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Skechers has been on the rise for the past decade. While their brand was seen as one more angled for comfort and athletic sneakers in the past, that has since changed. Skechers has soared to become a billion-dollar company due to its trendy styles. With this Cleo Skimmer, all the best qualities of the Skechers brand are shown off. The delicate scalloped edges and cooling memory foam strike a sweet balance. The Cleo Skimmer is more than the sum of its parts. Every piece of this stretchy and flexible flat work together to create a harmonious result that you will love to show off. Throw out those old, boring black flats and put something different into your closet. This versatile little pick from Skechers will turn heads and win your heart instantly.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Scalloped Detail
  • Flexible Construction
  • Stretchy Upper
  • Cooling Memory Foam
  • Almond Toe
  • Minimal Arch Support
  • Runs Narrow/Small


Delicate scalloped edges are one of the stars of this sweet Skechers Cleo Skimmer. Knit uppers are a huge trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. While it can look adorable on anything from sneakers to boots, the sweet and simple upper of this skimmer is a really appealing utilization of the material. In black, pink, and charcoal, the Cleo is subtle in all of its conceptions, but a showstopper all the same. The blush pink is a personal favorite and would make the perfect finishing touch to your favorite little sundress. For a more professional look, you could easily take the black pair to the office, paired with a sleek pencil skirt or dress pants. Throw the charcoal on for a casual date to dinner and the movies with your favorite skinny jeans and off the shoulder blouse. A pointed toe, but only slightly pointed, gives a bit of a sophisticated detail to this overall pretty laid-back option. This ballet flat is easy to love with all of its small details that make up a striking whole.


Skimmers are great because they are quite breezy already. Unless you’re wearing a velvet or suede option, there are few flats that are going to really stifle your foot. This skimmer, of course, goes above and beyond just the style. For the Skechers Cleo, the knit material does breathability one better. Knit is woven, so the fabric isn’t completely solid, but has tiny little spaces for air, and heat, to escape. The woven fabric works like a dream on the Skechers Cleo Skimmer. On the inner lining, there is an additional layer of fabric for seamless comfort. This is equally breathable and will keep the foot comfortable in any heat or temperature. This is a great slip-on option for a casual day out on the boardwalk or in the city. With its versatility of style, the opportunities to wear it are limitless.


This little flat has endless color options. Most are gorgeous neutrals, making wearing the Cleo Skimmer by Skechers really quite easy. A lot of Skechers tend to be a bit on two extreme ends of the color spectrum. Some come in simple black or white, while others debut in vibrant rainbows, with emoji accents or neon laces. The Cleo is a more practical pick and you won’t see anyone complaining. Their pink is subtle enough to register as a nude when matching it to prospective outfits. The grey looks textured and rich in color, with a lot of depth to it despite its usually grim appearance. On the black pair, the depth is the same, giving a multi-dimensional look to this little flat. There are several other options for the Cleo Skimmer, some different patterns in the knit give it a totally different look. Whatever you choose you will have a great new shoe to accessorize your favorite outfits.


Memory foam has quickly become one of Skechers’ specialties. When the trend of using memory foam first began, and consumers started seeing it used in Adidas and several other athletic and athleisure brands, Skechers was a step ahead of the rest. Not only did they create memory foam that their customers would love, but in certain shoes, they began putting in a cool-to-the-touch foam. This cooling foam soothes tired feet as they’re on the move. The slight heel on the outsole of the Cleo Skimmer also adds a bit of additional heel support. Air-cooled memory foam isn’t the only part of this shoe that amps up its comfort. The upper is completely stretchy. It won’t pinch the top of your foot or uncomfortably rub with every flex while you’re walking. Flats are deemed as the more comfortable option to be dressed up and down, but they can be too stiff and restrictive. This can cause them to be woefully unpleasant to wear rather than comfortable. The Skechers Cleo skimmer is completely soft on the inside and out, and makes for a really casual and easy-to-wear piece to add into your shoe collection. The perfect spring flat for anyone!


As mentioned, this flat is stretchy, flexible, soft, and light. All of these factors together make one really big downside - it isn’t extremely durable. This shoe is inexpensive and it won’t break the bank to have it only for a season or two, which is great because due to the construction and materials, it won’t have a wild amount of longevity. This isn’t to say that this shoe is going to fall apart on you, but because it is such a soft upper, you may see it lose its shape. The outsole is so flexible and quite thin and could wear relatively easily. This Skechers is constantly flexing and moving with the foot which could possibly result in the upper beginning to separate from the base. Reviewers did not see a problem with this shoe in the short term at all, so this isn’t an immediate concern. Also, the upper is incredibly easy to clean and dries easily without warping, so even if the shoe won’t last a lifetime, it will look great for as long as you can wear it. If you are careful with this shoe and don’t wear it in the rain, sand, or other possibly damaging environments, then you can expect to have quite a bit of time with it.


An unfortunate truth of the Skechers Cleo Skimmer is that its sizing is a little bit off. While reviewers found it to be extremely comfortable, many had complaints about how it fits them. A few reviewers claimed it to be true-to-size, but the overwhelming message was that this shoe runs narrow and small. The almond-shaped toe is really quite slim, and many women struggled to have a size that feels their heel and overall foot shape without pinching their toes. Once they figured out their sizing, the stretchy fabric was able to make up for the previous issues with finding the right fit. For women with wide feet, however, this skimmer could be a complete mess. Many could not comfortably fit their foot comfortably in the shoe in their normal sizing even without wide feet.


Who doesn’t love flexible shoes? Besides certain picks that require structure for support and stability, flexible design can really make or break footwear. This Cleo Skimmer has flexibility in every single component. The upper is super stretchy and lined with an incredibly supple material. The rubber outsole is effective in hugging the ground, but not so thick that it hinders motion. You could even say this shoe displays hyper-flexibility. Obviously inspired by the ballet flat, this Skechers Cleo Skimmer will make you feel like dancing as it hugs your foot curves. The insole is quite substantial, but the cooling memory foam isn’t going to restrict any movement in the sole! Reviewers raved about how well this shoe worked with their feet during a variety of activities. When you account for its adorable look and its amazing comfort functions, it seems like the Skechers Cleo Skimmer is a standout in the flats department.


For an adorable summer or warm weather option, most aren’t willing to shell out a ton of cash for a shoe they may only be able to wear for a few months. This shoe isn’t only versatile enough for year-round, making purchasing it guilt-free, but it is extremely affordable. Skechers has become a big brand, and many of their shoes are priced to reflect their surge into casual yet cute athleisure wear. Skechers has long been established as a brand that is great for comfortable styles. Their resurgence on the scene with a more fashionable approach has been very well received, often creating slightly more accessible versions of each season’s favorite trends. This sweet Skechers Cleo Skimmer is incredibly low-priced for its stylish appearance. Flats such as this one tend to be priced at the rate of heels or brand name sneakers, the Cleo is basically half of that. At such a great value, it is hard to not jump right on this fantastic deal! Surely to be your new favorite casual flat, the Cleo is waiting for you to see for yourself what all the fuss is about.


While many reviewers raved that this flat was unlike other flats, that doesn’t really make it a knock-out support shoe. Wearers said that it differs from similar styles in that you don’t directly feel the ground you’re walking on. That is probably due in part to the slight heel on the shoe. Just a bit of one, to give you some lift in the arch. Otherwise, this is a barebones style. It is light and flexible and supremely comfortable. Skechers usually forgoes style for comfort, and there is no question that you will think this shoe feels great, however, it really is not a good match for anyone with arch issues or chronic foot pain. This is a shoe to pass up for anyone with flat feet. Due to the memory foam inside the Skechers Cleo Skimmer, it isn’t really capable of taking an insert unless you rip out its existing sole. No one should be destroying a shoe for it to properly support their foot. At this price, it wouldn’t be a loss at all to purchase this skimmer and then wear it while chilling at backyard barbeques or just in any relaxed setting. For a long day of wear or flat feet, there are more supportive styles that you can rock.


Flats can fall kind of flat, no pun intended, in terms of outsole and traction. The rubber outsole is textured on the Skechers Cleo Skimmer and it goes above and beyond the traction necessary in an everyday flat. Textured rubber is only one component, this flexible outsole has a really whimsical style and design choice that doubles as a functional component. The bottom of the Skechers Cleo Skimmer has what looks like cracks in sand or land in a drought. This fun natural pattern actually works amazingly in keeping your foot firmly gripping the ground with every step. Its flexibility helps you make a lot of contact with the ground, so this subtle traction can function at its full potential. Rubber is the very best material to be used in a minimal shoe like this because it has a natural grip just due to its nature. Add any form of physical texture to that and you will be surprised at how little lines and simples can go such a long way.

Bottom Line

Flats are a must for anyone on the go. Regardless of whether you need a new light flat for the office or a cute little skimmer to pack in your bag at your best friends wedding, the Cleo has got you covered. While it may not be a forever shoe, it is absolutely a trend worth taking home. The amazing price is unbeatable for similar flats. Reviewers may have had issues with sizing but if you consider how much of a bargain this Cleo Skimmer is, it seems worth the risk. Neutral colors make this a great option for spring. For your favorite floral dresses and those cute new cropped pants, Skechers Cleo Skimmer has just the right amount of femininity to put pop into your look.