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Add a sleek, modern twist to your outfit with the Naturalizer Women’s Hoda Pump. The elongated toe, chunky block style 3 1/4 inch heel, and asymmetrical lines with exposed skin on the top of the foot give this pump its chic, bold feel, and will give you the confidence you need to get through the day (or cousin’s wedding you don’t want to go to). A cushioned insole, lightweight construction, flexible sole, and breathable upper and lining, these pumps work all day to provide you with the support and comfort you need, all without sacrificing on style. These pumps also have a side zip closure for easier putting on and taking off, along with a 0.2 inch platform and non-slip outsole for stability. Offered in whole and half sizes from 4 to 12, and you have an option between medium and wide width. Consumers have reported that this pump is true to size. Three color options are available: Alabaster, black, and light bronze. These pumps weigh 10 oz each, making them very lightweight.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Quality leather upper
  • Sturdy 3 1/4 inch block style heel
  • Durable synthetic sole
  • N5 Comfort technology
  • Flexibility/form fitting
  • Middle area of foot exposed
  • No adjustability for a customized fit


A revolutionary mission to create stylish yet comfortable footwear, specifically for women, began in 1927 when the Naturalizer brand came to be. The brand has earned an impressive reputation, coming to be known as “the shoe with the beautiful fit”. They achieved this reputation because they understand that women need comfortable shoes to help them get through their days, and to leave the with a little energy to spare. Naturalizer offers hard-to-find variety in sizes and widths to help women achieve their perfect fit. The brand believes in going against the grain, breaking the mold, not conforming. If you want to wear sneakers with a dress, do it. Heels with jeans? Why not?! Metallic colors both during the day and night? Yes! Naturalizer encourages women to be bold and unique. Make a statement, make it your statement. Make your own look!

N5 Comfort Technology

The Hoda Pump features N5 Comfort technology from Naturalizer. Naturalizer has always been committed to designing shoes with the all day comfort you need and deserve. The patented N5 Comfort technology will take you anywhere you need to go with its legendary comfort and support that you can feel. N5 Comfort gives your extra cushioning with latex foam at three critical places. It’s under the ball of the foot, in the insole at strike contact, and the whole length of the lining. All of this together will absorb shock, support body weight, and distribute pressure.
N5 Comfort shoes have breathable lining located on the sock cover and interior. Porous synthetic material that allows plenty of air flow will permit heat and moisture to dissipate, which is going to keep your feet cooler and drier. The heel shapes are crafted specifically for stability. The inside heel cup will also provide a more secure fit. The shape of the heel and the cup inside will promote a stable heel strike and toe off, enabling a more natural stride. Flexible materials are used for both the insole and the outsole, which will help your shoes move more naturally with your foot, relieving pressure. Lastly, lightweight, but durable, materials are used throughout the entire construction of Naturalizer’s N5 Comfort shoes. This makes them capable of providing lasting comfort with being weighed down with layers.


The upper material of the Hoda Pump is leather. Leather is a high-end, classic, trendy, practical choice when it comes to your footwear. Leather always has been adored in fashion, and most likely always will be. It can be classy and formal, casual and country, sexy and shiny, or grungy motorcycle gang attire. As far as leather being used for the upper of a shoe, still just as applaudable. Leather allows the foot to breathe because it absorbs moisture and expels it as vapor. Keeping your foot cool and dry is important to the overall comfort of the shoe. Leather is flexible enough that it will move with the natural curve of your foot and, over time, will mold to fit the shape of your foot, thus providing more comfortable shoes for a longer amount of time (because leather lasts). No matter how you plan to wear leather, you can always be sure it will add the perfect extra pop of style and attitude.


The outsole of the Hoda Pump is made with synthetic rubber. There are many advantages and disadvantages to rubber soles. Rubber is slip-resistant, and a good slip resistant shoe will offer more surface contact with the pattern of the tread. Since the pattern is designed to be slip-resistant, it is most effective to have as much of it comes into contact with the floor as possible. Rubber is also flexible by nature, so there is little to no break in time needed. The sturdiness of rubber will give you more comfort under your foot. Rubber also naturally has shock absorption. This means you won’t feel every step as hard as you would in a leather sole. However, rubber does not have the ability to conform to the shape of you foot that leather does. This could, over time, become uncomfortable. A good rubber sole will last you quite a while, just be careful not to get any cracks in it.


Are you sick of having to leave an extra pair of flip flops in the car when you go somewhere? Sick of worrying about your feet becoming too tired or sore or sweaty to be able to finish your plans? You can stop wasting time on changing shoes and start enjoying more of your time when you slide into the Naturalizer Women’s Hoda Pump. The shaft of this pump rests right above your ankle, providing just a little bit of support and protection for your ankle. Some may find it comfortable, some may not like it against their skin. That’s all in personal preference and what you’re accustomed to. Skin will always be irritated where it isn’t used to outside forces.
Being made of leather, the upper of this pump will feel like it is walking with you as it flexes and conforms to fit your unique shape. The lining is breathable, as well as the upper, providing your foot with double protection from sweat. Sweaty feet can cause so much more than just stinky feet, so be sure to take care of them. The N5 Comfort technology works overtime in 3 important places to give you an extra comfort boost while you’re walking. It’s located under the ball of the foot, in the insole at strike contact, and the whole length of the lining. The chunky block style heel provides comfort through stability and even weight distribution. From top to bottom, the Hoda Pump is sure to keep your feet going as long as you need them to. Be sure to consider the pointed toe design. If you have a problem finding comfort in pointed toes, you may want to order a half size up to give yourself room to breathe.


There are a few characteristics of this pump that will aid in expanding its life expectancy. The rubber outsole is going to stand up to the elements a lot more effectively and for a longer period of time than leather soles would. The chunky block style heel, and the fact that it is at a “comfortable” height of 3 ¼ inches, add sturdiness and distribute your weight more evenly. This will help keep you from rolling your ankles (we know we all do it) and damaging yourself and/or the shoe. Less stress on the shoe from being rolled over abruptly means a longer life. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Leather is naturally very durable and can last 20 or more years. While it is not as tough against abrasions and punctures as rubber would be, it can be repaired and replaced, whereas rubber can not.


Have you ever spent a night gracelessly wobbling around in a pair of heels that caused painful cramping? You’re not alone. It seems like high heels are a never ending source of pain and misery, whether you’re walking, standing, or just putting them on. But, as with all else, not all heels are created equal. Chunky, block style heels are rising in popularity recently. People are beginning to question what the best type of heel is to wear. Two doctors in a study agreed that a chunky heel offers better stability, which ultimately offers more support. It is also better for your foot than a stiletto heel because it has a greater surface area. Allowing your weight to distribute more evenly. It is also exponentially more stable for people prone to ankle sprains and those who have balance issues. Even though thicker heels can still put stress on the ball of your foot, they could reduce the tripping hazard by minimizing instability.


At 3 ¼ inches tall, the Hoda Pump heel is suitable for wear both at play and at the office. They are the perfect height to add some confidence to your stride, improve your posture, keep you comfortable, and look good while doing it. Since the heel is in a chunky block style, instead of a thin, pointy stiletto, it is more comfortable to walk on. It is more supportive. It distributes your weight evenly, taking a lot of unnecessary pressure off of your heels and the balls of your feet, along with the tendons on the sole of your feet. The chunky design also makes these pumps more versatile. You can wear them to walk to work and not be petrified of getting stuck in a crack and breaking your heel or twisting your ankle. You can wear them to walk your dog in the park and not have to worry about getting stuck in the wet ground. You can wear them to buy groceries or to go to school. Whatever you choose to do in them, you can be sure the heel will protect you better than any stiletto can.


The Hoda Pump comes in not only one, but three, stunning color options. All three colors are very neutral, versatile tones. The leather upper is offered in Alabaster, Black, and Light Bronze.

When planning an outfit to go with Light Bronze, many people would gravitate toward complementary, neutral, earthy tones. This is a fine choice, because they do look wonderful together! But, if you have an adventurous spirit, you may want to try some bold colors. Chili-pepper red isn’t the only daring shade to pair with bronze. You can use flat black or charcoal to compliment the bronze’s glint, dreamsicle orange for an eye-catching punch, or bright aquamarine from across the color wheel for stunning contrast.

When picking out clothes to go with black, you can aim for a more bold effect and choose colors like hot pink, red, or turquoise. Black goes with almost anything (almost), but works especially great with itself. Black on black is the most dramatic, elegant, classic, sassy look, especially without ruffles or bows trying to decorate it.

And lastly, the alabaster color. Alabaster is not as warm as beige, nor as stark as white. This very neutral shade works well with virtually any style or color palette. Some great combinations are peach, navy blue, and a touch of bright orange for a refreshingly casual look.

Bottom Line

Some may say that the Naturalizer Women’s Hoda Pump is too expensive, but you’re paying for more than a brand name. You’re paying for long-lasting durability, stability, flexibility, support, comfort, and style. And this pump delivers. Real leather is used for the upper, providing breathability, flexibility, comfort, durability, and a sleek look. The lining and insole are reinforced with N5 Comfort technology to give you yet another boost of comfort. The chunky heel will keep you comfortable longer and will provide more stability and durability than a stiletto heel would. This pump leaves the middle part of your foot exposed, while covering your toes and heel. They’re not only trendy and classy and gorgeous, they’re made from quality material by a company committed to stylish, comfortable footwear specifically for women.