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Made for women on-the-go, but suitable for anyone, the Bandi Wrap Pocket Belt is loaded with features to get you conveniently, safely, and comfortably through your day. Whether you’re walking around the block, training for a marathon, or exploring the local zoo, you can rest assured that your items will be safe and close to you.

The belt is designed to stay in place. It won’t roll up or down or bounce around. This protects your items as well as your skin. When pocket belts are able to bounce around and roll up and down, they can very quickly cause skin irritation that can lead to other problems.

There are four equally sized pockets in this belt, with plenty of room for your most important items. The fabric used in the construction of this belt will work to keep you protected from excess moisture and the odor that can come with it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

No Bounce

Four Pockets

USA Made

Phone Storage

Moisture/Odor Management



No zippers


Bandi is a brand that was started by two busy women, Bev and Beth. In the midst of their busy lifestyles that included training for running, hiking on the weekends, running the kids around, or shopping; they concluded that there had to be a better way to carry your essentials.

If you’re a busy woman, or you have kids, or you’re just an active person in general, you may have found that you yourself have wished at least once that you could carry something smaller than your purse. Or maybe not even have to carry one at all.

They understood that handheld clutches and fanny packs were already on the market, but they wanted to create a product that didn’t have to be carried but was still sleek and modern. For eighteen months, they worked to create and perfect their rendition of a fashionable, functional belt.

When they finally had their first official product completed, they launched their brand, Bandi, in May of 2012. They immediately began receiving positive reviews. All of the pocketed belts offered by Bandi include their patented, unique fold. This unique way of folding your items into the belt gives them extra protection. You can find another belt in this style here.

Moisture Management

Whether you’re active, busy, athletic, or you are only on your feet when you have to be; you can always benefit from products that have some type of moisture management feature. Sometimes the weather outside or the room temperature is enough to make our bodies produce sweat. We don’t even have to be exerting ourselves in order to break a sweat.

That’s why the Bandi Wrap Pocket Belt is made with a blend of yarn-dyed polyester and spandex. This fabric combination works together to wick moisture away from your skin (if it is in contact with your skin), and away from the items that it is protecting. It is also a quick-drying combination of fabrics, so the belt won’t stay weighed down all day long.

You can take additional measures to protect your items that are enclosed in the belt. If you wear the belt under your shirt, you can make sure that your shirt has the right properties to protect the belt from some or all outside moisture. Find good running shirts here.

Odor Control

Moisture management and odor control go hand in hand. Controlling moisture will help to prevent odor-causing bacteria. These bacteria are attracted to sweat. Therefore, it makes sense that, the dryer your belt, the less stinky it will be.

After the bacteria feeds on your sweat, it produces and excretes an acid. This acid that they leave behind is what produces the odor that we all have come to associate with sweat. You can find products that help with odor control here.

Odor-causing bacteria can cause a lot more than just an annoying odor. When areas are left moist, the bacteria can cause fungal growth. The fungal growth, no matter where it occurs on your body, is unpleasant. It causes irritating burning and itching in the affected area. Thankfully, this pocket belt has you covered in your waist area.


With many waist belt/bag/pack solutions on the market today, you can expect just one simple pocket. However, with this pocket belt, you get to enjoy not just one or two pockets, but four! Each pocket is the same size as the next. They measure three and a half inches in height. The length depends on the size of the belt and ranges from six to ten inches each.

With so many pockets available, you can store all of your most essential items for your walk, run, trip to the mall, vacation, work meeting, etc. There is plenty of room for cash, an inhaler, an EpiPen, keys, credit cards, and most smartphones.

You’ll want to check the size of your phone in regards to the pockets before purchasing with the intent of putting your phone in the pocket. If you need a different storage solution for a smartphone, check here.


Aside from protecting your most valued travel accessories, it is the job of this belt to protect your skin and comfort. Part of protecting your skin and keeping you comfortable is covered by the moisture and odor management. Let’s face it, that’s a major part. So what else could be done to make it more comfortable?

The material is soft and stretchy. This will make it feel good against your skin and be able to stretch enough that you won’t feel like you can’t breathe without breaking a seam. Be sure to use the size chart to determine which size is best for you. This is how you can maximize the comfort you receive. Why not grab a good pair of leggings to wear with your belt?


A common problem with the waist belts that are designed for active lifestyles is that they tend to roll up or bounce around. The ones that are adjustable and have snap closures tend to bounce around more because they aren’t as secure. The stretchy belts have the tendency to roll up just like leggings tend to roll down (due to natural movements).

When the belts are allowed to bounce around or roll up and down, they can very quickly and easily cause your skin discomfort and irritation. If let go too long, it can even lead to a painful rash. These annoying side effects can be brought on much more rapidly with exercise.

The Bandi Wrap Pocket Belt is designed in such a way that, if you purchase the right size, it won’t bounce around or roll up or down while you’re using it. You can feel free to walk, jog, run, and jump, knowing that your skin, and belongings, are safe. You can look into more running-style belts here.


While some pocket belts are specifically designed for certain types of occasions, this belt is not. Yes, it may be perfect for the active lifestyle or the busy mom, but it’s also perfect for the shopper, the casual stroller, or the traveler. It’s not just one category of people that can enjoy the benefits of this belt.

Something that makes this belt extra versatile is the fact that it can either be worn over top of your clothing or underneath them. Wear it to look like the top of yoga pants or keep it hidden under your shirt.

Whether you’re running a marathon or taking a trip around the local grocery store, you can do it with a discreet, hands-free, protected wallet attached to your waist. You can find more purse alternatives here.


There are many ways the Bandi Wrap Pocket Belt offers you, and your belongings, protection. With the moisture management and odor control, you’re protected from bacteria, odor, and fungus. With the anti-bounce stretch, you’re protected from skin irritation. If you need products to help skin irritation, look here.

The unique layering design of this belt allows you to easily slip your items in and out but makes it more difficult for them to fall out or to be broken into by a pick-pocket. The overlapping layers keep your items secure inside the belt. If you want to keep your items double protected, wear the belt under a shirt.


There are many kinds of belt-style packs available on the market. Some of them have velcro closures. Some have snaps and buttons. Some close like a belt. And some you simply step into or pull over your head.

This pocket belt is the style which you either step into or pull on over your head. For some people, this can be more convenient. For others, it could pose a complication/annoyance. If you have a larger waist, it may be more difficult to get the belt on and off. If you need a pocket belt with the adjustability, check here.

There are no buckles and no velcro incorporated in the design of this belt. That also means there isn’t an option for adjustment in the size/fit. It’s extra important to check the size chart to make sure that you order a size that will allow you to enjoy the design as much as possible.


This pocket belt is available in four unique color schemes. You’re sure to be able to find the color that best complements your style. The celestial color is a blend of yellow, pink, orange, blue, and black. This color could be worn with virtually any outfit color scheme.

The midnight color choice is a blend of reddish-pink, white, and black. Twilight is a blend of pink, purple, and blue. And the black pique is simply black. All of the color schemes are pretty easy to pair with outfits, and if you want to always match your belt, you can opt for the simple black. You can find more fun colored waist packs here.

There are six sizes available. They range from extra small to extra extra large. Extra small fits waists that are twenty-seven to thirty-one inches in circumference. Small fits waists from thirty to thirty-five inches. Medium fits waists from thirty-three to thirty-nine inches.

The large size will fit waists from thirty-six to forty-three inches. Extra-large will fit waists from thirty-nine to forty-seven inches. And, finally, the extra, extra-large size will fit waists from forty-three to fifty-two inches in circumference.


Bandi offers a money-back guarantee. This guarantee comes with the promise that you will not run into any hassle when requesting a refund. If you find that you are not one hundred percent satisfied with your Bandi Wrap Pocket Belt, simply contact the company directly to work it out.

You may return your item for a refund so long as it’s within the first thirty days following the date of purchase. You must include your receipt of purchase or your order information with your package. If you purchased your product as part of a flash sale, a special, or off of the web, your product may have different policies attached to it.

If you receive your item and notice that it is defective in workmanship or functionality, contact the company as soon as possible. Bandi is happy to work out any issues that arise, and when there is a defect in your product, they will correct it.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to be super active to appreciate the convenience a pocket belt allows. Instead of toting around a giant purse with endless useless junk to sift through, simply wear a pocket belt and keep only the most important items close to you.

With four equally sized pockets, you can store your cell phone, credit cards, cash, chapstick, and inhaler or EpiPen around your waist. They’ll be easily accessed and safely hidden inside a double-layered fabric closure. A zipper closure would make some people feel more secure, but the way it is designed does the job.

Made in the USA, and founded by two busy women, the Bandi Wrap Pocket Belt can offer you moisture and odor protection as well as skin protection. The belt prevents bouncing and chafing, wicks away moisture, and is antimicrobial.

At a fair price, and with a money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose in trying this belt? They do tend to be tight, so make sure you measure your hips and select the correct size.