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The Revo Descend N sunglasses are great looking and comfortable pair of eyewear with a versatile design that can be worn almost anywhere. They're chock-full of fantastic and Innovative Technologies to help give the where the best Clarity possible. You can take advantage of the fact they offer 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection as well as blue and HEV light from the sun. You'll be able to rest easy knowing that your eyes are protected while you're out enjoying your day.

The lenses of these glasses are fantastic because they offer numerous layers the each does something different for you. They can repel water, sweat, oil, and fingerprints. Additionally, they can help reduce intrusive back-surface reflections. They can help with diminishing glare and reducing eye strain thanks to the polarisation. Finally, customers can take advantage of NASA lens technology, which is similar to what they use in the windows on satellites in space.

Yes, the Revo Descend N sunglasses have a relatively high price tag, but the fact that they offer so much for their customers can help make up for the high cost. Unfortunately, they don't have the best track record for durability. It's not something that all customers experience; however, enough reviewers mentioned the weak strength that it is worth mentioning.

Overall, however, most customers love these sunglasses. Numerous people stated that they've had them for years and will continue coming back to this company. If you want great-looking, innovative, versatile, and comfortable, then this is the product for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great color options

Sporty style

Rimless design




Durability problems

High price tag


The Revo company got its start in 1985. It all started with the dream of one man, Dr. Mitch Ruda. He was an avid skier, as well as an optical engineer and somewhere along the way he got a unique idea. He wanted to adopt a space-based technology that could be used to create high-performance eyewear.

He found that he was able to succeed in his vision and creates a fantastic pair of eyewear. The company uses the same Coatings that Nasa uses to protect the porthole windows in their satellites from radiation from both the Sun and the Earth. With the use of this revolutionary technology, Dr. Rudo was able to create the Revo Light Management System. Each and every one of their lenses come with multiple coatings on them. This ensures that they get the highest level of protection as well as the sharpest Vision possible regardless of the lighting conditions.

The company is one of the many iconic American brands; however, they've been able to transform their cult following into a more devoted community of people from all over the world.

Revo claims that even after three decades they're still producing the best lenses on Earth.


There are a plethora of uses for the Revo Descend N sunglasses. Whether you're looking for something to wear casually, for driving, for playing sports, or any other occasion these are going to be perfect for you.

Yes, they have a more casual look than most sports glasses. However, the no-slip and motion fit designs make them an excellent choice for those who lead an active lifestyle. It's going to make sure that you have the perfect fit that secure and will not slide down your face all without pinching or becoming uncomfortable. What this means is you're not going to have to worry about your glasses falling off your face due to moisture from sweating. If you're heading out for a long-distance run, enjoying a bike ride, or participating in any athletic activity, you can rest easy knowing that your glasses are going to stay secure on your face.

Of course, they're perfect for casual use as well. They have a sleek design that can fit in for most occasions. If you want something to keep in your car for driving or something to wear while spending the day on the beach with your family this product can work very well for you.

No matter what you are doing or where you were going you, you look great and feel comfortable while wearing these sunglasses.


The Revo Descend N Sunglasses have a rimless frame design to give the product a unique look. The room was designed helps give you a larger field of vision with fewer distractions in your way.

The frames are lightweight and flexible, giving you a more comfortable feel while you're out and about. Additionally, they are featuring elastomeric nose PAD as well as Temple tips. This helps ensure the shade stay where they're supposed to. When you're heading out for any kind of workout or spending some time in the heat chances are you're going to start sweating. You don't want the moisture from your sweat to cause your glasses to slide down your face. Thankfully, that isn't a problem you'll have to worry about with this product thanks to the slip reducing rubber on the nose and the temples.

Additionally, the frames feature emotion fit design. This helps maximize the overall comfort level of the glasses by eliminating any unwanted pressure points. There's no need to feel like you're being pinched or squeezed unnecessarily while you're wearing these glasses.


The Revo Descend N lenses are phenomenal. They feature an 8 base lens technology to maximize the amount of protection you get as well as increase your overall visibility while you're wearing the shades.

The lenses feature the light management system, which is proprietary to Revo. There are many layers placed upon the glasses, each giving them a different quality. They start with the Sun lens, which is a high tech base lens. You got the authentic Revo hydrophobic coating which helps repel water and sweat, so the glasses aren't fogging up on you. There is the Revo back-surface protection coating, which helps reduce intrusive back-surface reflections helping increase your overall visibility. The shades feature a polarized film layer that helps reduce glare as well as eye strain. You can take advantage of the exclusive Revo mirror Coatings, which are about three to six layers based on NASA's lens technology to help give you protection from the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Finally, the glasses have an authentic Revo oleophobic coating which helps repel oil and fingerprints helping ensure that your lenses are staying clean so there's no obstruction to your line of sight.

They feature a high-contrast polarized Serilium+ lens to ensure you're getting a lightweight and durable design. The polarization helps reduce the amount of glare you get from reflective surfaces. Imagine driving in your car, and the sun is shining down on the pavement, and you get a considerable glare limiting your visibility so you can barely see. If you're wearing polarized glasses, like these, you can reduce the amount of glare there so you can see better with fewer distractions. Of course, it's not going to eliminate all glare, but it's going to reduce the amount that you see drastically.

Lens Color

When it comes time to place the order for your sunglasses, you're going to notice that there are different lens options that you can choose from. The different colored lenses are for more than just aesthetically pleasing look. Each color has its own set of benefits that you can take advantage of while you are wearing shades.

You can pick from blue water, graphite, golf brown, champagne, green water, and Terra.

The Blue Water lenses are ideal for those who are going to be out under the bright Skies. The green water is a more down-to-earth type of lens. If you're looking for an everyday lens for casual use, the graphite's going to be the best option for you. If you like to go out on adventures and hike on the trails, then you might want to consider the Terra lens. Additionally, if you want an eagle eye lens, then the golf brown is going to be the best choice for you. Finally, the champagne length is considered the ultimate lifestyle lens.

You're going to want to choose the lens color based on what you were going to be doing while you're wearing the sunglasses. But regardless of what color you choose, you'll at least know that you're going to be looking great.

Frame Color

In addition to the different colored lenses that you can choose from, there are a few frame color choices also. You get three different options for your frames when you place your order. You can pick from black, blush, or Crystal. They're not as many options as there are lenses, however, customers don't seem to have a problem with the options that they have available to them.


When you're buying a pair of sunglasses, you want to make sure that you're getting something that's reliable. It's incredibly frustrating when you go to put on your glasses and find that one of the arms of snapped off or you discover the lenses are scratched. Durability is essential in most things that you buy, including your sunglasses.

One of the biggest downfalls to the Revo Descend N sunglasses is the inconsistent durability. There are mixed reviews when it comes to the quality of this product. Most customers have commented that they've had no problems with the longevity of the shades. However, there are also quite a few customers who had some issues.

Some consumers experienced the arms breaking off easily, whereas others commented that the lenses got scratched up more quickly than they should have. There were a few reviewers who stated they felt cheaply made and used for materials. They said that it was flimsy and tomato inferior quality materials. Again, this isn't the consensus of everybody, but enough people complained that it is worth noting.


If you compare the price of these sunglasses with some of the other ones on the market, you're going to find that they have a pretty high price tag. They are right up there with some of the other big-name brands and sunglasses. Yes, they feature a lot of great technologies and have an innovative design, but that doesn't mean most people want to pay that price for a pair of glasses.

Since numerous consumers had problems with the durability of this product, they would state that it's definitely not worth the price they paid. Is there going to be paying this much money for a pair of Shades, they want to make sure that they're going to last. You wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on a product just to have to replace it again in a few months, would you?

It's unfortunate that so many people had problems with the longevity of the glasses because consumers loved the glasses but didn't like that they broke so easily. So, overall, most people would not say that this is a good value.


As mentioned above, you have different color options when it comes to both the frames and the lenses. But there's more to style then the color you choose.

Customers love the rimless design of this product. It helps give them a full field of view, and it helps keep the glasses lightweight and feeling great. The lenses can be worn for a plethora of different events or occasions. What are you looking for something sporty looking for an outdoor adventure, or if you want something more formal for an outdoor event, and these glasses are going to be perfect for you.

The versatile Style keeps customers happy and your eyes safe.


If you're going to be spending any kind of time outside under the sun, you want to make sure that you're staying protected. Typically you would put sunscreen on your skin for protection from the sun's rays, so why not give your eyes the same treatment? With products such as these sunglasses, you can make sure that your eyes are staying safe while you're under the sun.

The Revo Descend N sunglasses Feature a lens coating that gives them 100% UVA UVB and UVC protection. Additionally, it protects your eyes against Blue Light and HEV light. You aren't going to have to worry about any of the harmful rays damaging your eyes while wearing these glasses.

In addition to protection from the sun's rays, you're also going to get some security from the fact that you will have fewer distractions in your vision. Since the polarized lenses help reduce glare and the rimless frames give you a broader field of view, you're going to be able to stay aware of what's in front of you and around you, so there are no unnecessary accidents.

Bottom Line

The Revo Descend N glasses are a great pair of shades for many customers. The Future's So Many Innovative Technologies that can keep your eyes safe and keep you feeling great while you're on-the-go. The lenses future technologies that are similar to those used in NASA, so you're sure to keep your eyes safe from the harmful radiation of the Sun. Additionally, they're polarized to reduce glare so you can see better when you're out and about.

Another great feature about these glasses, more specifically the lenses, is that they can repel water, sweat, oil, and fingerprints. You aren't going to have to worry about moisture fogging up the glasses distracting your vision. On the same note, you're not going to have to deal with oil and fingerprints smudging up the lenses causing you distress actions.

Unfortunately, this product does have a high price tag, which discourages a lot of consumers. It also doesn't help that many reviewers had problems with the durability of the glasses. Combining the high price tag and the loader ability makes them not the best value. However, this is not the opinion of the majority as a lot of customers do love this product.

Overall, the vast majority of consumers I have fallen in love with this product. Many of them would even recommend them to their friends and family and fellow outdoor enthusiasts.