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Anne Klein is recognized as an iconic brand for Americana-inspired coordinating separates, so every new style matters. The catalog the brand boasts includes weekend favorites and business-casual standouts. This number from her AK Sport collection isn’t your typical Friday night flat. AK Sport intends to create lifestyle wear that is actually wearable, and they achieve that with the Alive. Bow detailing makes this a treat for the eyes and its functional comfort elements will ensure it is a treat for your feet as well. For sleek and sophisticated, but simple, styles, the AK Sport Alive is absolutely worth your consideration. Put a pop of playful into your outfit with the Alive from AK Sport!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • All-Day Flat
  • Cute Bow Detail
  • Slight Wedged Heel
  • Cushioned Footbed
  • Breathable Lining
  • Runs Slightly Tight
  • Not Super Flexible


Anne Klein has long been one of the most respected names in fashion. Though Anne Klein herself, born Hannah Golofski, has passed, her legacy has been sustained through multiple up-and-coming designers. Wavering a bit through the late nineties, Anne Klein made a strong comeback that has cemented the brand in the industry for years to come. A stalwart among its competitors, Anne Klein makes pieces that become staples in the wardrobe. What has led Anne Klein to achieve its iconic status is the ideas it has surrounding what should make a closet. The brand believes not only should a closet contain various coordinating pieces, but that the closet itself should coordinate. These contemporary separates create endless possibilities for how we dress. Expressing yourself has never been easier when you have an endless set of possibilities for complete ensembles. Being the first American design house to open a shop in Europe, Anne Klein obviously has a handle on what makes fashion beautiful for all to enjoy. The Alive by AK Sport embodies everything that has made the brand so popular.


Metallics and animal prints are in. From jewel-tones to classics like gold, pewter, and platinum, shimmering fabrics have made their way onto the scene in a big way. Subtle tones with serious sparkle or a hint of cheetah print are heralded as perfect additions to a nearly perfect outfit. That being said, both of these looks aren’t for everyone. A lot of people would prefer a more basic flat. One that can be worn at the office without making a statement, but instead bringing an element of subtle sophistication to a look. The shimmer on the Alive is definitely not subtle, nor is the printed option. The muted gold color isn’t gaudy, but it does not go unnoticed when the Alive catches your eye. The shine makes it a perfect flat candidate for date night, or even a quirky addition to an outfit that is too tame for your tastes. Depending on how and where you will wear this AK Sport flat makes all the difference. It just simply might not be a practical pick for different style preferences or dress codes.


One of the best parts of this Anne Klein being in the AK Sport line is that it means the shoe is going to feel awesome on. Anne Klein is relatively accessible for people of all different comfort needs, but the more casual vibes of their AK Sports creations are pretty magnificent examples of what a few tweaks can do for a shoe overall. Synthetic lining keeps the shoe breathable and soft against the foot. This is definitely a flat that can be pulled off without socks, for those days you’re stuck running out the door, grabbing this Alive will feel like a blessing. The lining isn’t the only comfort element, it is also incredibly padded in the insole to cushion your foot while you walk. Foam layers are insole the insole to create light and protective layers of super soft foam. The upper isn’t excessively stiff and hard to manage. This Alive by AK Sport is just a great wear experience from top to bottom.


Unfortunately for this Anne Klein, the rubber base and bit of heel to make it a bit stiffer than the typical woman’s flat. These are a pretty structured shoe for being so slim and low profile. Many women will appreciate that about the Alive, but some just want something soft to slip into on the weekends. Anne Klein Sport does tend to be much less breezy and casual. The Alive has an extremely firm and unyielding sole, and its upper would not hold up well to much motion either, in part due to the style of bow that adorns the top of it. For the build of the shoe, the toe box is very hard but does give a slightly rounded shape for some softness. This makes it slightly more forgiving of wider toes or just a flatter foot. For those on their feet all day, this is a pretty good counter to the barely-there slip-on that has grown in popularity over the last decade, so it isn’t all bad.


You may wonder why there is a heel section on a shoe that appears flat. It seems confusing, I am sure, but this “ballet flat” actually has a slight heel to it. What it takes away from the shoe in terms of flexibility, it adds to the shoe in support. Anne Klein put in a heel that is slight but makes a huge difference in the all-day comfort levels. The half-inch rubber wedge heel provides some lift to the arch. One of the best qualities of this flat is that it feels like a sneaker when you’re wearing it, and that is in large part due to the minimal heel-to-drop coupled with the tiny boost of a rubber heel. It contours to your feet by supporting the layers of foam and holding them tightly against the bottom of the feet. Flat-wearers know that one of the greatest sources of pain in flats, when you’re wearing them all day, is the heel. The pressure from your weight pressing your foot directly into the hard ground causes some serious discomfort: discomfort that is worth listening to. Heel pain stems from improper support and distribution of pressure and effects how your back feels and, more importantly, your actual posture as well.


Flats usually run a bit lower in price than a casual sneaker, for well-established designers or fashion houses, however, the price goes up. Generally marked the same as a heel, flats that are more formal run a higher price. This casual, but work appropriate, flat from AK sport is in between those two ranges, but on the higher side. That means that although the Alive is relatively casual, it is at the price of a dress flat. Some may think this is too expensive for a flat of this design, but it is made to feel like much more than a flat. When you buy a cheap slip-on, it is seldom equipped to handle wear for more than an hour or so. The sole will be flexible and light, yes, but it will only be a sole and an upper hastily fastened together. Flats such as this have neither longevity or comfort on their side. Basically, if you want the Alive by AK Sport, you will have to pay a little more than you would for a different flat. What you’re getting is something that will last much longer than a season, and will feel great throughout it. In the end, it feels like investing in a pair of Anne Klein shoes is a much better bet than buying multiple flats to get you through a few months of wear.


For anyone with wide feet or a higher instep, flats can be a pain to try and fit. Unfortunately, that will be the case with this Anne Klein. The uppers opening for the foot is lined and trimmed, a cute detail, but one that barely allows for any give on this section of the shoe. This makes for not only the snug and secure fit when you’re wearing it, but a possibly too snug fit for those with any issues with foot proportion. Without the availability of wides, it can be kind of discouraging to try and find flats that fit correctly. This AK Sport Alive by Anne Klein is not a good choice for feet that aren’t on the narrow to average side in terms of width. Also, look out for fit issues if your instep starts low, as the lined opening can also struggle to accommodate the top of your foot. No one lines when they have toe cleavage or blisters from a shoe intended to be comfortable. There are flats that are much more giving in width, fabrics, and styles. Anne Klein makes great shoes, but this one misses the mark on inclusivity for its wearers due to its more narrow dimensions.


You’ve heard the saying “as cute as a button”, well, these shoes are “as cute as a bow”. On the AK Sport Alive by Anne Klein, the appeal is truly in the details. The large bow on the toe is quite cute and proper to look at, but it doesn’t make the shoe look too young or immature. In fact, this Alive could be styled in ways that are quite sophisticated. If worn with a pencil skirt and a ruffled dress blouse, they’d look stunning for an interview. High-waisted trousers and a trapeze top could be finished beautifully with the AK Sport Alive. In the middle of the bow is a charm detailing, which coincides with the small charm on the heel. In addition to this detailing, there are also toe and heel caps on this shoe which play with the overall texture and appearance. The patent gives some shine to the flat. Not only does it add more visual appeal, but it actually makes the shoe more durable as well. The patent is not going to rip, tear, or split. This reinforces the seams on the heel to ensure a long time of wear!

Shock Absorption

It may not look like much, but this Alive by AK Sport actually packs a huge punch when it comes to comfort and shock absorption. The inside of the shoe doesn’t only have a bit of foam to absorb energy and keep it from affecting your feet and joints, it has multiple layers of foam. Reviewers loved how this shoe felt, and how it greatly reduced the pressure on their feet. Flats can be a total bummer when it comes to supporting the foot properly. The body of this Alive by AK Sport is a popular style of flat for the brand and is very popular with its customers. The slight bit of heel helps to align the foot on the insole perfectly, so it is cushioned in all the right places. The slightly padded lining feels soft against the skin and helps to catch any addition shock with every step. This shoe is really not like other flats. Reviewers raved about how it supported them as a walking sneaker would. While I wouldn’t recommend replacing athletic shoes with this AK Sport Alive if you want a cute shoe to swap with your everyday sneakers when the mood strikes, this is a great choice.


Flats are so often hazardous. Those who wear flats know, one wrong move and sometimes you’re sliding on smooth or tile floors. That is because many flats are made cheaply as a shoe to throw on when you’re at the office or tearing up the dance floor at a wedding. That is absolutely not the case with this AK Sport Alive by Anne Klein. This flat is a different kind of footwear option for those who want to remain low to the ground. The traction on this rubber outsole is fantastic. The bottom of the shoe actually has horizontal slices into the rubber to increase the movement of the shoe. Though not the most flexible, as mentioned before, due to its half-inch heel, it still is much more flexible than a wedged option. That makes it responsive to your steps and the way you move, making for an awesome experience of wear!

Bottom Line

This AK Sport Alive by Anne Klein turns out to be a pretty smart choice for someone looking for a new flat. Though it has its problems, in terms of flexibility, size, and color selection, it still exceeds its competitors with its wearable comfort and cute style. Anne Klein has become an iconic brand for a reason, and it is plain to see why when you try on the Alive. Supportive flats are hard to come by, so when you see one, you really have to jump at the opportunity. Plus, in the AK Sport Alive, you’ll be ready to jump on every opportunity that comes your way!