Nike Air Force 1 Jester XX Review

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We all get excited when Nikey announces a new addition to their never-ending collection. The first Nike Air Force 1 was introduced in 1982. Since then Nike has been known as the brand that changed basketball game forever. It was the first basketball sneaker that featured Nike Air Technology and decades later continues to be a fashion staple amongst Nike fans. Today, thanks to the Reimagined collection, this classic silhouette received not one, but 10 facelifts, adding 10 new reimagined styles to the collection including the Air Jordan 1 sneakers. It was women designers that created the 1 Reimagined selection.

Similar to the Nike Air Force 1, the Nike Air Force 1 Jester XX took the spotlight of attention. Featuring a sturdy midsole, chunky rubber sole, flexible cushioning and classic sporty design, this model quickly became fan favorite from Nike’s “1 Reimagined” collection. Thanks to the brand’s creative innovations, Nike Air 1 Jester XX continuously surprises with color updates. It comes available in a low-top and high-top styles with exciting color schemes. This sneaker icon sports a soft, premium leather upper with stitching throughout the entire design. Obviously, with the Reimagined collection, Nike tried to capture that futuristic chic look with a minimalist design. Many say they succeeded. We are about to find out.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Unique color schemes
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Well cushioned
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Impressive durability
  • Inconsistency in sizing
  • Snug toe area


When it comes to breathability, the Jester XX is similar to the Nike Air Force 1. Even though the Jester XX are not sports shoes, they were originally designed for athletes and sports players, so the breathability levels are really high, made to prevent overheating during practice hours and basketball matches. Constructed of soft, crisp leather, with strategically placed holes and perforations throughout the entire shoe, this Reimagined model allows air to circulate, keeping your feet cool and dry no matter what. In addition, the soft lining inside the sneaker, adds to the overall comfort and breathability of the AF1 Jester XX model.


The Jester XX is not an expensive shoe for the quality it offers, but not everybody can afford the comfort this model provides. Nike is known for the comfortable sneakers they design for sports players, athletes, and runners, but they make no exceptions when it comes to casual, everyday designs. When the Nike Air Force 1 came out, many basketball players swore to the comfort and support of the model and wouldn't play their game without wearing a pair of Air technology.

There are many parts of the Jester XX model that work perfectly together to create a comfortable environment for your feet. Due to the midsole, which has Nike’s Air technology incorporated into it, the Jester XX feels light and shouldn’t slow you down or weigh you down. The whole idea of Nike’s Air technology is for the compressed air cushioning to provide a ride that won’t tire your feet, even after extended wear. In addition, the upper is made of leather that has perforations throughout the whole design, allowing for ample airflow inside the shoe. The soft and plush lining is in charge to provide comfort from the inside, while the lightly padded tongue, collar, and heel area add to the overall comfort.


There is no doubt the Nike Air Force 1 Jester XX is made of high-quality materials. The upper features premium cow leather that is not only it is easy to clean, but it is highly durable even after extended wear. In addition, the outsole is constructed of durable rubber material that is also abrasion-resistant. It is easy to clean and provides excellent grip due to the circular treads. Another part of this model that adds to its long life is the midsole. Featuring Nike’s Air technology cushioning, the midsole is known to retain its shape and keep comfort levels high for a long time.


The great midsole construction applied to the Nike Air Force 1 is also incorporated into the Jester XX. Air Technology was introduced by Nike thirty years ago, and at that time it was an entirely new innovation, that was never seen before in any other brands. Nike continued its changes and took Nike Air Technology to new levels. But what is the Air Technology? It’s basically air-cushioned shoes; something incredible for sports players, athletes, and runners in general. There is an air pocket in the heel area, which is supposed to compress every time your feet hit the ground. Thanks to the air pocket, this lightweight cushioning midsole absorbs the shock of impact and gives the wearer a bouncy ride. In addition, the midsole provides high levels of cushioning, remains comfortable and maintains its shape even after months or years of wear.


Similar to the Nike Air Force 1, this model features a rubber outsole with a circular tread pattern. While the outsole on the Nike Air Force 1 played a significant role to keep the feet on the ground on those basketball courts, this outsole plays a big part in not letting you slip when you walk. It is made of high-quality rubber which is also abrasion-resistant, ensuring a long life to your new Nike addition. This model is mainly used as a casual shoe, and a number of women expressed satisfaction in terms of durability. It is a bit taller than the classic Air Force 1, but it’s a platform that is not that obvious. You get about a subtle inch lift off the ground, which also ensures stability. Surprisingly, the AF1 Jester XX is much lighter than one would expect, thanks to the cut-outs on this updated version, which works perfectly for someone who spends hours commuting each day.


When it comes to sizing, we came across different opinions from reviewers. While some said that the Nike Air Force 1 Jester XX runs small, others claimed that it runs big. Most AF1 models appear wide when worn, so they shouldn’t feel snug at all. Nonetheless, according to a number of customers, the model runs true to size, and they don’t recommend purchasing down a size, or even half a size, as your toes might feel slightly cramped length-wise. Some buyers complained that the cut on this model is high up and hurts their ankles when they walk. Another drawback of this model, as reported by many, is the toe box area which may be a little snug, so one has to be really careful and pay special attention when choosing the right size for you. You may want to walk around in them for 10 minutes in the shop before deciding. The AF1 Jester XX comes available in women sizes only from 5 to 11.5 in US sizes. With a selection like that, it’s easy to find the perfect fit and size. There was a number of male customers who said that they didn’t mind the sneaker was made for women and purchased 1.5 size larger than their usual size.


This model is known to represent a perfect balance between minimalist design and an eccentric one at the same time. Matched together with dresses, leggings, jeans, skirts, and shorts, the AF1 Jester XX is guaranteed to turn some heads, as was the goal of the Reimagined collection-designed by women, for women. Although there was a number of female users that didn’t find the bulky look flattering on their slim legs, others found the futuristic chic look adorable. This model is made for city girls and girls on-the-go who know exactly what a good shoe is. The colors that the Jester XX comes in are chosen carefully, and all color schemes are subtle shades which make it easier to match with any tones you have in your wardrobe. Starting from white/black, white/white-black, pure platinum/white/multi, to white/game royal, pure platinum/white-yellow pulse, black/sonic yellow and violet mist, the Air Force 1 Jester XX is definitely an excitement for women looking for something different.


A number of Nike’s original Air force 1 fans were able to enjoy high levels of support during their long practice hours and basketball games. There is no exception with the Reimagined model, the Jester XX. Nike’s Air technology applied to the midsole offers supportive cushioning no matter what, and the material being lightweight is just an added bonus. This foam midsole cushioning will not slow you down or weigh you down. The upper is another element contributing to the overall support of this style. Dressed in premium leather and traditional lacing system, your feet should feel nice and snug throughout the whole time. On top of that, the soft, plush lining provides extra support from the inside. With all this in mind, rest assured the Jester XX will give you the support you need, whether you are spending your day on the busy city streets or spending a night on the town.


The upper is in charge of almost the entire aesthetics of the design. In this case, the upper is the most loved feature on the Jester XX. It is made of soft, textured cow leather and some exceptional details that make the design so chic and unique. Nike put the focus on the upper, paying attention to little details such as an off-centered Swoosh on the side panel and leather patch in the heel, with a tag that hangs above the midsole, instead of on the tongue. There is stitching detail where the Swoosh usually goes on a Nike model, that in this case works as perforations for the upper. Featuring traditional self-adjusting lace closure, this model offers a customizable fit. In addition, the design features graphic lines and a sawtooth sole which is slightly elevated, making the AF1 Jester XX a stylish platform sneaker. The quirkily shaped heel counter adds to the uniqueness, providing a unique sneaker experience made by women, for women.


Although there is no actual weight of the Jester XX model online, a number of customers said it is pretty lightweight. The Nike AF1 Jester version may look bulky and heavy, due to the raised rubber sole and bulky midsole, but cut-outs were made on the outsole to reduce the weight, so there shouldn’t be an issue if you wear this model for a longer time. The midsole too is made of lightweight foam material, and thanks to the Air technology it keeps the shoe snug and lightweight.

Bottom Line

As we mentioned earlier, the majority of customers found the Nike Air Force 1 Jester XX design and color schemes to be unique, subtle and easy to pair with any tones in your wardrobe. Besides that, this model sports an unusual, futuristic look that many women went crazy for. It goes great with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and leggings, and it can be worn for work, travel or a night on the town.

The comfort of the sneaker is highly appreciated thanks to the well-cushioned Air technology midsole and breathable upper. One of the most loved features is the Air unit encapsulated on the midsole, as it is an excellent shock absorbing cushioning system. This version received an outsole with cut-outs to reduce weight, which made this shoe light and easy for everyday use. What customers also loved was the new platform that gave them the right height without it being very noticeable.

Another great feature is the model’s durability since the Jester XX is made of high-quality materials, so both the upper and the outsole should last long, and the midsole cushioning should retain its shape even after extended wear. The drawback with this model is the inconsistency in sizing, as some reported the model to run big, others claimed it runs small. The toe area may be a little bit snug, and even though many loved the bulky look, some said it looked unflattering against their slender legs. Overall, this design received more positive comments than negative feedback, so it’s safe to say that it makes a good investment and a great addition to your wardrobe.