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Saucony Guide 9 Reviewed and Rated Review Facts

Saucony are well known for incorporating specific technology into their range of running trainers. Specifically, the Saucony Guide range are best described as mid-range stability support trainers. The technology used throughout this range of shoes provides extra stability and cushioning support for a responsive wearing experience. The Guide 9 remains similar to its predecessors, but has been made much lighter in design. It features an EVERUN cushioning topsole to provide shock absorption and excellent flexibility to the runner.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Features an EVERUN topsole

True to size fit

Good durability


Price represents good value for money


Flexibility may not be good enough for some runners

The shoe laces are longer than they need to be

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  • Great fit and great support
  • If you need extra support this is the shoe to purchase.
  • After my second run with these shoes they were broken in and I got at least 600 miles out of them.
  • I purchased two pair because I love Saucony Guide 9. They offer a great running shoe at a great price.
  • I recommend these shoes if you overpronate and are prone to shin splints, which I am. These shoes are extremely comfortable.
  • As a woman runner I only wear Saucony. Additionally, I only buy the men version because they fit better and there are more color options.
  • These shoes were perfect for my fallen arches. The padding was exceptional. I run on track and road with no issues
  • These are so nice that I wear them as my everyday shoe
  • Much better than the Guide 8 in my opinion
  • I work 12 hour shift almost entirely on my feet and these shoes are amazing.
  • The Guide 9 is very dependable. I took a chance on the Guide 10 only to come back to the 9, which has a better fit.
  • The Guide 9 is my go to shoe for cross country running.
  • I am never disappointed with Saucony and this holds true with the Guide 9—great arch support, and great fit.
  • I’ve run over 100 miles in these with flat feet with no problems.
  • I work out in these shoes at the gym five days a week and run on average 8 miles. Would definitely recommend.
  • The Saucony Guide 9 is the best running shoes I’ve ever owned
  • When I first got my shoes I wasn’t sure I like them. The toe felt stressed but I am pleased to say that these shoes adjusted nicely to my feet.
  • These shoes live up to their purpose especially if you are a heavier person. Great arch support and the cushion is amazing.
  • I’ve only run in these twice but I am confident to report that these shows fit well and are very comfortable.
  • Standing for hours on my feet isn't a problem anymore. Not the case for my Nike shoes which after work I could barely walk.
  • Depending on where you purchase these shoes the fit might be tighter. Go a half size up.
  • I prefer the fit of the previous series more.
  • The fabric at the toe is flimsy. After only a few miles my toe is showing.
  • Once I got to about 250 miles, about 3 months in for me, the soles of the shoe started to come off.
  • Much more narrower than the previous model.
  • The heel cup isn’t durable at all. A hole appeared after only a few short weeks of wearing these shoes.
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The Saucony Guide 9 features a new TRI-FLEX outsole configuration which enables the foot to have better contact with the ground, resulting in a smoother running experience. This TRI-FLEX technology optimises both the flexibility and the traction of the shoe, by increasing the contact with the ground.
The entire outsole is constructed using XT-900, which is a highly durable carbon rubber element. This enhances both the durability and the traction of the shoe. The outsole also incorporates iBR+ midfoot outsole pods, to add cushioning and make the shoe more responsive. Finally, the outsole has flex grooves throughout it to enhance flexibility, allowing for a more controlled running experience.


The midsole of the Guide 9, incorporates Saucony's new technology, EVERUN. This was known as Power Grid technology in previous models of this range. Saucony have added a topsole layer of EVERUN to the Guide 9. This means that a thin insert has been added over the midsole, which provides enhanced cushioning and flexibility directly underneath the foot.
EVERUN technology is 3 times more durable than EVA, allowing a consistent level of performance. It can also provide 83% energy return for a more responsive stride and is twice as flexible as standard cushioning. Additionally, EVERUN can distribute the force of landing impact for maximum shock absorption. The midsole also incorporates SSL EVA technology for enhanced rebound and durability with limited weight.


The Saucony Guide 9 remains lightweight thanks to the use of a patterned, engineered mesh and seamless overlays for the upper of the shoe. The upper also consists of Saucony's FlexFilm technology which provides an exoskeleton support frame for a secure fit around the foot. FlexFilm provides a more precise fit, to ensure that the foot does not move around whilst in the shoe. It also ensures that fewer layers are required for the construction of the upper, thus limiting its weight.
A RUNDRY collar lining material holds the heel in place and acts to absorb moisture, enhancing the fit and the feel of the shoe at the heel. Finally, a ComfortLite sock liner provides support for the arch, to ensure a more comfortable and secure fit.


Saucony have tried to improve upon previous models of this range by making the Guide 9 a lighter weight. They have succeeded by using lighter materials for its construction. However, a shoe such as this, which is designed for optimum cushioning and stability will never be extremely light weight. The technology required to optimise its performance will always carry some extra weight.
The Guide 9 weighs 9.7 oz for men's and 8.6 oz for women's. This is fairly typical for similar shoes of this style.


Breathability is an important factor for a running trainer. The Guide 9 is certainly more breathable than previous models of the shoe. Its breathability is enhanced by the use of a lightweight mesh for its upper. This provides optimal airflow, moving moisture away from the skin. Additionally, the RUNDRY heel collar lining helps to absorb moisture away from the skin.
These factors work to ensure that the feet do not become sweaty within the shoe and that they are well ventilated at all times.


The Saucony Guide 9 incorporates extra cushioning into its design to ensure that comfort is a priority. The EVERUN technology is at the heart of this comfort. This additional cushioning provides a more comfortable feel under foot. However, as the technology is only incorporated as a thin topsole, the shoe feels soft but not spongy. There is still a firmness to the midsole, which often gives runners a feeling of greater support and stability.


The Saucony Guide 9 is a good looking, stylish running trainer. The shoe is available in various bold color schemes for both men and women. Some examples of the men's color options are: Grey (Midnight/Citron/Orange), Multicolour (Silver/Black/Lime) and Multicolour (Blue/Slime/Black). Whereas examples of the women's options include: Grape, Teal/Coral and Grey/Blue/Citron. The Guide 9 has not been designed to be subtle, it is, however, perfect for increasing visibility in conditions of poor light. Or simply just to bring a bit more color into your day,


The Saucony Guide 9 is known to be a highly durable trainer, despite its lightweight design. It is suitable for use as a road runner or for use at the gym, for example to run on the treadmill. It can even be used for light trails. It would not however be suitable for off road conditions, due to its thin mesh upper.
The EVERUN topsole has been designed to provide optimal durability even with heavy use.


The Guide 9 provides a good amount of cushioning to keep the foot well protected during use. This is particularly evident in the heel area, allowing the shoe to provide maximum shock absorption for heel strikers, helping to protect from injuries.
As it has been designed as a stability trainer, the Guide 9 is suitable for those with running issues, for example plantar fasciitis and weak knees. The Guide 9 also provides great arch support and is suitable for runners with mild or moderate over pronation. Additional rubber has also been added to the forefoot area of the shoe, allowing protection from impact in this area as well.


The Guide 9 has tried to maximise its responsiveness by minimising the use of bulky cushioning and technology, which can often affect performance in stability shoes. The use of the EVERUN technology in the midsole, provides excellent energy return. Whilst, the TRIFLEX outsole works to distribute energy over a larger surface area, which also provides a responsive run.


The Guide 9 is not the most supportive mid-range trainer on the market. However, it does provide some support for over pronators, with a good arch support and supportive cushioning to hold the foot in position effectively. The Guide 9 has been reported to be very supportive to runners with high arches, and to reduce running pain associated with this. There is also some support in the heel of the shoe, which helps to protect against injuries.


The Guide 9 is ideal for use on typical outdoor running surfaces, for example roads and pavements. However, it is adaptable and may be used on some rough or uneven surfaces too. The shoe is not really designed to withstand heavy use on trails or off road conditions, particularly due to the lightweight mesh upper, which may be prone to tearing in these conditions. The Guide 9 is also ideal for using on the treadmill, at the gym.


The Guide 9 is a stability shoe and incorporates a lot of Saucony's new innovative technology, therefore it is priced reasonably competitively with other shoes in the same class.
As the Saucony Guide 10 has been recently released, prices of the Guide 9 have subsequently been reduced. Given that the Guide 10 holds on to many of the features of the Guide 9, this may be an opportunity to get a good deal on this shoe.


The Guide 9 has excellent traction to protect wearers from slips on a range of surfaces, including those that are wet. This traction is provided by the outsole of the shoe, particularly the TRIFLEX technology which maximises contact with the ground. These shoes will provide great traction, when used on the appropriate terrains, as discussed above.


Living up to its name, the FlexFilm technology used in the construction of the Guide 9 upper, provides great flexibility to the shoe. Additionally, the flex grooves incorporated into the outsole of the shoe, enable much more fluid movement at the base of the shoe. These features which maximise the flexibility of the shoe, help to give the runner a much more comfortable and effective running experience.


The Guide 9 is designed to be a stability shoe, so this is an area where it excels. It is designed to stabilise the entire foot and to help to improve running form. By keeping the EVERUN midsole cushioning as just a thin topsole layer, the shoe maintains a reasonable firmness to the midsole. This firmness helps to ensure stability through the foot and to offer extra stability to runners with flexible arches. The Guide 9's also have a built in arch support. Runners who may benefit particularly from the use of a stability shoe, are those who experience plantar fasciitis, shin splints and knee pain when wearing a standard running shoe.


The Guide 9 has a heel to toe drop of 8mm. Saucony have carried out extensive testing, in order to determine the best drop level for one of their most popular shoes. Saucony claim that this drop level enables the cushioning to be distributed more evenly between the forefoot and the heel. This enables a very smooth ride and a comfortable feel when wearing the shoe.

Key Features

• EVERUN technology in the midsole provides great cushioning and a better energy return
• Flex grooves add flexibility to the movement of the sole
• Suitable for runners who over pronate or have flexible arches
• iBR+ outsole is extremely light weight, yet very durable
• Available in a wide range of attractive colour combinations, with a bold design

Bottom line

The 9th offering from the popular Saucony Guide range, is a great mid-range stability trainer. The shoe offers great support, especially for those who tend to over pronate. It combines several of Saucony's innovative technologies to ensure a comfortable, supportive run. Yet it still manages to remain fairly light weight, thanks to the clever use of a thin topsole, to minimise bulky cushioning, and the use of a thin mesh upper. Some people claim that the shoe is not as flexible as they would like, however this can be very hard to find in a stability shoe. The Guide 9 is an attractive shoe with a bold design, available in a choice of many colours, so you are sure to find one that appeals to you.