. Secondly, the closures are adjustable and you can tighten or loosen them up to your desires. If you have a wider foot, you can adjust them accordingly to your foot size, and if your feet are smaller and more narrow you can adjust them to be tighter in order to fit properly.


The durability is probably the best feature in Hurricane drift sandal. Mark Thatcher was concerned about the moisture wicking properties, about the traction and of course about the durability in the shoes prior to designing the Hurricane model. But each of those components is part of the durability factor. Because the sandals are water-ready, and they dry very easily it’s far more likely that they’ll damage less and that they’ll stay intact a bit more. Yes, the Hurricane Drift sandal is an outdoor sandal, but the fact that can withstand plenty of conditions and harsh terrains demonstrates the durability value in the best possible way.

One of the things that were explained at the Teva’s website is the fact that they’re so lightweight, that they’ll float above the water’s surface, moment after they’re submerged in water. That way you’ll always be able to find the sandals dry them and wear them again, and they won’t sink to the bottom of the river or the lake in which you’re exploring. The durability is evident in the materials used in the making of the sandals, but also in the way how they were made. Their design speaks volumes.


The very same can be said about flexibility. The use of the light, water-resistant materials ensures that the flexibility is great in these shoes. And it makes sense really. These are sandals designed to be worn outside and the difference in terrain demands increase in flexibility. Imagine you’re crossing a high current river that’s filled with slippery stones and what not. You wouldn’t want to slip on one of them and break your ankle now, would you? No, the flexibility that the sandals have to offer is great and the rubber outsole, along with the EVA footbed will prove to be quite useful in getting the desired flexibility.


The thick yet light rubber outsole is largely responsible for the stability of the sandal. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s designed and molded to adjust the sandal to any type of terrain that you might encounter and to provide maximum stability in the process. But if you think about it, that’s just part of stability coverage. The stability is also supplied by the fantastic straps in the upper.

Why? Well, not only they’re thick and made out of synthetic material, but they’re also adjustable thanks to the Hook-and-loop closures. If the closures on the straps are secured tightly and the straps are hugging the foot nicely, the stability will become much greater, and the entire foot will have a much better fit. If it wasn’t for the closures, the foot would have become very unbalanced, unstable and there could be a lot of potential injuries as a result of the unstable sandals.


The airflow supply is not something that you should be stressing about when wearing these sandals. Seriously. They were designed to provide the maximum filtration and aeration, and in that respect, the moisture-wicking properties that these sandals have been really on point. One of the best things about Hurricane Drift sandal is the ability to dry out very quickly. So don’t worry about the moisture and all the related problems that can be caused by the moisture. Your feet will remain dry, bacteria won’t grow in the toe area, and of course, with the fast drying properties, the shoes won’t be damaged by the water.


Teva is a brand that was founded out of necessity. The Hurricane model of shoes that later became the basis of all other shoes was a product of intense research. After years and years spent out on the open, Mark Thatcher was tired of having to wait days for his shoes to get nice and dry in order to wear them again. But his line of work as a geologist meant that he’ll be walking on a different type of terrain and he just didn’t have the patience to wait. So, he took the matters in his own hands and designed the Hurricane sandal, and the rest is history. The Teva brand offers affordable, quality shoes that are made for exploring nature and the great outdoors. They’re practical and comfy, and most of all offer stability and plenty of flexibility.


The Teva Hurricane Drift sandals come in 6 different color options. The standard black version is one of the most sought after versions of course but the shoe comes in white, olive, blue, mango color and what’s described as endive. The 6 color options are not enough, and the need for a bigger variety of colors is always needed. The Hurricane Drift sandal has been quietly transitioning in the mainstream footwear, and the days of being hiking water shoes are long gone. Now they’re staples of the fashion bloggers that love to mix and match them with more daring outfits, and the demand for a bigger selection of color options is much needed.


The Teva Hurricane Drift sandals will always deliver timeless comfort and utilitarian style, according to the company’s official website. The sandals are perfect for summertime, and their wearing shouldn’t be exclusively limited to the great outdoors. Plenty of fashionable ladies have found a way to style the sandals with their latest boho maxi skirt for a more laidback outfit, and you can even wear them with your favorite denim products. A great pair of jeans or even a mini denim skirt would look fantastic in them for a more laidback getup.

Bottom line

The Teva Hurricane Drift sandal is created out of necessity, but her journey to the mainstream has been smooth and gradual. It’s a highly durable and flexible shoe made to last, but it was made to withstand harsh conditions and terrible terrain. The Hurricane model was developed by a geophysicist that was tired of drying his wet shoes, so it’s nice when something wonderful is created out of such terrible conditions. The rubber outsole provides excellent support to the foot, and the EVA injected footbed ads to the comfort. However, the Teva Hurricane Drift lacks color variety and it’s one of the very few faults about this otherwise great shoe. It would have been nice if the ridges on the outsole were a bit more pronounced, so the traction properties were a bit greater, but the sandal is great just the way it is.