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If you haven’t heard of Hush Puppies by now, then you don’t know shoes at all. Introduced in 1958, the Hush Puppies’ soft and suede model, quickly became famous for its casual and comfortable design. Subsequently, Hush Puppies continued to blend progressive comfort technology with fun and modern design that can fit into everyday life. Comprising a galore of footwear for the whole family, the Hush Puppies put smiles on many faces.

Today we are reviewing a model that not only features a classic design but it also offers optimum comfort.  This model is excellent for times when you need a break from high heels. Every woman needs a nice pair of flats, and judging by Hush Puppies’ popularity and quality, this design has rightfully earned its spot.  Available in over 24 colors and patterns which can be easily paired with any outfit, the Hush Puppies Chaste ballet flat has become a worldwide favorite.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  •    100% Leather and Textile          
  •    Flexible Rubber Sole
  •    Heel measures 0.25"  
  •    HPO2Flex™ Technology
  •    Lightweight ZeroG® Material                                                                                                          
  •     Few colors in some sizes
  •     Change in quality
  •     Low arch support


With the Hush Puppies Chaste model, many agreed that it felt like walking on air. This is due to the HPO2Flex™ triangle cushioned footbed that follows the contours of the foot and provides ample airflow. Thanks to this technology, the feet stay cool and comfortable even after wearing these flats for many hours. The inside is made of breathable suede material and soft leather to keep blisters at bay. Many reviewers wear these flats on a daily basis, for social occasions, for running errands or at work.

Featuring 100% leather or suede uppers and leather lining, this design feels very soft against the skin. Moreover, there are meant to be worn without socks, and despite the hot and humid weather, many women experienced no issues with overheating and bad odor. This classic style ballerina flat is easy to slip on and off, further adding to the all-day comfort.


This design is a classic model of a flat shoe. Because it has a simplistic look, Hush Puppies tried to make it more fun. By adding minor, but interesting details, they turned this simple model into a shoe that can be easily dressed up or down.

It’s versatile, and women who love variety will be surprised to hear that this style comes available in over 24 different colors and patterns. Some of them include cognac, pale peach leather, floral print, vintage indigo, tan brocade, dusty green color that according to some reviewers looks like it is gray, then leopard print, black leather, dark olive suede and many other fun designs that will undoubtedly find their way in someone's closet. The Chaste flat is adorable, and if you find it comfortable and supportive enough to run your errands with, or hang out with friends, then you may end up multiplying them in different colors and designs.


Featuring a soft cushioned footbed, these flats are designed to take you on long walks and still keep a decent level of comfort, even though they are just flats. If your feet depend upon great support, then it may not be a good idea to wear them on a long day out. This minimalistic ballerina flat requires a minimum break-in period, usually from three to seven days. While they were trying to break into their flats, some women reported issues with the elastic around the top of the shoe, which dug into their feet, agitating the knuckles of their toes.

What most wearers loved about these flats is that the insoles are well cushioned, especially in the arch area. While the design offers a great feeling of comfort, they lack in support. However, many women agreed that although they may not be ultra-supportive, they love them for many other reasons. For instance, they conform to the foot, the suede leather sock lining is perforated, the leather will stretch over time, the rubber outsole is flexible, and it’s an easy slip-on design. What else could you want or need from a flat shoe?


This model is reported by most wearers to fit as expected and runs true to size. If you have problems with bunions or wide feet in general, the wide width gives more room in the toe area, and it also helps reduce rubbing on the heel. Many women were happy to say that, even with the wide width, this style didn’t give their feet a clownish look.
The great thing about this ballet flat is that it comes in whole and half sizes, from 6-12 (except size 10 ½ and size 11 ½) and it is available in all four widths. This makes them even more appealing since, besides the comfort, the variety in colors and the relatively decent arch support, they fit many different shapes and sizes of feet.


Due to the HP02 flex technology incorporated into the design, The Hush Puppies Chaste flat features a cushioned triangle footbed pattern that conforms to the natural motion of the foot. In addition, this specific technology helps promote ample airflow, decent flexibility, and support. Some customers who wore the model for long periods of time noticed some flexibility but felt a lack of shock absorption. If you happen to experience problems of such nature, it is a good idea to add insoles to your own liking. Although this design may be flexible, many customers felt pain in their feet after wearing them for long hours. Others stated that they had no issues even after working an eight-hour shift.


Hush Puppies incorporated many elements in this flat that all together delivered a comfortable design loved by many. First, the lightweight ZeroG® outsole that is actually a molded rubber made of lightweight materials offers good traction and durability. Second, the HPO2Flex midsole, that conforms to the foot promotes good air circulation and provides somewhat decent support, especially in the arch, where you will notice additional padding. Third, the arched section is made of an arc of vinyl that usually matches the outer suede in color. Finally, the soft grain leather, embossed leather, and suede or novelty suede uppers, together with the genuine leather sock liner promote ample airflow, while the material around the upper is elasticized, allowing just enough stretch to maintain a good level of comfort throughout the day.


When it comes to flat shoes and their outsoles, we don’t expect much, since the reason we buy flats is to wear them on social occasions, for light walking or a night out on the town. Surprisingly, the Hush Puppies Chaste model, while being comfortable and somewhat supportive, features a 1/4 inch molded, non-slippery outsole. The rubber bottom offers a lot of traction and is built with ZeroG® technology. Hush Puppies ZeroG® makes use of a lightweight shock absorbing midsole for immediate and lasting comfort. It means they are almost weightless. There is an extra piece of rubber under the heel and the ball of the foot which allows for better shock absorption while walking on concrete floors. Despite the thinness of the outsole, you still get all the benefits from it.


Hush Puppies are renowned for the high-quality materials they use to make their shoes. However, this is where we came across mixed comments from customers. In spite of its advantages, like the durable leather upper and leather sock liner, there are a few drawbacks to the quality of the flat. According to some customers, the design is incredibly flimsy for the price they paid. Many noticed that the insoles are cut short on the sides that it makes the foot roll out over the edge. Comparing to older models that some women had in the past, this one lacks in arch support and the construction looks significantly cheaper.

Some of the models that are better-made have a lining that is stitched to the bottom, unlike others where the leather is glued to the sole. On the one hand, the glued down versions don’t last long, and many were unhappy with this situation. On the other hand, the leather upper and suede/leather lining seems to be of good quality and long lasting. According to many, the flats look like new even after they have been worn for a long time.


Even though they are comfortable as stated by many, they offer modest support which for some works well and for others, it doesn’t. They tend to get more comfortable the longer you wear them, but you need to go through a break-in period first which for some was really unpleasant. There is additional padding at the arch which together with the well-cushioned footbed help you feel comfortable when walking or standing, unline many ballet flats out there. Some women didn’t experience any issues even after wearing them for long hours, but others recommended adding gel insoles for long walks, or long evenings spent dancing.

For women with bunions who have a hard time finding a shoe that doesn’t give them the look of clown feet, this flat turns out to be a great choice. They look cute, there is no doubt in that! These customers claimed that when wearing these flats, the foot pain associated with a lack of support was not present. Even women who have plantar fasciitis and tend to overpronate stated that this model was perfect for them regarding decent arch support and stability.


If there is something we are sure of, it is the weight of the flats. While there is no exact number we can give, like most ballet models and flats, you feel like walking on air. Designed with the ZeroG® technology, there is nothing in this style that will weigh you down. Starting from the lightweight outsole, the almost weightless midsole, to the soft and light leather uppers, you can rest assured you will feel like a feather walking in these flats and your feet will love you for it.

Bottom Line

In short, it’s safe to say that the Hush Puppies Chaste is a comfortable flat that you might end up wearing every day. Despite its simple design, it may accompany you to many nights on the town, or keep you comfy at work; in other words, it can be easily dressed up or down.
There is nothing like cushioned and super comfortable flat shoes for when your feet need a break. This may be a great choice for those who commute to work daily or for those who spend their day running around with their kids. Featuring a ZeroG Technology, the almost weightless outsole helps you take each step with ease while providing good traction and durability. In addition, the HPO2Flex Technology keeps your feet ventilated, supported and helps the footbed conform to the natural movement of your foot.

Being a flat shoe we don’t really expect much support, but according to many, the Hush Puppies Chaste model have more support than other flats out there. Dressed in leather and wrapped in a leather sock liner, this cute, feminine design comes available in over 24 patterns and colors for every style and personality. It is reported to run true to size and width, and they don’t show any toe cleavage, which for many is a great bonus. They are a little bit more expensive than other flats on the market, but they are not the most expensive ones either. Many women agreed that they are worth the price, while some were unhappy with recent purchases when compared to the quality of the previous pairs they owned. Every woman needs flat shoes, even for no reason at all, and if you don’t own any by now, you may consider starting with a pair of Hush Puppies Chaste flats.