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Sam Edelman has been working and impacting the footwear industry for the past 30 years, bringing you amazing style and great quality shoes. He started his own collection in 2004 designing shoes that are inspired by his lifetimes worth of world travel, his love of design, and over 30 years of experience. He gives you laid-back luxury as well as a timeless American style that his customers love. With locations in New York City and Los Angeles, the company is making its existence known and spreading their great style all around the world.

The Sam Edelman Lior loafers are just another great addition to their already fantastic collection. Customers love the Loraine's, especially the fun printed and variety of colors they can choose from. A couple of reviewers mentioned they love the splash of color the get them from these, adding a little something to their outfits. Whether you are looking for something to wear into the office or a pair of casual day shoes, these loafers will have you covered. Customers have stated that they like the feel and look of them so much that they have purchased more than one pair so they can change things up a bit from day to day.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great comfort
  • Fun printed designs
  • Great color options
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Lightweight construction
  • Good quality materials
  • True to size
  • High price tag
  • Runs extremely narrow
  • Leather stretches 


The uppers of the Sam Edelman Lior loafers are made out of a combination of leather, synthetic, and textile materials to give you a good feel and a stylish look. There are a couple different looks available in these shoes which means the materials that make up the uppers will vary from shoe to shoe but it is safe to say that they will be made out of a combination of the above-mentioned materials. They are very well put together and do not seem to suffer from premature wear and tear to ensure you will not have to worry about replacing them any time soon.

They feature an apron toe, which is very common amongst loafers. It simply means that there is a sperate piece of leather that will wrap around the sides of your shoes extending out into the front of the toe box. This leather is sewn onto the uppers giving you a stitched line that gives them the look of a draped apron, hence the name.


The midsole of the Sam Edelman Loraine loafers features a cushioned footbed to help ensure you get long lasting comfort while you are wearing these shoes which customers can greatly appreciate, especially in a dressier type of shoe. Additionally, they come with a leather lining to give you a little more comfort and soft feeling underfoot. Customers do not really have anything bad to say about the midsole of these fantastic loafers.


The Sam Edelman Loraine loafers have a synthetic sole to help give you a nice look while still being able to provide a decent amount of durability. They are not going to give you the best traction when compared to other daily shoes, such as sneakers, but these are going to do a decent job keeping you on your feet throughout the day. These shoes have a small heel to them, which is common in a lot of similar types of shoes. This is going to give you just a little extra height while you are wearing them, but not a whole lot. The heel is nice though because it is going to give you a little bit of additional on the shoes. The heels tend to wear out first and with the addition of materials, they'll last a bit longer.


As mentioned above, these shoes have a couple of different features to help ensure they have a decent lifespan. After all, you do not want to spend all of your hard earned money on a pair of loafers just to have them fall apart on you after only a couple of wears. It can be frustrating when you have to replace your shoes due to premature wear and tear. Yes, there are a few customers who had some problems with this when they purchased their Sam Edelman Loraine loafers, saying that they were made poorly and fell apart rather quickly. That being said, a vast majority of the customers did not have this problem at all and were very pleased with how long these lasted them. These are definitely not the cheapest loafers on the market but the fact that they are made out of high-quality materials and they are extremely well put together ensures that customers will get their monies worth out of them.


The Sam Edelman Loraine loafers come in a plethora of different styles and designs that customers adore. There are so many varieties that you are sure to find something that will best fit your own unique style and personality. One customer mentioned that they give a fun pop to an outfit. You can get solid and plain colors such as black, white, gold, emerald velvet, or blush gold, or you can get fun prints and designs such as sand leopard print, jacquard metallic, black jacquard, python snake embossed, brown print, or bright multi-colored floral chintz lace. Whether you decided to go with one of the solid colors or one of the fun designs, you are sure to love the way they look on your feet.

Customers can wear these with a wide variety of different outfits giving them far more opportunities and occasions to wear them. Some people opt to wear these to the office, giving them a nice business look and feel. Others will choose to pair them with a pair of blue jeans and a decent blouse and wear them as a casual shoe. There is almost nothing that these shoes do not look amazing with.


Many customers have mentioned that the Sam Edelman Loraine dress loafers have a decent amount of cushioning in them to keep them comfortable which is very much appreciated. They have a cushioned footbed to give you a little bit of underfoot comfort as well as a leather liner to help give you a softer feel. Sometimes customers may prefer to put some additional inserts in them for added cushioning and comfort but for the most part, people are content with what these can offer. One customer even mentioned that she has bunions and they were still able to give her the all-day comfort she needs.

The soft leather lining makes these shoes perfect for those who prefer to leave the house without adding socks to their daily outfit. You should not have to worry about the shoes rubbing uncomfortable and causing chafing and/or blisters which would make your feet miserable and unhappy. The leather around the ankle also helps make sure that the shoe will not cut into your skin causing discomfort.


When you are purchasing a pair of shoes you are going to want to make sure you get a pair that is lightweight and will not feel like you are adding additional weight to your feet that can slow you down and hold you back while you are on the go. You may not be running a marathon in these shoes but that does not mean you have to carry additional, unneeded weight on your feet with no added benefit. The key, when it comes to shoes like this, the lighter the better.

The materials and design of the Sam Edelman Loraine loafers help ensure the weight is down on them, keeping the lightweight for you. Since there are a wide variety of different styles that use different materials there is not a lot of information on exactly how much these shoes weigh, but customers can agree that it is not too much and they feel great on their feet.


When it comes to your shoes you are going to want something that is flexible. You are going to want some freedom to move your feet as freely and naturally as possible while still providing you with the support and protection you need for a decent pair of shoes. The Sam Edelman Loraine loafers are great because they are not going to restrict a lot of your movements, giving you optimal flexibility to ensure a higher comfort level. The leather uppers offer a certain amount of stretch to them so you will not have to worry about them being too tight around your feet. The cushioning of the footbed and the synthetic outsole will also allow you to bend and move your feet freely and easily.


Support is important no matter what type of shoes you are wearing. You need to make sure that you are protected inside of your shoes and you will not slip and slide around, causing injury or discomfort. This is not really something that you will have to worry about too much with the Sam Edelman Loraine loafers as they have some supportive features built right in. Most customers, as long as they purchase the correct size, have no problems with sliding around inside of their shoes, or having the shoes fall off altogether, which is always appreciated. The leather uppers are designed to help keep your feet locked into place to prevent this from happening. Some customers will choose to add additional gel insert into the loafers or a heel liner to help make sure they have the proper fit and support that they need.

When it comes to arch support, it appears that these can offer you a little, but unfortunately there is not a whole lot of information to go on. There are no customer complaints about the lack of support, but at the same time, none of the reviewers mentioned good things about it either. There is just almost no information about it. There is, however, a padded footbed that seems to conform to your feet which is a bonus. Additionally, you can always add an insole to them if there is not enough arch support in them for you right out of the box.


As with any shoe that you purchase it is important to make sure you get the right size and a great fit in order to maximize your comfort level, these shoes are no different. Most customers have stated that these shoes are running pretty true to size, however, they are made out of leather so you can expect them to stretch after a day or two of wearing them. Many customers recommend getting them about a half a size smaller and taking the time to break them in, otherwise, you will end up with a pair of shoes that are too big for you after a couple of wears. Something to note about the fit of the Sam Edelman Loraine loafers is that many reviewers have complained that they fit very narrow so if you are someone with wider feet then you may want to consider finding a different pair of shoes that might work better for your needs.

Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a fun pair of shoes then you might want to consider the Sam Edelman Loraine loafers. Whether you are looking for a new pair of dressy shoes that you can wear to the office, or a casual shoe to wear for a day trip with your friends then these loafers will have you covered. They are available in many different colors and designs, solid colors or prints, so there is sure to be something that will best fit your style and personality. They may have a steeper price tag than some might prefer to pay but most of those who did purchase them said that they were well worth the money they paid for them. They are cozy so you can ensure your feet will stay happy all day long. They are also built with great quality materials so durability should not be an issue. Most customers love these shoes and have even opted into purchasing more than one pair of their collections.