Saucony Jazz 21

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Editor’s Conclusion
Comfort, style, and performance; three of the key factors that make any running shoe worthy of a look. Whether you’re venturing out onto the open road for a steady run or going for a calming walk, the right shoe is most important.

My partner and I frequently go running together, it brings me so much joy hitting the road knowing that for the next hour my mind is going to have the freedom of its daily constraints. I feel free from the shackles of daily routine and adult life.

When running, I never want to suffer the harsh blisters that many runners come across, and I don't want any of you to suffer them either, so I take care of my feet, and if you’re a runner or an aspiring runner, then investigate your running shoes, you'll benefit.

That said, let's jump into this review so you can see if the Saucony Jazz 21 running shoes are the ones for you.
Saucony Jazz 21 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Breathable Upper Mesh material

Internal midfoot support

TRI-FLEX outsole

Brand New to the market


Sole too solid

Color can run

Key Features


This neutral running shoe has been a great amount of outer sole cushioning so is preferable for durability. I will last and withstand wear, always a box that needs ticking with any trainer.

When it comes to running, I would advise keeping these running shoes for a road or track, rather than cross country. The PWRFOAM sole is great for shock absorption and will be a great ally for pounding the pavements. Great for walking daily but can cause slight discomfort is warn for longer runs as the sole does seem harder.


A modern design that is easy on the eye. The Saucony Jazz 21’s are well and truly designed with an attractive look, it is just as useable as a dress trainer rather than just solely for running.

The upper mesh material allows for breathability, comfort, and a better fit for the foot. The PowerFoam midsole allows for extra cushioning with each stride, but as I said earlier, be mindful this might not be a distance running shoe.

This is a trainer that has a dual-use, it can easily be used for daily activities or more strenuous activities. The brand runs through the trainer too which is a nice touch.


Price is always key when making any purchase and running can be an expensive hobby. The Saucony Jazz 21 are reasonable in price, especially considering you can also use them as an everyday trainer.

Saucony is a reliable and recognized brand, with great experience in producing fabulous trainers. Quality comes with a cost, so no shoe worth buying will be pennies.


The Saucony Jazz 21 have a PowerFoam midsole to add extra cushion and support for the foot. The high arch means an equal amount of support for the heel and ankle. The breathable material used gives the foot room for movability to stop swelling, an added extra for any runner.

TRI-FLEX outsole offers flexibility and the PWRFOAM midsole creates shock absorption so there is a good amount of support for the foot.

Who does this shoe suit?

Here it is … If you are a long-distance/everyday runner then the Saucony Jazz 21 are not the ones I would advise for you. This shoe is more suited for someone who enjoys smaller park runs or easy walks.

I would hate for any runner looking shoe that can go a marathon distance to purchase something that won’t suffice.

Similar Options

If you're looking for a maximum comfort shoe that can go the distance, then go for the Endorphin Shift from Saucony. Similarly priced to the Jazz 21, they offer a slightly higher performance value in my point of view, especially regarding running.

The Jazz 21 are of beautiful design, elegant to look at so I should prefer them for everyday shoes.


Well, guys, I've said it throughout, this running shoe is great, but it does have its flaws, as does any. The Saucony Jazz 21 running shoe is a great option; it has breathability, FORMFIT performance, EVERUN heel, and midsole inserts but the hard sole does stick in my mind. I have always said, and will always say, comfort is key to enjoying your running. Without comfort, you will not get the most out of your feet.

The bonus that this Saucony shoe has is that it can be used as both an everyday trainer and a running shoe. So you are getting your money's worth here.

I would always advise readers to check lots of different reviews, don't part with money until you know what you are buying.