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Nike Streak 6 Review Facts

The Nike Streak 6 is a lightweight unisex racing flat that is more than capable at handling long distance running. Nike sponsored athletes have even been spotted donning the Nike Streak 6 for marathon competitions around the globe. It is the predecessor to the successful Nike Streak 5, with some substantial improvements to the design, creating a better fitting and more comfortable shoe overall. These trainers also incorporate the innovative Nike Zoom air technology as well as a Phylon midsole, which create a responsive and cushioned experience for the runner.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Thin flymesh upper shoe material provides excellent breathability and comfort
  • Light weight design
  • Anatomical structure, creating a better fit at the toe and increasing stability for the wearer
  • Good solid arch support
  • Responsive cushioning to protect the wearer
  • Good traction
  • Sizing runs a bit small, so the user may need to purchase the next size up to ensure a more comfortable fit
  • Less durability than a standard trainer (I will discuss this in more detail further on in this review)
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  • I've read all the bad reviews and I am really surprised because I am already over 300 miles in these shoes with no ripping or tearing signs in the upper like many other reviews have said. It may be that these people may need to go up a size or look at their form. I hoping that no changes are made to these shoes by Nike, based on some bad reviews.
  • As a heavier runner, 185 lbs and 6'5", I am pretty hard on shoes and I have no problem with these like others have mentioned. I've done an Ironman marathon and a few others and still no issues. I do say that they run a little small and I had to go up a full size.
  • If the fabric on this shoe was stronger and more durable, this would be the perfect shoe. A great show right out of the box.
  • This is a great shoe and it feels really light on. I ran a half marathon right out of the box. I didn't have any problems. Clip your toenails to avoid making a tear in the mesh. They are snug so I had to go up a half size.
  • The Streak 6 is an extremely comfortable running shoe. I've haven't worn a more comfortable shoe in fact. I usually run 12 miles on a weekly basis in this shoe and lift weights in them also. And as many have said their durability could be better. I had to replace them in less than a year.
  • I intend to run in these shoes for my next marathon because they are great shoes. I had over 150 miles in my previous pair. They have a roomy toe box but do run small. If they had more cushion in the sole they would be great for long distance.
  • I have these shoes and I do agree that they are a nice racing flat and lightweight. The cushion is enough for marathons. The issue with the uppers being thin I agree with also that's why I recommend for races and another type of trainer for other workouts.
  • These shoes are built for speed because they are racing shoes. Surprisingly they're more durable than I anticipated although they are lightweight and the material on the uppers are thin. The uppers are also very well shaped. As others have mentioned I am starting to see wear after about a hundred miles. I do expect to get up to about 200 miles in these pair before I would have to replace them. In fact, I've already bought another pair for when my current pair needs replacing.
  • I've had these for just over a year. The Nike streak 6 is a fantastic trainer. I love how lightweight they are and just how they feel on my foot. But the uppers are starting to break down at the base so I'm not able to use these anymore.
  • These shoes are extremely comfortable and they fit as I expected them to. Not very durable on the top but I am not surprised since they are a shoe for racing.
  • I love these shoes and already have run half marathons and train in them. They are lightweight and responsive. I have crossed the 250-mile mark and they perform great. But had to give it a 4 rating because I too have a hole developing at my big toe area.
  • in my current Nike streak 6s, I have about 52 miles. These shoes are perfect for racing and they look the part. I'm hoping to get plenty more races out of these this year. I would definitely buy these again.
  • These shoes are brilliant. Snug fit and great for shorter and faster runs. Less cushioning which is expected for this type of racer shoe. Not good for longer runs but then again it wasn't intended to be.
  • These are my new interval trainers. It is just not possible to run slow in the Nike Streak 6 shoe.
  • I will ask her what others have said about the durability of the upper mesh of this shoe it was not smart to put the mesh on the medial side where it joins the soul. But that is the only thing that should be changed in my opinion. Hopefully, Nike will make this one change and leave the rest of the shoe alone. in my case, it's hard to find a wider racing shoe with both balance and stability. So when I tried these I was thrilled.
  • The first thing that should be noted is that these run small and you should buy a size larger than normal. They're fast, comfortable and lightweight and durable underneath the shoe. I think these would easily do well running a marathon although I've only done a half marathon in them so far. I love these shoes but have to agree about the uppers being too thin. I would definitely buy these again and use them sparingly.
  • He's performed amazingly in a local 5K. The responsiveness was particularly noticeable. There was plenty of room in the toe box even though they are a now fit.
  • Great shoe needs more durability on the uppers
  • Not as durable as some reviewers would like.
  • A significant amount of reviews mention that these shoes start to rip or have a hole in the mesh at the top near the toe area after only 100-200 miles.
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Outsole & Midsole

For the sixth generation of the Nike Streak, the outsole remains relatively unchanged from its predecessors. It is manufactured using blown rubber and exposed Phylon, providing a good amount of traction for a racing flat. Phylon is created through the compression of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) pellets which are then set in moulds to create the outsole of the trainer. The result is a cushioned and responsive, yet firm outsole. Additionally, the sole of the Streak 6 is formed into a slightly convex, rocker shape. This makes for a smoother stride whilst being compatible with both heel and forefoot strikers.

The Pebax plate is a new addition to the midsole of the shoe, this provides impact protection and a light weight stability. Pebax is a light-weight (up to 20% lighter than similar plastics), flexible and soft plastic that is a prime choice of material for a midsole plate in a sporting shoe. The energy required to flex the Pebax plate, during a stride, is transferred back in the rebound of the plastic, resulting in a much welcome bounce to the wearer’s strike.


The upper of the Streak 6 consists of a thin Flymesh design, comprising breathable holes of varying sizes to ensure feet are kept well ventilated and cool. In comparison to the Streak 5, the mesh of the Streak 6 is more open in its construction, making a huge improvement to its ventilation. Although the Flymesh design offers limited water resistance, it certainly offers superior comfort to the wearer.


The Streak 6 weighs in at approximately 6.4 oz. for a men’s size 9, making it extremely lightweight and a pleasure to run in. As it is a unisex shoe the weight remains the same for men and women. The Streak 6 is approximately 0.3 oz. lighter than its predecessor, the Streak 5. This light weight composition is a welcome change, however there have been a few reports citing less rigidity in the midsole, which some runners might dislike.


The Flymesh upper ensures that the Streak 6 is very well ventilated and that the wearer’s feet remain cool at all times. This allows great airflow and circulation to the feet mid run, helping to prevent the formation of blisters. The breathability of the Flymesh material is visually apparent to the wearer, as the foot remains visible through the shoe. The toe box has also been re-designed into a wider, square shape, allowing more room for air circulation and thus adding to the ventilation properties of the shoe.


It is of great importance for the user to feel comfortable when wearing a running shoe, in order to optimise their performance and ultimately increase their enjoyment of sport. The Streak 6 combines several of Nikes innovative technologies to ensure that the user is not disappointed. The Flymesh upper, despite being lightweight and breathable, creates a sense of stability and support, allowing the feet to be supported effectively on different running surfaces and undulations in the environment. In addition, the internal arch support, the Zoom air pods and the Pebax plate all add to the rigidity and optimised comfort of the shoe. Altogether, this proves a highly comfortable experience for the runner.


The Nike Streak 6, in true Nike fashion, has a clean and sleek design and is aesthetically pleasing and desirable. This is what we have come to expect from the Nike brand. It is available in a choice of colours, including a vivid bright crimson, a distinctive football blue and a subtler black, this selection ensures that everyone’s style choice is catered for. European and American markets have some variations in the colours that are available.


The Nike Streak 6 is a racing trainer, therefore it is designed to be lightweight, responsive and breathable for optimal performance. The downside to this is that it is not built to be as durable as standard trainers. It is however more than capable of handling long distance runs and the sole is built to be sturdy and strong. Although, the upper of the Streak 6 may present a problem as it is constructed using a very thin mesh and so may be prone to tearing. However, Nike running shoes all have a good reputation to be a long lasting and reliable investment.


The Streak 6 incorporates several of Nike’s well-known technologies which help to provide protection to the wearer. A Pebax plate in the midsole enhances rigidity and thus helps to protect against bruising from ground stones and debris. Additionally, the Flymesh upper improves breathability and protects against overheating of the feet and subsequent development of blisters. The blown rubber outsole helps to provide a good grip, protecting runners from the dangers of slippery running surfaces and race conditions.

Responsiveness & Flexibility

As a racing flat you would expect the Streak 6 to be a responsive shoe and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The anatomically-designed, square-shaped and wider toe box ensures that the toes are able to push off in their natural position. The Pebax plate provides optimal energy return, as mentioned previously, as well as a grounded rigidity for the wearer. Finally, the Phylon midsole foam provides a good level of cushioning and the presence of a Zoom airpod under the heel provides responsiveness where it is most needed.

The Streak 6 is not a particularly flexible running trainer, as it has been designed to provide a more rigid structure. However, the Flymesh upper does provide a mild amount of flexibility to the shoe. Additionally, the sole of the shoe has been designed without any specific flex points, but the sole will flex where required based on the wearers stride and positioning.

Support & Drop

The foot feels well supported when encased in the Streak 6. Notably, the wider toe post with a narrower midfoot and heel help to ensure that the foot is held in the optimum position for performance. The shoe also contains an internal arch strap, which helps to hold the midfoot securely in position.

The heel to toe drop of the Nike Streak 6 is lower than its predecessor, at 8mm. A lower drop helps to keep the shoe light weight and to improve responsiveness and performance. A lower drop also helps to hold the foot in a more natural running position which may help to prevent heel striking and subsequent knee injuries.

Terrain & Traction

The Streak 6 is a racing flat and therefore is designed primarily to be used for road racing. As such, the outsole of the shoe is not really appropriate for tackling uneven terrain. The materials used will not protect the users who go off road or cross-country. Anyone who does runs the risk of getting soaked feet and subsequent soreness. But use the Steak 6 as intended, and you will be fully supported on undulating roads, potholes and changes in the road surfaces.

Good traction is important in a racing trainer as a strong grip helps to maximise the forward movement, and propel the runner up and down rolling terrain. The outsole of the Streak 6, whilst not as durable as the average trainer, does provide adequate grip for road racing and the necessary traction and support for the runner.


The Streak 6 is very competitively priced for a racing trainer, as these can often come with a large price tag. In the current sales, retailers are discounting these trainers and they can be found online for as little as $75 (up to around $120). Given their delivery on responsiveness, comfort and support this seems like definite value for money. The Nike brand also offers the runner a desirable product that many will be happy paying a premium for.


The Pebax plate and the Phylon cushioning both provide the Streak 6 with a good amount of stability. The wider toe box helps to enhance stability across the forefoot when compared with earlier models which had a narrower front. The fit of the shoe does feel firmer compared to its competitors which also helps the feet to feel more stable throughout the running experience.

Key Features

● Flymesh upper for enhanced breathability
● wider toe box for a more comfortable, anatomical fit
● Pebax plate in the midsole to improve rigidity and responsiveness
● Phylon cushioned midsole
● Zoom air pod under the heel
● Heel to toe drop of 8mm
● Internal arch strap
● Convex, rocker shape of the sole
Padded ankle collar


Nike have made some very successful modifications on the previous models of the Streak to create a racing flat which is not only comfortable and light weight, but also very responsive to the runner. The Streak 6 is very well designed and has both style and substance. The trainer looks great, is available in some very appealing colours, and above all delivers to the runner. One slight word of caution would be to ensure that, in order to get the best fit possible, you may need to purchase the trainer in the next size up. In summary, this trainer is an ideal choice for long distance runners and if you are looking for a racing flat that fits well and provides optimum performance, then you cannot go wrong with the Nike Streak 6.