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Are you in search of the perfect pair of wedge heels? If so, then you need to see the Tulum Zamar from Vionic! This stunning jute-wrapped wedge will make a fabulous addition to your wardrobe and will fast become your go-to favorite once you see how amazing it feels on your feet. Vionic is a brand that’s notorious for its ultra-plush pairs, but it’s the Zamar’s fashionable appearance that really steals the show! Comfort never looked so good as it does now! All thanks to this impressive design that will have you coming back for more time and time again.

I’ve researched and reviewed the Tulum Zamar to bring you this detailed breakdown of why this shoe is a must-have! Keep reading below for a review of the best and worst aspects so you can decide if this is the right choice to suit your needs.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Jute-Wrapped 
  • 3" Heel
  • Medium & Wide Widths 
  • Molded Heel Cup
  • Full-Contact Support
  • Pricey
  • Narrow Toe


This cute pair offers a three-inch wedge heel that’s perfect for walking on thanks to its chunky shape. Wedge heels are by far the easiest style for walking yet they still offer that fashion-friendly look we love, as well as, the kind of lift you’re looking for. This particular pair has a jute-wrapped wedge that’s totally trending so you can look stellar with practically any kind of clothing. You’ll love the way the Zamar accentuates all of the right curves and helps to elongate the appearance of your legs. Wedge-shaped heels have an incredible knack for making a woman’s legs look miles long and always make the calf muscles look oh-so-lean and muscular.


Despite its sultry design, the Zamar offers a rubber-bottomed sole that ensures you won’t slip or fall when you’re on the go. This means that even when the weather is wet and slippery you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be steady on your feet. Rubber is one of the best materials for a sole to be made from because it provides superior traction and grip. Most heels don’t have too good of a sole, it’s usually very smooth and often made from a slippery material.


When you think “comfort shoe” you probably think of those clunky looking pairs that aging folks wear. Well. think again! Vionic’s Tulum Zamar offers the best of both worlds, a contemporary look, and a design that really helps to elevate the health of your feet. Talk about a win-win! These wedges are a great looking pair with a smooth and chic finish. They’ll look astonishing with practically any outfit and come in plenty of colorways which helps to make them such a varied choice. Finding a pair of shoes that are both supportive and trendy at the same time can be a tough task, but Zamar makes shopping a piece of cake!


This sandal boasts a leather upper that’s both sleek and sophisticated while adding that alluring vibe that leather always does. This material is excellent for keeping you cool and comfortable while you’re out and about. The leather will actually wick excess moisture away from your skin so you won’t have to worry about rubbing or blisters. It’s also a very breathable fabric that helps to ensure that your feet don’t feel smothered underneath it.

This pair’s rubber outsole is ideal for preventing accidental slips or falls because it’s grippier than most other options. A jute-wrapped midsole looks incredibly stylish and is perfectly on-trend with the hottest looks available. You won’t have to worry about matching these with all of your favorite outfits because this design is an extremely versatile choice that you’ll find will fast become your go-to favorite.

The Zamar also offers biomechanical-enhanced materials in the footbed that help to make it one of the most comfortable choices available, especially when it comes to shoes with a heel! Overall, this wedge is a beautiful example of fluidity in motion with its brilliant combination of materials that come together to form an incredible pair of shoes.


The word comfort gets a whole new meaning thanks to the Zamar’s innovative design that was made to enhance the enjoyment you get from wearing it every step of the way. It offers a uniquely shaped heel seat which helps to better position and stabilizes the foot for the perfect feeling while you walk. It’s also made with special cushioning at the ball of the foot which maximizes comfort even after hours of wear and alleviates the aches and pains often felt in that delicate area.

This pair delivers a full-contact supportive structure which literally contours to every curve of your foot. Wearing a shoe that properly supports the foot is imperative for preventing all sorts of issues and can help to lessen the painful symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis.


Vionic was founded in 1979 by a renowned podiatrist, Philip Vasyli. Vasyli was a genius in the area of lower-limb biomechanical studies and seen to thousands of patients. Often called a “born healer,” he truly cared about the people he treated and had an incredible passion for making orthotics that were affordable enough for anyone to access. Philip Vasyli made the very first orthotic that you can purchase without needing a prescription and even still today, is the only true orthotic you can buy without having to see a doctor.

Vionic is a brand that’s notorious for its stylish yet completely comfortable shoes that look as good as they feel. Whether you’re shopping for sandals, boots, sneakers, or just about any other style of shoe, Vionic has just the pair for you!


This pair comes in both full and half sizes which help to improve their fit, overall. It’s important that your shoes fit well in order to prevent all sorts of uncomfortable problems like blisters and sore spots. If your shoes are too big they can flop which causes rubbing and friction. After a day of wearing shoes like this, the back of your foot will be rubbed raw and could have easily developed a painful blister which may take weeks to fully heal. This is why it’s so vital that your shoes properly fit.

Wearing a pair that’s too tight can cause aches and pains because your feet will be restricted all day long. You could just as easily develop a blister wearing tight shoes too, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you can slide one finger between your heel and the material of the shoe without any difficulty. Also, be sure that when you push down on the front of the shoe that there is a fingers width of extra space from where your longest toe ends to where the shoe’s material starts.

The Zamar runs relatively true-to-size, with the only issue being how narrow it is the toe. Some women found that the forefoot was a little less than spacious, though they were still able to wear them without experiencing any discomfort. The great thing about Vionic shoes is that they’re designed by an actual podiatrist so they’re made to improve the health of your feet and to keep you nice and comfy all day long.


Vionic's innovative support system ensures just the right level of stability, even with the Zamar's elevated heel. This brand knows how to properly design shoes so that they don't leave you unsupported which can lead to all sorts of painful issues like arch collapse and more. The Zamar has a unique footbed that cradles the contours of your foot and hugs every curve for complete comfort and unbeatable control. This wedge sandal won't kill your feet to walk in and you'll find that when the day is done your feet feel rejuvenated and refreshed. These sandals are a great choice for ladies who need a little more support than your average pair offers and are even recommended for anyone with plantar fasciitis because they can help to reduce the painful symptoms associated with the condition.


One of the downsides to this otherwise amazing pair is that the straps are very wide which can be offputting to some ladies. The toe strap, in particular, is quite broad and can tend to rub slightly on the big toe. This isn’t too serious and most women found that it wasn’t enough irritation to cause a blister! If you have wider feet consider opting for a half size larger than normal to make up for the narrow toe box so that strap doesn't rub against your big toe.


Unfortunately, good things don't come cheap and the Zamar is a prime example of this. Though it's not so expensive that you won't be able to afford it, it's also not exactly a steal. The thing to take into consideration is the kind of comfort-enhancing benefits that this pair offers over the competition. It's certainly a worthwhile investment for ladies who need supportive shoes as well as, for women who are sick and tired of wearing uncomfortable shoes. This pair may be a bit pricey but it offers some incredible benefits too!

Bottom Line

Overall, I rated the Tulum Zamar quite well based on several aspects including comfort, fit, style, and support. These factors are very important things to consider when you’re shopping for shoes. The Zamar performed well in almost every way and delivers nicely on the Vionic promise of quality and comfort. This pair is super stylish and looks great with practically any kind of clothing so you won’t have any trouble matching these with nearly anything in your wardrobe.

The sheer enjoyment you get from wearing these strappy sandals is a testament to how incredible they are which is one of the great things about them. Ladies who are in need of a more supportive shoe but who aren't willing to compromise on style should definitely consider shopping the Tulum Zamar!