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Nike’s Run Swift is an ultra-lightweight runner that was made to offer the ultimate in comfort and wearability! Its mesh upper unit allows for plenty of airflow inside the shoe which helps to reduce sweat and odor-causing bacteria for a fresher all-day feel. The Run Swift promises better midfoot support thanks to its woven mesh that provides an impressive structure and superior stability. Nike’s innovative Flywire cables make this pair a must-have for anyone who needs more supportive benefits from their footwear and makes for a responsive ride. These runners are ideal for wearers with a high to medium arch and are appropriate for both over and under pronation. A cushioned foam midsole ensures total comfort and helps to prevent foot pain and discomfort in the arch area which means you’ll feel better overall while you train. Anyone on the market for a lightweight option will benefit from the Run Swift’s easy-wearing 9.5 oz silhouette that feels effortless while you exercise. This shoe comes highly rated among wearers and performs well in both wet or dry conditions thanks to its non-slip, water-resistant outsole.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Integrated Flywire Cables
  • Midfoot Support
  • 9.5 oz Total Weight
  • Corrects Over/Underpronation
  • Responsive Design
  • Narrow Forefoot
  • Tight Midfoot


Nike has incorporated Flywire cables at the midfoot to provide better structure and this technology certainly does what it’s intended to! Combined with densely woven mesh fabric, the Flywire cables help to provide excellent support which is an important aspect for any athlete! An unsupportive shoe puts you at a greater risk of injury and can leave you feeling fatigued when you're done. Instead, the Run Swift helps to stabilize the delicate arch area and lessens the strain placed on the Achilles.


The Swift’s rubber outsole is perfect for wearing in any weather conditions. Rubber is 100% water-resistant and offers excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces making it the best choice for the outsole of a shoe. This pair features a unique tread pattern that helps to maximize the sole’s grip so you can forget about any accidental slips or falls. The Run Swift was designed with a bold outsole that stands out from the rest of the shoe thanks to its exaggerated appearance. You can choose from the traditional white or opt for a black-on-black pair that displays an edgy black outsole.


The Run Swift features a full-length Phylon midsole that’s both feather-light and long-lasting for enjoyable wear. Phylon is a comforting compression molded EVA foam that is shaped in a mold and then heated at very high temperatures. During the heating process, the natural air bubbles expand more than with any other method. This results in an ultra-lightweight and pillow-like midsole material. Nike is an industry leader with this type of midsole and has even managed to create a dual-density Phylon material.


The Run Swift is made from an excellent combination of materials which include mesh, synthetics, Phylon, and rubber. Its mesh and synthetic upper offers a breathable and lightweight structure that's perfect for athletic wear. Proper airflow helps to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria for a fresher all-day feel. Innovative Flywire cables help to add an extra layer of support at the midfoot which is an important feature for runners and athletes. The Swift's rubber outsole provides solid traction on both wet and slippery surfaces which helps to lessen the chance of slips or falls when it's wet outside.


This option is a lightweight ride that athletes and casual wearers enjoy. It weighs in at just 9.5 ounces (men’s size 9), which makes it a versatile option that can be worn for running or walking with ease. If you wear a shoe that’s too heavy it will slow you down and impede your overall performance which is why it's important to take the weight into consideration when making your selection. While there are options which weigh as little as four to five ounces, it’s not necessary to wear a shoe that lean, unless you’re sprinting.

Some runners prefer to wear lighter footwear with less bulk in the heel because they prefer a more barefoot approach. There are mixed opinions on whether, or not wearing a shoe with added cushioning is actually unhealthy for the feet while running. The added cushion also makes the shoe heavier, though the Run Swift utilizes a barely-there foam material in the midsole that adds hardly any bulk.


When it comes to style Nike always delivers! This pair is trendy enough to wear for almost any occasion including just for hanging out friends or family. The great thing about this pair is that you can wear it while you train without having to switch your shoes once you're off the track. Nike is one of the most well-known brands in athletic apparel and wearing the Run Swift will help you to look your best no matter what the day calls for.


Wearing a responsive pair of footwear can make the world of difference while you’re running! Any athlete knows how important it is that their footwear responds well with the ground beneath them and properly returns energy rather than feeling like a dead weight. With every step you take, a small amount of the energy you’ve generated gets trapped inside of the shoes you’re wearing. To prevent this, a shoe needs to help control the energy lost so that you can run with greater speed and a more powerful stride.

The Run Swift utilizes Flywire cables and a unique mesh midfoot structure that helps to promote better energy return. Its waffle piston design provides the perfect kind of cushioning to control energy transfer without adding any extra bulk to the shoe. This option is an excellent choice for runners looking to amp up their speeds and lessen the amount of energy lost from every stride.


The Run Swift comes on an assortment of stylish colorways so you'll have no trouble matching this shoe with all of your favorite outfits. Whether you’re headed to hang out with friends or off to push your body to its limits, this shoe can help you look your best! Choose from trending colors like white/dark grey, neo-Turq-black, black/metallic hematite, or black on black just to name a few. This pair was made to look as good as it feels and the sheer multitude of hues available help to make this an effortlessly stylish choice of footwear.


Overall, the Run Swift feels nice on your feet, however, some find that it fits a little narrow at the forefoot. This can result in discomfort in the toes and often leads people to opt for a larger size that they actually wear. This is a result of the tightly woven mesh fabric at the midsection of the shoe which was intended to provide better support. If you have relatively wide feet this shoe is not going to be the best choice because of it’s snug fitting mid and forefoot, though wearers with slender feet will love the extra-supportive ride that the Run Swift offers.


The downfall to this pair is that it’s very snug and quite narrow in both the mid and forefoot areas. Though the heel is quite roomy and won’t cramp the rear foot in the slightest. This model is recommended for wearers who have a slender foot structure and it won’t be very comfortable for those with wider feet. A combination of integrated Flywire cables and tightly woven mesh do provide excellent structure for the foot but as a result, the shoe has no extra room to spare!

Bottom Line

Overall, the Run Swift is an excellent choice of footwear for both athletic and casual wear! It offers a supportive structure and well-cushioned insole that help to lessen the negative impact of running and walking on the hard pavement while also reducing fatigue in the feet and lower limbs. This pair is perfect for wearers who have a slender foot shape because of its narrow structure that was designed to better support the midfoot. For those with a wider structure, these shoes will most likely feel too snug, though purchasing a size up from your normal one will help to make up for this.

These Nike runners offer a tailored feel that most people enjoy wearing. Its lightweight build and flexible design make the Swift an excellent choice for athletes who require an adaptable ride. Wearing a flexible shoe can mean the world of difference when you’re running because having a pair that’s restrictive can put extra pressure on certain areas of the foot. As a result, you could end up developing painful blisters from the friction.

This pair is recommended for individuals who have both a medium or high arch type and its a great choice for problems with under and overpronation. Its extra supportive mid-section helps to promote proper positioning of the foot helping to correct issues with rolling. The cushioned foam midsole also helps to keep the foot in the best position for running and walking because it inhibits excess inward and outward rolling. The Run Swifts neutral support isn’t the best choice for those with a low arch because it won’t provide the kind of structure needed to support this arch type.

This lightweight shoe offers a responsive ride that reduces the amount of energy you lose from every step. In turn, you’ll see increased speeds and feel less fatigued after every run. The Swift is a stylish looking choice of footwear that comes in a wide variety of color combinations to choose from. The multitude of colors and trendy design features help to make this a versatile pair that can effortlessly be incorporated into any outfit and still look amazing!