Skechers Segment Melego Review

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The Segment Melego is a perfect combination of style and quality. Featuring a durable design with its non-slip, abrasion-resistant outsole, quality leather upper and Memory Foam insole, this shoe is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish shoe that can handle some heavy-duty wear.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
  • Smooth and waterproof leather upper
  • Relaxed Fit design
  • Shock-absorbing midsole
  • Gel-infused memory foam insole
  • Comfortable fit
  • Stylish design
  • Sizing runs bigger
  • Laces tear prematurely


The outsole of the Skechers Segment Melego is made of a highly durable, abrasion-resistant rubber material, for a non-slip, waterproof ride. The outsole has excellent traction, owing to the many lugs and ridges placed throughout the whole length of the sole. They provide a superb grip on a wide variety of surfaces, dry or wet, and protect the wearer from slipping induced injuries. Since it is also waterproof, the shoe is excellent for rainy or snowy weather, as it will keep the water out of the shoe. Even though the Segment Melego looks like a very heavy-duty shoe, it has quite sufficient flexibility, for a strain-free, natural foot movement. Reviewers praised the durability and great traction that the sole delivers. Many use the shoe for various work environments, like farm work, construction or field work, or delivery, where they have to be out in the elements most of the time, and they are all satisfied with the traction and waterproof nature of the shoe. Others choose to wear it casually or for office work, and they perform just fine. Some have even taken the shoes for traveling and light hiking, and had nothing but words of praise.


The Segment Melego features a durable, lightweight midsole with shock-absorbing qualities and great support. The midsole provides the wearer with all day supportive cushioning, no matter the activity, and thanks to its great shock-absorption, will help with stabilizing the feet and deliver light, springy steps for a natural, stress-free stride. Many reviewers commented that they did not feel tired and their feet were not sore, even after an 8+ hour shift. Others replaced their regular hiking boots with the Segment Melego, due to its lightweight and supportive qualities.


The upper of the Segment Melego is made of a high-quality, oiled leather, that is waterproof as well, for a multi-purpose use. Thanks to the smooth finish that the leather has, as opposed to the stiff leather that these kinds of boots are usually made of, it is extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. However, this does not mean that it lacks structure. The Segment Melego features several leather overlays, in contrasting colors, for a supportive fit. It has a Relaxed Fit design with a mid-high rise at the ankles for a relaxed, roomy and comfortable fit. The toe box has a stitched seam, while the heel panel features a leather overlay with a pull-tab that helps get on the shoes easier. The sides of the upper have perforations for proper air flow in and out of the shoe, as well as temperature regulation, protecting the wearer from overheating and hot spots. It has a standard lacing system for a customized snug fit and the laces loop through metal eyelets for extra durability. Inside the shoe, there is a soft fabric lining and a gel infused Memory Foam insole, for added comfort. The tongue and collar are padded for cushioned and supported ankles.


Even though the Segment Melego is a leather shoe meant for colder climate, breathability is still a must for any shoe, if you plan to wear it comfortably for many hours. That is why Skechers made sure to include features that enhance the breathability of this shoe. The sides of the upper contain plenty of perforations to provide a good air flow in and out of the shoe, establishing a cool, well-ventilated in-shoe environment. Since the Segment Melego is designed to provide a warm environment during the cold months, a lot of people pair them with thicker socks. While this might contribute to overheating or sweating in other shoes of this type, Skechers included a soft fabric lining in the Segment Melego, that enhances the breathability of the shoe and helps wick away any excess moisture, for healthy feet. Some reviewers even wore this shoe to hiking trips in warmer climate, and had no issues with overheating whatsoever. However, one customer did complain about sweating when wearing thick socks with this shoe.


When it comes to comfort, the reviews were full of praise. All the reviewers who tried the shoes, raved about how comfortable they were, even helping with some of their foot issues. The Segment Melego owes its high comfort levels to the carefully chosen materials and clever craftsmanship. Namely, the upper of this shoe is made of smooth, waterproof leather, with a mid-high rise and roomy interior for maximum comfort inside the shoe. The tongue and collar are padded for a comfortable fit around the ankles that does not cause blisters or irritation. Inside the shoe, there is a soft fabric lining, that helps with the overall breathability of the shoe, as well as creates a comfortable fit around the foot. Skechers included their famous gel infused Memory Foam insole, that molds to the shape of the feet, creating a customized supportive cushioning for the underfoot. It helps provide adequate arch and heel support for the wearer during any activity. All of this rests on a lightweight, supportive midsole with excellent shock-absorption for soft and springy steps. Most of the reviewers praised the comfort of the Segment Melego, saying that they could wear the shoes for long hours at a time without any foot pain or discomfort. The Segment Melego is a go to shoe for many teachers with back problems, as well as farm and field workers who have to be on their feet a lot. There were a few comments about the tongue of the shoe creasing and causing blisters on the top of the feet, however, people were able to fix that by either loosening the laces or trimming the excess material off of the tongue to make it fit comfortably.


Even though they are a bit on the pricier side, you really do get what you pay for with the Segment Melego. Constructed from high quality materials, this shoe will last you a long time. The outsole is made of abrasion-resistant, highly durable rubber, with lugs and ridges that will not wear off, even after some heavy-duty wear. The upper is made of a smooth, oiled leather, which is waterproof and can withstand repeated usage without any signs of wear and tear. Not only that, but the upper is further reinforced with several leather overlays, for an even more durable shoe. The midsole keeps its structural integrity and does not lose its shape. Reviewers who wear the shoes for construction or farm work all praised their durability, as it can withstand some heavy-duty wear. The only problem a couple of reviewers came across, was with the laces being too thin and tearing easily. However, they were able to fix that issue by replacing the laces with round ones and did not have any further problems.


While many reviewers managed to get the perfect fit by buying the Segment Melego in their regular size, others found that ordering a half size smaller got them the best fit. This might be due to the roomy construction of the shoe, which is Skechers’ Relaxed Fit design. This makes them super comfortable for all foot shapes, as well as accommodates foot conditions like bunions. The roomy fit is also excellent for thicker socks, since it will not suffocate the feet.


Thanks to the many lugs and ridges placed in the outsole, that provide a firm grip on the ground for the wearer, as well as its slip-resistant waterproof rubber material, the Segment Melego has excellent traction on many terrain types, in both dry and wet weather conditions. Many people use them on a daily basis for work, like construction workers or farmers, while others like to take them on hiking trips. They are a great choice for casual wear in the colder winter months as well, since the wearer is protected from the elements and injuries caused by slipping on ice or wet roads.


The Segment Melego is quite the versatile shoe. Featuring a waterproof, smooth leather upper resembling Oxford style shoes, but packing the durability of good work boots, it can be worn for work or casual wear, as well as for dressier occasions. The upper features several leather overlays in contrasting colors, which add additional support and look stylish. It comes in dark brown and black, which makes them super easy to style. It goes great with jeans and a sweater, but can be dressed up as well with some khakis and a button-down shirt for a more sophisticated look.


The Segment Melego has plenty of support, as it was designed to withstand active wear. The outsole provides excellent grip and traction on dry and wet surfaces, no matter how flat or rough, delivering a stable footing to the wearer. The midsole delivers lightweight, supportive cushioning to the wearer, with excellent shock-absorption, to lessen the stress on the joints and soften each footfall for light and springy steps. The upper is constructed of quality leather with a smooth finish, for a comfortable fit. It also features several leather overlays for additional structure and support. The tongue and collar have a good amount of padding for cushioned and supported ankles, while the standard lacing system allows the wearer to adjust the fit of the shoe according to their liking. The heel pad also has a leather overlay for added support. Inside the shoe, Skechers included their gel infused Memory Foam insole, which conforms to the shape of the feet and delivers a customized support to the wearer and enhances the cushioning this shoe has to offer. All in all, reviewers were very satisfied with the support they got out of the Segment Melego, especially praising the arch and ankle support.

Bottom Line

The Segment Melego is a great addition to the long line of quality footwear that Skechers has to offer. Featuring a durable, slip- and abrasion-resistant rubber outsole with excellent traction, your feet will stay firmly on the ground in any weather condition. The midsole of this shoe has great shock-absorption, relieving your joints from the stress of impact and delivering cushioned and light steps throughout use. The upper is made of a smooth, oiled leather that is waterproof and features the Relaxed Fit design for a roomy fit. Several leather overlays give the upper structure and support, while also make the shoe look stylish. The Segment Melego has a standard lace-up closure, allowing the wearer to customize the fit of the shoe to their liking. Inside the shoe, Skechers added a soft fabric lining for proper breathability, while on the outside, perforations allow the air to flow freely inside the foot chamber. For additional cushioning and support, Skechers included their gel infused Memory Foam insole, as well as added padding to the tongue and collar of the shoe. The Segment Melego is a very versatile shoe, which can be worn casually or to fancy events. Reviewers even wore them on a daily basis to work or hiking, since the traction and support that this shoe offers is superb, not to mention how durable it is. There are some issues regarding the laces and sizing, however, these do not take away from the shoe’s overall quality, according to customers. Even though they come at a bigger price, reviewers thought that they got their money’s worth out of them and consider the Segment Melego an investment that more than pays off.