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If you log into Nike's official webpage, the first thing you’ll notice is the fact that technology inside the Nike Huaraches was originally developed for the regular running shoes that this company was making.

The amazing Huarache model was designed Hatfield and released in 1991, and the idea behind the design was to combine the functionality of South American sandals with the fit of neoprene water-ski boots. Ever since their introduction, the very same technology and designs have dominated in various other sneakers (not just running shoes) but somehow they’ve become most recognizable with the running sneakers on Nike.

And you might ask yourself… What do the South American shoes have to do with it? Well, the name Huarache was inspired by a legendary running shoe. According to Wikipedia, The huaraches are an open type of outdoor shoes, consisting of a sole held to the wearer's foot by straps passing over the instep and around the ankle. Nike attributed the name to their latest line of running sneakers at the very start of the ’90s and the rest is history. A legacy that’s been passed from one shoe to another.

But for now, the Nike Air Huarache City Low is a subject for review. Yes, it’s sturdy, amazing and expensive but let’s break it down and see if it’s worth buying.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Air-Sole unit
Foam midsole
Removable laces
Heel strap
Rubber pods




Nike has always relied on the classics and having a rubber in the outsole of the Nike Air Huarache City Low sneakers is basically returning to the basics, but now with an upgraded twist. Yes, having rubber outsole is evergreen that never will go out of style but if you take a good look at the outsole, you’ll notice that it’s slightly different. What makes it so different you might ask? Well, it’s the addition of rubber pods in the outsole. Instead of the usually molded ridges that look like they’ve been carved, the pods look amazing in the new and improved design of the sneaker. Oh, and the outsole itself is thicker and more pronounced near the toes and the heel, and thinner at the arches. The air Max outsole looks so sleek with the pods, and in the next pages, we’ll get to the practical effects of those pods.


The sneaker gets better and better with each passing section, and the midsole is just as fantastic as the outsole. The first amazing feature about the midsole is the fact that it’s removable. You can leave the midsole in the sneaker, or you can take it out. It’s all down to preference and this option is truly amazing. Secondly, the midsole is injected with Phylon, for extra lightweight cushioning, and extra comfort with every step. But what is Phylon you might ask? Well, it’s one of Nike pride and joys. Phylon is created by a compression molding technique, and made out of EVA foam pellets that are compressed, heat expanded and then cooled. It’s one of the basics of Air-sole unit, one of the most recognizable units in the Nike merchandise. Oh and last but not least, the TPU midfoot shank of the sneaker delivers iconic Huarache style, that’s been recognizable for almost 30 years.


Ah, the gorgeous upper. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Well, it’s not just beautiful; the sneaker is also extremely comfortable. It’s a Bootie construction made out of textile in the upper. The booty construction offers a foot-hugging fit to the entire foot, and the upper is basically One-piece neoprene construction with synthetic overlays that offer style and comfort. You can clearly see the mesh in front of the upper and the total absence of tongue in the opening of the sneaker. The new futuristic design allows the tongue to not be present, as the removable laces allow the grip to be great even without the help of the tongue.

The laces are clearly connected with the heel strap, and they’re both removable options that allow you to customize the upper to the desired requirements and needs. You can leave the heel strap as it is or you can remove it entirely, it’s all down to you. As the title of the sneaker suggests, the opening of the sneaker is designed extremely low in the ankle area, and besides the strap, the laces are also optional. You can leave them on the upper, or you should take them out. Again, it’s up to you and what you need out of Nike Air Huarache City Low sneakers. On and let’s not forget the good old textile lining that coats the inside of the upper, and allows your feet to glide easily within the sneaker.


The comfort of the Nike Air Huarache City Low sneaker is high, and the comfort (and stability) were the 2 of the most important features that were mentioned in the customer reviews. But the comfort that these sneakers have to offer was praised from the satisfied customers that have already purchased the sneakers. Special attention was brought to the design, and of course, the special materials used in the making of these sneakers. The bootie construction was among the first things that were mentioned, and of course, the Air sole unit in the heel wasn’t left out. But the biggest five-star ratings were given to the ability to remove the midsole. Nike was feeling pretty generous when designing the sneaker, and part of that generosity went to the Injected Phylon in the removable midsole.


Frankly, there isn’t any sure way to pinpoint which part is more responsible for the support of the sneaker, so it’s safe to say that the entire sneaker is one big supportive structure that will make you feel rested and full of energy. Where to start with explaining the support portion of the sneakers? The one-piece neoprene upper sure plays a huge role in the support and so does the fabulous snug bootie construction of the sneaker. And yes the TPU midfoot shank really helps with the support and stability of the entire shoe, but it’s hard to say which part makes a bigger contribution to the support.


Just like in the support part of this review, the durability is also a team job of several key players. There’s the thick rubber outsole, TPU midfoot shank in the middle of that outsole and the all-star presence of Air-Sole unit and foam midsole. Every single portion is supporting each other with a high level of energy, which only adds to the durability and longevity of this sneaker. Seriously. Durability shouldn’t be a concern of yours since Nike clearly is known for using the best technologies and materials in designing the best sneakers.


Surprisingly, for a sneaker that supposed to be snug and to have a firm grip of your entire foot is extremely flexible. But you know why that is? Because of the fantastic outsole. Let’s break it down. The outsole not only is made out of thick sturdy rubber, it’s got a fantastic design through and through, but it’s also divided by TPU midfoot shank. That particular shank divides the outsole I half, allowing it to be thinner in the middle and a lot more flexible for the foot to bend along with the outsole. You’ll be surprised by the fantastic midfoot shank, and what it can do to increase the flexibility of your foot


Again, it’s a team effort for team stability. The Nike Huarache City Low sneaker prides itself for being one of the more stable sneakers in the entire Nike line. The stability comes from the top of the foot, as much as it does from the bottom and you’ll notice the stability on your first basketball game. The bootie construction offers a snug fit and the removable midsole that has been injected with phylon stabilize the foot from within. Oh and the removable heel strap offers a great deal of stability from the outside of the sneaker. So, yes the stability comes from every part of the sneaker.


Do you see the mesh at the front of the upper? Well, that mash is responsible for the airflow maintenance and it’s precisely that mesh will keep the sneakers aerated, filtrated and less sweaty. You’ll love the moisture wicking properties of the synthetic lining within the upper as well, and the overall airflow abilities of the Nike Air Huarache City Low sneaker.


There isn’t any type of terrain that these speakers can’t handle. Seriously. Yes, they may be primarily designed for playing basketball, but can be played outside as much as it can be played inside. The rubber outsole paired with the midfoot shank will be the main culprits for allowing you to play the game on any type of terrain. Oh and they’re awesome in any type of weather conditions, so don’t worry about this part. The terrain is a non-issue when you’re wearing these sneakers.


If you noticed the rubber pods on the sole of the sneaker and wondered what they were for, well they’re for keeping your feet firmly on the ground. The rubber pots on the outsole are directly responsible for maintaining the traction because playing basketball is not easy on any type of surface, let alone the smooth polished hardwood floors of a basketball court. Combined with the sweat dripping from your body, and it’s a recipe for disaster. But it shouldn’t be the case, because those pots keep the traction properties high, whether you like it or not. Those pods are a true lifesaver in athletic positions, jumping and running and they can be miraculous for your feet. Put your trust in them.

Key features

One-piece neoprene upper with synthetic overlays
Air-sole unit in the heel
Snug bootie construction
Removable laces and heel strap
Injected Phylon foam midsole
Rubber pods on the sole


Sporty fashion shoe blended with high technology and an even greater set of comfort. There are plenty of things to like about the style of the Nike Air Huarache City Low. The low cut in the opening, the lack of tongue and the optional laces and heel strap. You can customize most of the sneaker’s parts to suit your desired preferences and it’s up to you if you’d like to have a cushioned midsole or even a heel strap the back of the sneaker. But having optional features doesn’t mean that the style is overshadowing the comfort. No, the style in these sneakers is the driving force that moves and eventually completes the overall look of the sneaker. They’re beautiful, yes, but at the same time, they’re highly functional, comfortable, stable and very durable sneakers that you’ll be able to wear long after you buy them.

Bottom line

Think about what you’re getting with one fantastic pair of sneakers. The Nike Air Huarache City Low have rubber pods that enhance the traction, midfoot shank that support the foot and provide much of the stability, removable midsole that’s been injected with Phylon, a snug bootie construction and sturdy One-piece made out of neoprene, that’s been reinforced with synthetic overlays. The sneakers are expensive that’s true but think about what you’re getting in return. You’re getting a highly durable, comfortable pair of sneakers that will be your constant companion in your weekly basketball games.

The sneakers are one of Nike’s most proud achievements and they deserve to be not only in your daily rotation, but they also deserve to be in your life period. You’ll love the comfort that they provide to the feet even in the most athletically demanding moments. But if one must think about how they can be improved, the tongue (that’s very much lacking in the design now) would really make all the difference if the fit and the overall grab of your feet. Nonetheless, they’re a great investment to make; because you’ll see the returns long after you buy them.