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Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 Reviewed Review Facts

The  Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 is a running shoe which is an upgrade of the Wave Inspire 13. The shoe does not look like it has diverted from their regular designs and has made improvements of Mizuno Wave Inspire 13. Mizuno brand has been in existence since 1906, and its primary focus has been to provide quality shoes. The Mizuno Inspire 14 utilizes unique technology, and it gives runners a faster, stable and smooth running experience. The new shoe modification on Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 will provide runners with a game-changing performance. The shoe has maintained its stylish look, and it is well suited for pronated runners. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 has exciting features like X10 technology for durability and traction, Dynamotion Fit for comfort and protection, smooth ride technology for an even toe-off and a fan-shaped plate in addition to CloudWave technology in the midsole for stability. The new addition has slightly modified the outsole design. The grooves are modified for better traction on both dry and wet surfaces. The Mizuno 14 offers a fun, fast and dynamic shoe best used for daily and long distance runs on the road, light trail and the treadmill.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It is durable

Breathable upper mesh

Variety Color options

Good protection

Great stability

Soft cushioning

Reliable Traction

Spacious toe-box

Comfortable upper


Narrow heel

A bit expensive

Not very responsive

Slightly heavy

A high drop


The outsole utilizes X10 technology, and it is built up of carbon rubber compound. It is very resilient, responsive and has excellent traction for running. The purpose of the X10 technology is to safeguard the midsole from the potentially devastating effect of continuous use. The outsole has flex grooves which significantly improves the overall traction on dry or wet surfaces. The springy grooves also assist in the heel to toe shift. The flex controllers which includes the hinges and grooves support the metatarsals to bend naturally, therefore, ensuring ease when lifting the forefoot. The blown rubber material help in cushioning, durability and traction. Besides the X10 technology increases durability and traction in the heel zone and protects the whole outsole region. The blown rubber compound is used in the forefoot area, and it is responsive compared to the carbon-based material. It can compress and easily flex when pressure is applied. The technology also protects the sole in high-wear regions. The existence of X10 technology mitigates the potentially rough act of striking the heel on a terrain. The outsole on almost all Mizuno shoes remains the same: road eccentric and durable but a little deeper lug can benefit the pump.


The midsole generally offers sufficient stability while running, particularly to overpronators. The midsole of the Wave Inspire 14 utilizes CloudWave technology. It is a thermoplastic component that moves from the midfoot area to the back of the sole section. The technology provides a soft and smooth running experience. It makes the midsole to give better protection of your joints, makes it responsive, absorb impacts and makes it more cushioned. It increases the efficiency of the heel to toe transition. It has SmoothRide technology assists to achieve a comfortable shift landing to toe-off. The SmoothRide is a system of grooves that prevents the foot from feeling detached from the platform and supports it. The midsole also features a fan-shaped wave plate. The two waves are positioned at different heights to give you the highest volume of stability. The Wave Inspire 14 uses U4icX and U4ic foam material which is lightweight and offer cushioning for excellent performance. The foam forms most of the shoe’s midsole. It aims at providing a robust yet responsive underfoot experience. The U4icX is a lighter duplication of U4ic foam, and it acts as a wedge in the heel.


The shoes upper section has been improved, but the style stays true to the brand. It is lightweight, made of synthetic leather, well designed and is made of open mesh material. The upper is also made of molded Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which has many properties like resistance to abrasion and elasticity. The engineered mesh material is comfortable and stretchy which allows good airflow is making it well breathable. The Dynamotion Fit technology works well with the open mesh to increase security and comfort. The Mizuno Inspire 14 has stitched overlays which adds to the look of the shoe and improves the strength of the structure. The stitches have been reported as uncomfortable, but it is countered by the soft collar which grants stability and comfort. The forefoot section has stretch panels which promote the natural movement of the foot. The shoe’s lacing system consists of elastic round laces which provide extra security and increases comfort when used with the padded tongue. It also had additional eyelets to secure your ankle when running.


The Mizuno Inspire 14 constitutes of several lightweight components. The midsole especially the U4icX and U4ic foam material is light and made for cushioning. The mesh located on the upper sole is also lightweight. Stability shoes are generally heavyweight, but the Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 feels light because of the SmoothRide technology even though it is heavy. The overall weight of the shoe is at 10.4 ounces which are high compared to many other shoes. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 weighs lesser than the previous model Inspire 13 which is a great improvement.


The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 utilizes a mesh on the structure of the upper sole which allows for proper air flow and makes it more breathable for your foot. The mesh on the upper is excellent on the upper, and no complaints are there about blisters or the breathability of the shoe. The excellent air flow properties and great traction of the Mizuno 14 makes this shoe an excellent choice for any type of weather throughout the year. The mesh also acts as a ventilation system which reduces humidity and heat accumulated inside the shoe when running. The mesh is also very light and tinny.


The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 utilizes a mesh on the structure of the upper sole which allows for proper air flow and makes it more breathable for your foot. The mesh on the upper is excellent on the upper, and no complaints are there about blisters or the breathability of the shoe. The excellent air flow properties and great traction of the Mizuno 14 makes this shoe an excellent choice for any type of weather throughout the year. The mesh also acts as a ventilation system which reduces humidity and heat accumulated inside the shoe when running. The mesh is also very light and tinny.


Mizuno is not very popular when it comes to many changes style-wise but the Mizuno 14 has various color choices, and it is also clean. The style of Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 does not use aggressive designs. The brand plays down the aesthetics of the shoe and focuses on performance construction to suit the owner’s personality. Whether you prefer a traditional style, dynamic or toned down features, the option is indeed available. When it comes to men’s shoe colors, you can choose punch and magnet lime, black and shadow black or blue and gray. Women can decide to buy pink glow and gray, white and Aquarius, clover and grey or silver and black. The stitched overlays on the upper add a nice detail to the overall look of the shoe. When it comes to size, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 complies with the general preferences of customers. The shoe is also suitable for runners with average foot size. The width option available for women is D-wide, B-medium, and 2A-narrow. For the men, the options available are 2E-wide and D-medium.


The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 was made for stability, and overall it is very durable. The most notable part of the shoe is the outsole because of its durability to the wear and tear experience which is great. The outsole and upper are adequately designed and robust that even after running for longer miles the shoe portrays no significant sign of wear. The transition from the no-sew overlays to the current stitched overlays by the Inspire 14 is a good change which increases the durability. The shoe can endure the damaging components of the road. Many Mizuno loyal users have an understanding that the shoe takes some time to break in. After a few miles, the foam will partly embed into the wave plates, and the heel will flatten slightly. The blown rubber foam insole will also happen, and it is a common characteristic, but when this happens, the ride is fantastic. The heel of the shoe will feel flat and more even, so you do not need to be alarmed.


The Inspire 14 is suitable for light trails and uneven surfaces because it protects your feet. The SmoothRide technology, CloudWave technology, the U4icX, and U4ic, as well as the fan-shaped wave plates, are significant features in the midsole. It allows the shoes to absorb shock well making them feel like shock absorbers. There is an arch wrap feature in the shoe for additional protection for your heel and arch. It has been set a touchback and restructured to ensure that your heel and arch are set in place.


The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 is not very responsive as you would expect. The shoe has the fan-shaped wave plate paired with CloudWave technology, but in spite of these features, it does not provide a good energy response. The X10 technology and the blown rubber material increases receptiveness and exempts the outsole from the rest of the shoe concerning responsiveness. The weight of the shoe (10.4 ounces) is the major problem for responsiveness.


The shoe offers a deep and firm heel counter that gives great support for the heel and makes your foot feel secure. The Mizuno brand always provides a form of arch support and always makes improvements for every release. On the arch side, the wave plate is built up which distinguishes it from other shoes most of which utilize double density foams under the arch region. Inspire 14 has great supportive arch support which is non-intrusive. The shoe is best suited for the over-pronators reason being the arch support reduces the pronation rate when the footfalls on the arch side.


The Mizuno Inspire wave 14 is ideal for roads, trade mill but also performs well on light trails. On rough surfaces like trails, Inspire 14 offers exceptional stability and protects your foot. The traction is okay on light trails or surfaces but performs best on paved surfaces. The outsole which features X10 technology and blown rubber that adds traction. The flex grooves give the shoe enough traction boost to be acceptable in both dry and wet surfaces. The shoe is best used for half and full marathons or for average paced daily run.


The price of Mizuno wave inspire 14 is higher compared to other almost similar shoes. The previous model Inspire 13 is a bit cheaper to the Inspire 14 which is evident due to the improved feature. It is also good to keep in mind that the shoe has few disadvantages than its advantages. It is worth your money, and basically, you will get your money’s value out of the shoe. The shoe material is durable, and it should last for quite some time. The price of the shoe is one of its drawbacks, and it has quite a lot of expectations to live up to.


The X10 technology combined with the blown rubber component features in the outsole helps in providing consistent traction for running. The outsole also has an arch groove which makes the shoe’s traction suitable for wet surfaces. Those who have tested the shoes, ascertain that the flex grooves perform their work well on every surface. The flex grooves layout, as well as the design of the rubber for the Mizuno Wave Inspire 14, is much improved for better traction. The shoe grips the ground very well, and you can run confidently on both trails and paved areas.


The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 is stiff almost everywhere except for the forefoot. The forefoot’s flexibility is due to the wave plate that gives medical support. Many Mizuno shoes in the past had specific forefoot wave plates, and the current flexible forefoot of Inspire 14 is a positive change. The wave plate is followed by the flex groove which gives you a faster shift through your toe off. The forefoot is well designed that many users feel it effectively counteracts the rest of the shoe’s inflexibility.


The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 is a shoe made of remarkable stability. The shoe has great midsole technologies and an internal heel counter that boosts stability in that zone. The fan-shaped wave plate is designed and positioned in two different heights to provide strong stability. It works together with CloudWave technology ensuring an accurate balance of receptive to secure your heel to toe transition.


• The Inspire 14 has a high heel to toe drop lower to comparable shoes. The shoe has a heel to toe drop of 12.1 mm.

• It has non-intrusive flex support which is ideal for over-pronators.

• The outsole has the X10 technology and the blown rubber against wear and tear.

• The shoes utilize SmoothRide technology to give a smooth transition at each step.

• The midsole has a fan-shaped wave plate and CloudWave technology.

• The flex groove appears after the wave plate providing a flexible and comfortable forefoot.

• Dynamotion Fit provides a secure and comfortable upper which moves with your foot effortlessly.

• Intercooler keeps the feet dry and cool by offering great breathability.

• U4ic midsole is a superior ride which is durable and has optimal shock reduction.

• U4icX provides a cushioned underfoot feel as well as smooth transition and a cushioned feel on the underfoot.


The Mizuno wave Inspire 14 is a good shoe for those who need stability. It gently holds your feet, it is comfortable when you land, and it is also responsive on the outsole when you take off from the ground. The X10 technology and the blown rubber compound provide good traction for running in roads and light trails. The wave plates and CloudWave technology work together for maximum stability, and the shoe has mesh for an intercooler. Also, the Mizuno is very durable, but the shoe also has its setbacks. The shoe is heavier, not very responsive and it is too expensive as compared to other similar shoes. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 faces a lot of competition, and it may be hard to recommend it at full price, but overall it is a fantastic running shoe. The comfort and stability of the shoe make it suitable for long distance running like marathons. Mizuno loyalists can enjoy this new and improved addition to the fold.