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If you haven’t tried Clarks, this is the perfect place to start. Created in 1825 the brand withstood the test of time, delivering yet another timeless design that is always going to work in a wardrobe. We know that finding a nice stylish looking shoe can sometimes be an expensive challenge. The Clarks Ashland Bubble model is recognized by many as a cute and casual slip-on style. Therefore, it makes use as great versatile wear, whether you choose to wear it with a skirt, dress, jeans or pants, it can go so many different ways. Besides its ability to adapt in different styles, this tassel loafer is very flexible.

Made with Bendables flexible construction, your feet will love to rest in the Clarks Ashland Bubble after wearing high heels. In addition, the upper is dressed in extra-soft leather, and the foot rests on a well cushioned OrthoLite footbed. There is much more to discover, and if you want to know more about this menswear-inspired loafer model, just stand by.       

Editor's Pros & Cons
  •     Timeless classic design
  •     Easy slip-on
  •     Breathable OrthoLite® footbed
  •     Supreme comfort
  •     Great arch support
  •     TPR flexible outsole
  •     Runs half a size larger
  •     Slippery outsole


What makes the Clarks Ashland Bubble design so comfortable and easy to walk in is most definitely the Ortholite® footbed with the Cushion Soft™ technology. According to many, this pair of loafers are the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever owned. For someone who loves walking, or doesn’t but the job requires, wearing this design helps minimize the pain at the end of a long day. There is plenty of room in the toe box, which makes it ideal for those with bunions or wide feet. Some customers claimed that the heel tends to slip off at times, but others didn’t experience problems of such nature.

These timeless loafers are wearable with socks, tights or barefoot. The microfiber suede sockliner feels great against the skin, and as a result, there is no rubbing or pinching of the foot. For women who are on their feet for several hours a day, like in retail or in a classroom, comfort is the main priority. With this loafer, you get that, plus the style. This loafer delivers excellent levels of comfort, and in addition, many customers were happy with the different sizes and widths.


Featuring Bendables technology, meaning they are already broken in for you, this design feels comfortable from the moment you step into it. Although they may be not as flexible as an athletic shoe, they are still pretty bendable on your foot, making them easy to wear all day long.


There is an instant cushion feeling from the moment your foot touches the inside. This feeling is a result of the Cushion Soft Technology which is supposed to reduce the strain on the ball of the foot, by offering great cushioning on the right places as well as long-lasting comfort. In addition, this design utilizes a cushioning that is made to last, so you don't have to worry about it flattening out after extended wear.

This loafer features an Ortholite footbed which is known to have antimicrobial properties, high level of breathability and is moisture wicking. As a result, your feet will stay fresh, cool and dry. The insole is not removable, but some customers managed to add their own orthotic arches on top of the insole of this model. The footbed is reported to be very comfortable and wide enough even for women with bunion issues. As opposed to other flats, the spacious toe area didn’t make their bunions rub against the shoe.

Key Features

Clarks is a brand known to produce quality and longevity. This Ashland Bubble style is no exception. Featuring a premium leather upper, which has many feminine details, such as the flat tassel at the vamp, and the contrast stitched details, this is a style for all seasons. With about 1.30 inch heel and a small platform, you get the right lift off the ground, enough, so you don’t feel like you are wearing flats. This round-toe loafer flat accentuates the insole made with Cushion Soft technology, which many agreed to be of supreme comfort.

The Ortholite footbed offers long-lasting comfort and exceeds in keeping moisture, odor, and fungus at bay. Last but not least, the thermoplastic rubber outsole is made with the Bendables technology which makes the shoe flexible and requires no break-in period. With all these features incorporated into the design, this loafer should keep your feet company for a very long time.


The outsole is constructed with the Bendables technology, which makes the shoe flexible and ready to wear from the minute you put it on.
The bottom is a low wedge, thermoplastic rubber outsole. This material makes the shoe very shock absorbent. The heel is about 1.30 inches, as opposed to other ballet flat shoes, but it gives you a nice lift off the ground, stable enough to ensure you take each step with confidence. The outsole features external flex grooves that expand every time the foot hits the ground, but at the same time, there are internal flex grooves that are compressing so the shoe is moving and flexing with each step you take. Regarding traction, they are reported to be slippery so you may want to be cautious when wearing them on wet terrain.


Clarks are known to produce shoes with great quality, but there were many reviews about the Ashland Bubble model that stated the opposite. According to some, the sole fell off after two weeks of wear, and others mentioned that the tassel broke the very first day, and another one had the same problem only after two months of wearing the loafer. As the sole and the leather were glued and not stitched, many wearers were disappointed in the quality. Reports about the stiff leather, compared to the soft and subtle leather on other Clarks shoes were many, and the slippery outsole is another drawback.


The good thing about the Ashland Bubble is that you get to wear it with whatever you have in your wardrobe, plus it comes in several different colors. Many customers reported that they already own the model in a few colors since they are their favorite pair to wear to work. The fact that they are comfortable straight out of the box and look perfect with slacks, skirts or tights make this pair of loafers something that will stick in your closet for a while.

The style is casual, classic, and can be made little dressier too. They look great matched with jeans or dress slacks for business casual work attire. The colors the Ashland Bubble comes in available are tan, black, black interest, burgundy (which is more of a deep plum wine color), patent burgundy, brown multi (a combination of a rich brown and deep brown color), metallic, black/brown combo and of course Clarks beautiful deep dark rich navy color that is present in almost all their models.


It is hard to find flat shoes with decent arch support nowadays, but the Ashland Bubble loafer is known to give above average support, like most Clarks models. Many women who work for long hours and do a lot of walking can’t afford to do that in uncomfortable shoes or designs that have absolutely no support. Starting from the padded heel to the footbed with Cushion Soft technology, this cute, well-made model offers the support you need for those long hours. A number of customers agreed that this design is very supportive but not so much as to make the footbed stiff or uncomfortable.

Being so versatile, and having the arch support that one needs, we wouldn’t look anywhere else for a shoe like this. As many wearers revealed, they have purchased this timeless classic in many different colors. The reason behind this loafer being so popular is also the brand name since it’s known to deliver good quality, great support, and comfort in all their styles.


The beautiful leather upper is well made and consists of so many feminine details making this Ashland Bubble model more appealing. Starting from the nicely rounded toe shape, the flat, decorative leather tassels (which can be removed if wanted), to the top lace which gives this design a cute and casual face. In addition, there are contrast stitched details all around the model and stretch gores that offer extra flexibility when you are slipping the shoe on and off. There is no toe cleavage, so your toes are nicely covered.


Another reason why this model is so popular, besides the support and comfort, and the effortless styling, is that it comes available in four widths and almost all sizes. The Clarks Ashland Bubble can be found in a narrow width, sizes 7 to 11, medium width, sizes 7 through 12, wide width, sizes 6 through 12 and wide width, sizes 6 through 11. Some customers with wide feet recommended getting half a size smaller than your usual since they tend to run big. Even the narrow width didn’t feel narrow enough according to some buyers. The shoe may slip up and down on the heel, since if it’s not the right fit, the heel may be too big. Even though the toe box is wide, women with hammertoe issues and bunions find this loafer flat perfect for them.

Since the Ashland Bubble comes in a wide range of sizes and widths, it can accommodate many different shapes and sizes of feet. For instance, if you can sometimes wear a W width, versus a WW, then you may want to get the more narrow one. If you normally wear an 8 1/2 W, this model fits comfortably with an 8 M. Women who buy 8.5 WW size in Clarks, had to go down to 8 WW with the Ashland Bubble.

Bottom Line

Overall the Clarks Ashland Bubble loafer is a cute, timeless design that many fell in love with the minute their foot made contact. It is reported to be comfortable right out of the box, and this is due to the Bendable technology in the outsole as well as the Cushion Soft technology in the footbed. It is an all-year-round style since as a result of the Ortholite footbed, your feet will stay dry and odor free, with or without socks.

The upper is layered in beautiful soft leather, and feminine details are added for an extra stylish touch. This includes the tassel, which is made flat so it doesn’t flip back and forth as you walk, and the contrast stitched details that make this loafer very attractive. There were a couple of reviews about the tassel breaking the very first month or two, which according to the reviewers was poorly glued on to the leather upper.

On a more positive note, the Ashland Bubble comes available in all four widths and all sizes, to accommodate different types and needs. The other drawback was that they run about half a size bigger, so you may want to go half a size down when you purchase yours. Women with wide feet love this model as according to them, it doesn’t dig into the back of their ankle and the toes don’t rub against the sides, but still, the shoe stays on securely.

With an easy entry design, the Ashland Bubble by Clarks will not slow you down when you need to leave in a hurry. Although the outsole may be slippery on wet surfaces, it is lightweight and flexible, due to the Bendables technology. In addition, the TPR bottom is a great shock absorbent for those days when you do a lot of walking. This pair of Clarks Ashland Bubble loafers makes an ideal choice for walking, working, driving, traveling, or a night out in the town and looks great paired with jeans, pants, skirts or dresses, with or without socks. It is good value and definitely a must-have all-year round style.