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Whether you’re in need of a pair of sunglasses for driving, going to events, or playing outdoor sports, Spy Piper Sunglasses can give you everything you need. They are simultaneously sleek and modern without having an abundance of flare. Simple, functional, and versatile. 

The frame is made from grilamid, which makes the frame lightweight yet sturdy and durable. The frame itself is one hundred and twenty-five millimeters long. The bridge between the two lenses is seventeen millimeters and the lenses themselves are sixty-six millimeters. 

The lenses are made from polycarbonate and are polarized. They are designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. They provide you with one hundred percent UV four hundred protection. They are also designed to block glares in order to protect your sensitive eyes. This protection will bring you visual comfort.

Spy Piper Sunglasses are meant to be lived in, therefore, they go through strenuous testing via world-renowned athletes. They are able to stand up to weather and wear and tear. The lenses are resistant to shattering and each component is built to last. 

These sunglasses are suitable for both men and women. They are perfect for any occasion, including walking, running, driving, and playing sports. They are, like most quality sunglasses, a bit pricey. However, they do come with a warranty.

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UV Protection


Blue Light Filter


Lenses Peel

Not Good For Skiing


A group of dedicated athletes and experts in design were in search of ways to improve the lenses in eyewear. They came together and created the brand that would become Spt Optic. They did this, in southern California, in 1994. Today, a team of passionate artists and athletes work together to keep bringing better and better ideas, designs, and technologies to the table.

Spy Optic designs goggles, frames, and sunglasses that get their style inspiration from outdoor sports and the lifestyle of those who are involved in outdoor activities. One technology that is unique to this company is their Happy Lenses, which are the only ones of their kind on the market today. They offer additional protection from blue light (short-wave) which has been linked to eye damage. You can find more products for eye protection here.


The frame of these sunglasses is made from grilamid. This is a material that works perfectly for this purpose because it is lightweight while also being strong. The combination of the two benefits makes them perfect for everyday wear, whether you’re being active or not.

Grilamid is a polyamide that is almost entirely transparent and is made via thermoplastic methods. It has a high level of strength against flex fatigue. This kind of fatigue happens when sunglasses are repeatedly bent or flexed and/or exposed to harsh environment or high temperatures.

This material is also impact resistant and able to withstand most weather conditions. Its flammability is low and it is resistant to cracking from stress. This does not mean that it’s impossible to break them. It just means that they are strong.

Being stronger against the environment and wear and tear means that you won’t have to run to the eye doctor as often to get your sunglasses adjusted. These frames also completely encase the lenses, whereas many of today’s designs include frames that only wrap around half of the lenses. If you’re looking for frames that don’t wrap around the entire lenses, check here.

Happy Lens

The team at Spy Optic is dedicated to keeping the business fresh and improving all the time. Their hard work paid off with the invention of their Happy Lens technology that is implemented into the design of the Spy Piper Sunglasses. This technology is meant to improve clarity, enhance color and contrast, and protect the eyes from damage.

The lenses are polycarbonate, meaning that synthetic resin was linked with linked polymer units from molding films and materials. They are considered to be high-definition because they provide you with optimal clarity and visual comfort. These lenses are treated for scratch resistance and are distortion-free. You can find another pair of scratch-resistant sunglasses here.

The Happy Lens technology works to protect your eyes from short-wave blue light that has been linked to eye damage. This leaves long-wave blue light to filter through, which has been shown to affect mood and alertness in a positive way. Who knew a pair of sunglasses could do that for you?


Lenses that have been polarized are the best at protecting your eyes against the effects of glares. The first groups of people that made polarized lenses popular were fishermen and boaters. Why were they so interested in these lenses? It’s because they often experience intense glares from the sun’s rays reflecting off of the surface of the water.

Sunlight is typically reflected off of or absorbed by horizontal surfaces such as the hood of a car, land, or water. Usually, it gets reflected back horizontally. This reflection creates a glare that can be very strong and affect your ability to see clearly.

Polarized lenses give you more visual comfort via reducing the glares that your eyes are exposed to and making it easier to view objects around you in brighter, clearer conditions. Polarized lenses can make it easier to view objects that are underwater or at ground-level by improving clarity and contrast. They even improve the quality of the colors you’re viewing.

Your eyes can become quickly fatigued from glares putting pressure on them. Polarized lenses will help to reduce the strain put on your eyes, ultimately helping to prevent other complications in your eyes. Polarized lenses will help to resolve refractive errors in your vision, allowing you to better see on bodies of water or around the pavement.

There are a few negative properties of polarized lenses. They can make it more difficult to view some LCD screens by causing images to be invisible at certain angles. If you operate heavy machinery, these lenses aren’t suitable for you. In fact, they’re often prohibited for heavy machine operators.

Skiiers do not benefit from polarized sunglasses because they make it hard to discern between snow, ice, and moguls. They make it difficult to view ATM screens and they are more expensive than regular lenses. They are worth the extra money if they can benefit you. Here is another pair of sunglasses that are polarized.

Blue Light Filter

Blue light can be found everywhere. It is even in the light coming from the sun. It is the length of the wave that determines whether or not the blue light is good for you. When the wavelengths are longer, just before the UV rays, they are actually beneficial to you.

The long-wave blue light is linked to boosted cognitive function (focus), quicker reaction times, and lifted moods. It is even a key component in having a regulated circadian rhythm. Before technology advanced so far so quickly, humans were accustomed to the same schedule of light and dark.

In today’s world, however, we are staring at bright screens all day and into the evening hours, too. Our eyes are having to compensate for the extra strain being put on them. And you’re not just straining your eyes, you’re exposing them to an excessive amount of blue light.

When you’re exposed to too much blue light, you end up suppressing the amount of melatonin being secreted. This hormone is responsible for regulating your wake/sleep cycles. When you wear glasses/sunglasses that blocking blue light, you are able to lessen the amount of strain put on your eyes and better keep your sleep cycle regulated.

Blue light is able to penetrate through the eye, clear to the retina (which is at the back of your eye), which gives it the power to damage the cells that are sensitive to light. When this damage occurs, it can lead to macular degeneration which ultimately can lead to permanent vision loss. Here is another pair of sunglasses that protect you from blue light.

UV Protection

We all know that we benefit from the protection of skin from UV exposure. We know that it can lead to skin cancer and dark spots. However, most people don’t think about protecting their eyes from exposure. Yes, we wear sunglasses because we know it hurts to be exposed to bright lights. We know it makes out eyes tired. But do we know why, and do we realize we’re protecting them from much more?

Sunglasses can protect a lot more than the skin around your eyes. They can protect the eye itself, including the lens, cornea, and other important parts. When exposed to a lot of UV rays, your eyes can develop growths, macular degeneration, and even cataracts.

Ideally, you want to find sunglasses that will block at the very least, ninety-nine percent of UV rays with the absorption of four hundred nanometers. Spy Piper Sunglasses block one hundred percent of UV rays at four hundred nanometers.

It is common to assume that darker lenses mean more protection, but that’s not the case. The protection comes from an invisible coating that is applied to the lenses. You will receive additional protection if you wear sunglasses with larger frames that fit more closely to your face. You can find another pair of sunglasses rated for one hundred percent UV protection here. (Tifosi wisp)

Visual Comfort

During the design process, the team made sure that the Spy Piper Sunglasses could provide you with all of the things you need the most out of eye protection without sacrificing their style. One of the most important benefits you can expect from sunglasses is enhanced visual comfort.

All of the features of these sunglasses work together to provide you with protection for UV exposure, blue light exposure, glares, certain eye conditions, and more. And with all of this protection, they end up giving you optimal visual comfort.

When your eyes aren’t overexposed to blue light and UV rays, they aren’t as likely to become irritated, itchy, burning, and heavy. It helps immensely to cut back on glares as well. The less strain and pressure your eyes are exposed to, the better.

Visual comfort doesn’t just mean that your eyes are less fatigued, but it means that you can enjoy a more regular sleep cycle and not feel so tired throughout the day. You will feel more alert and energized, ultimately putting you in a better mood. You can use a sleep tracker to help get your cycles back on track too.


These sunglasses are designed with a very classic, simple, sleek, aesthetic shape. There are no sparkling or dazzling accents. The frame shape isn’t fancy, nor are the arms. However, they are extremely functional and practical and the style is timeless and versatile. If you’re looking for a more unique style, you may like these.

Men and women can appreciate the simplicity of the design. There is no limit to who can wear them and where they can wear them to. You can reach for them every time you leave your house, with the few exceptions where the polarization won’t come in handy.

The activities that these sunglasses are best suited for include boating, driving, fishing, hunting, casual outings, and backpacking. If you live an active lifestyle, one of these could come in handy. These sunglasses are suitable for virtually any activity you can participate in, both outdoors and in, depending on the lighting.


Spy Piper Sunglasses are built to keep your eyes safe from more than light. The shape of the frames is effective in protecting your eyes from some, if not all, airborne debris that could enter, irritate, and possibly damage them. They fit close to your face and wrap the whole way around the lens, protecting the top and bottom. Where the material covers the temple is thick to protect the sides of your eyes.

Athletes from around the world count on the protection of these sunglasses during their outdoor sports activities. They provide you with protection from UV rays, eye strain, blue light exposure, glares, debris, and other threats to the health and safety of your eyes.

The lenses are even resistant to shattering in order to protect your eyes from any sharp edges that would be created from cracks and shatters. This is not to say that they are indestructible. But they are sturdy and will hold up to more wear and tear than a five-dollar pair of sunglasses. Here is another pair of sunglasses that will work to keep you safe throughout the day.


Spy Optics offers its customers a (limited) lifetime warranty on their products. The warranty covers any defects found in materials. You must be able to provide a receipt of purchase and the purchase must have been made at an authorized retailer. Defects that are caused by wear and tear, harsh weather, physical harm, or improper use will not be covered.

If you alter your product in any way, it can not be covered by the warranty. If you are eligible for warranty coverage, you will be provided with a new pair of sunglasses for a small fee and shipping charges. The lenses are covered for one year.

To file a warranty claim, you need to complete the form that is available online. Once you have filled out the form, you must submit it to the warranty department. The representatives will determine the verdict of your claim within three business days.

Bottom Line

Some features that are commonly desired in a pair of sunglasses include style, protection, lightweight, comfort, functionality, and versatility. These sunglasses can provide all of that and more. They will help to protect you from harmful blue light, UV rays, and glare exposure.

They will provide you will visual comfort that will keep your eyes from becoming fatigued long before bedtime. They will help to prevent eye conditions that are caused by overexposure to certain kinds of lights and strain.

They are versatile enough that they can be worn for virtually any event or occasion. The one activity that they are not beneficial for is skiing. It is hard to discern the snow from the ice when wearing polarized sunglasses. Some consumers have reported that the coating on the lenses peels more rapidly when exposed to extremely cold conditions.

Spy Piper Sunglasses come at a slightly high price, but the benefits that they offer are more than worth the money. They also come with a warranty in case anything happens to them, outside of your control, within the specified time restriction. Ultimately, if these sunglasses suit your needs, you have nothing to lose.