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Thule was founded all the way back in 1942 in Hillerstorp, but today the company is headquartered in Malmo, Sweden. It was a slow and steady rise to the general public. In fact, the Thule Company became well known and respected in Scandinavia in the early ’60s. Their best-selling items at the time were automobile accessories like roof sacks. But just like the number of employees, the line of products just got bigger.

An interesting fact about the company is that one of the board members is Sweden’s sports hero, Bengt Baron. He’s an Olympic gold medalist and one of the best swimmers that Sweden has produced. And that’s not it. The company aside from making high-quality products is also known for its philanthropic efforts. Thule regularly donates equipment and sponsors charities around the globe.

But for now, let’s focus on one particular item. The Chariot Cheetah trailer. Made for active parents that want to bring their children outdoors with them for an adventure. The trailer is a fantastic invention. But what makes it so great? What are the specifics, all the best features and all the amazing details about this item? Find out below in this review. Hope you’ll like it.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Aerodynamic design

Adjustable handlebar

Can fit up to 2 children at once




Since there are plenty of components that make the entire construction of the Cheetah 2, it’s understandable that each and every one of those components is going to be made out of different material. The Biggest and probably most visible area of the Cheetah 2 is the actual chariot if you will. The trailer’s main area that’s the biggest in size and the most visible even from a distance

Made out of nylon and with a very practical polyester cover, the entire trailer is comfy and protective of the outside influences like bad weather, bugs and so on. The material is reflective, which allows for better visibility on every occasion and there’s a mesh-like material on the top and on the sides of the construction. The mesh-like material has dual role her. It allows the air to circulate in and out of the model, and it protects the children that are inside from insects and other dangers that come with the outdoors.

The frame, on the other hand, is made out of aluminum. And it’s precisely the aluminum that gives the trailer its lightweight nature. The aluminum makes the item easy to push, even when it’s loaded with children.


The comfort doesn’t come all by itself. It rarely happens all by itself actually. In most of the cases, the comfort is a product of a joint effort from multiple sources. Several key players join forces and allow it to happen. It's all thanks to the teamwork that have been involved, and over here, things are no different.

Over here in this particular item, those key players are the design, the materials, and the added features We’ve mentioned the materials used in the creation and the effect that they had on the model itself. Their purpose, their job if you will. But the design is truly something. Made with a specific aerodynamic design in mind, the trailer really ensures that it’s suitable for several multi-purpose capabilities. You can push it like a stroller and job while you push the item before you.

Or you can attach it to your bike and ride it with the kids tucked safely behind you. It’s up to you. But both you and your kids will be left with maximum comfort and overall pleasant experience. On and if you take a closer look at the carrier, you’ll definitely notice the Blue touch-points on the sides. In fact, they’re located on the bottom part of the construction and they provide much greater intuitive operation.


It’s a type of stroller that can be pushed like a regular stroller. But at the same time, you have the option to transport your children by attaching that stroller to your bike and use the bike to stay active, fit and fulfilled. You’ll get a 2 for 1 level of practicality here and it's great. A stroller for your loved ones and a physical activity tool for you. A great tool that will help you stay active while you’re close to your kids.

There’s no need for leaving them at home with a nanny or your partner in order to get your morning job. Why not take your kids with you? They’ll be safe and you’ll be happy, healthy and fulfilled. The item comes with 4 separate durable but very thin tires as well. They differ in size (the front pair is bigger than the one in the back), and they differ in thickness. But there’s no denying that they’re easy to maneuver on any type of terrain. Regardless if you choose the city park, the sidewalks of your block or the rough and tumble terrain of the mountains.

One big flaw in this entire model is that the materials used in the making of the item (mentioned earlier) have zero waterproof ability. So, you really have to be careful about the weather conditions in which you’re using the Cheetah 2. The model doesn’t repel the moisture and one downpour has the ability to ruin the job and ruin the model as well. You and your kids will be soaking wet and you’ll be spending a lot of time drying it out.

However, it’s worth mentioning that you can easily fit 2 children in the carrier. The weight capacity is 45 kg maximum and it’s very suitable for people that are actually parents of twins. You can easily fit two babies in there, and even older toddlers. The construction can take the weight as longs as it doesn’t exceed the 45 kg weight limit. The sitting height is 68 cm, and it can easily pass a door frame (or any other frame) that’s 80 cm wide. That’s suitable even for outdoor terrains.


For an item with this size, the Cheetah 2 is actually easy to fold and store. The trailer’s dimensions in folded state are 107 by 80 by 27 cm, and it’s all thanks to the practical design. And once you actually fold the model, it’s incredibly easy to transport it wherever you need it. You can store it in your car, in your home or anywhere you, please.


The trailer itself as it is (unloaded) weighs 12 kg or 27 lbs. For a transport type of carries, it’s extremely lightweight and you can easily push it with both hands. There will be no restrictions regarding the weight, and it’s made with a handlebar that’s easily adjustable. You can adjust the handlebar according to your height, which only amps up the comfort of the person that’s pushing the carrier.


Although only the dimensions for the folded state of the item are publically stated on the company’s official website, the dimensions on several key areas are publically announced as well. For instance, the shoulder width is 59 cm and the sitting target is 68 cm. That is not to say that the height of the entire carrier is 68 cm. No, the height of the seat all the way to the roof of the carrier. Which is awesome, because even much older toddlers can fit nicely inside the trailer.

Notable features

One might say that probably the notable feature that this item has is the security. For such an interesting design the comfort is of the high importance of course, but so is the security at the same time. It’s truly fortunate that the carrier has a harness with all 5-points of safety. That’s right the harness is secured with a special type of seat-belt that has 5 incredibly strong and protective straps.

They’re there to provide the best possible comfort and overall security to your child. It’s truly an amazing feature for sure. It meets all the required safety standards and it will provide one unforgettable experience for you and your child.


While the 5 points type of harness was a great notable feature in this particular model, the two separate kits are really great accessories. Yes, we’re talking about the strolling and the bicycle kits. They’re not additional accessories that you can purchase after you purchase the carrier. No, they’re included with the item, and they provide great versatility in use.

You can choose whether you’d like to choose the stroller-kit or the bike type of kit. They’re easily attachable to the construction and they really brighten up the otherwise mundane and boring experience.


The Cheetah 2 may seem bulky and quite big actually but don’t let the size scare you. The item is made from highly durable, very lightweight and comfortable materials that really accentuate the durability of the model. The aluminum used in the frame is really fantastic, and so are the nylon and polyester. They are added for better visibility especially in poorly lit environments, but the blue touch-points are truly the key for bringing out the confidence in the person that’s maneuvering the model. It’s hard to imagine what the modern day active parents would do without them.


Try to keep the Cheetah 2 out of terrain that’s way too rough and abrasive. The chalky terrain filled with pebbles can seriously damage the wheels, and it would make the ride fairly unpleasant for your children. The wheels lack proper amortization and there’s no support system to cushion the blows from the rough terrain.

When it comes to the carrier, do not expose the materials on direct heat sources, do not dry clean the materials, and do not machine wash it on temperature that’s higher than 3- degrees Celsius. Also, because the nylon and polyester used in the making of the model, lack of any type of moisture-wicking properties the entire construction is not waterproof. Do not use the Cheetah 2 when it’s raining or not only you’ll be damaging the entire carrier, you’ll be making your children wet and miserable.

Bottom line

Trailers or carries as they’re known are considered as the luxurious bonus of the strollers. They’re a little more compact, little more protective of the precious cargo, and they’re so versatile that you can use them in a stroller and bike mode as well. Bu the Cheetah 2 is so much more. It’s an extension to the daily activities that require little to no effort and planning on the parent’s side.

Just put the kids inside, attach the trailer to your bike and enjoy your day. This particular trailer offers comfort, practicality, versatility, and overall lightweight feeling when you’re actually pedaling on that bike. It will become second nature after you get the hang of it, and your little ones will enjoy the ride for sure. They’ll be well protected regardless of where you will go. It meets the safety standards and is unisex so the joys time spent inside is almost guaranteed.

All you have to do is to try it out. Yes, it’s a bit expensive purchase, but for the joy and the activity that you and your kids will get out of it, it’s actually priceless.