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Teva has been making sports sandals since 1984. They started at the Grand Canyon when one of the river guides got tired of losing sandals so they strapped two Velcro bands to a pair of flip flops, creating their first pair of water sandals. To this day they are still creating and producing great quality shoes that are both comfortable and practical. The Teva Voya Infinity sandals are just one more in their long line of shoes.

These sandals are great for both water activities and hanging out on dry land. They have a water-ready webbed upper that is able to comfortably be worn into the water with no problems. When it is time to come out and dry off you will have no problems with the quick-drying materials, you will not have to worry about walking around in soggy shoes all day. They are exceptionally comfortable thanks to all the underfoot padding, they are perfect for all-day wear. Coming in a bunch of different colors and having such an affordable price tag has customers purchasing numerous pairs of these great shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Form-fitting top sole
  • All-day comfort
  • Adjustable straps
  • Water ready
  • Quick drying
  • Super lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Fun color options
  • Low price tag
  • Only available in whole sizes
  • Runs slightly narrow


The outsole of the Teva Voya Infinity sandals is designed to give you a lightweight feel and extra durability while you're out and about. These sandals are going to be able to hold quite the grip on many different terrains. You don't want to have to worry about being out and about and having your feet slip out from underneath you causing you to potentially fall hurt yourself or others. Even though the outsole is made out of EVA foam does not mean that it will not be able to hold quite the grip. The tread design on the bottom of the shoes is going to allow you to walk on a plethora of different surfaces without the fear of having your feet slip out from underneath you.

Totally shoes offer a decent amount of durability so you will not have to worry about premature wear and tear when it comes to the bottoms of your shoes. Overall these are a great outsole for a great pair of shoes.


The midsole of the Teva Voya Infinity sandals has a mush top sole sitting on top of the EVA foam outsole to give you extra comfort while you are out and about. This mesh top sole forms and molds to the shape of your foot to give you amazing comfort where you need it. Customers love the way these shoes feel on their feet, and most of that is due to how comfortable and squishy the soles of these shoes are.

Even though these shoes have a little bit of a bounce to them when you walk, it would not be considered a responsive shoe, but that does not seem to be a problem for most customers as these are not designed to be used as running shoes. Yes, you will get that spring in your step thanks to the highly cushioned and bouncy top sole of these sandals, but they will not give you a high energy return that some people might be looking for. If you need something with a high energy return and a more responsive ride then you might want to step away from the sandals and take a look at running sneakers.


The uppers of the sandals consist of a series of polyester webbing that is designed to be extremely durable, super lightweight and ready for the water. The polyester materials that make up the straps are quick drying which makes it nice so you don't walk around in soggy sandals all day. Customers have commented that the straps are soft, stretchy, and fully-adjustable everywhere but they go through one of the loops so you can ensure you will get the perfect fit as well as a comfortable one every time you wear these sandals.

They look a little bit scary at first because they have the appearance as they might be rather difficult to put on, but that does not seem to be the case. Customers have no problems getting the shoes on and off and can agree that they are rather comfortable for all-day wear.


When you are shopping around for a decent pair of sandals you want to make sure that you are going to find something that is going to last you more than a day or two. You want something that is going to survive and be able to handle everything you are going to throw at it. You are going to want to make sure that you get your monies worth out of your shoes.

The good news is that these sandals are relatively inexpensive so you are not going to have to worry about spending too much of your money on them. That being said, just because they do not cost a lot does not mean that they are cheap. The Teva Voya Infinity sandals are a strong pair of shoes that are designed to last. They are not going to suffer from premature wear and tear like some other sandals on the market might. They are designed to be worn both in and out of the water so you will not have to think twice about stepping foot into the water with these shoes on, they are not going to crumble and fall apart just because they got wet. The stretchy straps are designed tough so you should not have to worry about them snapping or ripping on you either.


These flat, water-friendly, strappy sandals have an interesting style to them that a lot of customers love. The entirety of the upper consists of the webbing of elastic straps that are adjustable so you can customize your fit. They look a little intimidating at first, wondering how you will get your feet into the things, but once you go to put them on it is super easy and customers love the look it gives them. The shoes have a rounded and open toe with a slip on shoe design.

There are a couple of color options that you can choose from so you are sure to find something that is going to best fit your style and personality. You can choose between black, citadel, deep lake, port, quail, boysenberry, avocado, and tropical peach. With the exception of the last one, they all have a black sole, whereas the tropical peach has a tan sole. Customers seem to be happy with the color options they have available to them.


When it comes to your shoes you are going to want to make sure that you get something that is as light as possible. You do not want to feel like you are walking along with extra weights attached to your feet that will hold you back and slow you down. That goes more for these types of shoes, ones that people will wear in the water. It is important to make sure they are as lightweight. That being said, the Teva Voya Infinity sandals are super light, weighing in at only 4 ounces you will not have to worry about them holding you down. Please, keep in mind that the weight is based on a size 9 medium and is the weight of a single shoe, not the pair. The weight of your sandals will vary depending on the size.


When it comes to your sandals you want to make sure you are wearing the correct size so you can get the most out of the comfort and stability they have to offer you. In the case of the Teva Voya Infinity shoes, you want to make sure that they are kind of snug, although the straps can adjust. The most important part is to try to make sure that your feet do not hang over the platform of your shoes, nor do you want them to have too much extra room. Since the straps are adjustable anywhere they have a loop you can customize the size of the strap until you find that nice snug fit.

One of the biggest complaints about these shoes is that they are not available in half sizes, they only come in full sizes. Some customers recommended that if you wear a half size then you might want to consider going up a little to the next full size. Additionally, there are some customers who stated that they are running just a little bit narrow so that is something that you might want to keep in mind as well. There are sizing charts and conversion charts available if you are unsure as to what size you need to purchase, it is better to take a peek and be sure than to get the wrong size when you order them.


The Teva Voya Infinity sandals appear to be extremely comfortable and customers just adore them. They have a cushioned EVA foam outsole with a mush top sole that sits on top of it to give you a fantastic underfoot experience that your feet will love. The mush top sole will mold and conform to the specific shape of your feet, giving you extra padding where you need it most, customizing the way your shoes fit.

The elastic straps that make up the uppers are soft and do not have the tendency to rub irritatingly on your skin which can cause sores and blisters. Additionally, there is a soft, man-made toe post in the shoes to make it a little more comfortable between your toes and to help alleviate any unnecessary pain or irritation the shoes might cause.


Flexibility is important when it comes to your shoes. You want to be able to move around as freely and naturally as possible while still being able to get the support and protection you need from your footwear. That being said, the Teva Voya Infinity sandals offer you a phenomenal amount of flexibility. The sole itself is made out of EVA foam and it has a mush top sole layer on top of that, both of which will bend easily without fear of breaking or tearing the soles of the shoes. The uppers are made entirely out of elastic straps so you do not have to worry about those, they will move with you and stretch with you when needed. You will have no problems walking around unrestricted in these sandals.


The Teva Voya Infinity sandals have such an amazing amount of versatility and customers love it. They are great for everyday casual wear but some customers said they fit right in when they would go to dinner or out on the town while on vacation. They are great for those dry land ventures but they will fit right in while in the water as well. Whether you are on land or in the water these sandals are going to look great doing it.

Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a decent pair of sandals that you can wear both in and out of the water with no problem then you might want to consider the Teva Voya Infinity sandals. They are designed to be water ready, with polyester webbing that will not only be able to withstand being in the water but it will also quick dry when you are done getting wet. They are super comfortable thank to the EVA outsole and Mesh top sole for an excellent underfoot feeling. They come in a bunch of fun colors and have a relatively low price tag so customers keep flocking to these great shoes. The best part, they are extremely durable so you will not need to worry about replacing them for a while. Many customers have opted to purchase more than one pair so they can have multiple colors and they have stated that they would recommend them to their friends and family. They Teva Voya Infinity sandals really are an all-around great pair of summer shoes.