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One of the biggest features of Birkenstock is their sole they developed to be anatomically on point with the needs of the foot. Birkenstock is a classic German sandal and when people think of their brand, the first thing that usually comes to mind, after the luxurious feel of their laid-back looks, is their Arizona. Two strapped and accented with buckles, this Arizona is the ideal warm weather accessory that sandal lovers go wild for. The contoured footbed, durable leather construction, and high-quality materials that go into every Birkenstock are some of its best qualities. Few open-toe shoes have made such a name for themselves in their customers' lives, and the history of fashion itself.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Contoured Anatomical Footbed
  • Cork Midsole
  • Adjustable Straps 
  • Great Arch Support
  • Durable Construction
  • Slightly Outdated
  • A Bit Expensive


What makes Birkenstock such a notable brand in terms of comfort are multiple factors. There are so few casual options that come from a company committed to making every part of their shoes absolutely perfect. Birkenstock is truly the exception. Their Arizona, of course, has their famous footbed. Eight different components come together to create a shoe base most others can’t even begin to compare to.

Jute fibers to wick away moisture cool down this leather option for even warm weather. The soft suede lining on the footbed also wicks while feeling soft against the foot. Once these break in, they are truly some of the most comfortable sandals you will probably ever own. Their contoured footbed alone is enough to convert a nonbeliever. That doesn’t mean they still don’t load up the features beneath the surface too.


Materials play a huge role in the quality of the Birkenstock. The Arizona is the kind of shoe you will be able to wear for actual years after purchase and chances are you will replace it with another Arizona. The specialty cork in the sole won’t degrade with age, nor will it chip away or crumble due to rough wear. For this particular footwear, the way the upper is attached is quite clever. They actually bring it down and around the outsole/midsole and bring it almost completely down to the base. A tight bond like this ensures it won’t split or gradually come away from the bottom of the shoe. Birkenstocks are long-lasting and reliable, perfect summer staples, but also great for a year-round look depending on how you choose to wear these.


Not only is the outsole on the Arizona shock absorbing, but it is also extremely light and flexible. Their layered system would seem like it lends way to a super stiff shoe and that actually isn’t the case at all. Due to all the materials used on this Birkenstock being ultra pliable, this shoe will absolutely move with your foot on every step. The adjustable straps allow for it to stay comfortably close to your foot, which is important with an open toe shoe. Getting it close to you makes it easier for the shoe to be almost “trained” to move with you and break in exactly where you foot benefits it the most. Using loosely woven fabrics for moisture wicking rather than a foamed option in the sole helps to keep this flexible as well.


So many components make it hard to know where exactly to start on this midsole. Four arches are layered on top of one another to give you amazing support and the layering ensures they won’t compress with long-term wear. This Arizona has a heel cup that is pretty deep, and its edges come up around the heel to secure the fit. This benefits your posture greatly, and also pads directly under the heel for comfort. Jute fibers are woven to create two layers in the midsole, one for strength and durability, and another for moisture wicking. Finally, a cork footbed is hyper-resilient to wear and offers a firm feel. This is not your typical flat slip-on that will kill your arches in one wear.


Birkenstock really goes above and beyond in the construction of their famous sandals. The shock-absorbing sole is notable even on its own, but this also provides some great, deep traction so you can wear them anywhere. Since these shoes literally mold to your foot as you walk, a simple, no frills outsole is the best way to complete this overall win for comfort in the sandal department. Not to mention they use a darker color to create the sole on this, which creates a playful contrast between the cork of the midsole and the outsole itself. Birkenstock’s Arizona is a basic but fantastic shoe that does old-school construction surprisingly well.


One unfortunate talking point for Birkenstocks is their price. Though they came out with a foam/plastic pair years ago that was priced quite a bit lower than their leather and cork options, this brand is at a higher price point. Comparably to other comfort sandals, Birkenstocks are about twice the price of them. This is due to the process that goes into creating them as well as the fabrics and materials used. They are expensive for a reason, but expensive nonetheless.

One thing to be said with great certainty though is that these won’t merely last a season and then be worn out. You will more than likely save money, in the long run, going with an Arizona versus some of the other trending sandal options. Still, it is hard to shrug the fact that for some, it just isn’t feasible to spend that much outright for a sandal.


Though the Arizona is beloved, it isn’t a new or exciting style. The plain tan suede dual straps are simple and immediately recognizable. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re turning heads in the fashion world, though. While some people, this writer included, love their style and think it is a pretty timeless boho classic, these are very much that stereotypical “socks with sandals” option. Many people associate Birkenstocks with being a bit behind in the style department, and even if many reviewers disagree, it is one of those unspoken truths about the Arizona it feels pertinent to mention. For those seeking a bohemian style, or even those who go for that slightly “granola”-type aesthetic, these are a great match. If you are a more modern person in terms of fashion, this probably isn’t going to be a sandal you fall in love with.


There are some insanely unique and creative additions to this Birkenstock in terms of support that can’t be forgotten. On the footbed itself, Birkenstock proves they think of everything on this Arizona. The raised toe bar helps to encourage the natural gripping motion of your feet when they walk, which makes this not one of those sandals that flap off your foot when you walk.

The wider toe portion of the base allows for them to spread and move naturally, this corrects your posture and supports a healthy foot. Their contoured footbed lifts the arch and pads the heel, providing give where you need it and stiffness where you don’t. For anyone who has issues with their feet, these are sincerely one of the best sandals you can buy to help with discomfort.


Now to talk about the Arizona’s upper. This is one of the more classic Birkenstock styles and is easily their most popular shoe to date. A sweet two-strap option with adjustable metal pin buckles is functional to provide a great fit, but also quite aesthetic and lends to the overall bohemian style of these Arizonas. Their suede fabric is self-finished, which means it doesn’t require additional treatment to prevent fraying. The overall rough appearance of the fabric is really quite cool and adds to their handcrafted look. This shoe by Birkenstock is extremely high-quality and you will see and feel that as soon as you get your hands on them.


You would think with all these layers in the sole and a leather upper, these would be quite heavy. The opposite actually. While these are heavier than, say one of the trending yoga mat sandals, they are not nearly as heavy as one would expect for such a shoe. You can thank the cork in the midsole and the woven layers in the overall construction for that. This will stay with the foot and not end up feeling clunky or weighing you down, while still having enough weight to stand the test of time. A really great balance of a firm, supportive sandal and an accessible summer option. The Birkenstock Arizona is truly a one-of-a-kind pick that blows its competition out of the water.

Bottom Line

The Birkenstock Arizona is worth giving a try if you’re looking for your next open-upper option. Beautiful construction, high-quality materials, and a really supportive footbed all come together to make this a truly unbeatable pick. Birkenstock seems to attract a lot of imposters, but they just get it right every time, so these are worth the higher price tag. Though not a style for everyone, the Arizona has proven time and time again that it is a look that has the ability to remain a favorite. If you have yet to try a Birkenstock, the Arizona is a great place to start.