UGG Kari Flat Sandal Review

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An absolute delight for those warmer months! This flat sandal has wide crisscross straps. The leather material announces quality befitting upon a grand scale. There is a refined, yet bold appearance with these, as the day seems to highlight with a subtle breeze during each step taken. This pair complements well, whether you decide to dress up or down. And the way you feel with these on, in terms of both comfort and style, is impossible to ignore. Compliments received may reach an all-time high, but don't be too surprised if a few of your friends are a little jealous! We love the way these are able to enhance most wardrobe decisions. As such, we need to find out if these can hold up to the scrutiny beyond first impressions. And if they do, not only will your friends have a solid reason to be envious, but you can smile in confidence that you are wearing something to be proud of. So, let us delve into the nuances of this gorgeous piece. Once and for all, we are going to find out if the inner workings can match the outer glamour!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Wide, Crisscross Straps

Leather Upper

Rubber Toe & Heel

0.5-inch Platform Height

Treadlite Outsole


Better for Wide Feet

Lack of Half Sizes


This Kari flat sandal has wide straps. Not only do these serve to give you more support when lifting from the ground during each step, but there is an artistic quality with them, as well. The wider look helps to narrow the appearance of wide feet; whereas, narrow straps may give a bulging effect, or worse, can become extremely uncomfortable. And since these have a wide foot in mind with the design, the artful thoughtfulness to enhance rather than hinder the natural shaping of the foot is a true joy. Additionally, the sum of all the parts, when considering the sandal as a whole, carries the innate ability to allow the wearing of jeans, shorts, and dresses. This means the aesthetics are pleasing enough to broaden choices within our vast array of wardrobe decisions, especially when considering day-to-day wearability. When it is all said and done, these aesthetics own it, in terms of permitting us to dress up and down.


With minimal color availability, it is important for a company to capture the correct schemes which give us the most freedom. UGG accomplishes this well. Whether you are searching for a loud and bold setup or are in the market for something much simpler, there is a nice mixture to choose from. This particular line gives us neutral within the tan/beige/natural coloring footbed in most of their schemes. The final, black coloring scheme, utilizes a black footbed. In essence, depending on what strategy we decide to employ, the results can allow us to dress for day or night, and up or down. In this, we are quite impressed with the overall outcome. It is a rather ingenious solution for such a minimal set of colors. In this, UGG knocks it out of the park.


Unfortunately, we don't always get the pleasure of having something beautiful, also, giving us comfort. And although this scenario should always ring true, in that comfort should accompany beauty and vice versa, it just doesn't happen as frequently as we would like. Thankfully, this pair of flat sandals give us the best of both worlds. These are truly comfortable. Secondly, they look as great as they feel. With the combination of a minimal 0.5-inch platform height, 1-inch heel height, the cushioned footbed, and the Treadlite outsole, it does seem that the integration of the design is fully intact and structurally sound. After all, one wrong decision in the design process in any one of these areas can prove disastrous, to say the least. But no worries here! UGG gets the job done and they do it with high marks. The only negative that we found is in the break-in period with the leather, as can be expected with this type of material. Once this period ends (after the leather stretches), however, all points pass the comfort test.


Because of the materials deployed by this model, durability is high. Leather, if cared for properly, does have its advantages, especially in this realm. In addition to the leather upper, these flats utilize a rubber toe and heel. In essence, the rubber is in place to handle the heel strike and toe-off during the gait cycle while walking. These two areas of interest retain the highest impact and see the most action over the lifespan of the footwear. Since these do bring into action a rubber toe and heel attribute, these high-impact areas are being addressed with great results. As such, the durability factor remains high in both the upper and outsole. Furthermore, the cushioned footbed aids in this resolve, as well. Overall, the product does well at giving us a durable item for the price point.


The fit is one area where we did find an anomaly. These are better for wide feet. And although there are plenty of sandals having a design for narrow feet, these are just not advertised as catering to those having a wider build. It is from the countless reviewers, from those having expertise with the line, that we find this truth. Add to this general shaping, as it were, the fact that leather does stretch, and a narrow foot would find this setup to be rather annoying and non-accommodating. But for those with wide feet, these can be a godsend, so to speak. The fit is more than satisfying and even better as time passes. Secondly, we find that when setting these side-by-side, next to another pair of sandals of the same sizing, the overall design is shorter. What does this mean? It means that if you have a long foot, then you will need to size up to counterbalance this shortcoming. Also, if your foot happens to be narrow, then you are in a world of hurt for a good fit. It just won't be there. So, at the end of the day, this sandal is best worn by people with wide, short feet. This is the group that will benefit the greatest within this particular design.


These are, indeed, flexible; at least, in the way we expect them to be. Flexibility does improve as time passes because the leather softens and stretches with each wearing. With that being said, wearing these new still retains the desirable flexibility for passing our examination. In addition, the straps do not dig in; nor, do they cause pain because of stiffness. The wide design creates a cradling effect when lifting the foot. This, in turn, minimizes the amount that the foot moves within the sandal prior to grabbing the straps, so to speak. As such, although flexibility does improve over the long-run, it is readily available at the beginning, as well. Moreover, as most of us already know, flexibility does affect comfort levels; yet, another reason why these are as comfortable as they are.


These are not going to be considered cheap, as it were. The price does get up there quite a bit when considering sandals. With that being noted, material makeup is one of the reasons the price does increase. Secondly, the listing factor must include the overall design, as well. This design is superb, as is the material makeup. So, if were are comparing the actual dollar amount to what we are receiving in return, then this is a great deal. Additionally, the ability for these to be worn nearly everywhere and with a wide range of outfits, these become a steal, at least within a sense. At the end of the day, the monetary amount is much lower than the quality value we receive. Because of this, pricing receives top marks.


Once you try on a pair of these, you are going to understand what others declare from the rooftops, so to speak. These sandals are comfortable and are one of the strongest characteristics of this particular line and brand. Furthermore, with the overall design, such as the rubber toe and heel, the ride is fluid and flexible with each step taken. It enhances your steps, rather than hinders; works with you, instead of against, as it were. And although you are not going to take off in a long-distance run in these, you will feel the benefits of wearing a product which caters to your steps. There will be less fatigue and more energy, versus wearing a pair of sandals that are stiff and unforgiving. After it is all said and done, these do have a great ride associated with them.


For those with dainty feet, these are probably not going to fit the bill, per se. They are better suited to those with a wide and short build. The sandals are not as long as other sandals within the same standard of sizing. Furthermore, narrow feet will slide around too much. With all of this taken into account, however, these fit the correct foot exceptionally well. Furthermore, the fit is true to size. This means if you are a U.S. size seven, then a U.S. size seven you remain; no worries over having to calculate whether or not you should size up or down. But, if you happen to have a wide foot and you find these to be a bit too short, as it were, then one size up should suffice. People with narrow feet need not apply, as these will swallow you up, so to speak.


Imagine a pair of footwear that allows you to wear jeans, shorts, and dresses. Well, these do! In addition, you can wear these at the mall, down at the dock, or over to a restaurant, if you so desire. Whether it's a dress you need to put on for a night out on the town or a pair of jeans to hang out with your friends in the backyard, these sandals will get the job done in a grand fashion. In other words, the application factor for this pair of flats is amazing! The only thing you really need to worry about is what color and scheme to choose. After that, it's all in the bag, so to speak. This is truly a style which hovers over multiple aspects of our daily lives with general ease. And the best part about it is that they do it all while looking great in the process. Verdict? We love this style!

Bottom Line

It isn't very often when we get to experience an item which covers vastly many areas of our life. Add to this notion, the low price tag which associates with this circumstance, and we are left pondering in how they did it. Or, at the very least, we are amazed by it all. Now, throw in some comfort and a high level of durability, and this scenario nearly becomes impossible to imagine. But, thankfully, UGG pulls all of this off without a hitch. Most of the time, we find excelling attributes in one area of footwear but a serious disappointment within another. As the green checks were triggered down the list on this item, however, we were left with smiles on a job well done. After all, footwear is about the people who wear it. And in this case, UGG did more than an adequate job at addressing that!