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Are you looking for versatile sunglasses that can be worn with prescribed lenses or non-prescription lenses? With the easy changing lens system in the Adidas Raylor S, you can even switch back and forth depending on your needs, the environment, occasion, etc. 

The frame is made of resin, which was chosen for its malleability. Resin is easily manipulated and shaped, making it easier to design these sunglasses to fit more closely the shape of your face. The lenses are made of polycarbonate, making them lightweight and easily treated with coatings. They are non-polarized but are treated for UV protection.

The lenses are able to be altered for prescriptions and can easily be changed back and forth between prescription and non-prescription for different needs in different environments. The nose pads can snap on and off for customized comfort. Adidas Raylor S are lightweight and break-proof with a quick-release hinge to protect them should they take a fall.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lens Easily Changed

Quick Release Hinge


UV Protection

Prescription Ready


Lens scratch easily



Adolf Dassler gave birth to the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory in his mother’s home in 1924. Rudolf, his brother, joined him soon after. Together, they worked to develop spiked running shoes for athletic events. Spiked shoes did already exist, but the Dassler’s improve the design by using rubber and canvas material for their spikes instead of the previously used heavy metal material.

In 1936, the Dassler’s spikes made an appearance at the Summer Olympics in 1936. Jesse Owens wore them for his competition. Once the spikes were in the spotlight, the Dassler brothers’ company became popular among athletes.

Sadly, in 1949, Adolf and Rudolf had a falling out. It resulted in the two brothers going their separate ways. Adolf created the brand Adidas, and Rudolf created the brand Puma. Coincidentally, the two companies are each other’s biggest rival.

Adidas was founded in Germany and serves consumers from all around the globe. More than fifty-seven thousand people are employed by Adidas. The global headquarters, stationed in Germany, employs people from one hundred different nations.

The company produces more than nine hundred million sports and sportswear products every single year. You can find other products made by this company here.


The frame, being the largest part of sunglasses, tends to be the most important piece when it comes to comfort, durability, security, weight, and strength. The frame is a huge selling point between its material, shape, aesthetics, and performance. You can find a similar pair of sunglasses here.

The material used in the construction of the frame of these sunglasses is resin. Resin is used because, during manufacturing, the resin is impressively malleable. This makes it easier to mold the shape to better fit the natural shape of your face/head.

These sunglasses are designed to have more of a sleek look. This is accomplished with the rectangular shape of the lens, the frame not going the entire way around the lens, the frame and arms fitting the contours of your face, and the Adidas logo at the temples. Adidas Raylor S Sunglasses are available in three gorgeous colors. They are shiny black, shiny white, and shiny brown.


The lenses of these sunglasses are composite lenses, meaning they’re made from polycarbonate. This material is able to be treated with coatings for anti-glare, anti-scratch, and others. Composite lenses are suitable for a wide range of eyeglass/sunglass wearers.

These lenses are not polarized. Polarized sunglasses are designed for glare reduction from surfaces like glass, snow, and water. Non-polarized sunglasses are typically a darker shade and are designed to reduce the lights’ intensity. And they can be treated with anti-glare coatings. If you're looking for a polarized option, you may like these.

Non-Polarized lenses aren’t able to consider the direction that light is coming from, therefore they can’t reverse the effects of the horizontal polarization. Non-polarized sunglasses can be made in a much broader range of colors and shades, from light to dark and from green to red. They are even designed to be suitable for indoors when there is good lighting available.

The lenses are even designed with a system to make changing them quick and easy. This is made possible without sacrificing on the sturdiness of the frames. Thanks to the quick-change system, you can switch between dark and light, prescription and non-prescription, or even between colors. You can switch your lenses to match the lighting and environment.

Lastly, the lenses are integrated with the Vision Advantage “Precise” lens which guarantees that you will experience distortion-free sight in any lighting and/or weather.

UV Protection

Everyone knows that we’re supposed to protect our skin from the sun when we are going to be exposed to it for longer periods of time. What fewer people think about is the fact that our eyes need protecting from the UV rays as well. The good news is that these sunglasses come equipped with a coating that provides one hundred percent UV protection. Another pair of sunglasses with fantastic UV protection can be found here.

The skin on your eyelids is not the only part of your eyes that is susceptible to negative effects caused by UV rays exposure. Damage can also be caused to your lens, cornea, and various other parts of your eye. Exposure to UV rays can also cause the development of growths, cataracts, macular degeneration, and even skin cancer.

Another condition that can be caused by exposure to UV light is photokeratitis. Simply put, this condition occurs when your eyes get sunburned. As you can probably imagine, this is extremely painful. If left to worsen, it can escalate to become snow blindness. This term is used to describe temporary vision loss.

There are a few ways that you can protect your eyes from UV rays. The most effective way is with protective eyewear that fits snugly to your face and blocks light as much as possible. You can also wear a hat with a wide brim on it. A good hat can block out around half of the UV rays.


The Adidas Raylor S sunglasses weren’t just designed to protect you from the sun. They protect you from yourself as well. They are shaped in such a way that they fit more naturally with the curves of your face. This way, they are more likely to stay in place.

The resin frame is molded in a natural curve and the arms of the sunglasses curve in at the ends to grip onto your head better. They are even equipped with a ribbed grip. You can adjust the nose pads to fit your nose. Either leave them on or snap them off.

Consumers have reported that these sunglasses worked great for running. You just have to make sure that you’re choosing the right size for your face and that you have the right size nose pads on as well. Some have also reported that they stay where they’re meant to, even when they’ve broken a sweat. You can find more sunglasses for running here.


There are many features that go into contributing to your overall comfort while wearing these sunglasses. Your eyes are protected from damaging UV rays; ultimately saving you from pain. You won’t have to squint all day long. And your eyes won’t get tired.

The nose pads that snap on and off make for a customized comfortable feel. There are flex zones in the arms and frame of these sunglasses which allow them to bend more than you’d expect. This helps to keep you comfortable and it helps to protect your sunglasses. We all know how the arms on sunglasses can easily be bent beyond their limits and shatter in our hands.

There is another feature included in the constructions of these sunglasses which will give you comfort. The arms of these sunglasses are designed to pinch in at the ends, making them hug your head instead of sitting on top of your ears, putting pressure on them. This small detail will create a huge difference in your comfort level. Another pair of sunglasses that have a snug fit can be found here.

Quick-Release Hinge

A safety feature that is included in the construction of the Adidas Raylor S is the quick-release hinge between the front of the sunglasses frame and the arms, known as the temple area. This hinge will protect you and your sunglasses from damage caused by trips, slips, falls, and impacts.

How does this hinge protect you in any way? Interestingly enough, this hinge is designed to know when an outside force is working on it, and when it senses this force, it breaks free and collapses the arms. Thanks to this safety measure, the arms of the sunglasses are less likely to snap off.

The arms not snapping off will also protect your face from collateral damage that could be caused by sharp edges. When the quick release hinge does, in fact, release, your sunglasses are not ruined. They very easily snap right back into place. If you’re interested in other safety measures to implement during your outdoor activities,it’s worth looking into a safety light.


There are a few reasons that you’d want to have your eyewear be lightweight. The heavier the product, the more pressure it’s going to be putting on your ears and nose. These two areas are where your sunglasses are going to be resting. They will also come in contact with your temples and the side of your head, but your nose and ears have to bear their weight.

These sunglasses are made with lightweight materials throughout the entire construction. All of its components add together to make them only nineteen grams in weight. Some people would pick them up, try them on, and immediately cast them off as cheap plastic sunglasses.

However, being lightweight does not mean you have to sacrifice on quality, whatsoever. The flexibility of the arms and the quick-release hinge are just a couple of the features put in place to protect these sunglasses, even as lightweight as they are. Here is another pair of lightweight sunglasses.


Whether you’re an extremely active person or not, it’s important to have sunglasses that can withstand what life has to throw at them. You don’t have to be active to drop them, sit on them, bend them, etc. It happens to all of us. What is important is whether or not your sunglasses are built to be strong.

These sunglasses are made with SPX material, which is break-proof. It is strong, extremely elastic, resistant to impact, and lightweight. It is even resistant to extremely high and low temperatures. Another quality that adds to the overall strength of the sunglasses is the flexibility and their capability of conforming to the user’s head shape and width. You can find another pair of durable sunglasses here.


The Adidas Raylor S sunglasses are available in two different sizes. One size has lenses that are sixty millimeters wide. The other has lenses that are sixty-five millimeters wide. In both sizes, the lens height is forty millimeters. The bridge (across the nose) is nineteen millimeters long. The arms are each one hundred and thirty-five millimeters long.


Adidas backs its products with a two-year warranty. This warranty is effective from the date that the product was manufactured. It only covers defects from manufacturing. If you are passed the two-year cut-off, your item will not be covered by the warranty anymore. You won’t be able to get your products repaired or replaced by Adidas. They do not repair or replace emblems, insoles, buttons, drawstrings, laces, or other pieces used for decoration.

If you purchase your item from an authorized third-party retailer, check their policies on returns and send the product back to them. If the third-party company can not assist you, you can then contact Adidas directly to file a claim. If the third-party retailer is not an authorized seller, Adidas will not offer you support for the product.

It typically takes the team between two and four weeks to completely settle a warranty claim. If the team determines that your product is, in fact, defective, they will not return the item to you. If your item is defective, you will receive a credit to your account that may be used to purchase a replacement for it.

Bottom Line

A lot of great benefits are packed into these small sunglasses. You can enjoy one hundred percent UV ray protection from non-polarized, composite lenses that can be easily changed out and are even able to be made into prescription lenses. Being able to swap out lenses will be convenient for indoor/outdoor use and weather changes.

The sunglasses are protected from damage thanks to a very durable yet flexible design. The flexibility allows the sunglasses to contour to the shape of your head, more easily move with your head movements, and to be more resistant to bending and snapping. The arms even feature a quick-release hinge where they meet the frame that protects them from snapping.

Some consumers have reported that the lenses are too easily scratched. One measure you can take to ensure the safety of the lenses is to store them in your car or bag in their convenient storage case that is included in your purchase. Always be sure to keep them somewhere safe when not in use. A lot of times, when sunglasses are broken, it’s when we’re not even wearing them.

You will want to be especially careful not to do anything to damage or break the Adidas Raylor S sunglasses. They are expensive. However, the high price is what buys you the durability, flexibility, protection, and comfort you get to enjoy from these sunglasses day after day.