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First released in the 1990s, the Nike Air Skylon II has made a strong and unexpected comeback. Back in the days, it was one of Nike’s most technologically advanced pairs; it was the first model featuring both heel and forefoot air, along with a compression molded midsole. Today, it’s still got the comfortable and supportive features from over two decades ago. On top of that, they’ve got a super cool design that’s original, refreshing, and has a retro-vibe we just can’t resist.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Authentic 90s look
  • Ultra-responsive midsole
  • Accurate sizing
  • Three color options
  • Refreshing style
  • Not very breathable
  • Too cool for running
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  • I loved these so much, that I had to buy another pair. Super comfortable and great looking shoes.
  • I love how retro and comfortable these are. Very fun to wear.
  • I purchased a half size up for more space. These are great shoes, and I get a ton of compliments.
  • Great quality shoe that brings a pop to your wardrobe.
  • I had to size up a half size with these, but they fit great now. Great for wide feet, I wear these for exercising and running errands.
  • Perfect shoe for my morning long walks, very lightweight and sturdy.
  • I love this shoe, makes my feet look smaller since I have big feet. I love them, I wear them often.
  • I can’t stop talking about this shoe, it’s a great casual sneaker. Perfect for walking.
  • Super comfortable and clean looking shoe. I ordered a half size up and they fit perfectly.
  • I love the color of these shoes, they go with everything. I was able to fit my original size.
  • Little break in time, after an hour of wear they felt like clouds.
  • Great for those looking to be comfortable but still have a put together look.
  • I ordered these offline and got them super quick, super in love with these shoes. I’m able to walk all day in them!
  • I’m happy that I bought a half size up, they’re great with or without socks and super comfortable.
  • Love these retro shoes, they’re very unique and look great! Great quality.
  • Very classic and clean style, they do fit a bit narrow but after some wear that resolved itself.
  • Great white sneaker that’s super comfortable. They very comfortable and versatile with style.
  • I bought these for my daughter as a gift, she loves them. Everyone always compliments her on them.
  • Great room in the toe box, perfect for wide feet. Provides all day comfort.
  • Great color and super low profile. I’m definitely considering buying these in other colors.
  • Some customers said shoe ran a little small.
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Though the majority of the uppers are solid-colored, there’s a pop of color around the Nike swoosh. It contrasts with the black or the white uppers and is eye-catching, yet not overwhelming. The gradient adds to their originality and 90s vibe. Three colorways offered with this model: white upper with an orange-yellow gradient; white upper with a purple-red gradient, and black upper with a blue-purple gradient.


With the original first released in the 1990s, it goes without saying that they’ve got an authentic and distinct 90s vibe. There’s just something about the combination of overlays and the pop of color; it’s tasteful yet refreshing to look at. As a result, they are great for streetwear and pair perfectly with casual outfits. Wear them with jeans, leggings, or shorts, and a top that compliments their color - or better yet, let them complete a retro-inspired attire!


The uppers are made with a combination of different materials. Nylon mesh is used in the toe box, tongue, and heel collar. It’s also used in the midsole panel, though it feels slightly different due to the color gradient painted there. They also feature felt overlays that are designed to mimic suede and have a nice, rich texture to the touch.


Based on the model’s name, it’s no surprise that they feature Nike’s groundbreaking footwear technology. Nike Air consists of a tough and flexible bag of pressurized air. With each step, it absorbs impact and gives a spring to the step of the wearer by rebounding immediately back to its original shape. Its responsiveness gives a boost to each new stride and, in the long term, can enhance endurance and keep the wearer energized for longer. Not only that, it’s lightweight and made with at least 50% recycled materials and 100% renewable energy.


As we mentioned, this model you can purchase now is a comeback of the 1990s original. Not much, if anything at all, has been changed from that original. But the funny thing is that these shoes come with a tag on the inside saying “RECRAFTED.” Many say it’s possible that the new version might really have been re-made to resemble the original, but without the original mold. In this case, they would’ve had to borrow an old pair, maybe from a shoe collector, and take detailed measurements to do their best and recreate the original from scratch. Safe to say that there’s a lot of history in this one model!


Nike shoes tend to run a bit smaller than those of other athletic brands like Adidas and Reebok. This pair, on the other hand, is fairly accurate when it comes to length. Width-wise they, unfortunately, don’t have width variations. People with wide feet may find them overly cozy and a bit constricting at first, but a short period of wear will break them in. In short, order your typical size, and you’ll most likely get a good fit.


The Nike Air technology is designed to help athletes - including elites and amateurs - improve their performance and stay comfortable and protected during exercise. However, some Nike Air Maxnew models have become clunky, almost boot-like, and not practical for exercise. But the Nike Skylon II remains practical and supportive, enhancing performance rather than hindering it. Runners will benefit from their comfort and rebounding sole.


Did you know that Nike’s basketball footwear has over 42 years of experience with traction technology? Their progress has been reflected in the outsoles of their other shoes, too. Though the Air Skylon 2 doesn’t feature the traditional herringbone pattern, (they are, after all, running shoes), the manufacturer has still made sure they get a steady grip on the ground. Made of durable rubber, the outsole has a simple yet reliable tread that offers excellent traction.


Though the manufacturer claims breathable, the reviews they’ve gotten suggest otherwise. It’s true that breathable nylon mesh is used in the toe box, tongue, and heel collar; however, the felt overlays blocks it and prevents it from providing much ventilation. As a result, they can get a bit toasty. It’s a good thing for chilly days, but in the heat of summer, opt for a different pair. As well, if you plan on running in them, make sure they won’t make your feet sweat an uncomfortable amount.


Here’s the catch; though this pair is comfortable, cushioning, and quite supportive for running, they are still “impractical” to some extent. The reason is purely psychological: they’re just such a nice pair! If you’re really into footwear, this model’s sure to have hit you with the nostalgia of the 90s. Their comeback was miraculous enough, and now that you’ve really got a pair in your possession, you might not want to beat them all up. It’s even worse if you’ve got the white pair - just walking down the street means you risk getting a dirt mark, and the felt material’s not easy to clean. Because of this, they might not ultimately do the job they’re supposed to do, which is helping you run.

Bottom Line

Overall, this 1990s comeback is definitely worth the hype. Not only do they look great with their felt overlays, color gradient, and retro vibe, they are incredibly cushioning and comfortable for both running and for streetwear. They run true to size, provide traction, and have three color options. The only thing to note is that the overlays restrict their breathability and that wearers with wide feet will need to break them in; as well, that they’re so stylish and nostalgic that you might not want to wear them to run or go outside at all. But it’s not hard to see that the pros far outweigh the cons.