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Nike Tanjun Review Facts

The Nike Tanjun was first released in 2015 and has since proven to be a highly popular addition to the Nike range. It is a stylish low-top trainer which takes inspiration from the design of the Nike Roshe. The Japanese word Tanjun translates to "simplicity" and this is exactly what the Nike Tanjun trainer brings to the table. The Tanjun has a very simple and sleek design, which is sure to appeal to those of you who like to sport a low profile trainer. Due to their close similarity to the Nike Roshe and their cheaper price tag, the Tanjun are sure to be a hit with avid Nike fans who are looking to invest in a good pair of trainers without breaking the bank.

Editor's Pros & Cons

The Nike Tanjun is a very comfortable trainer

It has an affordable price tag

It has a lightweight design

The Tanjun has a low profile design, which will pair nicely with the majority of outfits

It is available in multiple colourways


The Tanjun may run slightly small

Some users have complained about insufficient durability of the shoe

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  • Nike Tanjun is a great all day shoe. Very comfortable. I love how lightweight it is. I liked them so much I purchased my boyfriend a pair in a different color.
  • I have several issues with my feet, which include flat foot and gout. When I put on these Nike Tanjun shoes my feet have never felt more comfortable. I have 5 pairs in different colors.
  • These are like walking on supportive clouds and they are lightweight.
  • With my flat feet I have no problems when I wear these.
  • Like most Nike shoes, you need to purchase a size up but for the comfort it’s okay.
  • I walk miles in these shoes at work and the Nike Tanjun give my feet a huge hug.
  • These shoes support my weight (344lbs) and I am impressed! I like the look and feel of this shoe,
  • I have zero discomfort in my shoes and I am on my feet most of the day.
  • Lightweight and very comfortable.
  • I am in my 80’s and these shoes are great to walk around in. I can walk about 25 miles in a week. I tend to put plenty of miles on my Nikes.
  • These shoes are so light and comfortable they feel more like socks than sneakers.
  • These shoes were a hit with my wife because she doesn’t like white shoes. I like them because they are comfortable.
  • There’s nothing to complain about this shoe looks good and feel great.
  • Great for working out in the gym, walking and running.
  • My daughter says she likes these because they don’t look like ‘dad’ shoes. Great for casual wear.
  • I purchased these after reading several reviews about people wearing them for long hours. I work 10 hour shifts in these and they feel like pillows on my feet.
  • Light and comfortable and comes in plenty of colors.
  • These are my fourth pair. They can be a little snug at first but they loosen up quickly.
  • They fit perfectly. They feel great right out of the box and I wear them all day.
  • I feel like I am walking on air!
  • Toe area wore out too quickly.
  • Was expecting more traction
  • Only had them 3 months and they started to breakdown
  • Durability is questionable
  • The fit is narrow and they run small
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The Nike Tanjun outsole is constructed using EVA foam, this helps to keep it lightweight, whilst maintaining fantastic water resistance, durability and shock absorption. The Tanjun also has a very flexible outsole, due to the use of the innovative Nike flex grooves - four to be exact! These enable the outsole to flex in any given direction, enabling freedom of movement and a comfortable wearing experience. Finally, the outsole of the Tanjun incorporates a waffle pattern for enhanced traction.


The midsole of the Tanjun, just like the outsole is constructed using EVA foam. EVA is very commonly used as a midsole material because it has the ideal properties for this job. It is a very lightweight polymer, therefore it keeps the overall weight of the shoe down considerably. It is also flexible, allowing these gym shoes to move with the wearer and provides a good amount of cushioning and shock absorption, which is essential underfoot in a good pair of running trainers.


The Nike Tanjun has a very simple diamond grid mesh upper, which also helps to minimize the weight of the shoe. A mesh upper helps to keep the shoe very breathable and flexible, allowing the wearer to move smoothly and comfortably. The upper design of the shoe is kept very simple, with the same mesh material encompassing the foot right down to the sole. It is also a seamless design, therefore, the upper is a single piece of material with no stitching. This helps to improve both the comfort and the look of the shoe.


As mentioned previously, the Tanjun is a very lightweight trainer, which is a huge selling point when it comes to choosing suitable running shoes. Nike keep the Tanjun lightweight by using materials which function well but add little overall weight to the shoe. This includes the use of EVA foam in the outsole and midsole of the shoe and a lightweight and breathable mesh material to construct the upper of the shoe.


With the Tanjun, Nike has definitely succeeded in creating a shoe which keeps feet exceptionally cool and well ventilated. This is mainly due to the mesh upper, which optimizes ventilation throughout the shoe. As the mesh material is used to construct the whole of the upper, with a seamless design, this provides maximum breathability to the wearer. This is essential in a running shoe to limit the risk of athlete's foot and other conditions associated with sweaty feet.


Obviously having a running shoe which is comfortable, not only to run in but also for general wear, is very important to the user. Nike are very reliable at creating shoes which are comfortable to use and the Tanjun is no exception to this. The EVA foam midsole ensures just the right amount of cushioning underfoot and also provides shock absorption, to protect the foot whether running or walking. The mesh upper of the shoe is also very comfortable, allowing unrestricted movement of the foot. Additionally the seamless design of the upper, ensures that the foot is not irritated by seams rubbing on the skin. This is ideal for runners who prefer not to wear socks with their trainers.


The Nike Tanjun has a very simplistic and minimal design. It will appeal to you if you prefer a shoe which is not particularly attention-grabbing, but instead, want a shoe that will go with any choice of outfit. As well as being available in standard colours, such as, black, white, wolf grey and navy, the Tanjun is also available in some more vibrant colours, such as red and orange. The upper of the shoe is monochromatic, with only the Nike swoosh logo and the sole of the shoe being in a different colour. This adds to the minimalistic look of the Tanjun.


The Nike Tanjun has some mixed reviews regarding its durability. Obviously, when you buy from the Nike brand, you expect a premium quality shoe which will last you for a long time. The majority of criticism seems to focus on the upper construction of the shoe. Some users have said that the thin mesh upper does not withstand heavy use and develops tears after a while. However, mesh uppers are very commonly used in running trainers to keep them lightweight, whilst optimizing ventilation. To ensure the longevity of the shoes, they should only be used for the recommended activities of running, walking or use in the gym and should not be used for off-road activities which may increase the chances of damage to the upper. The EVA outsole has proved to be very durable, which is why it is such a popular material choice.


The Tanjun does provide good protection underfoot, with the use of EVA foam in the outsole and midsole. This cushions the foot and protects from impacts, regardless of the terrain that you are moving across. The one area where protection isn't the best is the upper of the shoe. As the thin mesh upper is very flimsy, this doesn't provide much protection to the top of the foot. In order to keep the shoe nice and light, Nike has had to prioritize providing protection where it is arguably needed the most, underfoot.


The EVA foam in the midsole does provide the Nike Tanjun with a nice responsive bounce. This is important in a running shoe, because it is actually the compression and rebound of the midsole material which works to propel you forward with each stride, helping to improve your running technique and enhance your performance.


Whilst being a very comfortable shoe to wear, the Nike Tanjun also offers a lot in the way of support. The cushioned midsole offers plenty of support underfoot, including fantastic arch support. The Tanjun also has a padded heel collar, to offer support to the ankle, which is very important to a runner to help in the prevention of injuries.


The Nike Tanjun performs best when used on standard running or walking surfaces, such as roads and pavements. The Tanjun can also be used for running on the treadmill or for other activities at the gym. This shoe has not been designed to be used on any rougher terrains, and doing so may cause damage. As the shoe is designed to be lightweight, its materials are not durable enough to withstand these types of surfaces. Several wearers have experienced problems with the shoe's durability when using them on the wrong types of surfaces.


The Tanjun carry the trademark high quality that is expected from a shoe produced by Nike. However, they can be picked up for a reasonable price. This is mainly due to the simple design of the Tanjun. The shoe carries no high-end technology, but is instead a comfortable and functional standard running trainer. It is very similar in design to the Nike Roshe, but significantly cheaper and so may appeal to fans of this particular shoe.


The outsole of the Nike Tanjun has a traction pattern, consisting of small herringbone trenches in large tile sections. This pattern provides traction on a wide variety of different running and walking surfaces. This pattern also extends right up to the tip of the toe, providing optimal traction all over the sole. Some reviewers have stated that the traction pattern on the sole of the Tanjun wears down very quickly when the shoes are just used in the standard manner, for running and walking.


The Nike Tanjun is a fairly flexible running shoe. The EVA midsole and outsole allow the bottom of the shoe to bend and move with the movement of the foot. While the thin mesh upper also provides great flexibility to the shoe across the top of the foot. The flex grooves in the sole of the shoe further increase its flexibility by allowing multi-directional movement.


Whilst the Nike Tanjun is definitely not designed as a stability trainer, the sole of the shoe does provide a decent amount of stability to the wearer. This is due to the firmness of the EVA midsole, allowing the foot to stay firmly in place during use. The mesh upper of the shoe, however, is described as quite flimsy, therefore it may not adequately hold the foot in place and some users may find that this affects their stability.


There is not any information available about the heel to toe drop of the Nike Tanjun. However, users do describe it as a fairly high drop, which is noticeable due to the heavy cushioning of the midsole. This relatively high drop helps the wearer to have smoother transitions and to have more impact protection through the heel.

Key Features

• Simplistic, monochromatic design
• Affordable price
• EVA outsole and midsole
• Breathable mesh upper
• Flex grooves in the outsole to enhance flexibility

Bottom line

Nike has done a fantastic job in the overall design of the Tanjun, creating a simple, monochromatic shoe which will look great when teamed with any outfit. The shoe also has great breathability, thanks to the mesh upper, which keeps the feet cool and refreshed during use. Some users feel that the durability of the shoe may be insufficient, however, if the shoe is used for its intended function and well looked after, this shouldn't be an issue. The affordable price tag of the Nike Tanjun will definitely appeal to Nike fans who are looking for a decent and stylish running trainer without a hefty price tag.